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Stevie Smith papers

Series 4: Photographs

Collection   1976-012


1;1 Abbott, Mrs.
Atkins, Julia.

Christian, Vera.
Clode (ne Spear), Martha Hearn.
[Cope-Smyth], Doreen.
Coverdale, Jennifer.


Eckinger, Karl. Includes one photo removed from a handwritten and signed postcard from Elfried Eckinger-Thurner to Gertrud  Hűusermann.

Grover, Olive.

Hűusermann, Hans Walter.
Hildyards, The. (See: Smith, Stevie)
[Horobin], Norah.


Johnson, Minnie.
Johnson, Neva.

[M--khouse], Miss.
MacDonald, Margaret. (See: Smith, Stevie)
Mason, William. (See: Smith, Stevie)
Morris, Josephine. (See: Coverdale, Jennifer)

Newnes, Lady and Sir Frank Hillyard.

Opp‚, Paul. 3 views.
1:2 Raven-Hart, Mrs.
Raven-Hart, Hester.
Raven-Hart, Rosemary.
1:3 Sheckell, Sydney Basil.  Includes one photo inscribed by Stevie Smith on verso: "'William' just before he got wounded and 'sitting up in bed looking like Osbert Sitwell'."    
1:4 Smith, Charles Ward.  Includes scenes from onboard ship.    
1:5-7 Smith (ne Spear), Ethel Rahel.

Small green photo album containing various photos of relations and friends.

Black and burgundy photo album.

2:1-2 Smith, Molly Ward.

2 post card albums containing photos of relations and friends.

2:3 Smith, Stevie.    
2:4 Spear, Margaret Annie.  (See also:  Spear, John)    
3:1 Spear, John. 
[van den Broech], AngŠle. Inscription on verso: "My best friend. Belgium refugee girl went to Palmers Green High School.
Wood, Grace. (See: [Cope-Smyth], Doreen)
Woods family, The. (See: Smith, Stevie)
3:2-3 Unidentified.    
3:4 Photo scrapbook of Italy (Milano, Genova, Roma, Firenze,  Assisi, and Venezia). c1930.    
3:5 Souvenir photos/photo post cards including:
Cap Fr‚hel
Le [Lecques] and ferry
McVicar's Creek and Court St. Bridge
Old Post-Cottage, Brede, Sussex
Robin Hood's Bay
Sandown, I. W.
Southville Road, Thames, Ditton

Miscellaneous photos:
On board photo of the ship, "Father Neptune."
Icy scenes on board a [naval] vessel.
Cats. (2 views)
3:6 Red photo pouch with key.    
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