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Stevie Smith papers

Series 3: Recordings

Collection   1976-012


1:1A Amery, Colin. Architecture editor, FINANCIAL TIMES,   Undated.    
1:1B Chilver, Sally. Recorded at Lady Margaret Hall. c1979.  (See also: 1:2A)    
1:2A Chilver, Sally. (cont'd from 1:1B)    
1:2B White, Eric Walter. 16 Sept 1980.    
1:3A Bradford, Mrs. (Palmers Green neighbour of Stevie Smith.) 11 Dec 1980.
Peacock, Mrs. (Palmers Green dressmaker.) 11 Dec 1980.
1:3B Clutton-Brock, Barbara. 19 Dec 1980. (See also: 1:12A, B)    
1:4A Braybrooke, June and Neville. 6 Oct 1980. (See also:  1:22B)    
1:4B Wedgwood, Dame Veronica. 30 Sept 1980.    
1:5A-7A Browne, Anna and Michael (and other family members). 27 Jul 1979; 3 Aug 1979.
Martin, Mrs. 3 Aug 1979.
Buxton, Racey and Mungo. 3 Aug 1979.
1:7B [-----.] (See also: 1:8A)    
1:8A (cont'd from 1:7A, B)    
1:8B Ewing, Ronald Orr. c1980.    
1:9A-B Doyle, Rev. Clifford. 30 Jul 1979.    
1:10A Smallwood, Nora. Interviewed at Chatto and Windus. Aug 1979.    
1:10B-11A Cleverdon, Douglas. Interviewed at Barnsbury Square.  Summer, c1979. (See also: 1:11A)    
1:11B Blank.    
1:12A-B Clutton-Brock, Barbara. Interviewed at Chasleton House.  2 Jul 1981.(See also: 1:3B)    
1:13A-B Cubitt, Mr. 7 Jul 1981.    
1:14A-B Curley, Dr. James. 31 Jul 1979.
Kilmartin, Terence. Undated.
1:15A Cooper, Rosemary. Oral notes by WMc of an interview.   Summer, c1979.    
1:15B With Diamont, Doreen. Interviewed at the Caf‚  Royal. 24 Jul 1979. (See also: 1:16A, B; 2:13A, B)    
1:16A-B With Diamont, Doreen and Dr. Finkel. Interviewed  at Palmers Green. 8 Nov 1980.    
1:17A-18B Everett, Donald and Mary. 15 Dec 1980.  (See also: 1:18A, B)    
1:19A-B Dick, Kay and Farrell, Kathleen. 10 Aug 1979.    
1:20A-22A Fowler, Helen. 8 Aug 1979.    
1:22B Braybrooke, June and Neville. (cont'd from 1:4A)    
1:23A Gardiner, Margaret. Interviewed at her London home. 14 Jul 1981.    
1:23B Clayre, Alisdair. 28 Jul 1981.    
1:24A Garland, Patrick. Interview with Stevie Smith. Undated.    
1:24B Laski, Marghanita. 15 Oct 1980.    
2:1A Guest, John. 9 Aug 1979.    
2:1B Wyndham, Francis. 17 Oct 1980. (See also: 2:20B)    
2:2A Horvat, Ladislav. 26 Oct 1980.    
2:2B Raynor, Sheila. 27 Oct 1980.    
2:3A Smith, Stevie. Stevie Smith recites her poems at a poetry  festival at Brighton. n.d.
Morley, Mr. Jul 1981.
2:3B-4A Insch, Dr. Audrey. 8 Aug 1981.    
2:4B [Blank].    
2:5A Jackson, Glenda. Interviewed at the Aldwych Theatre,  London. 14 Aug 1979.    
2:5B Lutyens, Elisabeth. Undated.    
2:6A Jacobson, Suzannah. 10 Aug 1979.    
2:6B Dick, Kay. 10 Aug 1979. (See also: 1:19A, B)    
2:7A Laurence, George and Olga. 13 Aug 1979.    
2:7B With Natasha Laurence.    
2:8A-B Laurence, Sir John and Lady. 15 Aug 1979.    
2:9A-B MacGibbon, James. 9 Aug 1979.    
2:10A-B Opp‚, Armide. Interviewed at Corfe Castle. 14 Aug 1979.    
2:11A (cont'd from 2:10B)    
2:11B Lutyens, Elisabeth. (See also: 2:5B)    
2:12A Orr, Peter. 18 Nov 1980.
Miller, Dr. Jonathan. 26 Nov 1980.
Hemming, Judith. Oral notes by JVB in reference to JH's father, Francis Hemming. 26 Nov 1980.
2:12B [Blank].    
2:13A-B Pain, Olive (n‚e Cooper) with Cooper, Rosemary. 3 Jul 1981.  (See also: 1:15A, B)    
2:14A Russell-Cobb, Trevor and Piers. 6 Nov 1980.    
2:14B Buhler, Robert.  Undated.    
2:15A-B Settle, Mary Lee (Mrs. Widdy Tazewell). 17 May 1982.    
2:16A Smith, Stevie. Stevie Smith recites her own poems. Rerecorded from a commercial recording. c1965.    
2:16B [Blank].    
2:17A Stockwood, Jane. Oral notes by WMc. 17 Dec 1980.
Williams, W.J. c1980.
2:17B [Blank].    
2:18A-B Williams, Jonathan. Interview with Stevie Smith at Palmers Green.  13 Sept 1963.    
2:19A Oral notes by WMc in reference to extensive changes by Stevie Smith to THE HOLIDAY.    
2:19B Hemming, Judith. Undated. (See also: 2:12A)    
2:20A Oral notes by WMc in reference to an interview with Nina and Doreen Woodcock. c1978. (See also: 2:21A, B)    
2:20B Wyndham, Francis. Undated. (See also: 2:1B)    
2:21A-B Woodcock, Nina and [Bobbie]. 7 Aug 1979.    
2:22A "Waving and Drowning." BBC sound recording about Stevie Smith and her work.    
2:22B [Blank].    
2:23A Unidentified woman discussing Stevie Smith and her poetry.    
2:23B [Blank].    
2:24 Reel-to-reel magnetic tape. [Talk on Stevie Smith and her poetry.]    
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