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Stevie Smith papers

Series 1:  Correspondence

Collection   1976-012


1:1   Abbott, Mrs. (See Series 4)
     Abercrombie, Julian. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Adams, [Adile] (Mrs. Warren [S.] Adams III). To William McBrien in reference Sir Neville and Lady Pearson. 1982.
     Adprint Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1948.
     AERONAUTICS. To Stevie Smith. 1941.
     Aiken, Clarissa M. Lorenzo. To Stevie Smith. 1936. To William McBrien. 1983. Includes pc of an extract from LORELEI TWO.

     "Alex." pcTLS from Stevie Smith. 1966. (See also Series 2: NOT WAVING BUT DROWNING: "At School")

     "Alice." To Stevie Smith. 1961, 1969, undated.
     "Alison." To Stevie Smith. 1969.
     Allrey, Josephine Shand. AMsS draft poem, "The Painter," 1p.
     "Amanda." To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     Amery, Colin (Critic for FINANCIAL TIMES). To William McBrien. 1981.
     Anderson, G. A. To Stevie Smith. 1953.
     "Andrew." To Stevie Smith. 1967-1968, undated.
     Angus, Ian (Orwell scholar). To/from Stevie Smith. 1967. To James Barbera. 1980.

     "Anne." Unidentified individuals with first name of "Anne."
     All To Stevie Smith. 1960-1968.

     "Anna." To Stevie Smith. 1952, 1957, 1961.
     Ansab, Jacob [O---]. To Stevie Smith. 1946.
     ARGOSY. To Stevie Smith. 1954-1955. Stevie Smith sketch on verso of 15 Jan 1954.
     Arlott, L.T.J. To Stevie Smith. 1941.

     Arnold & Co., J.W. (Accountants). To/from Stevie Smith. 1970. To William McBrien. 1981.  (See also: Wright, Dorothy: 1 Dec 1970; Series 2:Notebooks for 1955-58, 1958-65, 1962-63)
1:2 Arts Council of Great Britain, The. To Stevie Smith. 1953, 1965, 1969-70. To William McBrien. 1980. (See also: Newnes Ltd., George)    
1:3 Art Gallery and Museums and the Royal Pavillion (County Borough of Brighton). To Stevie Smith. 1970. To James Barbera. 1980.

     Ashton, Mrs. A. S. To Stevie Smith. Invitation.  Undated.
     Associated Book Publishers Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1966.
     Atkins, Julia. (See Series 4)
     ATLANTIC MONTHLY. To Stevie Smith. 1963.

     Authors' World Peace Appeal, The. To Stevie Smith. c1950s. Newletters, requests for signatures, cover letter.
1:4 [B---,] Thomas. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date. In reference to a proposed Putnam poetry anthology.

     Babington-Smith, Constance. To William McBrien. 1980.
     Bailey, Paul. To Stevie Smith. 1969.
     [Bailhache], Jean. To Stevie Smith. 1959.
     Baker, P. Hocking. from Stevie Smith. 1948.
     [Banaclough], June. To Stevie Smith. 1952, undated.
     Barclays Bank Ltd. To/from Stevie Smith. 1942-1970. (See also Series 4: Passbook)

     Baring Brothers & Co. Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1959.
     Bargate, Verity. To Stevie Smith. 1969.
     Barker-Mill, Elsa. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date. To William McBrien. 1981, 1983.
     Barnard, John. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     Barrie and Rockliff. To Stevie Smith. 1958-1961.
     Barrington-Ward, Rev. Simon. (See: Stockwood, Rev. Mervyn)
1:5 Batsford Ltd., B. T. To Stevie Smith. 1959.
     Bax, Martin (Editor of AMBIT). To William McBrien. 1980.
     Baynes, [---]. from Stevie Smith. 1961.
     Baynes, Janet (Daughter of Rachel Marshall). To William McBrien.  Undated.
     [Baxter, B---]. To Stevie Smith. 1951.

     Beardsley & Co. (Stock and share brokers). To Stevie Smith. 1952-1953,1956. (See also Series 2: Notebooks for 1958-65, 1955-68, 1962-63)

     Bedford, Bishop of. (See: Bedford, Claud)
     Bedford, Claud (Bishop of Bedford). To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Beer, Patricia (Poet). from Stevie Smith. 1969.
     Bell, Clive. To Stevie Smith. 1936.
     Bence-Jones, Mark and Gill. To Stevie Smith. 1969, undated.
     Bennett, Margot. To Stevie Smith. 1954.
     [Bennez], Mark. To Stevie Smith. 1962.
     Bentick, H. N. from Stevie Smith. 1949.
     Berence, Fred. from Stevie Smith. 1946.
     Beringer, Carl. >[?]. 1918.
     Berkoben, Larry. To Stevie Smith. 1966.
     Berlind, Bruce. To Stevie Smith. 1969.
     Bertolla, Alan. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.

     Biggs, Murray (Director of the Shakespeare Ensemble). To William McBrien. 1979.

     Bilham, Violette (Mrs. Geoffrey Portham). To Stevie Smith. 1946.
     [Bim, Godmother]. To Stevie Smith. 1953, 1969, undated.

     Binder, Pearl. from Stevie Smith. 1951. In reference to political activities.

     Birmingham, University of. To Stevie Smith. 1922-1959, incomplete date. To James Barbera. 1985.
1:6 Blackburn, Peggy (Wife of poet Thomas Blackburn). To William McBrien.  1980.

     Blackheath Poetry Society. To Stevie Smith. 1960. Includes mimeograph  copy of Program for Autumn/Winter 1960-1961, 1p.

     Blake, [M---]. To Stevie Smith. 1967.
     Blight, Frederick. To Stevie Smith. 1957.
1:7 Bodley Head, The. To/from Stevie Smith. 1948-1960. To James Barbera. 1980. To William McBrien. 1981.   Includes pc Stevie Smith reader's report in the form of a TLS; Stevie Smith AMs  notes and sketches on verso of 27 Feb 56.    
1:8 Book Society, Ltd., The. To Stevie Smith. 1949.
     Borax (Holdings) Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1958. Stock market data.
     Bowes, Geoffrey. To Stevie Smith. 1956.
     Box, Martin and Judy. To Stevie Smith. 1966.
     Boyd, Martin. To Stevie Smith. 1956.
     Boyle, Kay. To/from William McBrien. 1982-1983.
     Boulton, Marjorie. To/from Stevie Smith. 1951-1952, undated. To William McBrien. 1981-1982.
     Branch, Margaret. To William McBrien. 1984.

     Bray, Margaret. To James Barbera/William McBrien. 1986. Includes pc of THE RECORDER, Vol 7, No 20, Jul 1914.
1:9 Braybrooke, P. B. Neville and June. To Stevie Smith. 1954-1968. To William McBrien. 1979-1983. Includes ccTMs obituary of Stevie Smith by Braybrooke with AMs notes, 2p. (See also Series 3, Series 5)

     Brazilian Embassy. To/from James Barbera. 1983.

     Brett, [K---]. (Cook for Michael and Anna Browne). To James Barbera/William McBrien. 1980. Biographical material on Stevie Smith.

     Brighton Art Gallery and Museums. 1970. Invitation.
     Brighton Poetry Society. (See: Jacobson, Shelley)
     BRITAIN TO-DAY. To Stevie Smith. 1952.
1:10 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). To/from Stevie Smith. 1942-1970.  To William McBrien. 1979, 1983. (See also: Johnston, Denis)    
1:11 British Council, The. To Stevie Smith. 1955-1964.

     British Empire Cancer Campaign. In association with Marlborough Fine Art Ltd. (Booklet on Claude Monet). 1954.

      British Film Institute, The. To Stevie Smith. 1950.
     British Library, The. To/from James Barbera. 1983-1986.
     British Society for Cultural Freedom. To Stevie Smith. 1951.

     British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection.  Undated.   General information.

     Brown Ltd., Curtis. To Stevie Smith. 1934-1959, undated.
     Brown & Phillips Ltd., Ernest. To Stevie Smith. 1953.
     Browne, Maria. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date.
1:12 Browne, Anna and Michael. To/from Stevie Smith. 1959-1969, undated. To William McBrien. 1980-1985. Includes ANS Stevie Smith to Anna Browne, undated, found tipped into Christopher Isherwood, GOODBYE TO BERLIN (See LIAS record).  (See also: Brett, [K---]; Series 3)
1:13 Bryson, Norman. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date.
     Brudenell Hotel. from Stevie Smith. 1949.

     Buffalo, University of (Lockwood Memorial Library). To Stevie Smith.  1934-1954.

     Buhler, Robert (Artist-Painter). To William McBrien. 1981. (See also Series 3)
     [Bukoben], Larry. To Stevie Smith. 1966.
     Bullocke, Jack. To Stevie Smith. 1962.
     Butler, Anne M. To Stevie Smith. 1961.
     Butler, E. Nanette. To Stevie Smith. 1961.

     Buxton, Mungo and Racy. To/from Stevie Smith. 1968, incomplete date. (See also:  Series 3)

      BYSTANDER, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1934-1940.
2:1 [C---], Douglas. To Stevie Smith. 1964. To William McBrien. 1979.
     Cacciatore, Edoardo. TMs draft of poem, "Step By Step," 2p.
     Caetani, Marguerita. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date.
     Caine, Hall. To Stevie Smith. 1921.
     Calvin, Noel. To Stevie Smith. 1964.

     Camridge Humanists, The. pc of program for a meeting on Oct 1957; Stevie Smith appears as a featured guest and discusses the topic of "....the Necessity of Not Believing."

     Cambridge University English Club. To Stevie Smith. 1969-1970.
     Camden Festival. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
      Canter, Bernard. Envelope only.
2:2 Cape Ltd., Jonathan. To/from Stevie Smith. 1935-1970, undated. To James Barbera/William McBrien. 1979-1981. (See also: Hart-Davis, Rupert)    
2:3 (See also Series 2: Writings: "Sylers Green. A Return Journey")    
2:4 "Caroline." To Stevie Smith. 1956.
      Carver, Blanche and David. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Cawthorne, Barbara. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Chapman & Hall, Ltd. To/from Stevie Smith. 1948-1961.
2:5 Chatto and Windus, Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1935-1959. To William McBrien. 1979-1980.
     Chelsea Arts Club. Yearbook. 1979.
     Cheshire Group Publishers. To Stevie Smith. 1970.

     Chilver, Sally Groves (Mrs. E. M. Chilver). To/from Stevie Smith. 1948, 1956, incomplete date., undated. To William McBrien. 1980-1985. See also Series 3)

     Christian, Vera. (See Series 4)
     Church, Richard. To/from Stevie Smith. 1937-1955.
     Churchill & Williams Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1966.
2:6 Clark, Jean. To Stevie Smith. 1958, undated.
     Clark, Kenneth. To Stevie Smith.  Undated. To William McBrien. 1980.
     Clarke, Reginald. To/from Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date., undated.
     Clarke, John S. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date.
     Clarkson, Tom. To Stevie Smith. 1969.
     Clode, Mrs. Isaac (Stevie Smith's Great Aunt). (See: Spear, Martha Hearn)
2:7 Clutton-Brock, Barbara, Alan and Eleanor. To/from Stevie Smith. 1957-1969, undated  (See also Series 3)    
2:8 Closs, August. To James Barbera. 1980.

     Colbeck, J. E. TMs draft of Colbeck's version of "How Do You See?," 1p.

     [Cole], John. To Stevie Smith. 1969.

     Colgrave & Co. (Stock and share brokers). To/from Stevie Smith. 1958-1965, undated.  (See also Series 2: Notebooks for 1958-1965, 1955-1958, 1962-63)
2:9 Colgate University. To Stevie Smith. 1969. To James Barbera. 1980.
     Collins Publishers. To Stevie Smith. 1945-1960.
     Collins, Elizabeth. To Stevie Smith. inc.d
     Cond‚ Nast Publications Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1949, 1954, 1969, undated.
     Consolidated Zinc Corporation Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1959.
     Contemporary Poetry and Music Circle. To Stevie Smith. 1959

     Cooper, Rosemary. To William McBrien. 1978, 1980, 1984. (See also Series 3)

     [Cope-Smyth], Doreen. (See Series 4)
     "Cordelia." >"David".  Incomplete date.
     COUNTRY LIFE. To Stevie Smith. 1939-1940.
     Couzyn, Jeni. (See: Camden Festival)
     Coverdale, Jennifer. (See Series 4)
     Coward, Noel. >[---] Hunt. 1937.
     Cox, Carolyn. >[?]. 1941.
     Cralle, Gary. Envelope only.
     Crowell Co., Thomas Y. (Publishers). To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     Cunard, Nancy. To Stevie Smith. 1951, undated.

     Cunard Steam-Ship Co. pcTMs information in reference to passenger lists, careers of former employees, and the Cunard archives. (See also: Lloyd's Register of Shipping)
     Curley, James (Stevie Smith's physician). To/from Stevie Smith. 1960, 1964, 1969-1970. (See also Series 3)

     Curwin, Clifford. To Stevie Smith. 1949.
2:10 d'Arcy-Preston, Roland (Vicar of St John's, Palmers Green).  To Stevie Smith. 1939. (See also:  St John the Evangelist Church)
     DAILY EXPRESS. To Stevie Smith. 1956.
     DAILY TELEGRAPH. To William McBrien/James Barbera. 1978.
     Danish-British Society, The. To Stevie Smith. 1956.
     Davey & Co., A.J. To William McBrien. 1978. (See also Series 5)
     Davie, Elizabeth Humphrey. To Stevie Smith. 1938.
     Dansk-Engelsk Selskab. (See: Danish-British Society, The)
     Davie, Neilson. Envelope only.
     [Dawes], Daniel T. To Stevie Smith. 1945.
2:11 Day, Madeline. To Stevie Smith. 1946.
     Day-Lewis, Cecil. To Stevie Smith. c1945-1946, 1969-1970.
     de Vere White, Terence. To Stevie Smith. 1969. To James Barbera/William McBrien. 1980.

     Defence, Ministry of. To James Barbera. 1982. (See also: Porteus, Tommy; Smith, Charles Ward)

     Denman College. (See: National Federation of Women's Institutions)

     Dennis, Nigel. To William McBrien. 1980
2:12 Deutsch Ltd., Andre. To/from Stevie Smith. 1955-1966. (See also: Porteus, Tommy)

     Deutsch, Babette. To Stevie Smith. 1964.
2:13 Diamont, Doreen. To/from Stevie Smith. 1957-1969, undated. To William McBrien. 1979-1984.  (See also: Cooper, Rosemary; Series 3)    
3:1 Dick, Kay. To Stevie Smith. 1945-1970, undated. To William McBrien. 1980-1984. Includes ccTMs draft of "Chronique des Lettres et des Arts 'Stevie Smith'," 6p; "Literature and the Arts (Brazilian)," 5p.     (See also: WINDMILL, THE; Series 3)    
3:2 Dickinson, Patric. To Stevie Smith. 1955. To William McBrien. 1980.
     Diogenes Verlag-Daniel Keel. To Stevie Smith. 1958-1959.
     Discourse Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     Dodd, Betty (Mrs. Charles Dodd). To Stevie Smith. 1960-1965, undated.
     Dodd, Bill. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date.
     "Dorothea." (See Series 4: Photographs)
     Dowty Group Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1958. Stock market data.
     Duckworth & Co. Ltd., Gerald. To Stevie Smith. 1947-1955.
     Duncan, Ian. To William McBrien. 1981.
     Durrant's Press Cuttings. To Stevie Smith. 1949.
3:3 Eastman Dental Officer. To Stevie Smith. 1955.

     Eckinger, Karl. Various individuals To James Barbera in reference to Eckinger. 1983-1984. (See also: Huserman, Gertrud; Series 4)

     Editions Poetry London. from Stevie Smith. 1951.
     Education and Science, Department of. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     "Eleanor." inc.d., undated.
     "Elizabeth." To Stevie Smith. 1933.
     Elliot, [A---] Scott. To Stevie Smith. 1953.
     ENCOUNTER. To Stevie Smith. 1959.
     Enright, [---]. from Stevie Smith. 1953.
     "Eric." Various unidentified individuals with first name of
     "Eric." All To Stevie Smith. 1940-1941.
     Escott, Margaret. To Stevie Smith. 1954-1956.
     Eton College Literary Society. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     Evans, [P---]. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     "Eve." To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     EVENING CHRONICLE. To James Barbera. 1980.
     EVENING STANDARD. To/from Stevie Smith. 1947-1969, undated.
     EVE'S JOURNAL. To Stevie Smith. 1937. Stevie Smith sketches on verso.
3:4 Everett, Molly and Donald S. To/from Stevie Smith. 1924-1971, undated.  1980. (See also: Longmans, Green & Co. Ltd.; Series 3; Series 5)

     "Evoe." TMs draft poem entitled, "The Everlasting Percy," 2p.
     Ewart, Gavin (Poet). To William McBrien. 1981.
     Eyre & Spottiswoode (Publishers) Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1955.
3:5 [F---,] Kathleen. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     [F.G.] To Stevie Smith. 1920-1924, undated.
     Faber Music Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     Faber and Faber Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1955.
     Fagan, Sidney V. To Stevie Smith. 1961.
     Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Inc. Carol McKeown To/from James Barbera. 1981-1982.
     Farrell, John. To Stevie Smith. 1945.

     Farrell, Kathleen (Novelist). To/from Stevie Smith. 1953, 1971, undated.  To James Barbera/William McBrien. 1979, 1981-1983. (See also: WINDMILL, THE; Wright (London) Ltd., Gilbert; Series 3)

     Farries, Mrs. P. C. <[?]. 1958.
3:6 Feaver, Vicki. To William McBrien. 1983.
     Fernando Alues, Amelia Maria. (See: Brazilian Embassy)
      Fiction Library Service. To Stevie Smith. 1945-1946.
     Film Society, The. To Stevie Smith. 1943.
     Finlay, Winifred. To Stevie Smith. inc. d.
     FINANCIAL TIMES. To William McBrien. 1981.

     Fisher, Myer. To Stevie Smith. c1945. In reference to Stevie Smith's medical treatment.

     Fitgibbon, Constantine. To Stevie Smith. 1961.
     Flemming, Joan (Mrs. Norman Fleming). To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date.
     Flo, Auntie. To Stevie Smith. 1907, undated.
     Flower, Barbara. To Stevie Smith. 1940. (See also: Chilver, Sally Groves)

     Foote, Rev. G. D. and Saggar, Dr. D. R. Mimeograph transcript in pamphlet form of a sound recording entitled, "Some Thoughts Concerning the Possibility of a Universal Religion."

     Fort, Angela. To Stevie Smith. 1968.
     FORTNIGHTLY, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1937-1938.
     [Foster-Carter, A---]. To Stevie Smith. 1965.
3:7 Fowler, Helen and Lucinda. To/from Stevie Smith. 1944-1969. To William McBrien. 1980-1985. (See also: Smith, Molly Ward; Series 3)    
3:8 Fraser, [George Sutherland]. To Stevie Smith. 1952.
     Frederick Books. To Stevie Smith. 1960.
     FRONTIER. To Stevie Smith. 1960, 1962.

     Fuller, Rosalinde. To Stevie Smith. 1959. Includes theatre performance announcements; press cutting of Fuller obituary.

     Furbank, Philip Nicholas. To William McBrien. 1984.
     Furlong, Norman. (See: Cape Ltd., Jonathan)
     Fyvel, Tosco R. (Literary editor of TRIBUNE). To William McBrien. 1981.
3:9 Gabriel, John and Clothilde. To Stevie Smith. 1940-1941, undated.
     Gardiner, Julian. To Stevie Smith. 1961.
     Gardiner, Margaret. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date. See also Series 3)
     Garnett, David. To/from Stevie Smith. 1939, 1949. To William McBrien. 1980.
     Garnett, Richard (Son of David Garnett). To William McBrien. 1980, 1982.
     Gaston, Thomas J. (Bookseller). To Stevie Smith. 1949, undated.
     [Gathorne-Handy], Jonathan. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     "Geoffrey." >[?]. 1959.
     George, Daniel. To/from Stevie Smith. 1946-1952.
     Gibbons, Florence. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
3:10 Gibson, James (Editor of LET THE POET CHOOSE). To Stevie Smith. 1970.  To William McBrien. 1983.

     Gillon, Diana and Meir. To Stevie Smith. 1955.
     GLASGOW HERALD, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1955.

     Glaxo Laboratories Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1957. Stock market data. (See also: Series 2: Notebooks for 1955-58, 1958-65, 1962-63)

     Godfrey & Stephens Ltd. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Gollancz Ltd., Victor. To Stevie Smith. 1955, 1959.
     Goodman, Celia. To William McBrien. 1980.
     Gordon, Giles. To/from Stevie Smith. 1965. To William McBrien. 1980.
     Gorst, Elliot. To Stevie Smith. 1962.
     Gossard (Holdings) Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1959.
3:11 Gras-Malirin, A. (Bandol). Business card.
     Graves, Robert. (See: Marvel Press, The)
     Greater London Arts Association. To Stevie Smith. 1969-1970. To William McBrien.
     Grey Walls Press Ltd., The. >[Stevie Smith]. 1951.
     Grover, Olive. from Stevie Smith.  Undated. (See also Series 4: Photographs)
     GUARDIAN, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1964. To William McBrien. 1978.
3:12 Guest, John. To/from Stevie Smith. 1962, 1968-1971. To James Barbera/William McBrien. 1979. (See also: Longmans, Green & Co. Ltd.; Series 3)

     Guildhall School of Music and Drama. To Stevie Smith. 1962.

     Guinness, Bryan and Elisabeth. To/from Stevie Smith. 1970, undated. To William McBrien. 1979-1980. Includes pc of a page from the Guinness guest book in which Stevie Smith sketched and wrote.

     Guinness Poetry Award, The. To Stevie Smith. 1960.
4:1 [H---], Boniface. To Stevie Smith. 1955.
     Halpern, Wolf. To Stevie Smith. 1938-1940.
     Hamburger, Michael. To Stevie Smith. 1953.
     Hamilton, [C---] and [G---]. To Stevie Smith. 1966.
     Hamilton Ltd., Hamish. To Stevie Smith. 1955.
     Hamilton, Patricia. To Stevie Smith. 1962.
     HAMPSTEAD & HIGHGATE EXPRESS. To James Barbera. 1984.
     Handley-Taylor, Geoffrey. To James Barbera/William McBrien. 1981.
     [Hanley, James]. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     [Hanson], Lawrence. To Stevie Smith. 1938.
     Hardy, Sally. (See: Pearson, Neville)
     Hargreaves, Anne. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     HARPER'S BAZAAR. To Stevie Smith. 1937-1946.
     Harris, Marguerite Arbuthnot. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Harrod, [Wilhelmine] (Wife of Sir Ray Harrod). To William McBrien. 1981.
4:2 Hart-Davis, Rupert. To/from Stevie Smith. 1936-1937, 1969, undated. To William McBrien. 1980.  (See also: Cape Ltd., Jonathan)    
4:3 Hartley, Leslie P. To Stevie Smith. 1951.    
4:44 Hűuserman, Gertrud. To Stevie Smith. 1962. To James Barbera. 1983-1985. Hűuserman, Hans Walter. (See Series 4)    
4:5 Hayward, John. To Stevie Smith. 1936-1950, undated. To William McBrien. 1980.

     Heaney, Seamus. (See: Series 2: THE COLLECTED POEMS OF STEVIE SMITH)
4:6 Heath & Co. Ltd., A. M. To Stevie Smith. 1969. To James Barbera. 1980.

     Heilbrun, Carolyn G. To William McBrien. 1981. Envelope only with AMs  notes on verso.

     Heinemann Ltd., William. To Stevie Smith. 1953-1954.  Hellenic Travellers Club, The. 1970.

     Helmling, Steven. (See Series 2: THE COLLECTED POEMS OF STEVIE SMITH)

     Hemming, Judith. To Stevie Smith.  Undated. To William McBrien. 1980. (See also: Series 3)
     Henderson, Jane. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Heppenstall, Rayner. To William McBrien. 1980.
     Heymans, Peter and Joanna. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date.
     Hereford College of Education. To Stevie Smith. 1966-1970.
     Herrberg, Judith. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date.
     Hibbert, Eleanor. (See: Plaidy, Jean)
4:7 Hickson, Collier & Co., Oswald (Solicitors). To William McBrien. 1981.
     Higham, Joan. To Stevie Smith. 1964.
     Highlands Hospital. Out-patient appointment card. c1970.
     "Hilary." To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     "Hildi." To Stevie Smith.  Undated. Holy card.

     Hill, Polly (Niece to J. M. Keynes). To/from Stevie Smith. 1952, 1967, 1969, undated. To James Barbera. 1984-1986.
4:8 Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1946.
     Holburne Museum, Friends of the. To Stevie Smith. 1959.
     [Hodgbin], Teddy and [Nancy]. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.

     Holden, Inez. To Stevie Smith. 1937, 1944, 1949, 1961. (See also:
     Goodman, Celia)

     HOLIDAY BOOK, THE. To/from Stevie Smith. 1946, 1948, undated.
     Hollis and Carter Ltd. Publishers. To Stevie Smith. 1949.
     Holveau, Annette. Holy card. 1926.
     [Holmstrom], John. To Stevie Smith. 1952, undated.
     Home & van Thal Ltd. To/from Stevie Smith. 1946.
     Hooton's (Home furnishers). To Stevie Smith. 1962.
     Hopkins & Sons Ltd., G. To Stevie Smith. 1963.
     HORIZON (Cyril Connolly). To Stevie Smith. 1947.
     [Horobin], Norah. (See Series 4: Photographs)

     Horovitz, Michael and Francis. To Stevie Smith.  Undated. (See also: Nevill Ltd., Peter; Series II: "possible emendations to page- proofs")

     Horvat, Ladislav (Stock broker). (See: Colegrave & Co.; Series 3)
4:9 H“tel de l'Univers & Wagram (Nice). pc with map.  Incomplete date.
     Hou‚dard, Dom Sylvester. To Stevie Smith. 1963.
     Houghton Library (Harvard University). To James Barbera. 1982.
     Houghton Mifflin Co. To Stevie Smith. 1947. (See also: Mainwaring, Marian)
     Hoyle, Martin. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Hughes, Olwyn (Literary agent). To/from James Barbera. 1980.
     Hull, University of. To James Barbera. 1979-1983.
     Hum, Alice Nellie. >[?].  Undated. To Stevie Smith. 1920.
     Hurder, John. To William McBrien. 1979.

     Hutchinson, Mary. To Stevie Smith. 1965. Removed from Series 2: "Chronique des Lettres et des Arts 'Stevie Smith'."

     Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers) Ltd.  To/from Stevie Smith. 1938.
     Hutchinson Educational Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1961-1962.
     Hutchinson International Authors. To Stevie Smith. 1946.
4:10 Hyams, Aylett. (Ex-wife of Edward Hyams and Molly Ward- Smith's neighbour). To Stevie Smith. 1969-1970, undated.

     Hymus, John. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
4:11 "Ida." To Stevie Smith. 1956.
     Illustrated Newspapers Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1937.
     Insch, Audrey. To/from Stevie Smith. 1966-1970. (See also Series 3)
     Innes, Katherine M. To Stevie Smith. 1955.

     International P.E.N. To Stevie Smith. 1953, 1962, 1971. To William McBrien. 1980.  IIncludes pcTMs transcription of a talk given by James Barbera/William McBrien at the Centre, 8p, undated.

     International Press-Cutting Bureau. Advertisement.  Undated.
     "Irene." (See Series 4: Photographs)

     Irvine, Gerard. To Stevie Smith. 1962-1969, undated. To William McBrien. 1980. Includes pcTMs transcript of an address given by Irvine on the occasion of Stevie Smith's memorial service at St. Matthew's Church,  31 Mar 1971.
5:1 Jackson, Glenda. To William McBrien. 1979. Signed by Ida Petty. (See also: Series 3)

     Jacobson, Shelley. To/from Stevie Smith. 1970. William McBrien. 1981.

     Jacobson, Suzannah and Maurice. To/from Stevie Smith. 1969-1970, undated. To William McBrien.  1981. See also Series 3)
     Jacques, Robin. To Stevie Smith. 1960.

     "James." Unidentified individuals with first name of "James." All To Stevie Smith. 1960-1985.

     James, Audrey. To Stevie Smith. 1956, 1969.
     Jameson, Storm. To Stevie Smith. 1938-1939.

     "Jane." Unidentified individuals with first name of "Jane." To Stevie Smith. 1939, 1958.

     Jennings, Paul. Address on note paper.
     "Joan." To Stevie Smith. 1959.

     "John." Unidentified individuals with first name of "John." To/from Stevie Smith. 1942-1966, undated.

     JOHN O'LONDON'S WEEKLY. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Johnson, Minnie. (See Series 4)
     Johnson, Neva. (See Series 4)
     Johnson-Gilbert, Gillian. (See: Pool, Phebe)
5:2 Johnston, Denis. To Stevie Smith. 1936-1938, 1969. To James Barbera. 1980-1981.

     Jones, Barbara. Clifford Barry (husband) To William McBrien in reference to Jones.  Undated.

     Jones, Polly [Elwyn]. To Stevie Smith. 1951.
     Jones, [Timothy]. To Stevie Smith. 1958.
     "June." To William McBrien. 1982.
     Jupiter Recordings Ltd. To Stevie Smith. c1959.
5:3 Kahn, Leo. To/from Stevie Smith. 1937-1949. Includes memorandums of agreement, 1947.

     "Kathleen". To Stevie Smith. 1925, 1930, undated.
     Kent Education Committee. To Stevie Smith. 1970. To James Barbera. 1981.
     Kent and Sussex Poetry Society. To Stevie Smith. 1962.
     Kentucky, University of. To Stevie Smith. 1963.
     Kenward, Jean. To Stevie Smith. 1969.
     Keynes, Lydia Lopokova. To Stevie Smith. 1937. To William McBrien. 1981-1982.
     Kilmartin, Terence. (See: OBSERVER, THE; Series 3:
     Kimber & Co. Ltd., William. To Stevie Smith. 1950.

     Knight, Margaret. To Stevie Smith. 1957. Includes "Humanism on the Air: A Study in Listener Reaction," c1957; and "Morals Without  Religion," c1955.

     Knight, G. Wilson. To Stevie Smith. 1958.
5:4 Knopf Inc., Alfred A. To/from Stevie Smith. 1949-1969. To William McBrien. 1978.
     Knowles, Mrs. E. To Stevie Smith. 1969.
     Kraus Reprint Co. To/from James Barbera. 1983.
5:5 Landes, Ruth. To Stevie Smith. 1953. To William McBrien. 1981.
     Laporte Industries Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1958. Stock market data.
     Laski, Marghanita. To Stevie Smith. 1964-1970. To William McBrien. 1979-1981. (See also: Series 3)
     Laughlin, James. (See: NEW DIRECTIONS)

     Laurence, Olga and George. To Stevie Smith. 1959, 1970, incomplete date. (See also: (Series 3)
     [Laurence, W.J---]. To Stevie Smith. 1961-1969, undated.
     Leach, Edmund R. To Stevie Smith. 1957. William McBrien. 1982.
5:6 Lehmann, Rosamund. To/from Stevie Smith. 1937-1938. To William McBrien. 1981, 1983.    
5:7 Leicester Poetry Society. To Stevie Smith. 1960-1961.

     Leventon, L. M. To Stevie Smith. 1941, 1945. In reference Stevie Smith's medical reatment. (See also: Pearson, Neville and Anne)

     Levertov, Denise. To William McBrien. 1980.
     Levine, Norman. To Stevie Smith. 1954.
     "Lewis." To Stevie Smith. 1923, undated.
     Lewis and Company Ltd., John. To Stevie Smith. 1962.
     Liberty & Co. Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1955-1956.
     Liddell, Robert. To William McBrien. 1981.
     LIFE AND LETTERS TO-DAY. To Stevie Smith. 1939-1941.
     LILLIPUT. To Stevie Smith. 1941.
     Lingen, Hylda Gladys. (See: Smith, Charles Ward)
     Listen Records (See: Marvell Press, The)
     LISTENER, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1938, 1940, 1978.
     "Liz." To Stevie Smith. 1969.

     Lloyd's Register of Shipping. To James Barbera. 1981. Includes pcTMs list of [ships] in the White Star Line c1905-1906. (See also: Cunard Steam-Ship Co.)

     Lobb, Frances. To Stevie Smith. 1945, 1947.
     Logue, Christopher. To William McBrien. 1980.

     London Borough of Enfield. To Stevie Smith. 1968, 1970, 1978. (See also: Series 2: "A London Suburb")

      London Graduate School of Business Studies. To Stevie Smith. 1969-1970.
     LONDON MERCURY, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1937. (See also: BRITAIN TO-DAY)
5:8-9 Longmans, Green & Co. Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1955-1971. Includes John Guest >Donald Everett.    
5:10 Lorvant, Stefan. from Stevie Smith. 1937.

     Low, Marston & Co. Ltd., Sampson (Publishers). To Stevie Smith. 1946, 1949.

     Lowell, Robert. Blurb for Stevie Smith. 1963.
     Loxley Brothers Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1962.
     Lucas, D. W. To Stevie Smith. 1957.
     Lucie-Smith, Edward (Poet). To William McBrien.  Incomplete date.
     Lumley-Smith, Ruth. (See: Sprigge, Elisabeth)

     Lutyens, Elisabeth. To/from Stevie Smith. 1949-1969, undated. To William McBrien. 1981. (See also: Series 3)

     Lycee Fran‡ais de Londres. Museum visitor's form.  Undated.
5:11 Macaullay, Rose. To Stevie Smith. 1941-1955, undated. (See also:  Babbington-Smith, Constance)

     MacBeth, Margaret R. To William McBrien. c1980.
     Macdonald & Co. (Publishers) Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1952, 1970.

     MacGibbon, James. To William McBrien/James Barbera. 1981. To Peter Owen. 1989-1990. (See also Series 3)
     MacGibbon & Kee Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1962.
     Mackworth, Cecil. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date.
5:12 MacLellan Publisher, William. To/from Stevie Smith. 1946-1948.
     Macmillan & Co. Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1956-1961.
     Mainland, W. F. To Stevie Smith. 1955.
     Mainwaring, Marian. To Stevie Smith. 1959-1960. To William McBrien. 1980.

     Malpas, K. M. To [?]. 1954. In reference to rights on NOVEL ON YELLOW PAPER and OVER THE FRONTIER.

     Manchester, City of (Education Committee. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
5:13 Manning, Olivia. To Stevie Smith. 1939-1969.    
6:1 MANCHESTER GUARDIAN. (See: Mitchison, Lois)
     Marina Private Hotel. To Stevie Smith. 1951.
     "Margery." To Stevie Smith. 1945.
     "Mark." To Stevie Smith.  Undated.

     Marshall, Rachel and Horace. To/from Stevie Smith. 1939-1968, incomplete date, udated. To William McBrien. 1980.
6:2 Martin, [Elna] M. To Stevie Smith. 1966.
     Martiner, Rex. from Stevie Smith. 1948.
     Marvell Press, The. To Stevie Smith. 1968-1969, undated.

     "Mary." Unidentified individuals with first name of "Mary."  All To Stevie Smith. 1917-1955, undated.

     Masefield, John and Constance. To Stevie Smith. c1960, undated. (See also: Babbington-Smith, Constance)

     Maugham, Robin (Nephew of Somerset Maugham). To Stevie Smith. 1943-1955.
     Mayer, Mary. To Stevie Smith. 1962.

     Mead, M. Anne. To William McBrien. 1980.
     Mercantile Credit Co. Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1958. Stock market data.
     Merseyside County Council. To James Barbera. 1981.
     Methuen & Co. Ltd. Publishers. To Stevie Smith. 1961.

     Metropolitan Police. Information sheet on safe custody of firearms and ammunition; sketches and notes by Stevie Smith.

     McGann, Jerome. (See: Series 2: THE BEST BEAST)
     Mid-Day Publications Ltd. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date.
     Middlesex, County Council of. To Stevie Smith. 1946.
     Miles, Hamish. To/from William McBrien. 1979-1980.
     Miller, Margaret. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Miller, Mrs. S. from Stevie Smith. 1948.
     Mitchell, Mairin. To Stevie Smith. 1941.

     Mitchison, Lois. (Daughter of Naomi Mitchison). ccTMs draft, "Picnics in Karachi," 5p.
6:3 Mitchison, Naomi and Dick. To Stevie Smith. c1937-1950, undated.    
6:4 MODERN READING. To Stevie Smith. 1944-1947, undated.
     "Mona." To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     Moore, [---]. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     Moore, Harry T. To Stevie Smith. 1952.
     Moore, Reginald. (See: MODERN READING)
     Moore, Robert [D.] >[?]. 1918.
     "Monica." To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Morgan, Pete. To Stevie Smith. 1970-1971.
      Morris, Gloria E. D. To Stevie Smith. 1956.
     Morrow & Co. Inc., William. To Stevie Smith. 1936-1949.
     Mortimer, Raymond. To Stevie Smith. 1952.
     Moss, Howard. (See: NEW YORKER, THE)

     Mouat, Kit. To Stevie Smith. 1964. Includes TMs draft poem, "To Atheism (and Harriet Martineau)," 1p.

     Mowbray's. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     Moyne, Jonathan. To Stevie Smith. 1962-1969, n.d To William McBrien. 1980.
     Moyne, Lord. (See: Guinness, Bryan and Elizabeth)
     Muggeridge, Malcolm. To Stevie Smith. 1937-1939, undated.
     Murray, Margaret. To Stevie Smith. 1959.
     Muller Ltd., Frederick. To Stevie Smith. 1938, 1949.
     Myer, Kenneth Grenville. To Stevie Smith. 1949.
6:5 "Nancy." To Stevie Smith. 1961, 1980.
     Napier, Pat. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.

     Narod Press, The. >Leo Kahn. 1948. In reference to THE HOLIDAY.

     Nash, Ogden. >[Gill Bence-Jones]. pcAMs poem about Stevie Smith.
     Nathan, Francis A. To Stevie Smith. 1946.
     NATION, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1964. In reference to the poem, "Pretty."
     National Book League. To Stevie Smith. 1955.

     National Campaign for the Abolition of Captial Punishment. To Stevie Smith. 1961.

     National Federation of Women's Institutes. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     National Insurance, Ministry of. To Stevie Smith. Stevie Smith insurance card.
     National Portrait Gallery. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     Naylor, Guy and Margot. New address announcement.
     Nethercut, June D. To William McBrien. 1980-1982.
     Nevill Ltd., Peter. To/from Stevie Smith. 1948-1949.

     NEW DEPARTURES. To/from Stevie Smith. 1963, undated. To William McBrien. 1982, 1985. (See also: Horovitz, Michael)
6:6 NEW DIRECTIONS. To Stevie Smith. 1963-1969.    
6:7 New England Association of Teachers of English, The. To Stevie Smith. 1966.

     NEW ENGLISH WEEKLY. To Stevie Smith. 1941.

      NEW STATESMAN AND NATION, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1936-1948, incomplete date., undated.  To William McBrien. 1980.

     NEW WRITING. To Stevie Smith. 1947.
     NEW YORK. To William McBrien. 1986.
     NEW YORKER, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1946, 1964, 1970. To William McBrien. 1980.
     Newby, Howard. To William McBrien. 1980.
     Newman, Lyn. To Stevie Smith. 1959-1960, undated.
     Newnes, Dorothy. To Stevie Smith. 1956, undated.

     Newnes, Frank Hillyard. To Stevie Smith. 1936-1955. (See also Series 4)

     Newnes Ltd., George. To Stevie Smith. 1953-1969, 1980. Includes press cuttings in reference to the "lost manuscript." (See also: Arts Council of Great Britain, The)

     Newnes & Pearson's. (See: Newnes Ltd., George; Pearson Ltd., C. Arthur)

     Newspaper Archive Developments Ltd. To James Barbera/William McBrien. 1980.
     Newton, Douglas. To Stevie Smith. 1943.
     Newton, Eric. To Stevie Smith. 1964.
6:8 "Nicholas, (Ju and Thomas)." To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Nicholson & Watson. To Stevie Smith. 1946.
     Nicholson, Ben. To Stevie Smith. c1960.
     NIGHT AND DAY. To Stevie Smith. 1937.
     NIMBUS. (See: Wright, David)
     Nogueira, Margarida Guedes. (See: Brazilian Embassy)
     Norfolk Constabulary. To Stevie Smith. 1937.
     North London Collegiate School. To Stevie Smith. 1969.

     North West Home Counties Association of University Women.  To Stevie Smith. 1970.

     Northampton Arts Association. To Stevie Smith. 1959-1960.
     Northmore, Betty. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date.
     Norwich Union Life Insurance Society. To Stevie Smith. 1962.
     Nottingham, University of. To Stevie Smith. 1959, undated.
     NOVA. (See: Newnes Ltd., George)
     Nye, Robert. To/from Stevie Smith. 1970-1971.
6:9 OBSERVER, THE. To/from Stevie Smith. 1955-1969, incomplete date., undated. To James Barbera. 1980.    
6:10 Odhams Press Ltd. (Educational Section). To Stevie Smith. 1961.

     Opp‚, Armide. To Stevie Smith. 1950-1970. To/from James Barbera/William McBrien. 1980-1985. (See also: Series 3; Series 4)

     Opie, Peter and Iona. To James Barbera. 1982.
     Orde, Julian. (See: Abercrombie, Julian)
     ORION. To Stevie Smith. 1945, 1948.

     Orr-Ewing, Ronald. To William McBrien. 1980. Includes AMs list of Stevie Smith's personal items to be sold, 1p.

     [Orwell, George]. from Stevie Smith. 1942. (See also: Angus, Ian)
     "Oscar."  To Stevie Smith. 1910, undated.
     OTHER VOICES Magazine. To Stevie Smith. 1955.
     Owen, Peter. (See: Nevill Ltd., Peter)
     Oxford University Poetry Society. To Stevie Smith. 1961.
7:1 Pain, Olive. To William McBrien. 1981. See also Series 3)
     Paine, Diana (Mrs. G. S. Paine). To Stevie Smith. 1937.
     Palmer, Charles (and Mrs. Palmer). To [?].  Undated.

     PALMERS GREEN AND SOUTHGATE GAZETTE, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1969. (See also Series 5)

     Panter-Downes, Mollie. To Stevie Smith. 1946.
     Parker, Derek. To William McBrien. 1979-1980.
     Parsons, Ian M. (See: Chatto and Windus)
     PARTISAN REVIEW, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1946.

     Partridge, Eric. Leaflet commemorating Partridge's 75th birthday. 1970.

      "Patrice." To Stevie Smith. 1968.
     Peake, Clare. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     Pearn, Pollinger & Higham Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1936-1938.
     Pearson Ltd., C. Arthur. To Stevie Smith. 1945-1961.

     Pearson, Neville and Anne. To Stevie Smith. 1946-1953. To William McBrien. 1980-1982. (See also: Leverton, L.M.)

      "Peggy." To Stevie Smith. 1953.
     P.E.N., The. To Stevie Smith. 1939-1959.
     Penguin Books Ltd. To/from Stevie Smith. 1950-1951, undated.
     Penn Elastic Holdings Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1963.

     Pension Restaurant (Chambres avec vue Sur la Mer) Business card.

     Peters, Billy. To Stevie Smith. 1969.
      Petit Brovant Restaurant, Le. Business card.
     ["Philomel"]. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Phoenix House Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1948.
     PICTURE POST. To Stevie Smith. 1949-1950.
     Pilot Press Ltd., The. To Stevie Smith. 1947.
7:2 Pinnington, John E. To Stevie Smith. 1960-1962. To William McBrien. 1980.
     Plaidy, Jean. To Stevie Smith. 1956.
     Plath, Sylvia. To Stevie Smith. 1962. Includes related material.

     Plomer, William. To Stevie Smith. 1966-1970. In reference to the Cholmondeley Award for Poetry. See also Series 3)

     Poetry Book Society Ltd., The. To/from Stevie Smith. 1958-1969. (See also: Arts Council of Great Britain)

     Poetry Center, The. To Stevie Smith. 1963-1964.
     POETRY LONDON. To Stevie Smith. 1944.
     POETRY REVIEW, THE. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Poetry Society, The. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
7:3 Politzer, [---]. from Stevie Smith. 1946.
     Pollard, Cicely. To Stevie Smith. 1930.
     Poole, Phebe. To William McBrien. 1981-1982.
     Porter, C. N. >[Stevie Smith]. 1917.

     Porter, Peter (Poet). Transcription of conversation with William McBrien. 1981.

     [Porteus], Tommy. To Stevie Smith. 1919. (See also: Defence, Ministry of)
     Posner, David. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Powell, Anthony. (See: PUNCH)
7:4 Powys, John Cowper. To/from Stevie Smith. 1951-1954.    
7:5 Press, John. To Stevie Smith. 1962.
     [Prideaux,] Joan. To William McBrien. 1982.
     Pritchett, Victor Sawdon. To Stevie Smith. 1939, 1941, undated.
     Progressive League, The. To Stevie Smith. 1950.
     Pudney, John. To Stevie Smith. 1951.
     PUNCH. To/from Stevie Smith. 1948-1969. To William McBrien. 1980.
     Putnam & Co. Ltd., Publisher. To Stevie Smith. 1948.
     Pyott, Keith (Husband of Sheila Raynor). To Stevie Smith. 1964.
7:6 ["R---."] To Stevie Smith. 1938. In reference to OVER THE FRONTIER.

     Ralph, Margaret K. To James Barbera/William McBrien. 1978. Biographical material on Stevie Smith.

     Raven-Hart, Edith and William Roland. To Stevie Smith. 1919, 1942.To James Barbera. 1981. Includes pc of Last Will and Testament of WRR- H, 31 Dec, 1898. (See also Series 4)

     [Raven-Hart,] Hester. from Stevie Smith. 1944. (See also Series 4)
     Raven-Hart, Rosemary. (See Series 4)

     Raynor, Sheila. To Stevie Smith. 1971. To William McBrien. 1980, 1984. (See also Series 3)

     Red Cross Sales. To Stevie Smith. 1942.
     Reddick, Elizabeth. To Stevie Smith. 1956.
     Redgrave, Peter. To Stevie Smith. 1952.
     "Reginald." To William McBrien. 1980.
     Renault, Mary. To Stevie Smith. 1958. To William McBrien. 1981.
7:7 Replansky, Naomi. To/from Stevie Smith. 1954-1961, undated. To William McBrien. 1980.  REPORTER, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1964.    
7:8 "Richard." Unidentified individuals with first name "Richard." To Stevie Smith. 1955, undated.

     Richardson, Maurice. To Stevie Smith. 1937. (See also: Macaullay, Rose)
     Roberts, Hugh. To Stevie Smith. 1969.

     Robinson, Joan. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date. To William McBrien. 1980. Includes press cutting of Robinson obituary.

     Robson Flora. To William McBrien.  Incomplete date. Includes AMs transcription of an interview, 1980.

     Rock Glen Hotel. Bill. 1948.
     Roe, Ivan. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     "Ronald." To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     "Rose." To Stevie Smith. 1968-1969, undated.
     Rosenblatt, Jon (Sylvia Plath biographer). To William McBrien.1979.
     Rosenberg, John. To Stevie Smith. 1956.
     Rowe, Reeve & Co. To Stevie Smith. 1960-1966.
     Rowe Rudd & Co. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     Royal Academy and Arts. Annual Dinner program. 1969.
     Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, The. To James Barbera.  1981.
     Royal Society of Literature. To Stevie Smith. 1970. To William McBrien. 1981.
7:9 Russell, [C---] and [B---]. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Russell, Carrie. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Russell-Cobb, Trevor and Piers. from Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date. To William McBrien. 1980-1983. Includes pc Piers' school essay. (See also Series 3)
     "Ruth." To Stevie Smith. 1954.
7:10 Saggar, Dr. D. R. (See: Foote, Rev. G. D.)

     St John the Evangelist Church (Palmers Green). 1931, 1939.  (See also: d'Arcy-Preston, Roland)

     SALTIRE REVIEW, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1955.

     School Broadcasting Council for the United Kingdom, The. To Stevie Smith. 1956.

     Schnack, Elisabeth. To Stevie Smith. 1958-1959. To James Barbera. 1984, undated.
     Schwartz, J. To Stevie Smith. 1959.
     Scotland, National Library of. To James Barbera. 1985.

     Scotland, Royal Zoological Society of. In reference to Stevie Smith's visit to the park. c1959.

     Scott, George W. Bill for medical consultation. 1964.
     Scott-James, P. A. (See: BRITAIN TO-DAY)
     Scottish Association for the Speaking of Verse. To Stevie Smith. 1941.
     Scrutton, Canon T. B. To Stevie Smith. 1957, 1965.

     Seaward & Sons Ltd., A. In reference to a memorial on grave #1860 in Southgate Cemetery. 1968.

     Seaways. To/from Stevie Smith. 1948.
     Secker & Warburg Ltd., Martin. To Stevie Smith. 1951-1962.
     Segan (Clothiers). Receipt. 1952.
     Sergeant, Howard. To Stevie Smith. 1960. To William McBrien. 1980.

     Severin, Sybil. Includes TMs draft, "Without An Image of Europe?,"4p.

     Sharp, J. C. To James Barbera/William McBrien. 1981.
     Shears, Enid. To Stevie Smith. 1964.
     Sheckell, Sidney. (See: Defence, Ministry of; Series 4)
     Shell Transport and Trading Co. Ltd., The. To Stevie Smith. 1959.
     Silvester, David. >[?].  Undated.
     Simcox, John V. To Stevie Smith. 1957.
7:11 Sitwell, Osbert. To Stevie Smith. 1938-1941.
     Slater, Montagu. To Stevie Smith. 1948, 1956, undated. To William McBrien. 1981.
     Sloman, C. from Stevie Smith.  Undated. Message crossed out.
     Smart, Elizabeth. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Smith, Ethel Mary Francis. (See: Smith, Molly Ward)
      Smith, Francis Margaret. (See: Smith, Stevie)
8:1 Smith, Charles Ward (Stevie Smith's father). To Stevie Smith. 1908-1913. Includes certified copy of Smith-Lingen marriage certificate. (See also: Series 4)    
8:2 Smith, Ethel Rahel (Stevie Smith's mother). To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date., undated.    
8:3 From various individuals. 1902-1930, undated.    
8:4 Shakespeare daily date book.    
8:5 Birthday date book.    
8:6 Certified copy of marriage certificate, original death certificate and original Last Will and Testament.  (See also Series 4)    
8:7 Smith, Janet Adam. To William McBrien. 1981.
     Smith, Molly Ward (Stevie Smith's sister). To/from "Auntie Mabel." 1913-
     -----. To/from Charles Ward Smith. 1905-1909.
     -----. To/from Stevie Smith. 1911-1970, undated.
8:8 From various individuals. 1907-1948, undated.    
9:1 Blank French postcards.    
9:2 pcAMs notes in reference to Molly Ward Smith originally found in  Helen Fowler file, 13p.

     -----. Westonbirt School secretary To James Barbera in reference to Molly Ward Smith obituary.
9:3 Daily diary. c1919.    
9:4 Autograph album.    
9:5 Birthday date book.   (See also Series 4)    
9:6 Smith, Olga.  From various individuals. 1905-1908.

     Smith, Reggie A. (Husband of Olivia Manning). (See:  Manning, Olivia)
9:7-8 Smith, Stevie. 226 blank postcards.    
10:1 Snow, Pebe. To Stevie Smith. 1969.
     Soames, Myra. To Stevie Smith. 1961-1963, undated.
     Society of Authors, The. To Stevie Smith. 1955, 1967.
     Sotheby's. To James Barbera. 1983. In reference to Stevie Smith's drawings.
     South African Broadcasting Corporation. To Stevie Smith. 1960-1961.

      Southon, R. M. To Stevie Smith. 1964. Includes RMS's own version of "How Does One See?"

     Spark, Muriel. (Penelope Jardine, secretary). To William McBrien. 1980.

     Spear, John. pc of Last Will and Testament, 12 Oct, 1895.  (See also Series 4)
10:2-4 Spear, Margaret Annie (Stevie Smith's Great Aunt). To/from Stevie Smith. c1914-1970, undated.    
10:5 To/from MWS. 1911-1950.    
10:6 From various individuals. c1904-1946, undated.    
11:1 Birthday date book; pc of Will. 2 Nov, 1967.   (See also Series 4)    
11:2 SPECTATOR, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1941, 1949, 1960.
     Spencer, Colin. To Stevie Smith. 1959.

     Spender, Christine (Stephen Spender's neice). To William McBrien. 1980. In reference to Brenda Spender.

     Spender, Stephen. To William McBrien. 1980. In reference to Brenda  Spender.
     Sprigge, Elisabeth. To Stevie Smith. 1955-1962, undated. To William McBrien. 1981.
     "Stanley (and Maggy)." To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Stanton Coit House. Map.
     Statsradiofonien. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Stewart, [M---]. To Stevie Smith. 1949.

     Stockwood, Rev. Mervyn and Barrington-Ward, Rev. Simon. "The Necessity of Belief." Excised article appearing in  GEMINI 5.

     Stonier, George and Patricia. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Strachan, Walter J. To Stevie Smith. 1951.
     STRAND MAGAZINE, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1948.
     Strong, Leonard Alfred George. To Stevie Smith. 1949.
     Stroud Festival. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     SUNDAY TIMES, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1952, 1954, 1969. To William McBrien. 1982.
     Sweeney, John L. (Harvard University Library). Calling card.

     Taxes, Inspector of. To Stevie Smith. 1944-1959.
     Themerson, Francesca. To Stevie Smith. 1962.
     Thicknesse, Sybylla Gratiana. To Stevie Smith. 1962.
     Thirteen The Parade. Hotel bill. 1948.
     Thornton, Anthony. <William McBrien. 1979.
     Thwaite, Ann. To/from Stevie Smith. 1968-1970.
     Thwaite, Anthony. To/from Stevie Smith. 1969-1971, undated.
11:3 TIME AND TIDE. To Stevie Smith. 1943.
     TIMES, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1952-1970.
      TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1952, 1954.
     TOMORROW'S NEWS. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date.
     Tonks, Rosemary. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Toole-Stott, Basil (Stevie Smith's cousin). To William McBrien. 1982, 1986.
     Trewin, John C. and Wendy. To Stevie Smith. 1956.
     Tribune Publishing Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1947.
     Turnstile Press Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1949.
     Twr-Y-Felin Hotel. Hotel bill. 1953.
11:4 Untermeyer, Louis. (See: Deutsch, Babette)

     [University Group Club] (Department of English) To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date.
     In reference to a poetry reading.

     Vaizey Ltd., Bevington. To Stevie Smith. 1968.
     Vanesta Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1958. Stock market data.
     "Vera." To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date.
     Verlag Der Arche. To Stevie Smith. 1955.
     Viking-Penguin Inc. To James Barbera. 1979.
     Virago Press. To James Barbera. 1983.
     "Vivien" (Wife of the rector of Shropshire). To Stevie Smith. 1949.
     VOGUE. (See: Cond‚ Nast Publications Ltd.)
     VOICES. To Stevie Smith. 1946.
     Vokes Ltd. To Stevie Smith. 1959.
11:5 Wait, Peter. To William McBrien. 1980-1981.

     Walton, R.S. pc of press cutting about RS Walton (partially deteriorated).

     [Walton and Weybridge Poetry Society.] To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Ware, Mrs. To Stevie Smith. 1969.
     Watney, John and Antoinette. To Stevie Smith. 1946.
     Watson, Francis. To Stevie Smith. 1940.
     Watson, Rowland. To Stevie Smith. 1959, 1961.
     Wedgewood, Veronica. To Stevie Smith. 1944. See also Series 3)
     Wellman Smith Owen Engineering Corporation. To Stevie Smith. 1961-1962.

     White, Eric W. (See: Arts Council of Great Britain; Poetry Book Society; Series 3)

     White, John P. To Stevie Smith. 1970.
     "William." To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Williams, Jonathan. To Stevie Smith. 1963-1970. See also Series 3)
     Willowsmere Private Hotel. Business card.
     Wilson, C. E. To Stevie Smith. 1958.
     WINDMILL, THE. To Stevie Smith. 1945-1948.
     Wiren, Noel. To Stevie Smith. c1938.

     Wirth, Alfred and Gertrude. To Stevie Smith. 1937-1952, undated. To William McBrien. 1980, undated.
11:6 Witt, Mary (Mrs. R. E. Witt). To Stevie Smith.  Undated. ALS 22 May 1969 found tipped into James Laver's FASHIONS AND FASHION PLATES, 1800-1900. (See LIAS record)

     Wolfe, [Edmond]. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Wolfe, Lawrence. To Stevie Smith. 1959.
     Women's Voluntary Services. To Stevie Smith. 1952.

     Woodcock, Nina and Bobbie. To Stevie Smith. 1959-1970. To William McBrien. 1982-1984. Includes AMs draft, "The true story we felt sure of the Vicar and the organist," 4p. See also Series 3)

     Woodford, [---]. Address on note paper.
     Wordsworth, Andrew. To Stevie Smith. 1947-1949.
11:7 WORLD REVIEW. To Stevie Smith. 1950.

     Wright, David. To Stevie Smith. 1957, 1961, 1970, undated. To William McBrien. 1980. (See also: X QUARTERLY REVIEW)

     Wright (London) Ltd., Gilbert. To Stevie Smith. 1945-1946.
     Wright, Dorothy. To/from Stevie Smith. 1970, undated.

     Wyndham, Francis. To Stevie Smith. 1962. To William McBrien. 1980. (See also Series 3)

     Wyndham, Violet. To Stevie Smith.  Incomplete date.
     Wynn, John. To Stevie Smith.  Undated.
     Wyss, Sophie. To Stevie Smith. 1955-1956.

     X QUARTERLY REVIEW. To Stevie Smith. c1959.

     Young & Co., Eliott (Stock and share brokers). To Stevie Smith. 1955-1956. (See also Series 2: Notebooks for 1958-65, 1955-57, 1962-63
11:8 Zorn & Leigh-Hunt. To/from Stevie Smith. 1959-1965. (See also Series 2: Notebooks for 1958-65, 1955-58, 1962-63)    


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