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Stevie Smith papers

Chronology of major works

Collection   1976-012


  Novel on Yellow Paper.  London: Jonathan Cape, 1936; New York: William Morrow, 1937.

A Good Time Was Had by All.  London: Jonathan Cape, 1937.

Over the Frontier.  London: Jonathan Cape, 1938. 

Tender Only to One.  London: Jonathan Cape, 1938. 

Mother What is Man?  London: Jonathan Cape, 1942.

The Holiday.  London: Chapman & Hall, 1949.

Harold's Leap.  London: Chapman & Hall, 1950.

Not Waving But Drowning.  London: Andre Deutsch, 1958.

Some Are More Human Than Others.  London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1958.

Selected Poems.  London: Longmans, 1962; Connecticut: J.  Laughlin, 1964; New York: New Directions, 1964.

The Frog Prince and Other Poems.  London: Longmans, 1966.

The Best Beast.  New York: Knopf, 1969.

Scorpion and Other Poems.  London: Longmans, 1972. 

The Collected Poems of Stevie Smith.  London: Allen Lane, 1975; Oxford University Press, 1976.

Me Again.  New York: Virago, 1981.

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