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Jean Rhys archive
Series 2:  Correspondence Vaz Dias - Wol

Collection 1976-011

  Vaz Dias, Selma (All are Jean Rhys to Vaz Dias unless otherwise noted).  1949-    
  PLEASE NOTE: Much of the following correspondence bears extraneous markings in ink and pencil, probably made by Selma Vaz Dias.  Many of these letters appear in Jean Rhys Letters, 1931-1966 (London: Andre Deutsch, 1984) edited by Francis Wyndham and Diana Melly.  The published letters are indicated by the abbreviation "Jean Rhys letter” followed by the text page on which the letter begins.    
11:8 5 Nov 1949.  Hans W. Egli (Vaz Dias's husband)   "I have just seen your advertisement in the New Statesman.  This is my address and I’d be pleased and interested to hear from you...."   Jean Rhys letter 58.  Handwritten and signed, 1s.     
  6 Nov 1949.  Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.   "Forgive me if this after all is a bad letter.  I am too excited at the thought that you really exist after all...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  7 [Nov] 1949.  "I had your letter & MSS this evening.  You can imagine how excited and pleased I am indeed it all seems a bit like a dream...."   Jean Rhys letter 59.  Handwritten and signed, 2s.    
  9 Nov 1949.  "I went through your script carefully yesterday afternoon.  You’ve adapted my novel very sensitively...."   Jean Rhys letter 60.  Handwritten and signed, 4s with Vaz Dias's handwritten page notes, 1p.    
  12 Nov 1949.  "You must think me a very odd fish.  I wasn’t able to come on the 10th and even telephoned by proxy.  But I really have been ill and can do nothing else...."   Jean Rhys letter 62.  Handwritten and signed, 3s.    
  14 Nov 1949.  Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.   "I am so sorry that I have not had time to write to you before and to thank you for your telegram.  I almost felt you were there with me, although I was terribly disappointed not to meet you at long last...."   Typed and signed letter, 1s.    
  22 Nov 1949.  "I’ll be delighted to see you on Thursday, and am so sorry to drag you all the way here...” (Contains Vaz Dias's penciled note: "One of many.  Nothing to do with Jean or G.M. Midnight.”) Jean Rhys letter 63.  Handwritten and signed, 2s.    
  9 Dec 1949.  "I’m sorry you’ve been depressed.  Please don’t be.  I don’t know what to say to cheer you up except that you’re coming here was the nicest thing that’s happened to me for a long time...."   Jean Rhys letter 66.  Handwritten and signed, 3s.    
  Monday [1950].   "Thank you for writing.  I’m afraid it is a pretty bad [---] and I do not see what is to be done about it...."   ( Press cutting attached).  Jean Rhys letter 69.  Handwritten and signed, 2s.    
  No date.   42 Stanhope Gardens SW7, [London].   "At last I’ve a moment to write to you.  Things have been tumbling on my head like a shower bath (and not a pleasant one either)...."   Jean Rhys letter 72.  Handwritten and signed, 3s.    
  [1 Jan 1953].   "Do you remember meeting me about three years ago and adapting Good Morning Midnight and our talk about a play?...."   (Envelope attached by Vaz Dias reads: "After a silence of 2 or 3 years from a London hotel or boarding house.  Her idea of `Postures’ for a play - ballads - letters.  After these a second disappearance till 2nd Statesman advert by BBC which I told them to do.”) Jean Rhys letter 96.  Handwritten and signed, 2s.    
  [23 Jan 1953].   "It was very pleasant meeting you again and I came away feeling cheerful.  I’ve looked at the book I spoke about and think there may be a play in it...."   Handwritten and signed, 3s.    
  [17 Feb 1953].  "Here is the book.  It was called Quartet  in America.  I’ll write tomorrow all I can remember of how I saw it as a play...."   Jean Rhys letter 100.  Handwritten and signed, 1s.    
  [3 Mar 1953].  "Did you get the book? It was posted the same day you rang me up Feb 17th...."   Jean Rhys letter 101, 2s.    
  [16 Mar 1953].   "Here is `Ballad of a Dark Heart’ by Emily Lockhart.  I telephoned you about it if you remember.  I do think it has something especially the 3rd and 4th verses...."   Handwritten and signed, 1s.    
  [24 Mar 1953].    "If you don’t think the Emily Lockhart things I sent are any use to you would you please let me have them back?...."   Handwritten and signed, 1s.    
11:9 [27 Mar 1953].   "Thanks for the copy of Dark Heart.  If I can possibly crawl along to Great Cumberland Place on Sunday we’ll come.  My horrible flu hangs on...."   Jean Rhys letter 104.  Handwritten and signed, 3s.    
  [6 Apr 1953].   "Here are the stories - sorry I couldn’t send them along before.  The River you know and [Houdia] I’ve spoken about...."   Jean Rhys letter 105.  Handwritten and signed, 2s.    
  [27 Apr 1953].   "I may be leaving this address soon, so I’d be very glad if [you] could let me have the stories back within the next week or so...."   Jean Rhys letter 107.  Handwritten and signed, 2s.    
  [8 Jun 1953].   "Thanks for sending the stories back.  I guessed some time ago that they had [found favour], but I thought we were leaving Upper Norwood so postponed writing...."   Jean Rhys letter 108.  Handwritten and signed, 2s.    
  [Sunday, 3rd 1953].   "Thanks so much for sending on the stories - your letter did me good.  Of course I will let you have my new address...."   Handwritten and signed, 2s.    
  [16 Oct 1956].   "I’ve just had a letter from a friend telling me that Sasha Moorsom of the BBC Features Department wanted my address...."   Jean Rhys letter 133.  Handwritten and signed, 3s.    
  19 Oct 1956.  Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.   "Thank goodness you have turned up at last! I was more than delighted to hear from you, only got your letter this morning forwarded from the BBC but by then I knew you had been unearthed...."   Typed letter, 2s.    
  [22 Oct 1956].   "Your letter arrived this morning.  Of course I feel a bit dizzy with joy so I won’t say much now except to thank you...."   Jean Rhys letter 135.  Handwritten and signed, 3s.    
  [27 Oct 1956].   "You can’t think what a relief it is to be writing to you.  It’s been scribble, scribble, scribble for the last few days - not quite sure if I was saying the right thing...."   Jean Rhys letter 136.  Handwritten and signed, 5s.    
  2 Nov 1956 Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.   "Indeed I did receive your first letter though it was addressed to Chesterfield Gardens.  And I am delighted with both your letters...."   Typed letter, 5s.    
  [4 Nov 1956].  "This is letter no.  3.  The first, enthusiastic and grateful, may have been addressed wrongly, Chesterfield not Chesterford.  I hope it reached...."   Jean Rhys letter 138.  Handwritten and signed, 5s.    
  [12 Nov 1956].   "I hope the press cuttings didn’t deluge you and were some good.  One never knows.  This is about the ending of GMM [Good Morning, Midnight] - I haven’t got the book with me, so have to trust my memory...."   Jean Rhys letter 139.  Handwritten and signed, 4s.    
11:10 4 Jan 1957.  "Your letter got to me on New Year’s day and cheered me up alot.  It was so nice to hear from you.  What happed exactly? Was it just because GMM [Good Morning, Midnight] wasn’t right for the moment considering the general gloom?...."   Handwritten and signed, 3s.    
  3 Feb 1957.  "How is everything? Going well I hope.  I’m getting over my flu (twice yearly and regular as clockwork) but am please because after a long search, we may have found a flat where we can stay put for a year...."   Handwritten and signed, 5s    
  21 Feb 1957.  "I’ve heard from Miss Moorsom, and will be in London early next week - all being well.  I was in the midst of packing to move into the new flat...."   Jean Rhys letter 140.  Handwritten and signed, 3s.    
  7 Mar 1957.  "Forgive pencil.  Ink vanished when we moved and it’s early closing day in peaceful treeless Bude.  My dear here we are after an all-night journey...."   Jean Rhys letter 142.  Handwritten and signed, 3s.    
  [circa Mar 1957].  "This in a hurry.  Miss Ramsay has written saying that she does not open her literary department till the autumn.  I hope that she will take me on...."   Handwritten and signed, 1s.    
  18 Mar 1957.  "You are having a read through of GMM with music on 21st aren’t you? This it to wish you luck and to wish I were in London...."   Jean Rhys letter 143.  Handwritten and signed, 3s.     
  7 May 1957.  "I must tell you how delighted I was when the reviews of "The Balcony” appeard in the Sunday Times and The Observer - especially the former and how much I wish I could see you in the play...."   Handwritten and signed, 1s.    
  8 May 1957.  "Perhaps you had a letter from me this morning and thought it odd and ungrateful that I didn’t mention your article in the Radio Times...."   Jean Rhys letter 146.  Handwritten and signed, 1s.    
  15 May 1957.  "Well at last I can say thank you for the first time.  We went by taxi (which was late) to a kind acquaintance and there we were left with family portraits and radio...."   Jean Rhys letter 147.  Handwritten and signed, 1s.    
  11 Aug 1957.  "I was so delighted when I got your letter.  You can imagine - It’s splendid about Gigi.  All luck for the 17th from us both...."   Handwritten and signed, 1s.
  5 Oct 1957. "Getting your letter was like being handed the best possible drink when very parched and tired but I’ve felt a bit lost lately (as well as thirsty).  I don’t want this to be a catalogue of woes so will stick to the facts...."   (Handwritten note by Vaz Dias on an envelope which reads: "1st letter about new novel Wide Sargasso Sea (Mrs. Rochester) idea born in my kitchen when they came to dinner at 3 Chesterfield Gardens, Hampstead 1957.”)  Handwritten and signed, 4s.    
  [9 April 1958].  "This letter is overdue.  Please forgive.  The last week has been difficult but better now.  Well, to start with - of course I saw your notices.  Max and I read [them] and were delighted...."   Jean Rhys letter 156.  Handwritten and signed, 3s.    
11:11 [10 Jan 1959].   "I have wanted to write to you since Christmas and a happy lovely and lucky New Year to you.  I have finished the first draft of Mrs. Rochester...."   Jean Rhys letter 159.  Handwritten and signed, 3s.    
  [5 Feb 1959].  “I was so glad to have your letter. I haven’t been very well and the cold here is not to be believed. The sort of cold that freezes your heart and marrow...."   Jean Rhys letter 160.  Handwritten and signed letter, 4s.    
  [25 May 1959].  “This is a very hurried letter. I’ve been toiling away all yesterday and all today and am so bad at business letters. I have no copy of GMM [Good Morning Midnight]...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  [27 May 1959].  “I think you know how pleased I am about the Radio Bremen thing. I wish it much luck. What date? for I might be able to listen in...."   Jean Rhys letter 164.  Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  [4 Jun 1959].  “I expect you will be glad to know that I discovered a copy of GMM after a frantic search and have posted it to Hamburg...."   Jean Rhys letter 165.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  5 Jun 1959.  “I have spent all day here alone sorting out your letters and all the others about Good Morning Midnight etc, and this evening I managed to catch a very scratchy noisy and almost inaudible performance from Bremen. What I heard was very good indeed...."   Typed letter, 1s; carbon copy of same.    
  [14 Jun 1959].  “Such a nice letter from you. I’m very glad you saw Alex. He wrote to me about your meeting and added that he’s been thinking about Mrs. R as an radio play...."   Jean Rhys letter 168.  Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.    
  Autumn 1959.  “Many thanks for your letter...Well my dear we have moved, two out of our four flats are sold so there was no more room for us in the house...."   Typewritten and signed  letter, 2s.    
  [17 Nov 1959.]   “How are you? Is your [---] better? I do hope so. I have had it too and my dear this place is enough to give anybody the grandfather and grandmother of all [---]...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  [15 Dec 1959.]   “I was so delighted to hear from you and your pretty lady cheered me up alot. I haven’t been able to get into Bude for Christmas cards - it’s such a way off...."   Jean Rhys letter 178.  Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  21 Jan 1960.  “I’ve wanted to write you for days - but am in the middle of packing - for we are leaving beautiful Bude at last...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 4s.    
  24 Feb 1960.  The Chalet, Cellar Grove Hotel, Perranporth, Cornwall.  “I’ve been having quite a time getting here. My abodes get stranger and stranger (this place is not so bad inside, but outside it looks like a very small [hose] box painted blue)...."   Jean Rhys letter 182.  Handwritten and signed letter, 4s.    
  26 Feb 1960.   “Delighted to have your letter but very sorry to hear of Max’ illness, why on earth didn’t you let me know when you nearly died one should share troubles with friends. I’m a good one to talk whenever I am submerged in my paralytic mood and miseries I withdraw into my shell...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  [circa early 1960].   “Your letter was forwarded from the chalet yesterday. We hope to move, if all goes well, on or about the 12th...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  20 Oct 1960.  “Ever since I arrived here a month ago I have been finding letters from you - old ones. When I discovered this (enclosed) on my dressing table I took it as a clear sign that I must write at once...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  6 Nov 1960.  “I was delighted to hear from you - have had flu - not badly but badly enough, so news and letter very welcome. Your house was warm and attractive I thought - you probably hate even the possibility of leaving it...."   Jean Rhys letter 149.  Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  [21 Dec 1960].  “Thank you for card. We are at sixes and sevens my dear because I’ve stupidly hurt my back. So all chores fall on unfortunate Max...."   Jean Rhys letter 150.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  28 Dec 1960.  “How nice of you to think of me. New address noted. My dear, I have been marooned this Xmas, with one old chicken and one [---] soup (oxtail of course!)...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
11:12 9 Jan 1961.  “I was so glad to hear from you – it made my day. I have and had a kind of creeping flu so needed some cheer. Yes, the Sunday Times thing did me a bit of good...."   Jean Rhys letter 200.  Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.    
  8 Mar 1962. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “How are things with you, and how is Max. I feel that we have lost touch dreadfully and I am very sorry about it...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  29 Oct 1962. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “Thank you for your letter re film Michael LUke had already got in touch with me only I was in Holland doing a guest star appearance on T.V....."   Typewritten and signed  letter, 1s.    
  21 Dec 1962.  “Thank you so VERY much for lovely and splendid card. I fear this won’t reach you in time and for Christmas, but a happy lucky New Year to you and my love. There’s too much to say in a hurried letter...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  12 Mar 1963.  “I listened to you this morning – it was very cheering to hear your voice and get a letter too. No Mrs. Rochester is not dead or if she is won’t lie down...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.    
  24 Jun 1963.   “What grand news and I’m so very glad. It’s been an awful uphill business - you can’t imagine! I won’t write a long letter but only say yes please come...."   Jean Rhys letter 222.  Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  25 Jun 1963.  “I’ve been cursing myself ever since I wrote that panicky letter. So typical. I went to visit Max today and found him much calmer...."   Jean Rhys letter 223.  Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  12 Jul 1963.  “I wonder whether you are back in London yet - anyway this will reach you sometime. Max arrived yesterday...."   (Vaz Dias notes on verso: “Re Voyage”) Jean Rhys letter 227.  Handwritten and signed letter, 4s.    
  12 July 1963. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “It was wonderful to be with you after all these years, though the time went so quickly and I feel there is so much more we could have talked about...."   Typed letter, 1s with additional handwritten note  by Vaz Dias written in ink.    
  15 Jul 1963.  “A letter from A.P. Watt, the literary agents, arrived here addressed to you. I was late sending it on - for it was pouring with rain all yesterday...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  15 Jul 1963. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “Our letters crossed which always happens with me and my son! I am very glad Max is back and you are out of your anxiety...."   Typed letter, 1s with additional handwritten note by Vaz Dias written in ink.    
  17 Jul 1963.  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “It is VERY unfortunate but our letters cross continuously! You will have now had my letter about John Smith...."   Typed letter, 2s.    
  19 [Jul] 1963.  “You must have had my last letter my dear. It’s a bit of a mix up. When I knew that the letter from A.P. Watt was meant for me I opened it and replied saying that if they’d take me on I’d be glad to have an agent...."   Jean Rhys letter 228.  Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.    
  27 Jul 1963.  “How are you getting on? Famously I hope. Listen honey, Mr. Smith has not written to me - do you think he really wants to take me on?....  Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.    
  29 Jul 1963. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “John Smith will most certainly take you on. I am having an interview with him to night to give him all details as far as I have them and he will then contact you immediatley...."   Typed letter, 1s with additional typed note.    
  [7 Aug] 1963.  “I am so sorry my dear about the accident - what a shock it must have been and I hope they are better. I wrote and put off A.P. Watt...."   Jean Rhys letter 230.  Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  [8 Aug] 1963.  “How are you my dear? Are your friends all right? And you? I’ve been having one hell of a time. Mrs Whitby from Andre Deutsch came down and worked splendidly and together the last part and rest of Part [4] was finished...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  10 Aug 1963. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “It was lovely to get your letter, I needed one just that day! I am writing this in the middle of cooking a chicken! I am delighted that you got on so well with Mrs. Rochester and taped the story, you see you are really getting a lot done in a big burst...."   Typewritten and signed  letter, 1s; carbon copy of same.    
  22 Aug 1963.  “I’ve had an offer from Mr. Luke of Mandala Film Productions for GOOD MORNING MIDNIGHT which I’ve accepted. I put him in touch with you...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  22 Aug 1963.  “The BBC Third Programme have asked me for an excerpt from your new novel Mrs. Rochester for their series ‘Extracts From Unpublished Novels’...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  25 [Aug] 1963.  “It is as usual, late at night. I have not felt very well lately - indeed a real black despair came over me today...."   Jean Rhys letter 235.  Handwritten and signed letter, 4s.    
  28 Aug 1963.  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “Voyage is finished and I am still waiting for your original ending, which you promised weeks ago. I have a feeling that it would be much better than the one you have now. I want to get the whole off my chest and into the BBC very soon while the interest in you is still alive...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
12:1 30 [Aug] 1963.  “I am glad that `Voyage’ or `Two Tunes’ is finished. I found the original ending, looked at it and didn’t think it would be much use to you...."   Jean Rhys letter 236.  Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.    
  6 [Sept] 1963.  “I sent the version of `Voyage in the Dark’ that you asked for a week ago. The post office was shut - it does that at odd times - but I paid for registration and the man promised to send it off early Monday...."   Jean Rhys letter 238.  Handwritten and signed letter, 4s.    
  9 Sept 1963.  Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “I hasten to write you, before dressing, doing the chores, or anything. Please set your mind at rest. I should have written as soon as I received the ending of Voyage but I was a bit in the doldrums myself and lots of things were happening, they always do, too much to go into at this juncture...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  [Mid Sept] 1963. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “Please try to stop worrying and especially about others. I have been bewitched for years and fight bloody battles with my demon...."   Typewritten and signed  letter, 1s.    
  17 Sept 1963.  “I was so pleased to get your letter my dear, and I had started answering when all the rather horrible things that have been happening began. It’s nothing to do with Max...."   Jean Rhys letter 240.  Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  30 Sept 1963.  “This is the third time I have tried to write to you. My daughter’s name is Maryvonne not Yvonne. She left day before yesterday and ever since I’ve been struggling with such loneliness...."   Jean Rhys letter 242.  Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.    
  [November 1963].  “I’ve been having an awful time like [---] all tears. But all will be well more or less. (It only remains to get your part of book fixed up...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.    
  19 Nov 1963.  “I can’t tell you how glad I was to get your letter - what a break it will be for me to stay with you for a couple of weeks...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  21 Nov 1963.  “I heard from Christy and Moore this morning. They have sent part of my book to Sonia Orwell in Paris - unrevised...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  26 Nov 1963. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “I was very upset to get your letter. I should have thought that this would be a real chance for you to do all your work corrections etc in congenial surroundings undisturbed and with the facility of telephone and personal contact with Smith, Wyndham, etc in fact a chance to get down to all the things which need doing with the added horrors of the bungalow, Max and the witch hunt out there...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  27 Nov 1963.  “You do not understand, Darling Selma. The worry and loneliness have been too much for me and I am ill. The doctor urges me to go to a nursing home...."   Jean Rhys letter 248.  Handwritten and signed letter, 4s.    
  29 Nov 1963. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “Believe me I do understand, and I know how difficult it is to even cope physically. I have not been at all well myself and terribly melancholy, so it is the case of the blind helping the lame...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  3 Dec 1963.  “Of course I understand my dear. I might be in the way if you are very busy and I am glad about the film. I’m [certain] you will rise to it all and splendidly too...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.    
  6 Dec 1963.  “I am sorry about the film, my dear, but glad for myself for the loneliness and bitter cold of this cotage was getting me [---]...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  12 Dec 1963.  “I went out in the rain yesterday (had to) and feel rather awful today - never mind. Aspirin forward. I can, if your invitation still stands, get to London on the 17th...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.    
  16 Dec 1963. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “I am afraid, as you say Xmas is not a good time. I am sorry I had to put you off but there are so many reasons I was quite in a panic about it all. If only you had come when originally asked...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  19 Dec 1963.  “Thank you for your letter. This delay at first wasn’t quite my fault - for instance I found my suitcase in the attic reduced to pulp with [d- --] and had to borrow another (took days) and then I had to see Max and so on...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.    
12:2 [Jan 1964.]  “I’m answering your letter at once - am so sorry you’ve been ill. Do get better, get quite well soon. I don’t know what happened Christmas time. I certainly packed a borrowed suitcase, for it is still hopefully packed!...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  [20 Jan 1964.] Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “How are things with you? I have had the most awful time over Xmas I was very ill and nearly shoved into hospital for an operation, which I was dead against as I was already very weak and depressed...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  [20 Jan 1964.]  “I was so glad to have your letter and above all how grand that you’re quite well again. Its been an awful long dreary winter. I wish I could find a doctor who’d help me to forget it...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.    
  [End of Jan 1964.]  “I’m afraid that it is not possible for me to come to London on the 3rd or 4th. I am not well (haven’t been since Christmas) and would be a great nuisance I fear...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  18 Feb 1964.  “How are you my dear? I do hope you hadn’t to go to hospital and that you are well again. My latest afflication - the roof came to bits...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  27 Feb 1964. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “Thank you very much for your letter. I am glad Max is a little better and I sympathise with you about your roof and workmen in the place when it is impossible to get down to ANYTHING...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  21 Mar 1964.  “I’ve been writing letters for hours so my dear if this one is not copperplate you know the reason. My arm aches like the devil and I think I’ve got writer’s cramp (among other things)...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  25 Mar 1964. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “On the 27th of February I wrote you to come as the time was auspicious. You wrote back and said you would wire or write the next week. I am still waiting to hear from you! Jean please understand that unless you come immediately after Easter, it will be no good...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  [Mar 1964.]  “I’ve just had your letter which has left me feeling rather sad and puzzled, annoyed rather, for it’s only lately one of many [brickbats] hurled at me and one unexpected [and which are the] worst kind. I have your telegrams and letters or some of them...."   Jean Rhys letter 257.  Handwritten and signed letter, 5s.    
  No date.  Nightingale Ward, St. Mary Abbots Hospital, Kensington W. “How nice of you to write to me and I am very sorry for your loss. I am leaving this hospital on Monday for the Surrey Hill Clinic, Tapwood Land, Caterham, Surrey - not looking forward to the journey but I hope to get better there...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  22 Feb 1965. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “I am so very glad that you are better and back in your own little home. I am sure that you appreciate it after all this time in hospital and institutions...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  24 Feb 1965.  Caroline Nursing Home, Exmouth, Devon. “I am still here and feeling dreadfully upset and worried about many things that are happening...."   Jean Rhys letter 289.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  26 Feb 1965.  “I’m so very sorry that you haven’t been well. It’s wretched about sister George - even I have heard of it...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 4s.    
  Aug 1965.  Belvedere Clinic, Exe Vale Hospital. Exminster. “It was lovely to hear from you. Yes there is a radio and I’ll listen in to you...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  15 Dec 1965.  “I don’t know what you must think of my silence for so long. My dear, I left the grim hospital for a grimmer convalescent home near Croyden...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s with Cmas card, signed, and handwritten note on verso by Vaz Dias.    
  3 Mar 1966.  “I am sorry and rather worried not to hear from you. I suppose you are busy or perhaps not well. Please believe that I will send the extract and Part I along to you as soon as I have them myself...."   Jean Rhys letter 299.  Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  4 Mar 1966. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “Your letter arrived the day before yesterday, I did not think that you wanted an answer by return of post...I immediately upon receipt of your letter got in touch with Diana Athill...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  11 Mar 1966.  “Forgive my not writing before. A few days ago - a few years it seems - Max got worse, lost consciousness and died. He was cremated at Exeter...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  18 Mar 1966.  “Thank you for your letter it made one feel less lonely. I am very sad about Max and miss him terribly though that is selfish I suppose. He saved me from so much...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  30 Mar 1966.  “Just a hurried note to tell you that the book is in Miss Athill’s hands. We went through it together...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  16 Sept 1966.  “I’m sorry that the novel isn’t any good for the BBC. I feared it wouldn’t be; I am very sorry...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
12:13 15 Jun 1967.  “You can’t think how pleased I was to get your letter. Diana told me that she was meeting you to discuss matters, then I didn’t hear anything more...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.    
  6 Feb 1968. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “How are you coping with your fabulous success? It is odd, but ever since the publication of Sargasso Sea I have not heard one word from you...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  7 Feb 1968.  “I had your letter this morning and wish to answer it at once - but find myself puzzled. I don’t know what to say. It would be quite useless to contradict you point by point...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 4s.    
  23 Feb 1968.  “I’m sending back your slides at once as I’m afraid of losing or misplacing them. I haven’t got a reading lamp yet. Only ceiling lights. So they are rather a blur. I think Maryvonne is coming to see me in the spring...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  19 Mar 1968.  “I’m afraid that it’s rather unlikely that Maryvonne will be over here in the spring...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  22 Mar 1968. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “Of course I’d like you to have one of my paintings, it isn’t the money, I don’t care about that, I feel it would be so right if you did have one...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  26 Mar 1968.  “I shall be so glad to have the flower piece. It sounds just the thing my room needs and I need...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  1 Apr 1968. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “Sorry for the delay, but my play is running on for a couple more weeks and I am up to my eyes in things. I am sending you the flower picture by post...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  3 Apr 1968.  “Your flower painting arrived this morning, and I’m so delighted with it I know just where to hang it...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  11 Jun 1969.  “I have heard that Margaret Ramsay has sold an option on the film rights of SARGASSO SEA - of course I’m very excited and pleased...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.
  12 Jun 1969.  Jean Rhys  to Peter Burton. “The letter you sent was signed and I don’t think it was a carbon copy. But you know I’m terribly absent minded so I sympathise...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  13 Jun 1969. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “In view of all the circumstances and in order to reciprocate your assurance of goodwill, I am willing to accept your suggestion of reducing my share in the net takings from all adaptations of your books into any other medium...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  14 Jun 1969.  “Thank you for your letter and for agreeing with my suggestion of reducing your share from 50% to 33 1/3%...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.    
  21 Sept 1972. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “I very much miss your letters and news of you. Now that you are the big success I always knew you would be, we have lost complete touch with each other. It is an outcome I never could have forseen...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  25 Sept 1972.  “Thank you for writing. I was surprised and of course pleased. I don’t often stay with Sonia, but at a hotel she found for me. I like it and hope to spend some weeks there this winter...."   Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.    
  5 Jan 1973. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “I am so sorry I messed you up and worried you about my time of arrival...It was lovely seeing you, you may be fighting with illness and frailty but you look much better than you did several years ago...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  22 Feb 1968. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “Thank you for your letter. I could not reply before because I am very busy working in a new show at the Mermaid Theatre which opens on the 14th...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
  27 Feb 1973. Vaz Dias  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  “Once more, and with great feeling I take off my hat to you...if I could look like you do at your age I would be well contented...."   Typed letter, 1s.    
12:4 Typed transcripts of Jean Rhys-Selma Vaz Dias correspondence.    
  Handwritten and signed note in Selma Vaz Dias’ hand reads: “I also have in my possession some letters from Jean Rhys’ daughter Mrs. Moerman in case these might be of interest[;] also from her brother in law [sic] Frederick Hamer.”    
  Vaz Dias with others    
12:5 Army Pension Office to Selma Vaz Dias. 1956.    
  Associated Television Limited. (Renee Goddard). to Selma Vaz Dias.  1965.    
  Bakewell, Mr.  1964.    
  Book Page, The.   1967.    
  Bray, Barbara.  1966.    
  British Broadcasting Corporation to and from Selma Vaz Dias. 1950-1970.  Correspondents include Richard Imison, Robin Wade, Christopher Morahan, Dorothy Baker, Hugh Stewart, Sasha Mooresom, Reyner Heppenstall, Terence Tilles, Peter Watts, P.H. Newby, Virginia Browne-Wilkinson, and Jane Graham.    
  British Consul from H.W. Egli.  1949.    
  Bryan.  1966.    
  Christy & Moore, Ltd. to and from Selma Vaz Dias. 1963-1966.    
  Clive to Selma Vaz Dias.  No date.    
  Cyclops Film Productions Ltd. to and from Selma Vaz Dias. 1962-1963.    
12:6 Denton Hall & Burgin (Solicitors) to and from Selma Vaz Dias. 1967-1968.    
  Deutsch Ltd., Andre. (See: Series 2: Correspondence: Deutsch Ltd., Andre: Vaz Dias, Selma)    
  Etta to Selma Vaz Dias. 1956.    
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12:7 Hamer, Frederick to Selma Vaz Dias. 1959-1963. Includes typed draft account of his visit with Jean Rhys, 1963, 2p.    
  Hamilton Ltd., Hamish to Selma Vaz Dias. 1949.    
  Hammersley, Violet to Selma Vaz Dias. 1957.    
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  Sophie. 1957.    
  Sunday Telegraph  from Selma Vaz Dias. 1974.    
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  Wilcox, W. to Selma Vaz Dias.  Incomplete date.    
  Wolfgang Kruger Verlag (Cilly Lutter) to Selma Vaz Dias. 1959.    
  Wyndham, Francis to and from Selma Vaz Dias. 1967-1968.  Includes Selma Vaz Dias’s chronology.    
  ZOZ [?] to Selma Vaz Dias.  Handwritten and signed postcard.    
  Typed draft brief biographical data and chronology for Selma Vaz Dias, 1p.    
12:9 Verhagen, [Miss].  1970.    
  Vijayatunga, J.  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  1964.    
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  West, Rebecca  Wyndham to Jean Rhys.  1932. (See also: Series 2: Correspondence: Mortimer, Raymond)    
  Wolfe, Peter.  1974.  Photocopy.