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V.S. Naipaul archive

Series 4: Memoribilia

Collection   1993-003

  Not currently inventoried  
(Cassettes unless otherwise indicated)
1. 1975-6. INDIA: A WOUNDED CIVILIZATION, Chapter 1, draft.  
2. [1977?]. Undated Sony Demonstration Cassette labeled "Trial readings". Side A has pre-recorded music per label ("La Bamba," "Greensleeves," etc.). Side B has a brief passage with VSN talking about a trip by plane from New York (a mention of Ved Mehta's book on Gandhi [MAHATMA GANDHI AND HIS APOSTLES?] suggests a date of 1977); a conversation (VSN and two women, one a saleswoman, the other PAN?) about characteristics of recorder which is being used; a brief period of recording as VSN and a woman move around a room (the recorder on but forgotten?); and blank tape to the end.  
3. 1977. Caracas diary, April 24, April 25, and May 3, 1977. VSN says this was an experiment in recording notes and that material recorded was not used elsewhere.  
4-6. 1978. BBC Television Book Programme: interviewer Francis Wyndham with Gordon Walfort and Henry Swanzy. Filmed December 20-22, 1978. These three cassettes contain the sound takes, most widely separated by blank tape.   
7. 1979. Trial reading James lecture, 23 April 1979.  
8-9. ----. New York Institute for the Humanities, The James Lecture, 24 April 1979, VSN reading from A BEND IN THE RIVER and other works.  
10. 1980. International Poetry Forum, Pittsburg, PA, 12 March 1980.  
11. ----. "Profile", broadcast on Radio 4, 11 May 1980.  
12. ----."Desert Island Discs". A radio program on which VSN as the guest chooses eight musical selections which are presented interspersed with an interview. Internal references to VSN's having been in Indonesia "last year" and to his being 48, date this program to 1980.  
13. 1981. "Negro rev.; Qom; Diplomacy (from BEND); Salt Hills".  
14. ----. MIT Writing Program, 9 November 1981 (reel-to-reel recording, not cassette).  
15-16. 1982. Prologue. 30 September 1982.  
17. 1983. Radio France recording, "Un Livre des Voix", November 1983.  
18. 1985. Tribute to Sewan/Spectator meeting for Shiva [Naipaul], 4 December 1985. Tape ends abruptly.  
19-28. ----. March 1985, "Jack's House", 2 cassettes; March 1985, "Jack's Garden", 3 cassettes; May-June 1985, "Enigma", 3 cassettes; October 1985, "Ivy", 2 cassettes.  All ten cassettes apparently contain VSN dictation.  
29. 1986. San Francisco readings trial, 1-2 March 1986.  
30. 1987. Radio 3 reading for BBC, 28 February 1987.  
31. 1990. Kaleidoscope 21, September 1990; John Keay in conversation with VSN.  
32. 1991. New York 92nd Street Y Poetry Center, 27 January 1991.  
33. ----. 5 February 1991. VSN reading from INDIA: A MILLION MUTINIES NOW at the City Arts & Lectures Series to benefit the Women's Foundation, [New York City]. The series title was "Writing and Politics".  First 100 feet of tape contain Robert Haas introducing VSN.  
34-35. 1992. Trinidad lecture "Literary Forms", February 1992.  
36. ----. Rudolf von Bitter interview with VSN, 3 July 1992.  
37. [unlabeled Philips tape: contains "easy listening" popular songs on both sides, no VSN].  
(VHS cassettes recorded in PAL format; they have not been transferred to NTSC format and are not viewable on McFarlin Library machines)
1. 1982. VSN in Holland, VPRO-TV, 18-4-82.  
2. 1987. South Bank Show 80337, 2-3-87.  
3. 1991. Dutch television, January 1991.  
4. ----. CARACTERES. 28/06/91. VSN, "L'Enigma de l'arrivee". Cover note from Aiken & Stone  
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