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V.S. Naipaul archive


Collection   1993-003

1932 Born in Chaguanas, Trinidad, August 17.  
1948 Wins Trinidad government scholarship to study abroad.  
1950 Leaves Trinidad to study literature at University College, Oxford.  
1953 Seepersad Naipaul, VSN's father, dies. Awarded Oxford degree in English.  
1955 Marries Patricia Ann Hale, 10 January, Willesden. Works part-time work for BBC Caribbean Service.  
1956 Makes his first return visit to Trinidad to visit his family (August-October).  
1957 Publishes The Mystic Masseur (London: André Deutsch, May; New York: Vanguard Press, 1959); for 10 weeks VSN took a job writing publicity for the Cement and Concrete Association.  
1958  Publishes The Suffrage of Elvira (London: André Deutsch, April). Awarded the John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize for The Mystic Masseur.  
1959 Publishes Miguel Street (London: André Deutsch; New York: Vanguard).  
1960 Returns to Trinidad (September) on a scholarship granted by the government of Trinidad & Tobago; researches (travel from end of December 1960 through April 1961) and begins writing The Middle Passage (through June 1962).  
1961 Publishes A House for Mr Biswas (London: André Deutsch; New York: McGraw-Hill). Receives the Somerset Maugham Award for Miguel Street.  
1962 Publishes The Middle Passage (London: André Deutsch; New York: Macmillan). Begins in February a year-long tour (via Greece and Egypt) of India during which he gathers material for An Area of Darkness. During Spring-Summer, in Kashmir, writes Mr. Stone and the Knight's Companion.  
1963 Back in England February 1963. Publishes Mr. Stone and the Knight's Companion (London: André Deutsch; New York: Macmillan). From 1963-1965, moves around a great deal, many addresses, a stay in a hotel. Buys London house in the Stockwell district in early 1965.  
1964 Publishes An Area of Darkness (London: André Deutsch). Receives the Hawthornden Prize for Mr. Stone and the Knight's Companion.  
1965 Travels in East Africa from December 1965 through September 1966.  
1966 Judge of the Duff Cooper Prize. University of Kampala, Uganda.  
1967 Publishes The Mimic Men (London: André Deutsch; New York: Macmillan) and A Flag on The Island (London: André Deutsch; New York: Macmillan).  
1968 Receives the W.H. Smith Prize for The Mimic Men. Researches The Loss of El Dorado, mostly in London, from December 1966 through September 1968. Spends two weeks in home of Edna O'Brien finishing The Loss of El Dorado. Sells Stockwell house in September 1968. Travels in the Caribbean, Central America, and the United States until September 1969.  
1969 Publishes The Loss of El Dorado (London: André Deutsch).  
1970 Returns to England after his travels in the Caribbean, the United States, and Victoria, British Columbia. Moves to a cottage in Wiltshire. The 23, Armscroft Place, Gloucester address which appears on 1970 correspondence is that of an aunt of PAN where VSN wrote In a Free State.  
1971 Publishes In a Free State (London: André Deutsch; New York: Knopf). Early in year, travels to India and Mauritius for about ten weeks. Awarded Booker Prize. From November 1971-April 1972 visits Trinidad.  
1972 During 1972-1974, works with many themes and ideas in addition to several journalism projects. Guerillas requires several false starts. Notebooks are consequently confusing and contain material only worked out in detail years later.  
  Travels April-June to Argentina, returns to Trinidad in July to write, visits New Zealand during July-August (lecture tour for International Book Year), and returns to England by way of Argentina. Publishes The Overcrowded Barracoon (London: André Deutsch; New York: Knopf, 1973).  
  Publishes "The Corpse at the Iron Gate" (headlined "The Return of Eva Peron"), August 10 New York Review of Books.  
  Publishes "Borges", October 19 New York Review of Books.  
1973 In early 1973 returns to Trinidad to report Michael X Black Power Killings in Trinidad, Sunday Times Magazine (March-July). Later in the year goes to Uruguay for The Observer and New York Review of Books. From November 1973 to April 1974, writes early drafts of Guerillas.  
1974 Publishes "A Country Dying on Its Feet" [report on Uruguay], April 4 New York Review of Books;  
  "Argentina: the Brothels Behind the Graveyard", September 19 New York Review of Books;  
  "Conrad's Darkness", October 17 New York Review of Books; responds to letter November 28 New York Review of Books. The Argentina and Conrad articles are written between drafts and revisions of Guerillas.    
1975 Publishes Guerillas (London: André Deutsch; New York: Knopf). Textually the most complex of VSN's writings. Early in the year, travels to the Congo. Writes the foreword to Seepersad Naipaul's stories. Travels to India during August-November.  
1976 Writes India: A Wounded Civilization.  
1977 Publishes India: A Wounded Civilization (London: André Deutsch; New York: Knopf). In February, visits Argentina for the New York Review of Books. Also visits Venezuela and Trinidad. A Bend in the River is begun late in the year and completed before taking up a post at Wesleyan College for the 1978-1979 academic year.  
1978-79 Distinguished Writer in Residence at Wesleyan College, Connecticut.  
1979 Publishes A Bend in the River (London: André Deutsch; New York: Knopf). Travels from August 1979 to February 1980 in Iran and other Muslim countries to research Among the Believers.  
1980 Publishes The Return of Eva Peron, with the Killings in Trinidad (London: André Deutsch; New York: Knopf), a compilation of articles from 1972-1974.  
  Receives Bennett Award (Hudson Review).  
1981 Publishes Among the Believers: An Islamic Journey (London: André Deutsch; New York: Knopf).  
  New editions of The Middle Passage (New York: Vintage) and India: A Wounded Civilization (New York: Vintage).  
1983 Receives Jerusalem Prize. New editions of Three Novels (Mystic Masseur, The Suffrage of Elvira, Miguel Street); A House for Mr Biswas; The Loss of El Dorado.  
1984 Publishes Finding the Center: Two Narratives (London: André Deutsch; New York: Knopf). Attends the Republican Convention in Dallas; his report appears in New York Review of Books 25 October.  
1986 Awarded Ingersoll Prize.  
1987 Publishes The Enigma of Arrival (London: André Deutsch; New York: Knopf). Tours the southern United States to study its culture.  
1988 Writes A Turn in the South, a commentary based upon his tour of the South.  
1989 Publishes A Turn in the South (London: André Deutsch; New York: Knopf).  
1990 Awarded Trinity Cross, Trinidad & Tobago's highest honor.  
1991 Publishes India: A Million Mutinies Now (London: André Deutsch; New York: Viking).  
  Returns to Argentina from January to June for the New York Review of Books.  
1993 Receives first David Cohen Prize for life-time achievement; archive acquired by the University of Tulsa.  
1994 Publishes A Way in the World: A Sequence (London: Heinemann; New York: Knopf).  
1996 Patricia Naipaul dies on 3 February; marries Nadira Alvi, 18 April.  
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