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R. A. Lafferty papers

Series 3: Personal papers

Collection 1979-002-3

Biographic information
1:1 Lafferty Coat of Arms.  
  Certified copy of R. A. Lafferty’s birth certificate.  (b. 7 Nov 1914).  
  Certificate of Baptism.  3 Jun 1927.  
  Christ the King Grammar School.  Diploma.  1928.  (Located in Oversize document box)  
  Cascia Hall Preparatory School (Tulsa).   
  Cover letter for final report card, 11 Jun 1929.  
  Diploma.  1932.  (Located in Oversize document box)  
  Tulsa Central High School.  Progress report card, n.d.  
  United States Passports.  1978-1983; 1983-1993.  
  Calling card.  
  “Famous Oklahomans.”  photocopy of a list on which Lafferty’s name is included, excised from The Daily Oklahoma, 9 Nov 1990.  
  “He Saw Another Mountain.”  photocopy of an article by Laurence M. Janifer.  
  “The Mind of R. A. Lafferty.”  photocopy fragment of a newspaper article.  n.d.  
  “Profile of a Neighbor.”  photocopy of an article by Beth Clary.  
  “Recognizing Tulsa’s ‘invisible man’.”  Article excised from The Tulsa Tribune, 30 Nov 1984.  
   “Sci-Fi Writer is Really ‘Creator.’”  Article appearing in the Tulsa World.  5 Jun 1977  
  “Tulsa’s Invisible Author.”  Article appearing in OK Magazine (Tulsa World Sunday Magazine).  7 Jan 1979.  (See online catalogue for complete record and location)  
  See also Series 1 :  Correspondence:  Bowling Green State University (Popular Culture Library); Katoh, Hirokazu; Roland, Shannon M.; Sanders, Joe; Swain, Joye R.; Series 2
:  Writings:  “R. A. Lafferty:  An Interview.”8221;
  “Sci-fi author R. A. Lafferty rites set.”  Obituary, photocopied and laminated on verso a card bearing the “Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.”  
Military records
1:2 National Service Life Insurance certificates.  1942, 1943.  
  U. S. S. Seapike in the Ancient Order of the Deep, in the Domain of Neptunus Rex.  Certificate of membership and 2 membership cards.  1943.  
1:3 5-year diary, the only contents being AMs notes in reference to the Island of Ulithi, 6 Aug 1945.  10p.  
1:4 Map fragment featuring Mindinao and the Talaud Islands in the Pacific Ocean.  
  U. S. Army (Coast Artillery Reserve) Honorable Discharge papers and related memorandums.  24 Jan 1946.  
  Separation Qualification Record (Searchlight Electrician).  
  Enlisted Reserve Corps.  Memorandums, identification card; Honorable Discharge papers (23 Jan 1949).  
  U. S. Army Sergeant’s stripes.  2 sets.  
  Enlisted Reserve Corps identification card.  24 Jan 1946.  
  Anna Mary Lafferty (sister)  
1:5 “Resolution for Anna Lafferty.”  Oversized hand-illustrated certificate, signed by her colleagues from the Comptroller Department, Warren Petroleum Company, on the occasion of her retirement.  24 Jan 1977.  
  Obituary and funeral card.  26 Sept 1996.  
  Hugh David Lafferty (father)  
1:6  Funeral card.  4 May 1950.  
  Delahunt family Bible.  Old and New Testament.  New York:  Edward Dunigan & Brother, 1850.  “Julia Delahunt” appears on flyleaf.  AMs genealogical entries between pages 752-755.   
1:7 RAL pictured as a young altar boy. Photographic print  
  RAL as an adult, pictured wading in a body of water. Photographic print  
  RAL as an elderly man. Photographic print
4 views, 5 Photos
  RAL.  Special effects Tulsa World photo taken at his home. Photographic print  
  Studio portrait of Hugh Lafferty (father) and Julia Lafferty (mother) as newlyweds(?). Photographic print  
  Studio portrait of Julia Lafferty in middle age.  Des Moines, IA. Photographic print  
  Julia Lafferty pictured in a hat. Photographic print  
  Julia Lafferty as an elderly woman seated beneath a tree in Stillwater, Oklahoma, under which numerous relatives 50 years before had had their photo taken. Photographic print  
  Studio portrait of Julia Lafferty as an elderly woman. Photographic print  
  Anna Lafferty (sister) as a young girl. Photographic print  
  Francis and Joe Lafferty (brothers) as infants on verso of a postcard addressed to Sister Mary Xavier, Iowa. Postcard  
  Group photo of Julia Lafferty and the four children.  Neola, Iowa. Photographic print  
  Group photo of Hugh Lafferty and the four children.  Neola, Iowa. Photographic print  
  Group photo of Julia Lafferty and the four children.  Colorado, Aug 1922. Photographic print  
  Studio portrait of the four Lafferty children. Photographic print  
1:8 Group photo of surviving members of the 229th and their families attending annual reunion at the Fontana Village Resort in NC. Photographic print
2 views, 2 Photos
  Phillip Flanagan and fellow Boy Scouts. Photographic print  
  Billy Dumm, Mary Langston, Julia Lafferty, Bess Burke, Katy Burke, E.J. Burke pictured at a backyard picnic, summer 1951. Photographic print  
  New Guinea.  Snap shots of featuring fellow soldiers at camp, in jeeps, trucks, in artillery fields, etc. Photographic print
13 photos
  Central Park, NYC. Photographic print
3 Views, 3 Photos
1:9 Press cuttings of Ernie Pyle’s syndicated column, “The Roving Reporter” in a USO scrapbook.  
  Press cuttings of syndicated united feature “Up Front with Mauldin” in a USO scrapbook.  
1:10 Personalized stationery, unused.  4 sheets.  
  Calligraphic illustration of the initials RAL.  
  “First Confession for Children.”  Leaflet.  
  Mad Comics character featured in a photo-reproduction of an unidentified illustration.  
  Photo-reproduction of an illustration featuring goats and ducks, and a helicopter flying upside down.  
  Ready Reference Map of Washington D.C.  Revised version, 1934.  
  Science Fiction and Fantasy Engagement calendar for 1987 with minimal notes and entries.  
  9 handmade wooden bookends embellished with photos and illustrations clipped from magazines and other sources.  (Located on shelf)  
  Plastic costume 1/2 mask with black horn rim glasses and curly red hair.  (Located in Oversize document box)  
Oversize document box
  Plastic costume 1/2 mask with black horn rim glasses and curly red hair.  
  Christ the King Grammar School.  Diploma.  1928.  
  Cascia Hall Preparatory School (Tulsa).  Diploma.  1932.  
  Christmas greetings in Japanese to Lafferty from Lue, Kuie and Robert Clifford(?).  nd.  

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