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The Richard R. Centing collection of Anna Kavan

Collection 1992-008


Dates:  1943-1991.

Extent:  (1 box).

Level of Description:  Item level.

Name of creator(s):  Richard R. Centing.

Date of creation:  Undetermined.

Scope and Content:   Handwritten and typed letters and postcards from various individuals who knew Kavan (including 5 handwritten letters from Rhys Davies and a typed letter from Raymond B. Marriott); photocopied or excised short stories, articles about Kavan, and bibliographic information, all from various sources; and reprints of photographs of Kavan and two of Kavan's paintings.

Administrative/Biographical History:  This material was accumulated by Richard R. Centing (Ohio State University) while researching a proposed biography of Kavan.

Access and Copyright:

Language and Scripts:  English.

Finding aid/Inventory:  Finding aid is available online.

Provenance/Source of Acquisition:   Purchased from Richard R. Centing, Jan 1992.

Date(s) of description:   Milissa Burkart,  Mar 1992.

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Correspondence to Richard R. Centing
Callard, David
1:1 Typed and signed letter.  12 Apr 1991, 1s.
Typed and signed letter.  18 May 1991, 2s.
Typed and signed letter.  20 May 1991, 1s.
Typed and signed letter.  30 Jul 1991, 1s.
Davies, Rhys
1:2 Handwritten and signed letter.  4 Nov 1970, 2s.
Handwritten and signed letter.  10 Sept 1971, 1s.
Handwritten and signed letter.  14 Jan 1972, 1s.
Handwritten and signed letter.   8 Mar 1972, 1s.
Handwritten and signed card.   11 Dec 1972.
Handwritten and signed letter.  23 Feb 1974, 1s.
Hahn, Emily
1:3 Typed and signed letter.  5 Aug 1971, 1s.
Typed and signed letter.  15 Aug 1971, 1s.
Kesend Publishing Ltd, Michael
  Typed and signed letter.  Apr 1980, 1s.
Typed and signed letter.  Undated, 1s.
Knox-Peebles, Rose
  Typed and signed letter.   16 Aug 1971, 1s.
Handwritten and signed postcard.  1 Dec 1971.
Typed and signed letter.  circa 1971, 2s.
Marriott, Raymond B.
  Typed and signed letter.   Oct 1971.    
Owen Ltd, Peter
1:4 (Sheila Elliott (Publicity))  Typed and signed letter.  22 Apr 1970, 1s.
Typed and signed letter.   10 Aug 1970, 1s.
Toeg, Lorraine and Edmund
  Handwritten and signed letter.  16 Aug 1971, 7s.
Handwritten and signed postcard.10 Sept 1971.
Handwritten and signed letter.  13 Sept 1971, 1s.
Handwritten and signed letter.  15 Sept 1971, 2s plus order form for issues of Under the Sign of Pisces
Handwritten and signed letter.  1 Dec 1971, 1s.
Caricature of Anna Kavan signed by Edmund Toeg.  1971.
Appearances of Anna Kavan's work excised and photocopied from various sources
1:5 "Edge of Panic."   Vogue, Oct 1, 1971.    
  "Face of My People."  Wave Me Goodbye.  Anne Boston, ed.   Virago, 1988.    
  "Five More Days to Countdown."  Encounter, July 1968.    
  "New Zealand: Answer to an Inquiry."  Horizon, Sept 1943.    
  Curious Relations.   William D'Arfey.  Photocopy of book review appearing in "Selected Notices,"  Horizon, Jan 1946.    
  Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.  James Agee and Walker Evans. (See A Haunted House  by  Virginia Woolf)    
  The Little Locksmith.  Katherine Butler Hathaway.  (See A Haunted House  by  Virginia Woolf)    
  Sailor's Song.  James Hanley.  (See A Haunted House  by  Virginia Woolf)    
  Lunatic Broth.  H.A. Manhood. (See A Haunted House  by  Virginia Woolf)    
  Novels of Mystery from the Victorian Age.  Chosen by Maurice Richardson. (See Curious Relations.  William D'Arfey)    
  Fireman Flower.   William Sansom. (See A Haunted House  by  Virginia Woolf)    
  A Haunted House.  Virginia Woolf.  Photocopy of book review appearing in "Selected Notices," Horizon, Apr 1944.    
Other material
1:6 Anais Nin's introduction to Ice.   Photocopied typescript sent to Richard Centing by Peter Owen with a note to refer to Novel of the Future, p171, 1p.    
1:7 Bibliographic information photocopied or excised from various sources.    
1:8 Press cuttings of reviews of Anna Kavan's works, photocopies or excised from various sources.  Photocopies of excised articles about Anna Kavan from various sources.    
1:9 "Anna Kavan."  Rhys Davies for Books and Bookmen, Mar 1971.

"Publishing Anna Kavan."  Peter Owen for Anais, Vol. 3, 1985.

"Among the Lost Things."  Clive Jordan for Daily Telegraph, Feb 25, 1972.

[untitled].  Dom Moraes for Nova, Sept 1967.

Under the Sign of Pisces.   Summer 1970, Vol. 3.
1:10 2 photocopied obituary notices of Kavan.    
1:11 Reprints of 2 of Anna Kavan's self-portraits.

Helen Woods with unknown young woman.  1 photo-reproduction, 1 photo-neg.

Anna Kavan with her mother in South Africa after WWII; 1 photo-reproduction, 1 photo-neg.

Mrs. Stuart (Helen) Edmonds at her home in Bledlow, pictured with a bulldog; 1 photo-reproduction, 1 photo-neg.
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