The Anna Kavan Papers

Series 5: Personal papers


1:1 19th century document recording the family history of Kavan's father, Claude Charles Edward Woods.    
1:2 Photostat copy of Kavan's will. 13 Apr 1964.    
1:3 Carbon copy typed manuscript draft deposition given by Kavan with regard to a motor accident, with handwritten manuscript revisions, 3p.    
1:4 Address book with business cards tipped in.    
1:5  2 passports.    
1:6 Vellum illuminated book cover.    
1:7 Wertheim Gallery exhibition invitation to the exhibit of landscapes in oil by Helen Ferguson.    
  News cutting of article from the Daily Sketch, 15 Aug 1967, about Kavan and the design of her flat.    
  Handwritten note (not Kavan's or Rhys Davies's hand) found among Kavan's poems:
Probably miss her more than anyone else. We did more for her than anyone else--had more to do with her than anyone--relied upon than upon any other....
  Miscellaneous handwritten notes by Kavan found among the manuscript material.    
  Press cuttings, significance unknown.    
1:8 1 copy of Partisan Review, January-February 1947, "Writers and Madness" by William Barrett.    
  1 copy of Neurotica, Vol. 1, No. 2, found within the collection material.    
  Tempest, ed. by John Leatham and Nevill Braybrooke, Oct 1943, for Kavan's short story "All Saints," excised from this copy.