The Anna Kavan Papers

Series 3: Photographs


[Bright Family]
1:1 Family and friends at table; [Kavan relative at far left?]. Les Delices. circa 1903. 3 photos.    
  Lucy Woods (Anna Kavan's great aunt) at Les Delices. circa 1903. 2 photos.    
  Views of family home at Les Delices. 3 photos.    
Woods Family
1:2 Matthew Charles Woods, Anna Kavan's grandfather. 2 photos.    
  Matthew Charles Woods and Annie Sybella Woods, Anna Kavan's grandmother, [on holiday in the Lake District]. circa 1880.  1 photo.    
  Claude Charles Edward Woods, Anna Kavan's father, and Lucy Woods pictured as children with another unidentified child.  circa 1867.  1 photo.     
  Matthew Charles Woods and Claude Charles Edward Woods. circa 1875. 1 photo.    
  Claude Charles Edward Woods as an adult. 2 photos.    
  Lucy Woods. 4 photos, 1 portrait; pictured with 2 unidentified women. 1 photo.    
  Pictured on path to a cottage with Anna Kavan and friend in background, and in a garden. 2 photos.    
  (See also Series 3:  Photographs:  [Bright Family] photos; Helen Emily Woods photos.)    
  Woods family cemetery plot. 2 photos.    
Helen Emily Woods (Anna Kavan as a child)
1:3 Portrait as a young girl. 1 photo.    
  Helen Emily Woods pictured as a toddler with her mother.  circa 1905. 1 photo.    
  Similar view pictured with an unidentified man [her father?].  circa 1905.  1 photo.    
  Pictured as a pre-adolescent. 1 photo.    
  Pictured with her father and others at Brighton.  circa July 1913. 1 photo.    
  Pictured with a friend. Brighton, circa July 1913. Postcard.    
  Pictured with her mother and Aunt Lucy.  Summer, circa 1914. 1 photo.    
  Related photo, Auny Lucy only. Summer, circa 1914. 1 photo.    
  Pictured with her mother. Winter, circa 1915.    
  Views of a country home with an orange grove and stabled horses.  Helen Emily Woods pictured with family members in 1 view. 5 photos.    
Mrs. Donald (Helen) Ferguson
1:4 Pictured with 3 Burmese children. 1 photo.    
  Pictured by a rock wall with Pekingese dog. 1 photo.    
  Pictured seated on steps with a dog. 1 photo.    
  Donald Ferguson as "The Great White Hunter" with dead tiger. 1 photo.    
  Interior view of the sitting room at "The Chestnuts, "  Burma. 1 photo.    
Mrs. Stuart (Helen) Edmonds
1:5 Pictured in the doorway of an auto. 1 photo.    
  Pictured with her 3 white bull dogs. 1 photo. (See also Series 3: Photographs: Cambrian photo album)    
  With 1 white bull dog and its ball. 2 photos.    
  Pictured with Aunt Lucy and a bull dog. 1 photo.    
  Duo-colored bull dog. 2 photos.    
  Duo-colored bull dog with a stick. 4 photos.    
  Helen and Stuart Edmonds. circa 1938.  Postcard.    
  Helen and Stuart Edmonds [in Switzerland. circa 1938.] 2 photos.    
  Stuart Edmonds seated with 2 Pekingese dogs. 1 photo. (See also Series 3: Photographs: Cambrian photo album)    
Anna Kavan
1:6 Pictured sunbathing on a beach at Bali. 2 photos.    
  Interior photo of Anna Kavan with unidentified dog. 1 photo.    
  Pictured with "Poseke", the Pekingese dog. 2 photos.  (See also Series 3: Photographs: Cabrian photo album)    
  Pictured at Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. circa 1946-1947. 2 photos.    
  Interior view of room at Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.  circa 1946-1947. 3 photos.    
  Posing on a boat dock. Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. circa 1947. 3 photos.    
  Pictured with an unidentified man on [Queen Street, New Zealand].  circa 1950.    
  Pictured with unidentified friends at table in her home. 2 photos, 1 photo-negative.    
  Pictured on an unidentified beach as seen through a copse of trees. 1 photo.    
  Photo of Anna Kavan removed from an handwritten and signed letter from Anna Kavan to Theophila Bluth, undated; all tipped into a copy of Eagle's Nest. 1 photo.    
  Pictured in scarf and coat. Inscription on verso reads: "Just to show you I'm not so gloomy as you seem to think from reading my stories!" 2 photos.    
  Pictured with an unidentified woman. 1 photo.    
  Anna Kavan. 3 photos.    
  Anna Kavan.  Excised from a book dust jacket.    
  Portrait used for a book dust jacket.    
  Pictured in her garden at Hillsleigh Road. 8 photos    
  Pictured in her garden at Hillsleigh Road.  5 photos (color), 1 color transparency.    
  Pictured standing at her window. circa 1960s. 1 photo.    
  Anna Kavan's paintings. Self-portrait, circa 1963. 2 photos; "Evening." c March 1967. King's Court, Chelsea. 1 photo.    
Anna Kavan in South Africa
1:7 Pictured alone and with Mrs. Hugh (Helen) Tevis (Anna Kavan's mother) and an unidentified woman on the boat to South Africa. circa 1947-1950. 2 photos.    
  Hugh and Helen Tevis with an unidentified man [on the boat to South Africa]. 1 photo.    
  Hugh and Helen Tevis [related photo of Hugh Tevis with Captain of ship, and an unidentified woman.] 1 photo.    
  Hugh and Helen Tevis pictured together and with Anna Kavan, and German shepherd dogs. 2 photos.    
  Hugh Tevis. 1 photos.    
  Hugh and Helen Tevis with Zambese embarking on barges in the background.    
  Baboon alone, and baboon mother and infant in hotel gardens. 3 photos.    
  Anna Kavan with cats. 2 photos.    
  Anna Kavan.  Related photo of cat. 1 photo.    
  Anna Kavan and Helen Tevis with 3 German shepherd dogs.  Constantia, Capetown. circa 1947. 7 photos.    
  Related photo of an unidentified man with 3 German shepherd dogs. 2 photos.    
  Anna Kavan viewing lily pads in pool. 3 photos.    
  Anna Kavan viewing a potted fruited tree. 1 photo.    
  Hugh and Helen Tevis outside the High Commissioner's House. 2 photos.    
  Helen Tevis. 2 photos.    
  Anna Kavan and Helen Tevis. 1 photo.    
Publicity photos for Ice
1:8 View of the interior of Anna Kavan in her home. Copyright of The Ideal Home Magazine. 21 photos.    
Other home interiors
1:9 Peele Street home.  21 photos.    
2:1 Anna Kavan's writing desk. 1 photo.    
  Interior of one of her homes. 5 photos, 3 photo-negatives.    
Dr. Karl Theodore Bluth
2:2 Pictured alone. 8 photos.    
  Dr. Karl Theodore Bluth and Anna Kavan. circa 1944. 7 photos.    
  Dr. Karl Theodore Bluth visiting with Anna Kavan at her home at Hillsleigh Road.  circa 1961. 2 photos.    
  Dr. Karl Theodore Bluth.  3 photos.  Typed inscriptions on verso: #1) "Ectoplasmic;" #2) "A pity the bishop's car isn't more in the picture;" #3) "Royalty having deposited wreath on the     cenotaph and inspecting same."    
  Dr. Karl Theodore Bluth and his wife Theophila Bluth. circa 1950s. 1 photo.    
George Bullock
2:3 Inscription on verso reads: "January 1947. Before Switzerland." 1 photo.    
  Pictured on a beach. 1 photo.    
  George Bullock and Anna Kavan. 1 photo.    
  George Bullock and Anna Kavan.  circa 1950s.    
[Rhys Davies]
2:4 Photo excised from unknown printed source.    
  Pictured with Anna Kavan. 1 photo.    
Brian Ferguson (Anna Kavan's son)
2:5 [Pre-school age]. 2 photos.  One copy found in Anna Kavan's copy of Encounter (July 1968) which contained her short story, "Five Days to Countdown."    
  Pictured seated at the far left with an unidentified man, boy, and dog. circa 1930s. 1 photo.    
  As a pre-teen. 1 photo.    
  Pictured with his mother, 1 photo. Inscription on verso reads: "Formation by Dream/The basic=classic/dreams of/childhood/are/Atridae."    
  Portrait of Brian Ferguson in kilt and beret. 1 photo.    
Lion Feuchwanger
2:6 Postcard.    
Leonora Speakman
2:7 Pictured in Anna Kavan's garden.  3 photos.    
Mrs. Hugh (Helen) Tevis nee Bright (Anna Kavan's mother)
2:8 Pictured in a coat and hat. circa 1910. 1 photo.    
  Pictured in her boudoir. circa 1920. 1 photo.    
  Portrait. 1 photo.    
  Painted portrait by [Tretchekoff?]. 1 photo.    
  Pictured with an unidentified man. circa 1930s. 1 photo.    
  On holiday. circa 1930s. (See also Series 3: Photographs: Cambrian photo album)    
  Pictured with others at a manor house at Fernhill park, Windsor Forest. Postcard.    
  Pictured alone and with Hugh Tevis and/or unidentified man at their home at Berkshire. circa 1930-1940. 7 photos.    
  Gravesite of Mrs. Helen E. Tevis.  1 photo plus press cutting of memorial service notice.    
  Gerald. 1959. 1 photo.    
  Gerald.  Pictured with an unidentified couple. circa 1959. 1 photo.    
  3 persons on a beach with a dog. [Relatives of Anna Kavan?]. 1 photo.    
  Engraved portrait of a woman.    
  Man tying-up vines. 1 photo.    
  Young woman holding a Pekingese. From "Ferguson" period. 1 photo. (See also Series 3: Photographs: Cambrian photo album)    
  Newly wed couple. 1 photo.    
  Portrait of a bearded man. [Relative of Anna Kavan?]. Cannes, France. 1 photo.    
  Portrait of a middle-aged man. 1 photo.    
Burma photo album
2:10 Helen Ferguson in Burma. circa 1918-1920. Album includes photos of Donald Ferguson and their son, Brian, as an infant.    
Cambrian photo album
3:1 circa 1901-1936. Includes photos of Helen Emily Woods, Helen Ferguson with Brian, and Mrs. Stuart Edmonds.    
 Edmonds photo album
3:2 circa 1936-1938. Includes Helen Edmonds and her husband, Stuart, and their baby girl; travel pictures of southern France.    
Bali/New Zealand photo album
3:3 Travel pictures.  circa 1939-1942.    
3:4 Manor House. [In reference to the Woods family?] 2 photos.    
  Holleyn Hall. Postcard and photo.    
  The Spread Eagle [Hotel?]. Postcard.    
  Brent Knoll (from a distance); Brent Knoll Village. 2 postcards.    
  Cumberland Terrace. photo excised from an unknown printed source.    
  Red Lion and Bledlow Cross.  Postcard.    
  Round House.  Postcard.    
  Port Lympne: Long Borders; The Gardens. 2 postcards.    
  Cat in the garden. 1 photo.    
  4 photo-negative strips of some of the photos in Series 3: Photographs, found in an envelope with an handwritten note by Rhys Davies.