The Anna Kavan Papers

Series 2: Correspondence: Raymond Marriott (undated)


Please note: each piece of correspondence was numbered by Bertram Rota, Ltd., possibly in the order in which they found it, before the material was sent to Tulsa. This assigned number appears as the last element of each entry. Since some letters have been more recently dated (or approximately dated), the order here--as nearly chronological as possible--no longer strictly follows the numerical order.
The following consists of handwritten notes, some signed and some not signed, unless otherwise noted.  All are from Anna Kavan to Raymond Marriott unless otherwise noted.
2:15 "Are you free tomorrow night and would you lie to come at about 8 for a meal? I hope you can...."   1    
  "You must have forgotten about the gas bill, as I happen to remember quite clearly bringing it in soon after you'd come back and saying it was the last one you'd ever have...." 2.    
  "Here's your electricity bill--you can't complain about that! It's less than half mine--why I wonder, when I don't use it for cooking?...."  3    
  "Your [---] writing is rather hard to read--I don't think they put [---] in the middle of a word, only at the end...."  4    
  "KT asked me to thank you very much indeed for the rose-- he thought it was quite touching. So did I...."  5    
  "Thanks for note, sorry I don't control my feelings sufficiently. After 10 [---] be a real 100% deadpan Britisher...."  6    
  "Thanks for note--I'm just rushing to the hospital--may I see you late today? Glad you thought last night O.K." 7    
  "Would you be so kind as to substitute those 2 [pages] for [these pages] of "A Dubious Situation"? They will be [clearer] for him...."  8    
  "Wouldn't you like to come and have a drink tonight about 7 if you're not doing anything? I have a new elegant plant...."  9    
  "I don't want to burst in and disturb you when you perhaps want to sleep, so will you ring me up when you'd like to see me, or if you want anything?...."  10    
  "Thank you so much for letting me sit here. Actually, I hadn't much chance. May I come again tomorrow?...."  11    
  "Would you like to come up and have a meal with me tonight or tomorrow?"  12    
  "Thank you so much for last night and for your letter. I'm terribly sorry I forgot the date, therefore, it looks as if I had no special feeling for the one person who appears to have some understanding of me and my position in life...."  13    
  "I didn't read your note until this evening (Sunday) because [I'm] having a high temperature and feeling so ill...."  14    
  "Thank you so much. Could you come tonight? I was out till 1 so couldn't ask you before--hope not too late."  151    
  "Hope you are better today. I didn't phone in case of disturbing you. Will you ring me sometime? Surely you need some food by now...."  16    
  "Terribly sorry to have opened this again. Do forgive me. Thank you so much for giving me such a delicious meal on Wednesday...."  17    
  "So sorry I was not available yesterday. Here are the [-- -]. Things have been rather confused and exhausting all this week over the [---] projects, so forgive me if I've seemed preoccupied...."  18    
  "There are 5 plays in here I'd like to see but of couse I'm not suggesting that you should take me to all of them...."  19    
  "I think the clue to Ruth's personality was probably in the question, "Is it [dirty] here?" repeated several times after the husband had said, "It was clean [there]," and his reply, "I didn't say so?" also repeated, if I remember it."  20    
  "Thanks for your letter and cutting and [New Statesman]. Yes, come and get the flowers whenever you like. Tomorrow night's O.K....."  21    
  "Did you take off your receiver last night? Or have an endless talk? I went on trying to ring you till afer 1 but you were always engaged...."  22    
  "If you'd still like to come this evening it's O.K. with me."  23    
  "Thank you for your letter and the money. I'm so sorry I forgot about the Vermouth. I suppose you did too or you could have reminded me when I asked if I'd given you [--- ] for the taxi...."  24    
  "Thank you for the money. Of course I'm interested in what you have to tell me. Do I have to wait till tomorrow?...."  25    
  "Thanks for your letter and for saying nice things about the black dress. I don't [follow] about George. Sorry I didn't rememeber, but I'm not very good at anniversaries...."  26    
  "Thank you for your message. If there was a heaven it would have to have bulldogs in it--or it wouldn't be one..."  27    
  "The book won't go through your letter box. You can have it when you like. By the way it was not about Hamish Hamilton and Capote [wasn't] it?...."  28    
  "If you're finished with New Yorker and don't want to give it away, I'd quite like [note in the margins: "He's always bothering me to produce one--I don't like to give it to hime at all"] to give it to Gerald at lunch time tomorrow...."  29    
  "I'm always trying to remember that T switches off the telephone everytime she dusts it. I had to go out to lunch, but was back at 3.30...."  30    
  "Of course I found your letter in the box this morning-- many thanks for it. I suppose it is O.K. with [Calder] but I would prefer a contract to these rather vague [--- ]...."  31    
  "[Can] speak to [you] about such things I would be more than grateful if you could spare time to listen again soon...."  32    
  "Thank you for your card--and KTh asked me lst night to thank you for the one you wrote to him; he was so relieved to find that it was not the Grimalkin on the telephone....Typed and signed letter.  33    
  "I did enjoy the pheasant with you--and also eating the remains of it by myself--though I feel this was all wrong. In future I should be delighted to try and cook anything you suggest--but you must keep what's left...."  34    
  "I wonder if you could spare about 5 minutes sometime to help in the garden. Either before dark, to dig out the other plant that made me fall over backwards, or after dark get rid of leaves...."  35    
  "Thank you so much for letting me read this. I think it's very good. Hope you enjoy [M---]."  36    
  "Thanks so mucy. Perhaps we could arrange it so that only one of us has to go shopping--I'll always do your with pleasure."  37    
  "Thank you so much for stamps--here's 3/-. Wouldn't you prefer Saturday to Monday?j Doesn't matter to me. Don't bother to get me a present...."  38    
  "I hope you have better news of your mother. Could you let me know soon (because of shopping) if you're going to be here or not for weekend?...."  39    
  'If you get back early and are not too tired, would you like to go to the RHS show with me this afternoon?...."  40    
  "Many thanks for your offer of help. but I feel rather ill and think I'd better reserve my strength for tonight...."  41    
  "Here's the Express--don't bother to return it. I find it's going to be pretty impossible for me to stay here this coming week. For once I wish you were an ordinary tenant...."  42    
2:16 "Thank you so much for your letter. I hope you are enjoying this evening and that the dinner jacket is very spendid--it should be...."  43    
  "Thank you so much for Woman's [---], etc. May I keep it a bit longer? I wish I had a signed photo like that--it must be worth something...."  44    
  "Many thanks for this. Don't you feel something for me having to hear it all again? Who is in the state of subhuman degradation--Hitler or [Franz]?...."  45    
  "Thank youf ro your note and also for bringing me those papers to look at. KTh was interested in the German Production...."  46    
  "Thank you for the 1 [pound]. I didn't say anything about tonight because of all these changes. I thought you would probably put it off again...."  47    
  "I forgot to tell you how thrilled Clare is with the seats. She's taking her new American boyfriend and thinks it is kind of you to give me the undeserved pleasure of conferring it on her...."  48    
  "Could you possibly let me sleep in your room on Wednesday night? I'm so sorry but I'll have to go somewhere and there's nowhere else."  49    
  "Of course I didn't think anything like that. When I asked you to stay and talk to Rhys while I got the meal I was going to ask you to stay--but then you vanished...."  50    
  "Thanks so much for letting see Ouida's letter--what impressive writing! Shouldn't think she even suffered from inferiortiy feelings...."  51    
  "I tried to phone (but you were out) to say that if it's still O.K. I'd love the tickets for Tuesday to take Herman who wants to go and that is his only free evening...."  52    
  "Will it do if I let you know about Tuesday before 7 this evening? If you'll be going out before then let me know and I'll hurry up the process of finding out...."  53    
  "Those red fishnet curtains are almost impossible to take down alone. I wonder if you could spare the time and energy to help me...."  54    
  "Thank you for your letter. Clare really did enjoy the play--enough to ring up and say so which was not just politeness I think...."  55    
  "Thanks for Standard article which is amusing, though I can't recognize anything we talked about...."  56    
  "I'm sorry I was so stupid about the book this morning and disturbed you--Miss P said you left the oven on--not that it matters, but I thought I'd better tell you...."  57    
  "I haven't been in your flat yet. Hope to see you for a minute when I get back...."  58    
  "Yes, thank you, I would like to come on Friday, with the usual promise that there's not a dense fog or a blizzard...."  59    
  "Wednesday would be all right for me to come to you. But would you mind if KTh came after the meal? I see so little of him on the whole...."  60    
  "I'm sorry if you are distressed by your cousin [---]--for her I can only be glad and envious...."  61    
  "If you have a spare moment would you get rid of 2 [worms] for me as I believe you don't mind them?...."  62    
  "Don't want to disturb you by phoning, but if you'd like to come and sit in garden, please do. "  63    
  "If you're alone and would like to sit outside it seems a nice day."  64    
  "Please do tell me. Thank you. I wonder if you could give me the "etc" tomorrow, as I have to pay Theresa then."  65    
  "Someone said I couldn't and that it was a sign of general deterioration. Yes, I can still write legibly if I make the effort, don't you think?...."  Written on an envelope addressed to Marriott, 66    
  "Would this help the envelope shortage temporarily? No other colour available."  67    
  "I forgot to tell you that, at Theresa's request, I bought for your flat more [---], squeezy, floor polish, soap. I seems to me she uses a trmendous lot--do you think too much?...."  68    
  "If you are not too tired, will you come in for a minute to advise me about things? Accountant coming about 6."  69    
  "Sorry, KTh asked me to go round there at 8. See you soon...."  70    
  "Here's the Telegraph. I forgot last night that Hopkins made an appointment for me to see Campden St. house at 2.30. Perhaps we could struggle with the mosaic after?...."  71    
  "[---] I might this weekend see, so I don't suppose you'd come with me to ["L'A--- D---"] etc, which starts on Thursday? You know I have this thing about French writers and would like to see the Sagan play...."  72    
  "Sorry I didn't answer your note yesterday. The week has been rather a muddle as I went to the country for 2 days and also had some affair for the BBC...."  73    
  "Thank you for your letter. So glad you are more or less all right again. Would you like to come to me for a meal one of these Sunday evenings?...."  74    
  "Many thanks for letter, etc. I think Miss P deserves the money from you as she was nearly 2 hours there on Thursday...."  75    
  "I must make an effort to read Gerald's book--could you put it in my letter box?...."  76    
  "I expect you realized I only found your letter when I cam down just now, so hadn't read it when I spoke to you. Thank you so much for what you say about me and also for making the envelope look so nice...."  77    
  "Was expecting update call this morning--telephone didn't work. Inspector happened to come in reply to letter, so gave him hell about it...."  79    
  "Thank you very much indeed for your [fireout]. But don't you need it yourself? I don't think you have as many ashtrays as I have...."  80    
  "Pay no attention to my comment--they all will easily [rub] out and are only meant to show my interest..."  81    
  "Thank you. This is not a good day for my symptoms. I think I had better not come tonight...."  84    
  "I thought after all I'd better not send this to Rhys in case he lost it or something so I read it to him on the phone...."  82    
  "You know how bad my memory is. Please forgive me if I've imagined this, but I have a vague notion you said something about coming to see me tomorrow (Thursday)...."  83    
  "Thank you for your letter. I am sorry you were too depressed to come back and eat with me las night. As you didn't appear by 12 I assumed you weren't coming and went to bed...."   85    
  "Thank you, yes! Would be very glad if you'd get a book for me from the library. O.K. tomorrow...."  86    
  "Thanks awfully for getting book and for [New Statesman]. I hope you didn't want [parsley] before--why didn't you remind me?...."  87    
  "I forgot to tell you on Saturday that the [New Statesman] was ruined in the flood. I'm sorry. Here is 1/-."  88    
  "Your phone still out [today] so have just [---] onto ENG and they say they are dealing with it. When are your going out tonight?..."  89    
  "I think this is interesting. You may want it back. I am in such a state of disintegration because of newspaper [- --] all over the floor...."  90    
  "So sorry I didn't give you enough to pay for the bread. I was thinking you'd just get me a small loag which is I believe 10 1/2/-. I hope this is more or less right...."  91    
  "Thank you so much for your letter. What [---] you think [---] would be interested in watching?...."  92    
  "I would like to see you tomorrow. But wonder if it would be convenient for me to come to you? Just to get out of this horrible mess for a bit...."  93    
  "O.K., tomorrow. Rhys was here yesterday and as he only comes once a fornight now I'll send the [picture]...."  94    
  "Thank you for the cash, the [New Statesman], and the [item referred to has been sketched ]. I don't know what thing's [are] called...."  95    
  "Thank you for the money and your letter. I'm sorry I apparently missed a good play. You must [insist] another time if you think something's going to be interesting...."  96    
2:17 "I hope I didn't sound offensively over-emphatic last night. That story certainly seems to be (for me) emotionally overloaded, presume."    
  "Of course I don't want to compete with you over showing pictures--it's your club, after all. I just thought it funny we both had the same idea...."  Handwritten and signed letter.   2    
  "I don't think I want to come to the theatre tomorrow. I think I must now withdraw from life altogether, thus making it easier to disappear...."  168    
  "Thank you for the cutting. I'm glad you brought it [because] the paper I had turned out to be not Telegraph but Guardian (heavens know how that got here) [---] doesn't mention Aubrey C...."  Fragment.  170    
  "It's quite extraordinary to find that nobody is sufficiently interested to spend some time with me. It is even difficult to believe...."  172    
  "Thank you for your note and [grateful for GE]. I don't know the book but I'm sure the conversation [---]. Your [daffodil] seems to have the secret of eternal life...."  173    
  "I keep marking [Sunday Times] about Victor Musgrave and then forgetting to cut it out for Rose..."  176    
  "Thank you very much for your card and the bandages. I am returning [---]. I wished afterwards I had come to the show--had a very dismal evening alone. shall we meet today at all?"  Handwritten and signed postcard.  177    
  "I'm sorry I didn't acknowledge the poem (which is a compelte mystery [please] explain sometime) yesterday. I felt too ill to do anything..."  178    
  "[Lines written in German with translation in Kavan's hand; illegible.]"  179    
  "Thank youf ro your note. I'm so sorry I forgot to give you the money. Do I owe you any more? If you have time and would like to, do come in for a minute sometime."  180    
  "If any time today or another day if you have a few spare moments and feel like it, could you be so kind as to help me try to mend that bookshelf?...."  181    
  "I was just going to ring you, but I see its 12.20 so perhaps too late. Didn't you say you were coming to see me tonight? I thought you did...."  102    
  "Thank you for letter. I'm afraid the party must have been boring as you came back so early. Who was the woman who [---] KT? He'd be interested...."  183    
  "Sorry, I forgot this bit, which has several things of interest to KT and myself, so perhaps I didn't want to part with it subconsciously. See p6 Eliot...."  184    
  "Please don't worry about the chair--I only wrote about it more or less to please T who'd been talking about it--you know how whe uses the word "destroyed"...."  185    
  "Many thanks for your letter. Looking forward to talking about it tonight. Would you be so extremely kind as to get the bread for me again at Gawes?...."  186    
  "I quite forgot last night that when I put Rhys off I arranged with him to come Tuesday--forgetting about [Max- --] so as I'm not terribly anxious to see it, I think I'd better not put him off again...."  187    
  "Yes, do come Wednesday (tomorrow). I was hoping [---] not go (as R said he was in [---] with [Don] and [authorities]) and that you might think me [c---d]. You must tell me what it's like. BM turned up without warning determined to stay the night. What a woman."  188    
  "Thank you for your letter and the cash. I didn't quite understand what you wrote yesterday. But I'm quite sure nothing to my dvantage will happen this next or any other year...."  189    
  "Thank you very much for your letter and for taking an interest in my condition. Being unhealthy is damnable...."  190    
  "Thank you so much for letter and for confirming my memory of [Baal]--it wasn't too inaccurate, was it? What do you want for a present?...."  191    
  "Many thanks for letters and cash and particulary for tickets. I'm most grateful for them as they are such good payment for any unlikely act of kindness received from somebody else...."   192    
  "Thanks so much for letting me see the poem. I return it in case you have no copy. I think it's one of the best...."  193    
  "Thank you for your letter and for showing me the poem of which I return--as you know I'm terrified of losing them...."  194    
  "A thousand--no, why be stingy?--a million thanks for putting up the picture--I hope it didn't make you late...."  195    
  "Thanks so much for Vermouth--I will return it when I get a new bottle--that seems the best way. Don't think the play sounds much my line, do you?"  196    
  "Thank you for the money and for message yesterday. Shall I see you for a minute if you bring the gin? It is kind of you to get it...."  197    
  "Thanks awfully for the poem. "After scorpions have gone"? Where? Let me know if you go to the library tomorrow...."  198    
  "Thank you for the poem. Are you coming tonight? If so, I'll return it then and [others]. I wanted to enclose 10/- for bread and taxi but only have 1 [pound]--can you chante [it]?"  199    
  "Thanks so much for the chocolates. Sorry I forgot [them]."  200    
2:18 "Thank you. I like the last one very much. Please remind me to return it and your other poem tonight. I' so afraid they may get swallowed up in my ocean of [dreary] business papers...."  146    
  "May I collect the bread please before lunch as L is coming--she always eats a lot so I don't suppose there'll be much left for the evening when T is coming...."  147    
  "Many thanks for the money and note. I hope you will enjoy the play this evening. I am rather fond of Anthony Powell's [---]. But, I expect it will be much too long...."  148    
  "I forgot to put this [---] before--thanks so much for [-- -]. I think Sunday's all right but will let you know lager. Thank you for getting bread tomorrow."  149    
  "Thank you for letting me see this. I return it at once as it is your only copy and won't comment as I am too involved with LCC surveyor, etc, to concentrate on anything else. Terribly sorry about last night...."  150    
  "Here is Telegraph. Yes, do come tonight--KT is not coming. Can't write now. Leonora here."  151    
  "How ghastly about the phone--especially coming on when it was too late. I was awake myself most of the night trying to work out what to say to [Fred]...."  152    
  "I'm so sorry I couldn't get hold of an electrician because it's Sunday. Isn't there a spare little fire in garage?...."  153    
  "What a letter--I can't take it all in! Either 23rd of 27th would be O.K. for me--which ever is best for you. I must keep 24th free, and probably shan't know til fairly late what's going to happen...."  154    
  "[Sal---] has just runb up to say that you will have to vacate the room--so sorry. Do you think you can find somewhere at once?...."  155    
  "Thank you so much for the decorated peach--seems a pity to undo it. Have had it for lunch."  156    
  "Thanks for the cheque, etc. Of course its quite O. K. occasionally, but please not often, as it's just what I must avoid. I expect you are going to Gascoyne's party on Xmas night...."  157    
  "Thank you so much for having me last night--sorry I was so [dim], but I did warn you! Have taken the pictures to C. St. Gallery...."  158    
  "There's something I'd like to ask you if you have a moment to spare sometime soom. Nothing alarming."  159    
  "I was about to say, "Don't be so touchy," but on second thought decided I'd better not--so you see the bad effect of lost spontaneity ([---]) working already!...."  160    
  "Distracted by Miss P's moral dicourse, I forgot to ask if you found out anything about the money--I do hope so."  161    
  "The [Jablo] Plastics people are supposed to start tomorrow. As you won't be there I hope you won't mind if I let them into your flat at 9 a.m.?...."  162    
  "As it happened I didn't sit in your room today--no time. I think the worst of the noise and disturbance is over now--at least I hope so...."  163    
  "If you'd like to have something to eat with me tonight, do. I'm supposed to go to a party at 6 but shall be back by 8--if I go at all."  164    
  "A card from Miss P says she's got flu and won't be coming this week. Someone tried to ring me to say so yesterday but of course couldn't get through as my phone's still not working...."  165    
  "Thank you so much for letting me see the program-- returned herewith--and papers. Don't suppose you want The Observer now. I'm sorry I didn't produce it yesterday, but I was obliged to devote all my attention from 10 a.m. to midnight to: 1) Leonora, 2) having an abscess on a bone opened...."  166    
  "Here is 3 [pounds] from [Jimmy]--50/- for desk, 10/- for boots and sandles. I know it's awfully little, but I don't honestly think you'd get more anywhere...."  167    
  "Yes, I'd like to go to the Arts if you think it will be any good. Thank you for asking me. Do you mean tomorrow? Or next week? "Romeo and Juliet" I don't think is quite my line...."   168    
  "Thanks so much for your note. Yes, the [---] writer S at least produced some bits of [---], of course, the important ones that would keep water out ot the room...."  169    
  "Thank you so much for taking me to see the "real old fashioned, cast iron, coppper bottomed, zinc lined striker." How does an experience actress let herself in for such a senseless tedious exhibition?...."  170    
  "If you can spare a moment during today, would you be kind enough to witness my signature so that I cn send the thing off at 4.15?"  171    
  "Sorry I didn't answer your note. I've been feeling terrible last few days. But I expect I could stagger round with the [C---] if you aren't too tired this afternoon and it isn' pouring...."  172    
  "Thanks for your letter--but why apologize for not seeing me? I should hate it if I thought you felt obliged to se alot of me must because we happen to live in the same house...."  173    
  "If you're not too tired and have a few moments to spare when you get back, would you be awfully kind and help me to move the ---? [sic] benches? stands? Your roses are lasting marvellously."  174    
  "I meant to give you this one too. Don't feel I had much chance of talking to you last night--if you have a spare moment, perhaps you'd look in during the week. The hose should be hooked up if you can feel energetic enough to help me."  175    
  "Thanks for writing. I did enjoy the delicious lamb very much. Here at last is the Cedric thing. I must be allergic to electronic computers in any shape or form, as I can't understand a word of it!...."  176    
  "Thanks for your card--you have such a talent for saying nice things--I feel there should be money in it. I suppose you aren't free on Wednesday evening?..."  Handwritten and signed postcard.  177    
  "I'm so sorry I asked you to walk back with KTh when you were so tired--I didn't know then, of course, and he'd given the sleeping stuff. My ankle has gone wrong again and I have to go to St. [George's] for a new Xray today...."  178    
  "Do look in sometime to see your other picture. I don't ask you to sit in the [sun---] you always have visitors-- but if you'd like [---], please do come."  179    
  "Thank you for the poem. I won't loose it. Don't think I want to see the evidence [again]. But do come to eat tomorrow evening if you feel lik it."  180    
  "I tried to phone you at the office to say [---] have come--wonderful--but I've no idea how to fix them. Are you still free to do something with me tomorrow (Friday)?...."  181, with envelope on which ha handwritten note reads:  "I've located a book which my turn some light on interplanetary crisis if I can get around to fetching it."    
  "I am sorry this is taking so long--it won't be [---] J still says he'll finish this week. I'll try and get T to give me a hand with the crutains and do them in the bath tomorrow."  183    
  "Thanks so much for taking in Polyglaze--wish [---] would finish the job. Glad you are getting some fresh air. But I think you need French more...."  184    
  "Thanks very much--I'd love to come tomorrow night provided there's not a thick fog or a blizzard--can I be excused in those circumstances? It was the electricity account, not the gas! "  185    
  "If you are going to be here today, I should be so grateful if you could spare time to advise me how to answer that letter about the book...."  186    
  "Here's the bread--also, [---] which I can't face any longer. It's quite O.K. I know you aren't one for gardening, but if you could give me a hand at any time during the weekend, I would much appreciate it."  187    
  "Thank you very much for your letter. I'm trying to get the typing done, but had 2 houses to see today which took ages...."  188    
  "Sorry I forgot about this--it's all the change I've got. Thank you so much taking me. I do appreciate it very much more than I appear to, I'm sure. I'm most grateful to you for making it possible. Love."  189    
  "Thank you so much for your letter--there is a paper if you'd like it. I don't want it back. How was the paly last night? Didn't sound bad."  190    
  "I hear [A's] party is to be next Sunday. Does this mean I shan't be able to see you then? Perhaps you will let me know. I was going to say I hope I can see "Dr. Who" on Saturday, but now remember its off...."  191    
  "Thank you for the money--yes, do come in before you go to the pub this evening. What about "Dr. Who"?...."  192    
  "Thank you for the money [and the] New Statesman]. I'm sorry about the phone (it wasn't working therefore, R going up at 6). I was out [driving] about but back at 5.30...."  193    
  "Many thanks for cutting--I missed it in Telegraph. Do you think you will have time and energy enough sometime to help me get that big plant out?...."  194    
  " would not preclude this. (I have taken the liberty of [mutilating] the pages to show what I mean) what do you think? Both sound impressive read aloud-- have you thought of sending them to the BBC?...."  Fragment.  195    
  "Thank you so much for what I found in the letter box. I am so grateful for your [thought]."  196    
  "You were kind enought to ask if I'd like to see Swan Lake for the [---] time. Well, no, I really don't think so. I don't like that man--Mac something--I don't think he's any good as [Blair] ..."  197    
  "Thank you very much indeed for the transparency--I like them better than ordinary files because you can see what's inside. What was the new hotel like?..."  197    
  "Lane's surveyor's supposed to come this morning, thought it's now 11.30 and he hasn't turned up. I did try to change the day, but couldn't. I'll get him to do your part first, and hope he'll have finished by the time you get back...."  199    
  "Yes, do come tonight. Must rush now. Appointment. If parcel comes for me before I get back will you be so kind as to take it, please? Thank you."  200    
  "Thank you very much indeed for last night. Also, [New Statesman] returned herewith. Could I have my black scarf sometime today? It must be still in your pocket...."  201    
  "Thank you so much for what you say. I'm sorry I was such a bore last night. I shouldn't talk when I'm feeling ill...."  202    
  "How lucky you are getting such an exotic parcel. I signed for it. What does 38 mean? Poems? Bulbs? Cards? Lovers? What?"  203    
  "After we spoke about it the other night, I'm not quite sure whether you want to see the Tate exhibition or not...."  204    
  "Thank you so much for the tickets, most kind of you to let me have them. I think Rhys might like to go, anyhow, I'll ask him [---] I'm sure. R and B would be thrilled...."  205    
  "Would you be awfully kind and post this letter for me in the morning? Thank you so much."  206    
  "I'd love to go on Friday. The Sunday Times just quoted that thing you had--I forgot to take it to show KTh last night, so may I keep it till I see you?...."  207    
  "Will you be able to see me at the weekend? If so, would you mind telling me when, as I have to arrange something for either Saturday or Sunday? Doesn't matter which."  208    
  "Thanks for your letter and enclosure. I'm sorry you're so occupied this weekend--can't you come in for a drink even one evening, before Bromley or the theatre?...."  209    
  "I'm so sorry I didn't thank you for your letter--had the hell of a day yesterday."  210    
  "Very many thanks for the tickets. It's most kind of you to let me pass them on. Of course, they are delighted. She is so good about driving me around that I am grateful for the chance to make some kind of return...."  211    
  "How was it, the play? Seems more like a social evening, meeging all those people...."  212    
  "Please just say anytime if you want to sit in the garden- -I can't keep asking. The invitation is permanent."  213    
  "I don't know what distracted me last night when I was talking about the Colonel who lived in the house behind the garden. The main thing was to show you the papers Ted picked out of the shambles--all mixed up with the broken furniture [---], food, and the ceiling that had collapsed, and the dart board full of long carving knives stuck in too hard to pull out...."  214    
  "How generous of you to share your winnings with me--I do appreciate it. Thank you 1000 times. How quickly one persuades oneself--I was determined last night either to return the 1 [pounds] or buy you something with it...."  215    
  "May I ask something if you're not in too great a hurry? What is the word for the public pictures of a man or a firm? Something like--vision--no--please write here and put in letter box. Important."  216, with a note by Marriott in response which reads:  "Voice and a [vision]. 26 Upper Brook St. W1 Hyde Farm L6050. A public image."    
  "Just as the envelope disappeared through your letter box, I realized I'd left out the vital word on it--[economy] to the sordid [---] was what I meant to say...."  217    
  "Thank you for your 2 letters. Do show me what you've written about Miss E. I've tried once or twice to write about P M but not [successfully]. The [place] was very important to me--more than she was--because most of my previous life had consisted of being sent hither and thither about the world, never told where or why, like a dog in a box and P M was the one [place] that seemed more or less permanent...."  218    
  "I'm glad tomorrow night is all right for you. Of course I'd like to see you tonight as well if you aren't going out. [Symonds'] ms. won't go throught your letter box so I'm leaving it just outside the door...."  219    
  "So sorry I've kept the poem so long. I meant to return it last night--but forgot--as I did the money for beans...."  220    
  "Thank you so much for your letter and tickets and for showing me the poem. There's a house in Wimbledon I might look at if I knew how to get a car. Do you?...."  221    
  "Thank you very much for everyting. If you have a spare moment anytime today when you could speak to me, please do. Doesnt' metter when."  222    
  "Thank you for your notes, etc. Nothing much today. Jimmy has just phoned to tell me it's T's birthday, so I must go out and buy her something, confound it...."  223    
  "Thanks for your letter. Are you going out this evening, or could possibly come with me to Islington about 6.30? The only time I can get an appointment...."  224    
  "I should have told you before that KT was very pleased with your present and said he wanted to thank you very much indeed...."  225    
  "Thanks for your note. I do hope the stars were working for you last night, with or without the libations of lobster soup, iced or hot...."  226    
  "I suppose you couldn't get my prescription from [G---]? Rose is away and there's no one else I can ask...."  227    
  "I seem to have gotten the idea you'd always come to see me on Sunday evenings, which [of course] was absurd as you never said so. However, as I have got this idea, would you mind telling me if you think of coming this Sunday? Because if you're not I'd like to ask somebody else, as one has to speak to someone occasionally."  228    
  "Thanks very much for the transparent folders. they are most useful--don't last long. A double lot of vegetables has been delivered to me--could you use some?...."  229    
  "Thanks so much for your letter. I have a [c---] for Wednesday night. Would it be enough with a few slices of bacon?...."  230    
  "Thanks so much for returning and cleaning dish. The bit of floor you did is super--much better than the rest of it...."  231    
  "Thanks for showing me this. It remains pretty mysterious to me. I see it's only the 2nd [number]. Tell me if you find out what it's all about...."  232    
  "I don't suppose you'd welcome another phone call on this somewhat obscure and irrelevant subject but now (5 minutes after speaking to you) I remember that it was the brother who saved C [C--] Apple by turning up in [a] snowstorm [---] him and organizing a re-trial...."  233    
  "Here's the remnant of the Observer. The information in column 1, p3 seems of interest--to me anyhow. Fool of a man, of course, but imagine what his life must have been since trying to get some help out of those ghastly bureaucrats...."  234    
  "Thank you very much for the book, etc. Is that one I wrote a card for? I do seem to have chosen some peculiar ones for the reviews...."  235    
  "What is it? I've been trying to phone to thank you for being so nice, but I can't remember your number because I've got such a headache--idiotic? n'est pas?"  236    
  "You haven't got my library card, have you? I can't find it. Could you put in my letter box if you have?...."  237    
  "Many thanks for the pictures. The [---] CP one is stinking indeed. One of the others got the paper stuck to it [unfortunately]...."  238    
  "....happily to anybody? It's funny, after all that fuss about the photos--[---]--The Times  has given me the worst review ever...."  Fragment.  239    
  "Thank you for your note. Of course I remember Poppy--as I always supposed it was spelled--after Poppeia. Poppie sounds like a dog's name...."  240    
  "This card for the A book came this morning, so perhaps you wouldn't mind getting it too? The pseudolaurel circlet is still quite presentable...."  241    
  "Thanks for the money. Could you possibly get me packet of frozen peas and one other vegetable--[small]. Whatever there is. And some oranges and lemons...."  242    
  "Thanks for letter and cash. You do [dart] about the city don't you? Will you ever go to Capri?...."  243    
  "Thank you for your letter. I'm glad the candle was O.K. I couldn't think of anything else that could [---] fit into that [obj--] I can hardly believe it had such a beautifying effect. Thank god my publicity interviews are finished now...."  244    
  "Would you be terribly kind and get me a bottle of [N--- P---] if you go to the pub?...."  245    
  "I'm so sorry I had to disturb you this morning. It would be just today wouldn't it? She's made me a serious offer of 15,000 [pounds], so I didn't like to send her away without seeing your flat...."  246    
  Thanks for the money. I'm sorry about S's mother. Will
you give him this note if you think he'd like to have
it?....ANS 247.
  "Thanks for your letter and good wishes. I've just got rid of P O and the rest of them at 10.30 (since 6.30). Thank god that's the end of it...."  248    
  "Well, I should think you might wear your [thin] clothes today? Wouldn't you like to sit in the sun for a bit?...."  249    
  "I don't believe all that about [B---]--emotional disturbances and disaster are nothing like as devastating as financial insecurity and being forced to do things against one's time [and] essential self. Not for me, anyhow."  250    
2:19 "Sydney wants us to go to dinner with him. I said I would ask when you were free, so perhaps you'll let me know. He suggested Sunday if convenient to you."  251    
  "Thank you for your [Stein C---] and the money and the clef-envelopes. They seem too good to be used up on trivialities--I'll keep them for long important documents...."  253    
  "I'm so sorry about the fish last night. It is good of you to put up with me while I'm so depressed. I do hope you can continue to do so as it makes a great difference to me...."  259    
  "I hope you are feeling less depressed today. I tried all to night to finalize the end of my book [and] slept from 6-11, so feel peculiar about time...."  255    
  "Thank you so much for your letter. Gerald [rang] up and said he hoped I was coming to [11th] night of the Robin Mayham play, so, if you still have no one else to take, I would like to come please...."  256    
  "Of course you didn't overstay your welcome. I'm sorry I was so tactless and abrupt. I thought you knew the situation with KT. 99 times out of the 100 it's impossible to have a normal evening with him...."  257    
  "If you see London Magazine anywhere will you please get it for me? Can't get it round here. Many thanks for note and cutting...."  Handwritten and signed postcard.  258    
  "Thank you for your note and the poem outline--you should do more work on it--it has emotional content, but too private--doesnt' come across well. If you want my criticism...."  259    
  "You seem determined not to take this. So here it is. Theresa is coming early Friday afternoon for short time. Rhys rang me up...."  260