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Laura Riding Jackson papers

Collection 1976-004


Dates:  1965-1974

Extent:  (11 boxes).

Level of Description:  Item level.

Name of creator(s):   Laura Riding Jackson.

Date of creation:  Undetermined.

Scope and Content:   Correspondence and manuscripts of the American poet.

Administrative/Biographical History: 

Access and Copyright:

Language and Scripts:  English.

Finding aid/Inventory:  Finding aid is available online.

Provenance/Source of Acquisition:   Handwritten and carbon copy typescripts purchased from J. Howard Woolmer, circa 1977, with added correspondence given by Woolmer in 1986; carbon copy typescript of "A Trojan Ending" from It Has Taken Long,  purchased from Gekoski, 2003.

Date(s) of description:   Caroline Swinson and Sidney F. Huttner, 1985; rev. 1989; 2003.

Access Points:

Subject Headings 

Personal names 
Laura Riding, Laura Riding Jackson

Corporate names



Series 1:  Correspondence
1:1-2 Roderick Cave    
1:3-4 Arthur Cohen and Stanley Burnshaw    
1:5 Burton Feldman, Robert Pawlowski, and Vicki Stark    
1:6-10 Ellsworth Mason with the carbon copies of Mason's letters    
1:11 Professor Edward Mendelson    
1:12 Professor Jeffrey Meyers    
1:13 Editor of the New York Times Review of Books    
1:14 Editor of the New York Times Book Review    
1:15 Editor of Shenendoah:  The Washington and Lee University Review    
1:16 Catherine D. Slone    
1:17 Editor of Time    
1:18 Editor of the Times Literary Supplement    
1:19 Various people at the University of Tulsa    
1:20 Humbert Wolfe    
1:21 J. Howard Woolmer    

Series 2: Writings

“A Christmas Story”  
2:1 Typed and signed draft, 2p.  20 Dec 1975.    
“A Commentary of 1967/In Introduction/of Epilogue volumes I, II, and III/1935, 1936, and 1937”
2:2 Carbon copy typed and signed draft, 10p.   8 Jun 1967.    
  Another carbon copy typed draft with additional introductory material, 18 Jun 1967.    
“A Commentary on a collection of letters written to James Reeves by Laura Riding that has come into the possession of the Cornell University Library, presented to the Library to be an accompaniment to the letters”
2:3 Carbon copy typed  and partially handwritten draft, 25p.  “About 1965” with revisions made  9 Jun 1975.    
“A Last Lesson in Geography:  Sequel and Postscript”
2:4 Carbon copy typed and carbon copy handwritten draft, 3p.  “Sequel” dated 1964.    
  “Postscript to the Sequel” dated 1974.    
“A Linguistic Note On The Philosophical Labors of Suzanne K. Langer” 
2:5 Handwritten draft in two versions, 13p and 18p.  “About 1966”.    
“End-Of-Year Words (from a story in progress)”
2:6 Typed and signed draft, 1p.  Dec 1973.  With envelope.    
“Essay on an article by Dr. John Holloway on the poetic work of Charles M. Doughty”
2:7 Handwritten draft, 84p.    
“For Later Readers of Story Making of Mine of Earlier Time”
2:8 Handwritten and signed draft, 24p.  1976.    
It Has Taken Long
2:9 Photocopied handwrtten and initialled draft with carbon copy typescript, 7p.  Draft dated 22 Nov 1975.    
2:10 “Positions.”  Handwritten draft, 16p.  1975.    
2:11 “Habits of Linguistic Curtailment.”  Handwritten, carbon copy handwritten, and typed draft, 42p.    
2:12 Handwritten draft, 26p; photocopied typescript, 31p.    
2:13 “Twentieth Century Literary Individualism.”  Handwritten draft, 8p.    
2:14 Handwritten draft, 15p.    
2:15 “[Section 4],” handwritten and typed draft, 10p.    
2:16 “Section 4,” handwritten draft, 7p.    
2:17 “Parts of 4, 5, 6,” handwritten draft, 10p.    
2:18 “Section 6,” handwritten draft, 42p.    
2:19 “A Series of Considerations.”  Handwritten and typed draft, 21p.  Envelope with handwritten note.    
2:20 “A Series of Considerations.”  Handwritten draft, 61p.    
2:21 “Further on Metaphor.”  Handwritten draft, 18p.  Typed and handwritten draft, 14p.    
2:22 “The Road, To, In, and Away from Poetry.”  Typed draft, 6p.    
2:23 “Story.”  Handwritten and typed draft, 14p.    
2:24 “Incidental Essay on Story.”  Handwritten draft, 20p.    
2:25 “A Trojan Ending.”  Handwritten draft, 4p.    
  The following carbon copy typescript was acquired from Gekoski (London) in June 2003    
2A:1 Carbon copy typed draft, marked as "copy 2", with handwritten revisions and deletions, p1-46.    
2A:2 p47-111.    
2A:3 p112-172.    
2A:4 p173-226.    
2A:5 p237-302.    
2A:6 p303-367.    
2A:7 "Story and Story-Style: Critical Miniatures.”   Handwritten and signed draft, 14p.  1976.  Section 1.    
2A:8 Section 2, 20p.    
2A:9 Section 3, 16p.    
2A:10 Section 4, 15p.    
2A:11 Sections 5-6, 41p.    
2A:12 Filler for use after “Story and Story-Style,” Handwritten draft, 3p.    
41 “Excerpts from My Praeterita.  Handwritten draft, 22p.    
4:2 “Ms. of First Chapter of Praeterita: The Authorial Experience.”  Handwritten draft, 15p.    
4:3 “Hart Crane: The Pity of It”  Handwritten draft, 27p.    
4:4 “As to `Published in Paris.'”   Handwritten draft, 10p.    
4:5 “Open Confidences.”  Handwritten and signed draft, 21p.   “From 1962 to the late “sixties.”    
4:6 Handwritten draft, 32p. “I (of 1962);” untitled, 11p;  “II - 1966,” 32p.    
4:7 Design for cover.  Photocopied handwritten draft, 2p.    
4:8 Dedication.  Handwritten draft, 1p.    
4:9 Typed, carbon copy typed, and photocopied typed draft, "Part One," 139p.    
4:10 "Part Two," 66p.    
4:11 "Part Three,"  47p.    
4:12 "Part Four," 53p.    
4:13 Corrections and additions, typed and carbon copy typed draft, 28p.    
4:14 Photocopied typed pages pulled and sent to Jackson for proofing, "Part One."    
4:15 "Part Two."    
4:16 "Part Three."    
4:17 "Part Five." [sic]    
5:1 Photocopied typed draft with printer's marks, "Part One."    
5:2 "Part Two."    
5:3 "Part Three."    
5:4 "Part Four."    
5:5-6 Miscellaneous galley sheets.    
5:7 Galley sheets, "Part One."    
5:8 Galley sheets, "Part Two."    
5:9 Galley sheets, "Part Three."    
5:10 Galley sheets, "Part Four."    
5:11 Page proofs, "Part One."    
5:12 Page proofs, "Part Two."    
5:13 Page proofs, "Part Three."    
5:14 Page proofs, "Part Four."    
“Language Attacked, Language Championed"
6:1 Handwritten draft, 10p.    
“Letter At Year's End, Year's Beginning, 1974-1975, For My Friends”
6:2 Handwritten and signed draft, 14p. Jan 1975.    
6:3 Handwritten draft, 40p plus 4p from magazine articles, circa 1970s.    
“Miscellaneous General Reflections”
6:4 Handwritten and typed drafts, 9p, 40, and 7p.  1975.    
"Modern Imagination"
6:5 Handwritten draft, 19p.    
“Notes of Comment on Some Absurdities in Contemporary Thinking on Language”
6:6 Handwritten draft, 9p.    
“On Triviality”
6:7 Carbon copy handwritten and signed draft, 5p plus transcription by Ellsworth Mason with Jackson's corrections.    
"One's Words"
6:8 Handwritten and initialled draft.  1976.    
6:9 “First writing for the book Praeterita,” carbon copy handwritten and handwritten draft, 15p.  April, May, June 1972.    
6:10 Miscellaneous sections, handwritten and carbon copy handwritten draft, 57p.  June July, August, October and December 1972; January, February [1973]    
6:11 “My Disposition as to Others,” handwritten draft, 14p, 1975 or 1976.    
  “On Len Lye (in a letter),” typed draft, 1p.    
  “Speaking From Principle,” handwritten draft, 2p.    
  “The Woolfs, Etc,” handwritten draft, 6p.    
  “Favorable Criticism:  A Special Case,” carbon copy handwritten and signed draft, 8p.    
  “Special Honors for Laura Riding,” typed and carbon copy typed draft, 4p.    
Rational Meaning:  A New Foundation for the Definition of Words
6:12 Miscellaneous sections, carbon copy handwritten draft, 106p.    
6:13 "From Chapter XIII," carbon copy handwritten draft, 56p.    
6:14 "Chapter XV," The Rationale of Terms," carbon copy handwritten draft 91p.    
6:15 "Chapter XVII," carbon copy handwritten draft 106p.    
6:16 "Chapter XVIII," carbon copy handwritten draft, 63p.    
6:17 "From Chapter XX, Words and Things," carbon copy handwritten draft, 50p.    
6:18 "Chapter XX, Words and things," carbon copy handwritten draft, 80p.    
6:19 “[Chapter] XXI, The Grand Difficulty,” carbon copy handwritten draft, 45p.    
6:20 “The New Grammar,” miscellaneous carbon copy handwritten and handwritten draft, 47p.    
6:21 Handwritten and typed revisions, 25p.    
7:1-2 Carbon copy typed drafts of an early version, “Chapter XI, The Knowledge of Meanings," 18p.    
  “Chapter XII, The Scope of Definition,” 22p.    
  “Chapter XIII, Words and Terms,” 34p.    
  “Chapter XIV, The Words Miscalled Synonyms,” 29p.    
  “Chapter XV, The Rationale of Terms,” 38p.    
7:3 "Notes," typed and handwritten draft.    
7:4 Typed and handwritten draft, “[Part I, Chapter II],” 3p.    
  “Chapter III, A Comparison of Objectives,”/25    
  “Foreword to Part II,” 3p.    
  “Chapter IV, The Inner Guidance,” 15p.    
  “Chapter V, The Guardians,” 39p.    
7:5 “Part III, Language and Rationality," 1p.    
  “Foreword to Part III,” 2p.    
  “Chapter VII, The Nature of Meaning,” 17p.    
  “Chapter VIII, Language and Linguistics,” 77p.    
  “Conclusion to Part III,”  6p.    
7:6  “Part IV, The Principles of Definition,” 1p.    
  “Foreword to Part IV,”  3p.    
  “Chapter X, The Feasibility of Definition,” 30p.    
  “Chapter XI, The Knowledge of Meanings,” 28p.    
  “Chapter XII, The Scope of Definition,” 28p.    
8:1 “Part V, The Make-up of Language,” 1p.    
  [“Chapter XIII, Words and Terms”],  3p.    
  “Chapter XIV, The Words Miscalled Synonyms,” 12p.    
  “Chapter XV, The Rationale of Terms,”70p.    
8:2 [Part V, continued] “Chapter XVIII, Truth,” 29p.    
  “Foreword to Part VII,” 2p.    
  [“Chapter XIX”]  43p.    
  “Chapter XXI, The Grand Difficulty,” 23p.    
8:3 “Supplementary Essays.”  “On Ambiguity,” 7p.    
  “The Externalistic View of Language,” 6p.    
  “Leaves From the Book's Notebooks,” 11p.    
  “The Universal Pattern of Languages,”  7p.    
  “`Create' In Modern Usage,”  6p.    
  “Contemporary Fashion-Plate Intellectual Gab,” 5p.    
  “The New Grammar,” 42p.    
  “Dr. Grove and the Future of English Dictionaries,” 21p.    
“Reflections Before the Date Change - 1978”
8:4 Handwritten draft, 4p.    
“Right and Wrong: The Principle of Correction”
8:5 Handwritten draft, 18p.    
[Some Autobiographical Corrections of Literary History]
8:6 “Bibliography and Literary History - and Some Autobiographical Realities.”  Typed and photocoiped typed draft, 42p.    
8:7 “Bibliography and Literary/History and Some Autobiographical Realities,”  Carbon copy typed draft, 37p.  Handwritten and signed cover note, 1p dated 15 Jul 1976.    
8:8 [Some Autobiographical Corrections of Literary History.]   Photocopied typed and typed draft with editor's notes and questions, printer's marks, and Jackson's responses written on the photocopy as well as the accompanying slips of paper, 40p of text, 33p of notes.    
8:9 “Contributor's Notes.”  Photocopied typed draft, 1p plus 6 handwriten pages of revisions.    
8:10 As it appeared in The University of Denver Quarterly, Volume 8, Number 4, Winter, 1974, with a note written on the first page of the issue and corrections written within the text of the article.    
“Suitable Criticism, a Partial Review, Chapters in a Mythology: The Poetry of Sylvia Plath.”
8:11 Handwritten draft, 75p.    
8:12 Suitable Criticism, Chapters in a Mythology: The Poetry of Sylvia Plath.”   Photocopied typed draft with corrections, editor's notes, and printer's marks, 23p plus cover note, 1p.    
8:13 “Supplementary Comment Concerning George Watson's Thinking on Noam Chomsky.”  Typed and carbon copy handwritten draft, 10p.    
9:1 "Terms and Error."  Handwritten draft, 4p plus typed and handwritten draft, 8p.    
9:2 “The Covenant of Literal Meaning an Explanation.”  Handwritten and carbon copy handwritten draft, 31p.    
9:3 “The Failure of Poetry.”  “Introduction,” handwritten draft, 53p, Apri-Jun, 1965. ,    
  Carbon copy handwritten draft, 41p,  Apri-Jun, 1965.    
  “The Failure of Poetry,” handwritten and signed draft, 17p.    
  Carbon copy handwritten draft, 17p.    
  Typed draft, 8p.    
9:4 “The Idea of the Master-Mind.”   Handwritten draft, 34p and typed draft, 3p.    
9:5 “The Limits of Human Decline.”  Handwritten and signed and typed draft, 43p.  1976.    
9:6  “The Nature of Prose.”   Handwritten draft, 6p.    
9:7 “The New Immortality.”  Handwritten draft, 57p plus typed draft, 2p.    
9:8 “The Reasons of Poetry.”  Handwritten and signed draft, 1p.  [circa early sixties]    
9:9 “The `Right English' of Charles M. Doughty.”  Typed, carbon copy typed and handwritten draft, 21p.    
  Typed, carbon copy typed, and handwritten draft, 21p.    
  Carbon copy typed and typed draft, 22p with notes, 1p.    
9:10 Carbon copy typed draft, 20p.  [1977].    
“The Sufficient Difference”
9:11 Handwritten and typed draft, 49p.  1966-1975.    
The Telling
9:12 Carbon copy typed draft, 6p.    
9:13 Handwritten correctionis, 8p.    
9:14  Page proofs plus handwritten note by Ellsworth Mason listing the page numbers and types of corrections.    
“The Word Human”
9:15 Handwritten and typed draft, 76p.    
 “The Word-Play of Gertrude Stein”
9:16 Handwritten and typed draft, 92p.    
  3 carbon copy typed drafts, 7p each plus a handwritten list of corrections.    
10:1 “To someone who has written to me on the difficulty of getting into the mood to `create' a poem...,” Handwritten draft, 6p.  1976.    
10:2 "Uncompleted essay on a  critical article by A.T. Tolley concerned in particular with his interest in Robert Graves' verses."  Handwritten draft, 46p.    
"Writings on Poetry"
10:3 Handwritten draft, 60p.    
10:4 Various handwritten and typed drafts:  “Thinking About Coleridge,”3p.“As to Shakespeare and Others,” 3p; “Further on Metaphor,”12p; “Sense and Nonsense,” 12p; “Comment Note,” 3p “To a Friend, Professionally Concerned with Poetry,” 1p, Feb 1973; “On D.H. Lawrence as Poet,” 1p, 5 Sept 1976; “Judgement of One Another,” 4p, Jun 1975; “Introduction to Reading for Notre Dame University Literary Festival, February, 1977,” 10p, circa 1977.    
10:5 Various handwritten and typed drafts:  “On Thought.  In a Poem,” 3p, 28 Nov 1961; “The Word, Words, `Poetry',” 3p; “Poem-Reality,” 5p “A Poet's Life, a Poet's Truth,” 10p; notes, 12p.    
“Writings on Writers”
10:6 Various handwritten and typed drafts: “On Literary Hokum as Exemplified in the Works of W.B. Yeats and Robert Graves,” 3p, circa early 1970s; “Pablo Neruda,” 2p; “To a Young Poet Friend,” 1p, 1938; “William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound, Others; The American Element,” 11p; “On Geoffrey Gryson on Robert Graves,” 13p; “Theodore Weiss and Myself,” 11p, Jun 1977; “And What of A.R. Ammons,” 4p, Jun 1977; “Stephen Spender,” 5p; “Robert Lowell,” 12p; “James Dickey on Poetry,” 6p; “As to Wordsworth,” 5p; “`Reality'-According to Eliot,” 4p.    
Series 3:  Miscellaneous
10:7 Articles, etc. by Jackson: 1925-1976.    
10:8 Articles, etc. about Jackson: 1931-1973.    
10:9 Miscellaneous items relating to Jackson.    
11:1 Jackson letters to Feldman/Pawlowski/Stark.    
11:2-4 Jackson letters to Ellsworth Mason.    
11:5 Miscellaneous Jackson letters.    
11:6 Manuscript “Some Autobiographical Corrections of Literary History”.    
11:7 Laura (Riding) Jackson materials in the Department of Rare Books, Cornell University.    
11:8 Ellsworth Mason correspondence with T.S. Matthews regarding Jackson and Graves.  Gift of Ellsworth Mason, Jul 1988.    
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