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Alexandre Hogue papers

Collection 1968-001


Dates:  1923-1994.

Extent:  (7 boxes).

Level of Description:  Folder level.

Name of creator(s):  Alexandre Hogue.

Date of creation:  Undetermined.

Scope and Content:   

Administrative/Biographical History:  Artist Alexandre Hogue (1898-1994) was born in Memphis, Missouri and lived in Denton and Dallas, Texas before moving to Tulsa in 1945. He was chair of The University of Tulsa School of Art from 1945 to 1963 but continued teaching at the university until his retirement in 1968. The gallery in Phillips Hall has been named in his honor.

Hogue's paintings of the Dust Bowl era won him international acclaim. His works are in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American Art, National Museum of Modern Art at the Pompidou Center in Paris, Philadelphia Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, and Houston Museum of Fine Arts.

At the time of his retirement, The University of Tulsa acquired a representative retrospective collection of his works (oils, engravings, and lithographs) which are housed in the Department of Special Collections, McFarlin Library.

Hogue deposited his personal files in The University of Tulsa archive, occasionally updating them over several years time.  The following is an inventory and description of those files, as he described them.  Please refer also to the on-line catalogue for records of magazine and journal appearances as well as The Career of Alexandre Hogue, a dissertation by Sandra Lea Rosson, University of Kansas.

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Date(s) of description:   Sidney F. Huttner, Mar 1995.

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1:1 Photographic reproductions and slides of Hogue’s works.    
1:2-4 Biographical and bibliographical material.    
1:5 “Dobieana.”  Correspondence with J. Frank Dobie and the autographs.    
1:6 The Dallas Studio at 3312 Reagan is rented, bought, and sold.    
1:7 Life Magazine and Fortune Magazine.    
1:8 The Guggenheim tries.    
1:9 Murals, competitions and protests:  Texas Centennial, Dallas P.O. Annex, Houston P.O., San Antonio P.O., Amarillo P.O., Landrum--Dallas News, Oklahoma--Regarding SB-68 "The Nude Bill", Calcagno--PWAP.    
1:10 Exhibition correspondence.  1945.    
1:11 Carnegie Internationals.  1938-1939.    
1:12 Encyclopedia Britannica.    
2:1 General correspondence.  1945.    
2:2 Personal letters prior to 1945.    
2:3 Personal letters from 1945 on.    
2:4 Letters to Jim McCormick, a former student.  22 handwritten and signed letters, 1979-1993.    
2:5  Exhibition correspondence.  1930-1944.    
2:6 Jeu de Paume:  The sale is consummated.    
2:7 Jeu de Paume:  I learn about the fire.    
2:8 Jeu de Paume:  From the fire to final placement.    
2:9 Associated American Artists--about the lithographs.    
3:1 American Artist Magazine.    
3:2 Most of the material regarding my University of Tulsa tenure was not saved.    
3:3 Letters, etc. regarding books, newspapers, magazines, and television.    
3:4 Books and magazines, reproduced and published.    
3:5 Texas Centennial:  Harshe, Ricke, and Howard.    
3:6 Washington, DC, City Hall, Governor Bartlett, Wilson Murals, State Capitol.    
3:7 National Collection of Fine Art.    
3:8 Letters regarding publication in the August 1939 issue of Magazine of Art of "Mother Earth Laid Bare" and a frame from "The River" implying that I had used the photograph.  As Kaj Klitgaard said, “It appears you didn’t come off second best in this controversy.”    
3:9 Archives of American Art.    
3:10 Exhibition and sale correspondence.  1980.    
3:11 Who's Who.    
3:12 Some writings—credo.    
4:1-3 Press clippings plus some of the same material as in Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institute.    
4:4 Miscellaneous.    
4:5 “Alexandre Hogue.  Three Century Artist or the Making of an Artist.”  Photocopy of a handwritten autobiography.  Chapters I-IX.    
4:6 Photocopy of a typed autobiography with handwritten revisions; 116p.    
4:7 Carbon copy typed and photocopy of handwritten drafts of magazine articles, with handwritten revisions.    
4:8 Political cartoons from 1943.  10 press cuttings mounted on board.    
4:9 Cards designed by Hogue.  1981.    
4:10 Cards designed by Olivia Hogue.  Undated.    
 Exhibition catalogues and announcements

Highland Park Society of Arts.  Feb 1928.
Museum of fine Arts of Houston.  Mar 1929.
Los Angeles Museum.  Mar 1931.
State Fair of Texas.  Oct 1931.


Museum of Modern Art.  Dec 1933.
National Academy of Design.  Mar 1934.
Art Gallery of the Museum of New Mexico.  Sept 1934.


Kansas City Art Institute.  Feb 1935.
Corcoran Gallery of Art.  Mar 1935.
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.  Jul 1935.
Art Institute of Chicago.  Oct 1935, Jan 1936.
Kansas City Art Institute.  Feb 1936.
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.  Jul 1936.
Whitney Museum of American Art.  Nov 1936.


Dallas Museum of Fine Art.  Jan 1937.
Kansas City Art Institute.  Feb 1937.
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.  Jul 1937.
Boyer Galleries.  [Jun] 1937.
Art Institute of Chicago.  Nov 1938.
Whitney Museum of American Art.  Nov 1937.


[Unidentified museum].  “Paintings for Paris.”  May 1938.
Colorado Springs fine Arts Center.  Jul 1938.
Carnegie Institute.  Oct 1938.
Philadelphia Art Alliance.  Dec 1938.
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.  1938.

5:6 Corcoran Gallery of Art.  Mar 1939.
Boyer Galleries.  Jun 1939.
Carnegie Institute.  Oct 1939.
Art Institute of Chicago.  Nov 1939.
Boyer Galleries.  [Dec] 1939.
Golden Gate International Exposition.  1939.
5:7 Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.  Feb 1940.
Museum of Fine Arts of Houston.  Feb 1940.
Witte Memorial Museum of San Antonio.  Feb 1940.
Fort Dodge Federation of Arts.  Oct 1940.
Corcoran Gallery of Art.  Nov 1940.
Oklahoma WPA Art Center.  Dec 1940.
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.  1940.
6:1 Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Apr 1941.
"La Pintura Contemporanea Norteamericana.”  May 1941.
Palacio de Bellas Artes.  Jun 1941.
Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.  Jun 1941.
Art Institute of Chicago.  Nov 1941.
Carnegie Institute.  Oct 1941.
Oklahoma Art Center WPA Art Program.  Dec 1941.

Worcester Art Museum.  Feb 1942.
Kansas City Art Institute.  Mar 1942.
Whitney Museum of American Art.  Mar 1942.
Whitney Museum of American Art.  Nov 1942.
Whitney Museum of American Art.  Nov 1943.

6:3 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  Jan 1944.
Library of Congress.  May 1944.
Texas General Exhibition.  Oct 1944.
Whitney Museum of American Art.  Nov 1944.
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.  Nov 1944.
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.  1944.
Library of Congress.  May 1945.
Brooks Memorial Art Gallery.  Nov 1945.
6:4 Pomona College.  Mar 1946.
Carnegie Institute.  Oct 1946.
6:5 Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.  Mar 1947.
Philbrook Art Center.  May 1947.
California Palace of the Legion of Honor.  Nov 1947.
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.  Feb 1948.
Arts and Crafts Club.  Feb 1948.
Philbrook Art Center.  May 1948.
Audubon Artists.  Dec 1948.
Philbrook Art Center.  Apr 1949.
6:6 Philbrook Art Center.  Apr 1951.
Kansas State College.  Apr 1951.
Wichita Art Association.  Jan 1952.
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.  Jan 1952.
Kennedy and Company Gallery.  Jan 1952.
Bradley University.  Feb 1952.
Cincinnatti Art Museum.  1952.
Birmingham Museum of Art.  Jan 1954.
Philbrook Art Center.  Apr 1954.
Kansas State College.  Feb 1956.
Philbrook Art Center.  Dec 1957.
Wichita Art Association.  Jan 1958.
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.  Jan 1958.
Oklahoma City University. Feb 1959.
Oklahoma Art Center.  Sept 1959.
DePauw University Art Center.  Oct 1959.
Springfield Art Museum.  Nov 1959.
6:7 Philbrook Art Center.  Apr 1960.
Oklahoma Art Center.  Apr 1960.
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.  Apr 1960.
University of Oklahoma. Dec 1960.
Oklahoma State University. Dec 1960.
University of Tulsa.  Dec 1960.
Philbrook Art Center.  Apr 1961.
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.  Apr 1961.
Philbrook Art Center.  Apr 1961.
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.  Apr 1961.
University of Oklahoma.  Fall 1961.
University of Oklahoma.  Dec 1961.
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.  Jan 1962.
Phibrook Art Center.  Apr 1962.
Original Graphics Limited.  Sept 1962.
Springfield Art Museum.  Nov 1962.
Oklahoma Art Center.  Jan 1963.
Kansas State College.  Mar 1963.
Philbrook Art Center.  Apr 1963.
Springfield Art Museum.  Oct 1963.
University of Oklahoma.  Dec 1963.
7:1 Oklahoma Art Center.  Jan 1964.
Denver Art Museum.  Mar 1964.
Philbrook Art Center.  Mar 1964.
Philbrook Art Center.  Apr 1964.
Springfield Art Museum.  Oct 1964.
Denver Art Museum.  Mar 1965.
Kendall Hall Art Gallery.  Apr 1965.
Wichita Art Association.  Apr 1965.

Springfield Art Museum.  Oct 1965.
Philbrook Art Center.  Apr 1966.
Smithsonian Institute National Collection of Fine Arts.  Apr 1966.
Denver Art Museum.  Apr 1966.
Oklahoma Art Center.  Sept 1966.

Philbrook Art Center.  Apr 1967.
Philbrook Art Center.  Apr 1968.

University of Oklahoma.  Apr 1968.

Philbrook Art Center.  Apr 1969

Philbrook Art Center.  Apr 1970.
Tulsa City-County Library.  Jun 1970.
Weatherspoon Gallery Association.  1970-1971.
Weatherspoon Art Gallery.  Nov.  1970.
University of Nevada.  1970.
Tulsa City-County Library.  Jun 1971.
Oklahoma Art Center.  Sept 1971.
Corcoran Gallery of Art.  Oct 1971.
Alexandre Hogue Gallery.  Mar 1972.
Fort Smith Art Center.  Mar 1972.
Philbrook Art Center.  Apr 1972.
Tulsa City-County Library.  Dec 1972.
Philbrook Art Center.  Apr 1973.
University of Oklahoma.  Dec 1973.
Philbrook Art Center.  Jan 1974.

7:3 Spiva Art Center.  Feb 1975.
Weatherspoon Gallery Association.  1975-1976
Philbrook Art Center.  Aug 1976.
Alexandre Hogue Gallery.  Feb 1976.
Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery.  1985.
7:4 Tulsa City County Library.  Undated.
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.  Undated.
Philbrook Art Center.  Undated.
Association of Oklahoma Artists.  Undated.
Texas Tech University.  Undated.
Hastings College.  Undated.
Weatherspoon Art Gallery Dillard Collection.  Undated.
Oklahoma University.  Undated.
Oklahoma State University.  Undated.
University of Tulsa.  Undated.

Videocassette recording of Hogue printing lithographs.  Undated.
Videocassette recording of the Hogue memorial service held at the University of Tulsa, 27 July 1994.
Audiocassette tape of same.



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