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Ernest Hemingway ephemera

Collection 1977.003


Dates:  1918-1968.

Extent:  (5 boxes, oversize).

Level of Description:  Item level.

Name of creator(s):  Ernest Hemingway and others.

Date of creation:  Undetermined.

Scope and Content:   The ephemera is organized into 4 series:

Series 1: Correspondence consists of 62 handwritten, typed or carbon copy typed letters, postcards, and telegrams to and/or from Hemingway and correspondents such as: the American Red Cross (to the French Consul in reference to Hemingway's appointment as an ambulance driver on the Italian front during WWI); publishers Curtis Brown Ltd., Jonathan Cape Limited, and A. P. Watt & Son; Marcel Duhanel, Ethel Feutress Gardner (to Grace Hall Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway's mother), Carol Hemingway, Guy Hickock, "Johnnie" (a WWI friend of Hemingway's), Gustavos; Pfeiffer (Pauline Hemingway's uncle), Hadley Richardson-Hemingway, Y. K. Smith; handwritten notes exchanged with unidentified friend(s) during Hemingway's youth.

Other material within this series include various bills of sale; itemized receipts acquired during Hemingway's travels in Spain and Africa; fan mail; and unidentified letters.

Series 2: Writings consists of press cuttings of reviews and publisher's announcements; printed blurbs written by Hemingway for various art exhibit catalogues; a galley proof for The Hemingway Manuscripts, An Inventory written by Philip Young and Charles W. Mann; advance galley proofs for The Old Man and the Sea; and various handwritten note fragments.

Series 3: Photographs consists of 17 photos and 4 photo-negatives which include portraits of Hemingway, photos of Hemingway with Mary Hemingway, snapshots of [Italian] soldiers, a snapshot of a bullfight, and a photograph of [John Dos Passos].

Series 4: Personal Ephemera consists of Hemingway's 1937 Spanish driver's license; high school dance card; school assignments and notes; a variety of Spanish publications about bullfighting; publications about big game hunting; a booklet about managing a boxer; and a Cuban newspaper. Most of the material in this series was originally housed in a small leather suitcase belonging to Pauline Hemingway and is shelved with the boxed collection.

Administrative/Biographical History: 

Access and Copyright:  This material is housed off-site and will require special arrangements for anticipated use. Contact the Department of Special Collections.

Language and Scripts:  English, some Spanish, some French.

Finding aid/Inventory:  Finding aid is available online.

Provenance/Source of Acquisition:   Purchased at auction, Sotheby Parke Bernet Inc., 1977.

Date(s) of description:   Milissa Burkart, Feb 1994; rev Apr 1998.

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Personal names 

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Series 1:  Correspondence

Alford, Oliver Perry, Mrs. to Ernest Hemingway. circa 1920. Calling card with handwritten note and envelope.

Allen, Jay to "Simon." 14 Aug 1937. My dear Simon: An introduction for Ernest Hemingway is most certainly not necessary.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

American Red Cross, The. (National Headquarters) to the French Consul. 11 May 1918. In reference to Hemingway's appointment as an ambulance driver on the Italian front during WWI.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

(Bureau of Insurance.) Inner office memo in reference to Hemingway's disability between Oct-Nov following his being wounded in July of that year.  Typed and signed note, 1s.

Excised article with photo about Hemingway's convalescing from his wounds, from The American Red Cross.  Central Division Bulletin. Vol. 1, No. 49, 7 Dec 1918.

Life, accident and sickness benefits brochure.

Antheil, George to Ernest Hemingway.  15 Jul 1936.  Greetings from all of us.  Handwritten and signed postcard.

Azagury, Solly (a contributor to El Liberal) to Ernest Hemingway. 14 Nov 1933. Request for a review copy of Death in the Afternoon.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.

Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas) to Ernest Hemingway. 2 Credit vouchers, 1933.

Barnett, P. W. Calling card with handwritten note on verso in reference to a successful hunt in Kenya.  Undated.

Batth‚, Edith to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. Fan letter referring to Dorothy Parker's profile of Ernest Hemingway in the NEW YORKER.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.

Bayley, C. to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. handwritten mock notice, 1s.

Beliram Parimal & Co. (General Merchants, Mombasa) to Ernest Hemingway. Bill of sale, 1934.

Bement, Douglas to Ernest Hemingway.  15 Sept 1933.  My Dear Mr. Hemingway, I am preparing an anthology of imaginative writing [Threads of Narrative].   Typed and signed letter, 1s.

Benedict & Benedict Insurance. Papers in reference to Sun Indemnity Co. auto insurance for 1932-1933, 3 documents.

Black Cat, The to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. Rejection notice.

Bohm, Frank H. to Ernest Hemingway. 13 Aug 1936. Fan letter.  Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.

Booth, Alexander G.  to Ernest Hemingway. 11 May 1937. Fan letter with handwritten commentary by Ernest Hemingway.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.

Brace, (Mrs. C. F.) Catherine  to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. Letter in reference to To Have and Have Not.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.

Bretano's Bookstores, Inc.  to Ernest Hemingway. 15 Mar 1939. Dear Sir, We beg to enclose herewith our statement for purchases during November last year.  Typed and signed letter, 1s; receipt.

Brown, Jr., H. Tatnall (Dean of Haverford College, Pennsylvania)to Ernest Hemingway. 29 Jun 1937. Fan letter.  Handwritten and signed letter, 2s.

Brown Ltd., Curtis to Ernest Hemingway. Royalty statements for Aug, Nov 1933.

26 May 1937.  To Ernest Hemingway. Dear Mr. Hemingway, To save you trouble, as the Albatross are your regular Continental publishers and we do not want to keep them waiting. Typed and signed letter with carbon copy of same, 2s.

5 Aug 1937. To Ernest Hemingway. Dear Mr. Hemingway, May I order from Scribner's copies of To Have and Have Not  for the negotiation of translation rights? Carbon copy typed and signed letter, 2s; another carbon copy of same.

18 Aug 1937.  To Ernest Hemingway. Dear Mr. Hemingway, Thank you for your letter of 6th August. We hope to be able to let you have the duplicate of the Hungarian agreement for The Sun Also Rises, signed by Pantheon, shortly.  Typed and signed letter, 2s.

18 Aug 1937. Unsigned authorization form.

Two envelopes.

Buonamici, Carlo to Ernest Hemingway. Christmas card, signed, with handwritten note and envelope.

Burton, Gordonto [?]. 1 Sept 1922. Request for introduction to Ernest Hemingway.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.


Cape Limited, Jonathanto Ernest Hemingway. 4 Sept 1933. Dear Mr. Hemingway: I am enclosing a letter we have received this morning, which I think speaks for itself. We felt a little diffident about giving these two gentlemen an introduction to you.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

Royalty reports for Jan-Jun 1933.

To Ernest Hemingway. 2 Sept 1937. My Dear Hemingway, I have had offered to me Ernest Hemingway:  A First Study by Robert Daubney.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

To Times, and the Observer.

Capers, Julian (Advertising agency) to Ernest Hemingway. Fan letter.  Typed and signed letter, 2s.

Carpio, Jos. D.  to Ernest Hemingway. 21 Nov 1937. Fan letter.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

Carrillo, M. (Assistant Secretary, Guaranty Trust Company of New York, Paris Office)  (See Series 1: Guaranty Trust Company of New York.)

Carroll, Nicholasto Ernest Hemingway. 8 Oct 1931. Fan letter.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.

Casa Del Automovil, La. 17 Sept 1937. Receipt for services.

Cody, E. Morrillto Ernest Hemingway. 5 Oct 1933. Dear Hemingway, The book of Jimmie's [i.e. James Charters] This Must be the Place is finished and awaiting your approval.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

Coffee House, Theto Ernest Hemingway. 27 Nov 1931. Invitation to join the club.  Typed and signed letter, 1s; club booklet for Jan 1931.

Cohen, Louis Henryto Dr. Don Carlos Guffey. 2 Nov 1931. Dear Dr. Guffey:- I have taken the liberty of sending under separate cover a letter addressed to our mutual friend Ernest Hemingway.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s with envelope.

Bookplate made from a reproduction from a note written by Ernest Hemingway for Louis Henry Cohn.

Cole, Ashley T. to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. Fan mail.  Typed and signed note, 1s with envelope.

Common Senseto Ernest Hemingway. 19 Nov 1932. Typed prospectus of a new magazine, 2p with envelope.

Compagnie Général‚ Transatlantique. 25 Jan 1930. Confirmation of reservations for passage aboard "La Bourdonnais."

Concha de Conception Vazquez, La (Restaurant).  Undated. Receipt.

Cook & Son (Bankers) Ltd, Thos. 13 Dec 1933. Receipt.

Cooke, Alfred H. (London tailor and outfitter) 8 Jan 1919. Two bills of sale.

Correos 25 Sept 1933. [Certified mail receipt].

Cosgrove, Myrtle to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated.  Invitation to a writer's/editor's meeting at her home in Key West.  Handwritten and signed postcard.

Craven, Carl E. (vocalist). Calling card.

Cruikshank, James H. (Director of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to Ernest Hemingway. 6 Jan 1933.

TLS, 1s with photocopy press cutting of article about bullfighting in Spain.

Curry's Sons Co., William. (Hardware, ship chandlery) circa 1932. Bill of sale for boat repair supplies.

Curtin, Frank A. (Lawyer) to Ernest Hemingway. 15 Oct 1927. Fan letter.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.


de Gramont [?], Elizabeth to Ernest Hemingway.  Incomplete date. Dear Mr. Hemingway, I have read all your books with such a delight, that I would like to translate in French some of your short stories.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.

Distrito Forestal de Pontevedra Coruna to Ernest Hemingway. Aug 1929. Typed and signed letter in Spanish, 1s.

Dougherty, Eleanor M. to Ernest Hemingway. 31 Dec 1937. Fan letter.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.

Duhanel, Marcel to Ernest Hemingway. 22 Dec 1945. Dear Marcel: Thank you very much for your two letters which I have just received.

Glad you are well and doing so well with your translations and with the plays. Typed and signed letter with handwritten note, 2s.

To Ernest Hemingway. 20 Oct 1949. Dear Papa, This is not going to be a long letter because I suppose you hate to read them as much as I do writing them. However, in this case, believe me when I say it is a pleasure to have at least this kind of contact with you.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

To Ernest Hemingway. 16 Sept 1959. Dear Marcel, Your letter of July 16th only reached me yesterday as it had to go to Cuba and then follow us around Spain.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.

Eastern Air Lines  to Ernest Hemingway. 20 May 1938. Invitation to join the Flying Fisherman Club.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

Empire Safe Deposit Company Receipt for rental of safety deposit box for Oct 1933-Oct 1936.

First National Bank of Chicago, Illinois Statement of accounts for Mar-Jul 1937.

First Union Trust and Savings Bank Statement of accounts for Jun 1932.

To Ernest Hemingway. 17 Jun 1932. Acknowledgement of receipt of Hemingway's order to purchase shares of stock.  Typed and signed letter, 1s with envelope; 4 related receipts.

Flechtheim, [?] Querschnitt [?] to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. [Offering to sell 2 paintings by Picasso.] ALS, 1s; photographic reproductions of the paintings being offered.

Gardner, Ethel Feutress to Ernest Hemingway, Grace Hall (Ernest Hemingway's mother).  Incomplete date. My dear Mrs. Hemingway, Your letter has just come to me and I hasten to answer at once because I know you are anxious to get the latest news from our dear children in Austria and also naturally want to know who this young man is who is so peremptorily carrying off your daughter [i.e. Carol].  Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.

George  [to Ernest Hemingway].  Undated. Here is your beer. I left it with the concierge in a suitcase. Handwritten note, 1s.

Geraghty [?], Tom J. to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. Dear Mr. Hemingway: Thought afterwards that I might have sounded a bit presumptuous--telling you of Hollywood the other night.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.

Guaranty Trust Company of New York (M. Carrillo, Assistant Secretary, Paris Office) to Ernest Hemingway. 25 Aug 1931. Dear Hemingway: You are some correspondent! Do you intend coming to Paris and what are your plans, as I want you to read a couple of stories.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

To Ernest Hemingway. 31 Mar 1933. Dear Sir, Nous remarquons n'avoir pas reçu de vous un accord récent relatiff au relev‚ de votre compte chez nous.  Typed and signed letter, 1s with handwritten note.

To Ernest Hemingway. 2 Oct 1933. Dear Sir, We do not appear to have received from you recently an acknowledgement of the correctness of your account with us.  Typed and signed letter, 1s; French version of same, 1s.

To Ernest Hemingway. 26 Aug 1937. Dear Sir: Please be advised that we have opened a new "Checking U.S. Dollar" account on our books in your name.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

Statements of account, 1933, 1937; miscellaneous receipts and printed information concerning accounts.

Calling card for [agent] Robert G. Rouse, with handwritten note on verso.

Travelers Circular Letters of Credit.  List of Correspondents. Printed pamphlet.

Gyldendal Norsk Forlag [Royalty statement] for Farewell to Arms, 1933.


Hector Supply Company (Hay-Grain-Feed) to [Pauline Hemingway]. 21 Mar 1939. Bill of sale.

Hemingway, Carol  to  Ernest Hemingway.  Incomplete date. Dear Ernie: On my way from Lake George to Pratts, I stopped off in Windsor, Vermont, to see Christy MacKaye. Typed letter signed "beefy", 1s.

Wedding announcement, 21 Mar 1933, with envelope hand-addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Hemingway.

Hemingway, Ernest(Papa) to [?]. 5 Jul 1937. Pas We marigny [sic] gone newyork [sic] dinner clothes arrived much love and chilblains. Telegram.

Hemingway, Mrs. [?] to [Jinny].  Undated. Jo Merck rare and superior specimen both thinking about Havana come July. Telegram.

Hemingway, Pauline to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. Darling--Just a note to enclose the checks and put your mind at rest about the passports.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.

From [Mme. Pironet]. 9 Feb 1927. Handwritten and signed card with envelope.

Hickock, Guy [?] (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)  to Ernest Hemingway. 3 Oct 1933. Dear Ernest,.On the boat back I read a book that was handed me in which the woman mountain of the Left Bank [i.e. Gertrude Stein] tried to do you dirt.  Typed and signed letter, 1s with envelope.

Hudnut, Richard to Ernest Hemingway. 29 Sept, 1933. Dear Ernest and all: I have delayed writing you. I am enclosing a clipping giving a report from Madrid that Ernest is considered a friend of Spain and Spain appreciates what Death in the Afternoon has done and is doing to enlighten other countries regarding the Spanish attitude toward bullfighting.  Typed and signed letter, 3s with photocopy of press cutting.

Illinois Host House  to Ernest Hemingway. 11 Sept 1933. Invitation to participate in "A Century of Progress" week.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

Inland Revenue to Ernest Hemingway. Receipt for tax deduction for Nov 1933.

Jenkinson, Anthony  to Ernest Hemingway. 15 Aug 1937. Dear Mr. Hemingway: I was very interested to read the other day that your film THE SPANISH EARTH has had its first showing in Hollywood.  Typed and signed letter, 1s with envelope.

Johnnie (WWI friend) to Ernest Hemingway. [4 Apr 1919]. Mio dilettissimo Ernesto: When your letter came yesterday I received one of the best surprises I've been know to receive. Lord! man I thot [sic] you'd forgotten my lonely existence in the old hemisphere of tribulation.  Handwritten and signed letter, 4s with envelope.

Kirsch, Blanche  to Ernest Hemingway. 24 Jun 1937. Fan letter.  Typed and signed letter, 2s.

L-T Ranch, The(Painter, Wyoming) to Ernest Hemingway. Bill for lodging and hunting, 1932.

Losey, Joseph  to Ernest Hemingway. 24 Aug 1938. Dear Ernest: Here are the clips.  Typed and signed note, 1s with photocopied press cuttings in reference to Hemingway's play, "The Fifth Column."

McQuarrie, Elaine to New York Times (possibly forwarded to Ernest Hemingway). 31 Oct 1937. In reference to "Mr. Marshall's" articles on Spain and her son who was killed there.  Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.

Miranda, Antonio (Garaje Torrijos) to Ernest Hemingway. Bill for services, 1937.

National Biscuit Company Stockholders proxy voting card imprinted with Hemingway's name, address.

National City Bank of New York Bank statements and cancelled checks for Pauline and Ernest Hemingway, 1932-1933.

Neubert, Carl to Ernest Hemingway. 1 Jul 1937. Fan letter.  Typed and signed letter, 1s with envelope.

Nielson, [---]  to Ernest Hemingway. 30 Sept [1938]. Dear Mr. Hemingway. Maybe you will remember the Danish government from Gripsholm. Did you receive my letter from Denmark? Handwritten and signed postcard.

Nordisk-Voyages  to Ernest Hemingway.  Nov 1933-Jan 1934.  Acknowledgements of and receipts for deposit/payment for passage from Mombasa to Villefranche, 7 pieces; 2 tourist service agency cards; landing card.


North American Newspaper Alliance (H. J. J. Sargint)  to Ernest Hemingway. 3 Sept 1937. Dear Mr. Hemingway, I now have some additional information to give you about collect arrangements which we are making for your service from Spain.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

Paraíso, El  to Ernest Hemingway. [9 Sept 193-]. Receipt.

Parmly Billings Memorial Library (Billings, Montana) to Ernest Hemingway. 17 Aug 1936. My dear Mr. Hemingway: If you are in need of library service while you are in Montana.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

[Perkins], Max "Ax" to Ernest Hemingway. 21 Aug 1933. Corrected proof mailed everything right proceeding with manufacture writing. Telegram.

Pfeiffer, Gustavus A. (Pauline Hemingway's Uncle Gus) [written by his secretary] to Ernest Hemingway. 29 Jan 1935. At a dinner of the Economic Club in December, Mr. Pfeiffer heard the Honorable Lewis W. Douglas discuss the importance of a balanced national budget.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

Rehm, Andrés  to Ernest Hemingway. 6 Oct 1937. Typed and signed letter in Spanish in reference to Jos‚ A. Weissberger, 1s.

Richardson, Hadley to Ernest Hemingway. 13 Apr [1933]. Dearest Palt, dear cherished friends--the million dollar check arrived and is just too welcome for anything--I just didn't look for anything but the $600.00 you promised.  Handwritten and signed letter, 4s.

Salt Water Anglers of America. Final notice of the annual meeting, 12 Nov 1935, including the organization's statement of purpose and a membership booklet.

Saturday Evening Post, The  to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. Rejection notice.

S.E.I.D.A. (S.A.) Receipt, 29 Sept 1937.

Smith, Bill [?] to Ernest Hemingway]. 23 Jun 1938. After being so [---] about it the fight was, I am afraid, a terrible dissappointment [sic]. The preliminaries were absolutely rotten and not even worth mentioning. Handwritten and signed letter fragment, 1s. [In reference to the Joe Louis-Max Schneling fight.]

Smith, Y. K. [?] to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. Clamorus Clamberer: As most of my writing is directed to preserving the 3 unities--food, clothing and shelter--you can readily perceive why the dribble in the stream.  Handwritten and signed letter, 2s on verso of 2 Critchfield & Company office memos.

Snedigar, Louis F. (Mayor of Miami Beach, FA) to Ernest Hemingway. 5 Jun 1937. Request for autographed photograph.  Typed and signed letter, 1s with envelope.

Stockbridge, Mr. to Ernest Hemingway. 23 Sept 1921. Inter office correspondence which reads: Talk to me about a department to be called "What Uncle Sam is doing for his nephews and nieces." 1s.

To Ernest Hemingway. 23 Sept 1921. Make a little story called "500 for One Acre of Land" out of this.

(See also Series II: Writings: "J. F. Washington, Cotton Farmer")

Talleres Modernos Receipt, 1 Oct 1937.

Thompson Fish Co., Inc. (Hardware Department) to Ernest Hemingway. Itemized bills of sale, 1932.

TORONTO STAR [?] (Edwin Pailthorp) from Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. Am throwing down forty a week and expenses to come to Toronto. Suggest you meet train with competent corps of alienists. Carbon copy typed letter, 1s.

(Gregory Clark) from Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. Please wire whether you are using fight series. Handwritten note, 1s.

(See also: Series 2: Writings: [Toronto Star])

Travelers Insurance Company, The. (E. F. Williamson, adjuster)  to Ernest Hemingway. 4 Jun 1919. Dear Sir:- I have received your affidavit of claim made up for two weeks on account, and draft in the sum of $40.00 is attached.  Typed and signed letter, 1s with envelope.

Trevelyan, H. D. to Ernest Hemingway. 15 Sept 1933. Fan letter.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s with envelope.

Tribune [?]  to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. F. G. 39I Tribune: Your advertisement in today's Tribune looks to be the opportunity [sic] I have been seeking to leave the Newspaper business and enter the magazine field. Typed letter, 1s.

From Ernest Hemingway.  Incomplete date. C I22 Tribune: No attempt will be made to write a trick letter in an effort to plunge you into such paroxysm of laughter that you will weakly push over to me the position advertized in Sunday's Tribune. Typed letter, 1s.

United Press to Ernest Hemingway. Incomplete date. Dear Mr. Hemingway: We received the following wire from Webb Miller: "Inform Ernest Hemingway quintanilla living sitges casa de pintor sunyer near barcelona.  Typed and signed note, 1s.

(See also Series 2: Writings: "Quintanilla.")

United States Customs Service Admission card. 28 Mar 1934.

Victoria Hotel  Restaurant bill.  Undated.

Wallich, Docteur Robert 26 Aug 1937. Typed list of recommendations, 1p.

Watt & Son, A. P.  to Ernest Hemingway. 17 Nov 1937. Dear Sir, I have received an enquiry for the German translation rights in your novel To Have and to Have Not.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

Webb, Jon Edgar  to Ernest Hemingway. 9 Apr 1936. Dear Webb: I read the all [---], no petals story which you were good enough to send me and liked it.  Handwritten and signed postcard. 

Weil, --- Marquis  to Ernest Hemingway.  Incomplete date. Fan letter.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.

White, Phil to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. Valentine, signed by a young Ernest Hemingway.

World Film News and Television Progress  to Ernest Hemingway. 16 Aug 1937. Subscription advertisement.



"Useless"  to Ernest Hemingway.  17 Jan 1920.  Dear Stein: Do you think I can match you on [p---tness]?  If I can keep my thoughts revolving long enough and in the right manner.  Handwritten and signed letter, 3s.

To and from Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. An exchanged handwritten note in reference to a Hudson Bay trip, 1s.

To and from Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. An exchanged handwritten note in reference to a [fishing trip]; on verso a mention of the "Tabula Grind;" 1s.

To and from Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. handwritten note by Ernest Hemingway and [a high school friend] written on pages excised from Hemingway's father's medical calendar, 6p.

[?] to "Jon." 15 Apr 1963. Dear Jon: I have a curiosity which may or may not interest you. The Democratic National Convention 1936 Philadelphia Contents Page reads: Biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Biography of John Nance Garner, Biography of James A. Farley etc. then the Program, the various departments of State etc. Carbon copy typed letter, 1s with handwritten note (author unknown) at bottom which reads: "When the book was finally put together it was Bascom Timmins and not Ernest Hemingway who wrote the bit on Garner."

[?]  to "Ura."Undated.   Dear Ura, Ernest got your letter yesterday, and we are SIMPLY overjoyed that you can and will come--and for the whole time. Typed and handwritten letter fragment, 1s.

[?] to Ernest Hemingway. Aug 1929. In Spanish.  Typed and signed letter, 1s.

[?] to [?]. 12 Dec 1937. Can you possibly make homebound Bremen seventeenth I to sail tentatively fifteenth. Telegram.

[?] to [?]"Madame." Incomplete date. In French.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.

[?] to Ernest Hemingway.  21 Nov 1937.  With the respect and best wishes from [---].  Handwritten and signed postcard.

[?] to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. Fan letter which mentions speaking of Ernest Hemingway with Gertrude Stein.  Handwritten and signed letter, 1s.

[?] to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. 2 handwritten and signed letter fragments in Spanish, 1s each.

[?] to Ernest Hemingway.  Undated. New Year's card, unsigned, with envelope.

9 postmarked envelopes, some with handwritten note on verso.

Series 2:  Writings
1:1 11 November 1918, 11 November 1968.  Facsimile of CIAO, printed to commemorate the first exhibition from the Joseph M. Bruccoli Great War Collection.    
1:2 A Moveable FeastPublisher's announcement, 2 copies.    

Death in the AfternoonPress cutting of review (in Spanish) appearing in Ahora. circa 1933. (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Azagury, Solly; Hudnut, Richard)


FAREWELL TO ARMS. (See Series 1: Correspondence: Gyldendal Norsk Forlag)


"The Farm." Reprint of an excerpt from an article to be published in Cahiers D'Art. Used here as an introduction to the Joan Miro Exhibit catalogue. Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York City, 1933-1934. Also the title of a Miro painting within Hemingway's private collection.


"The Fifth Column." (Series 1: Correspondence: Losey, Joseph)

1:5 "Finca Vigia, San Francisco de Paula, Cuba." Printed blurb for the Reginald Rowe Exhibit catalogue. Wellons Gallery, New York City, 1952.    
1:6 The Hemingway Manuscripts.  An Inventory. 1969. Philip Young and Charles W. Mann. Galley proof; photostat of a draft fragment [introduction]; Hemingway biographical information; 9p.    
1:7 ["Hemingway's Farewell."] Facsimile foundry proof, 3 copies.    
1:8 ["Henrietta Hoopes Exhibit."]  Printed blurb for Henrietta Hoopes Exhibit catalogue. Knoedler Galleries, 1940-1941.    
1:9 "The Italian Butter Front." Handwritten draft notes, 2p.    
1:10 ["J.F. Washington, Cotton Farmer."]  Undated.  Handwritten personal account by former negro slave, J. F. Washington; typed note to "Mr. Stockbridge" attached with suggestions as to the story's possible use, 6p.    
1:11 "Making America Safe For Cooperation." [by Ernest Hemingway or Jerome Smith?].  Typed with handwritten revisions, 13p.    
1:12 "Night Before Battle." Typed short story with handwritten corrections and revisions in the author’s hand, 43p. handwritten note reads: “First U. S. serial rights only--10, 497 words.” Includes photograph of portions of the manuscript    
1:13 The Old Man and the Sea. 1952. Advance galley proofs.    
1:14 “Quintanilla." Printed blurb for the Luis Quintanilla Exhibition catalogue. Exhibit of drawings of the war in Spain at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City, 1938. (See also Series 1: United Press)    
1:15 "The Spanish Earth." (See Series I: Correspondence: Jenkinson, Anthony)    
  The Sun Also Rises. (See Series 1: Correspondence: Brown Ltd., Curtis)    
  To Have and to Have Not. (See Series 1: Correspondence: Brace, (Mrs. C. F.) Catherine; Brown Ltd., Curtis; Watt & Son, A. P.)    
   [Toronto Star.] handwritten list of articles sent to the Toronto Star, p.    
  Fragments.  Handwritten and typed drafts and fragments of proposed articles, 8p.    
1:15 Winner Takes Nothing. Galley proofs for Jonathan Cape publication notices to be published in the Observer and the Times Literary Supplement.    
  "The Woppian Way." Typed [article] fragment with handwritten revisions,1p.    
1:16 Unidentified. Handwritten fragments, 4p.    
Series 3:  Photographs

Portrait of Ernest Hemingway.

Excised picture of Ernest Hemingway with lion kill.

Snapshot of Ernest Hemingway skiing.

Photo of Mary and Ernest Hemingway. Inscribed to Marshall Bean by MH.

2 photo negatives of 3 young boys.

Snapshot of peacocks.

Unidentified group of men with artillery equipment.

2 photo negatives of fishermen.

Photo negative of 2 unidentified men, circa 1910.

2 snapshots of [Italian] soldiers.

Photo of a Spanish bullfight. Inscription on verso: “El Gallo in a freak pass. He encouraged the taste for monkeyshines as well as initiating a style of cape work that has become classic.”

2 snapshots from a May Day celebration.

Photo of [John Dos Passos], 3 copies.

Unidentified building, circa 1900.

Portrait of Ernest Hemingway, circa 1920s.

Portrait of Ernest Hemingway, circa 1960.

2:1  Photo of Mary and Ernest Hemingway on board their boat; photo taken by research photographer George Leavent.     
Series 4:  Personal Ephemera

[High school] dance card with dance engagements penciled in on verso.

Driver's license for Spain. 1937.

Reprint from Oak Leaves of a photograph and blurb about Dr. Clarence E. Hemingway.  Undated.

Memorial leaflet for Anson Tyler Hemingway. 2 copies.

Bookplates specially printed for Ernest Hemingway. 2 copies.

The Red and the White. Orville Ohio High School publication, Vol. IV, No.2, Feb 1916. Oak Park High School paper, The Tabula, is mentioned on p28.


Typed assignment sheet for "The Cooperative Commonwealth," with handwritten answers by Ernest Hemingway, 1p.

High school Latin examination with handwritten interlinear translation by Ernest Hemingway, 3p.

Mimeograph copy of biology instruction with handwritten notes and signature by Ernest Hemingway, 39p.


Plaza de Toros de Valencia Resena Historica gui del Visitante Mused Taurino.  1929.  Press cutting in reference to Mae Marsh tipped in.

Ticket to a Salamanca bullfight.

El Cobarde Marcial.  Undated.

La Fiesta Nacional O Analisis Moral Y Social de las Corridas de Toros. Claudio Sousa. 1928. Engraver's proof of a photographic reproduction picturing 2 matadors.


Arte de Torear a Pie y Acaballo.  Refundido y Aumentado por el Aficionado Pilatos.  Madrid, 1876.

Catecismo Taurino. M. Serrano Garcia-Vao. Madrid, 1913.


[Belmonte, Elmisterioso].  F. Gomez Hidalgo.  Excised illustrated cover depicting a bullfight.

El Karril.  Organillo Chipin de Toreo Machote. Vol. III, No. 68, circa 1935.  Vol. III, No. 80. 21 Apr 1935.

El Eco Taurino. Vol. 23, No. 1.174. 27 Jun 1932.

La Lidia. 9 issues dating from Dec 1920-Apr 1921. [In very poor condition due to water damage]


 A.L. Furstnow Saddlery Company catalogue.

How to Second and How to Manage a Boxer. Nat Fleischer, undated.


Big Game Trophies.  Promotion booklet for Hansen Studios (Sculptors, taxidermists and tanners).

African Game Trophies of Mr. & Mrs. E.L. King. 1924-1926. Souvenir booklet.

Upland Game Bird Shooting in America. 1930.

Promotional brochure and catalogue for Fred C.N. Parke, Taxidermist.


International Literature.  No. 1, Jan 1939.

Now and Then.  No. 60, Summer, 1938. American Co-operative Fraternity. Membership information.

"A Great American, Benjamin Franklin." Educational brochure.

["We Shall Not Sleep."] Excised advertisement by Bauer & Black from unknown magazine bearing a reproduction of Philip Lyford's painting and the original poem by John McCrae.

American Committee for the Protection of the Foreign Born. Press service newsletter, 21 Aug 1936.

"The Story of J. F. Millet." Hand made, mimeographed booklet about the French painter Jean François Millet.

Excised page from the New Yorker, 28 Aug 1937, with handwritten comment by an unknown author.

The Sportman. Sept 1933.

2:2  Expense vouchers, handwritten fragments of notes, lists, etc.    

Press cuttings from the newspaper, GLI, picturing [Italian] POWs, 23 Apr 1937, plus an actual photograph of POW Group 6 used for the article.

New Masses. 25 Aug 1936.

La Voz. 3 May 1937.

Ahora. Excised press cutting of an article in reference to Cuba, 24 Sept 1933.

Mundo Obrero (Paper of the Central Organization of the Communist Party). 9 Apr 1937.

The Havana Post. 16 Oct 1934.

 Excised pages from an Asian newspaper.

"Farmers At Runnymede." Article excised from the Saturday Evening Post, 10 Sept 1921 attached to a press cutting of an article (in reference to farmers) excised from the Kansas City Weekly, 15 Sept 1921.


Holy card.

Unused post cards.

Photographic reproductions of 3 paintings, artist(s) unknown.

Souvenir program for Gran Concerto E Ballo.  Undated.

National Package Store catalogue.

Advertisement for German [wines & liquor].

"La Nouvelle Ford." Automobile brochure.

Press cutting of an automobile advertisement.

How to Live.  A Journal of Health and Hygieme. Vol. 18, No. 2, Apr 1934.

Ernest Hemingway memorial envelope, postmarked from Oak Park, IL.

Commemorative stamps for New Atlantis-1964. handwritten notation reads: From [---] Hemingway-acting President-Republic of New Atlantis/for an unknown friend of Philip Duschnes Oct 2, 1964....


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