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Robert Frost - John S. Van E. Kohn collection

Collection 1981-005

Dates:  1915-1976.

Extent:  (1 box).

Level of Description:  Item level.

Name of creator(s):  John S. Van E. Kohn.

Date of creation:  Undetermined.

Scope and Content:   Consists of correspondence between Kohn and others, press cuttings and brochures, and other Frost-related ephemeral items; correspondence between Robert Frost and others, Frost's Christmas circular letters and cards, photocopies of poems, copy of Frost's last will and testament, photos of Frost, and other Frost-related ephemeral items.

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Language and Scripts:  English.

Finding aid/Inventory:  Finding aid is available online.

Provenance/Source of Acquisition:   Gift of Mrs. (Frances) John S. Van E. Kohn, 1981.

Date(s) of description:   Unknown.

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John S. Van E. Kohn
1:1 Amherst College Library (J. Richard Phillips) to and from Kohn.  1971.    
  Argosy Bookstores, Inc. to Kohn.  1932.    
  Barnes, Dick from Kohn.  1973, 1975.    
  Behrman, Howard from Kohn. 1973.    

Blanck, Jake.  1975.  Kohn's handwritten and typed draft of his contribution to a publication about Blanck; includes cover letter from Kohn to Antiquarian Bookman's Weekly, Jan 20, 1975.

  Blumenthal, Joseph to Kohn.  Undated.    
  Cameron, Daniel W. to Kohn.   1930.    
  Certain, Mrs. Henry to Kohn.  1932‑1933.    
  Clymer, W. B. Shubrick to Kohn.  1941, 1963.    
1:2 Cohen, Ruth to Kohn.  Undated.    
  Cole, Ezra D. to and from Kohn. 1942.    
  College of William and Mary in Virginia to Kohn.  1966.    
  Coyle, Peter to Kohn.  1931.    
  Crane, Joan St. C. to and from Kohn.  1971‑1975.  Includes attached letters to and from Crane and Charles Butcher.    
  Cummings, Annette to Kohn.  1934‑1942.    
1:3 Dartmouth College to Kohn.  1962.    
  Davids, C. Tennyson to Kohn.  1957.    
  Ewart, W. B. to Kohn.  1971.  Includes photo of Robert Frost and Oscar Williams, 1961.    

Frost, Elinor.  1938.  Announcement of her funeral services.

  Frost‑Ballantine, Lesley to Kohn.  1965‑1975.  Includes letter to "Ethell"; acknowledgement from Frost Ballantine to "Otto and Ethel;" and a cover letter from Fales Library (New York University) to Kohn with 4 copies of Frost-Ballantine's checklist of materials to be appraised.    
1:4 Gardner Public Library to Kohn.  1941.    
  Howell, Warren R. from Kohn.  1976.    
  Mayfield Library. to Kohn.  1970.    
  McKeon, Newton from Kohn.  1975, 1976.    
  Merrill Lynch, Pierce, et. al. to Kohn. 1963.    
  Morrison, Kay from Kohn.  1972.    
  Seven Gables Bookshop, Inc. (Mike Papantonio) to Frances Kohn.  1972.    
1:5 Thompson, Lawrance to and from Kohn.  1936‑1971.  Includes letters to and from Thompson and W. E. Stockhausen; carbon copy typescript of Thompson's "The Story of Robert Frost's Life as Suggested and Illuminated by Some of His Poems;" and a photocopy of a  book review of Thompson's Robert Frost, the Early Years.    
  Walsh, Mike from Kohn.  1973.    
  West, Carin and Herb to Kohn.  Undated.    
  Winnick, Roy H. to Kohn.  1976.    
  Unidentified by first name:    
1:6 Bac to Kohn.  Undated.    
  Bailey and Kingsley from Kohn.  1973.    
  Ed from Kohn.  Undated.    
  Hoyle to Kohn.  1939.    
  Josephine from Kohn.  1972.    
   Louise to and from Kohn.  1974.    
  Nan from Kohn.  1973.    
  Peripatet[ic] from Kohn.  Undated.    
  Regina to Kohn.  1932, 1933.    
  Ship from Kohn.  1972.     
  Stell from Kohn.  1974.    
  Tom and Ruth to Kohn.  1932.    

Carbon copy typed obituary for Richard S. Wormser, [1975].  5p.

  Handwritten proposed forward for 30th anniversary catalogue, 1976.  3p.    
1:8 Handwritten worksheets from Frost‑Morrison appraisal for Dartmouth, 1972, 4 versions.    
  Photocopy of a typed letter from Kohn to Edward Connery Lathem, Dartmouth, relating to appraisal.  Undated.    
  Adding machine tabulations.    
  Typed list of Frost items which formed the original Kohn Collection, 1p.    
  3 handwritten notes.    
1:9 Pamphlets, brochures.    
  Photocopied press cuttings.    
  Copy of The American Apollo, no. 6, Feb 10, 1972 and no. 15, undated.    
  9 lyric sheets from Johnson & Co. Song Publishers.    
Robert Frost
1:10 Braithwaite, W. S. from Frost.  1915.    
  [Kazin], Alfred from Frost.  1955.     
  Kohn, John S. Van E. from Frost.  1938.    
  Young, Stark from Frost.  Undated.    

Christmas Cards


"Christmas Trees.  A Christmas Circular Letter." Henry Holt & Co., signed by Frost.


Photocopy of same with notation by Frost; [Kohn's] handwritten note on verso as to the card's origin.  Envelope containing the above items with similar notation by [Kohn].

1:12  Photocopy of Frost's typed Christmas card list, 7p.  Carbon copy typed chart of Christmas card imprints issued and names of recipients, 1p.    
1:13 "The Later Minstrel."  Photocopy of poem as it appeared in The Pinkerton Critic, Mar 1907 with a photocopy of a handwritten note attached from Helen Melvin Moody, 1p.    
  "The Deacon's Child."  Photocopy of a handwritten and signed poem, 2p, 2 copies.    
1:14 Photocopy of Frost's typed and signed last will and testament, 3p.    
  Photocopy of a typed letter from Frost to A. D. Edwards, 1957, pertaining to the above.    
1:15 Bookplate signed by Robert Frost.    
  Press cuttings about Robert Frost, an invitation to poetry reading.    
  Brochures, keepsakes.    
  Press release for the ground breaking of Robert Frost Library at Amherst College.    
1:16 Robert Frost at Bread Loaf.    
  Robert Frost with colt.    
  Robert Frost at podium.    
  Robert Frost with Alfred Stevens, Bread Loaf, 1962.    
  Robert Frost in grade school class picture.    
  Robert Frost in rocking chair.    
  Robert Frost in countryside.    
  Marjorie Frost.    
  Robert Frost and Oscar Williams, 1961.  (See Kohn correspondence: Ewart, W. B.).    
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