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Richard Ellmann papers

Series 1: Research files: Wyndham Lewis

Collection 1988-012

Box 153 Inventory of the Wyndham Lewis material compiled by University of Tulsa graduate students Hetty Keaton and Angela Ellis (Dr. Robert Spoo, professor Fall 1991)  
Item 1 Wyndham Lewis to Ellmann.  Washington, DC. March [1955].  Telegram. Lewis tells Ellmannthat he will meet him at Yale Library at 2:30 the following day.  
Item 2 Ellmann to Wyndham Lewis. Evanston, Illinois.  7 March 1956. Carbon copy typed letter, 1p. Ellmannwishes to visit Lewis in London again concerning Joyce biography.  
Item 3 Wyndham Lewis to James Joyce. Kensington. Date unknown (identity of "Mrs. S" in letter might help establish the date). Photocopy of a handwritten and initialled letter, 1p. Very short, hard to read. Lewis apparently acting as a "go-between" for Joyce and Mrs. S. Suggests meeting time and offers a piece of information apparently relevant to an argument between the two.  
Item 4 Wyndham Lewis to Joyce. London. [between 1922 and 1926].  Photocopy of a handwritten and signed letter, 1p. Thanks Joyce for copy of Ulysses, mentions comments from Miss [Brecks] and Pound on the novel.  
Item 5 Ellmann. London. 26 June 1931. Handwritten notes taken from interview requested in item #2, 8p.  
Item 6 Ellmann. London. 26 June 1931. Transcription of notes from items #5, 3p.  
Item 7 Carbon copy of #6, 3p.)  
Item 8 Ellmann.  Perhaps from Ellmann's appointment at Yale with Wyndham Lewis (mentioned in item #1). Typescript, 3p. Describes meeting between Joyce and Lewis (who were traveling together) and T.S. Eliot in Paris in mid-August 1920. Account given in James Joyce, p 507-8. Describes a gift to Joyce from Ezra Pound and an argument between Joyce and his son.  
Item 9 Ellmann. Carbon copy typescript, 3p. Copy of item #8.  
Item 10 Lewis, G.A. Wyndham to Ellmann. Kensington. 2 June 1957. Typed and signed letter, 1p., w/e. Reply to Ellmann's letter which apparently expressed sympathy over Wyndham Lewis' death (G.A.'s father). Ellmann's name misspelled.  

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