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Richard Ellmann papers

Series 1: Research files: James Joyce

Collection 1988-012

Inventory of the James Joyce material compiled by University of Tulsa graduate students Hetty Keaton and Angela Ellis (Dr. Robert Spoo, professor Fall 1991) with additional assistance from Michael Groden, 2006.

Please note:  All letters written by James Joyce originally located in the Ellmann papers have been removed and are housed separately.

Box 55 James Joyce miscellaneous
James Joyce letters and miscellaneous
More James Joyce letters
Letters from Stanislaus Joyce
James Joyce Estate
Farrell, James T.
Info on Italian seminar on James Joyce
The Reader's subscription Oct, Nov 1960
Ulysses notebook VIII A.5 at Buffalo Univ
Outline of Ulysses
James Joyce Tower
Ulysses on the Liffey
56 James Joyce's religion, politics, and women's notes on "Joyce's Women"
Joyce's unpublished letters
Book review articles on Ellmann
57 James Joyce letters and miscellaneous
James Joyce collected poems, comments, and lists
Pomes Pennyeach text
James Joyce long poems: "Ecce Puer," "Gas From A Burner," "The Holy Office"
James Joyce letters to/from Nora
Miscellaneous Ellmann articles on James Joyce
Script from play about James Joyce
58 Letters to/from James Joyce to T.S. Eliot and others
James Joyce letters
James Joyce letters to Pound
Ellmann notebook of James Joyce research notes
Ellmann Joyce source notes
59 Corrections to Ellmann's James Joyce materials
Dreams 1916
Ellmann's review of mss on James Joyce
File labeled Chp IV
Info on James Joyce from Ezra Pound
John Quinn
James Joyce material unlabeled
James Joyce letters [1931]
James Joyce letters Paris life
James Joyce letters
60 Ellmann article on pornography/James Joyce and miscellaneous
James Joyce miscellaneous
Finnegans Wake
"From A Banned Writer To A Banned Singer" by James Joyce
Giant's Grave, Penrith in Finnegans Wake
Dubliners (scholars edition)
61 James Joyce miscellaneous
Lecture notes on James Joyce
A [spondaic] hexameter of James Joyce
Materials on A Portrait
Miscellaneous James Joyce, German essay on James Joyce
James Joyce miscellaneous (4): letters to/from Ellmann, reviews, articles
[unlabeled folder] 1982 correspondence between Monro Pennefather, Hans Hahnke, Stephen Joyce, and Peter du Sautoy regarding a trunk containing letters from Harriet Shaw Weaver, Sylvia Beach, and others, once the property of George Joyce.  
62 Map of Monto (district of Dublin) prepared by Philip Robinson, 1982.

"Identite et Identification dans la nouvelle de J. Joyce 'Un Petit Nuage'". Frosso Carapanos. 1983. Photocopy typescript.

"Daniel Defoe". Italian translation. Photocopy of manuscript from The Joyce Archive, of Prescott edition in Buffalo Studies, other photocopies.

"Realism and Idealism in English literature: Daniel Defoe and William Blake". Ellsworth Mason translation. Photocopies of several typescripts, variously edited.

"Realism and Idealism in English literature: Daniel Defoe and William Blake".  Photocopies of manuscripts, newsclippings; letters from Mason regarding his translation.

"Yeats and Joyce". Transcript of 1982 panel discussion by A. Walton Litz, Giorgio Melchiori, and Ellmann; moderated by Ellen Carol Jones, Cornell University.

"What James Joyce Thought of Finnegans Wake." Ellmann. Typscript and carbon typescript mixed with other items.

"Shakespeare". Ellmann? Typescript of article? Several versions.

"Don Giovanni in Ireland". Ellmann? Edited typescript.

"Shakespeare in Trieste: The 1912 Hamlet  Lectures." William H. Quillian, Princeton. Photocopy typescript.

"Joyce's Library in 1920". Much edited carbon typescript list.

"Joyce Unparalleled". Ellmann. 1975. Much edited typescript.

"The Consciousness of Joyce, Chapter II: Homer". Ellmann. Much edited typescript.

"Shakespeare", "Joyce Unparalleled", etc. Ellmann. Mixed typescripts.

63-64 Proofs of James Joyce  
65 Proofs of James Joyce
Newspaper articles on Ellmann's bio of James Joyce
GQ review of 1982 bio of James Joyce
66 James Joyce's letters [1931]
Joyce, Stanislaus
Miscellaneous James Joyce
Shaw, Bernard
Svevo, Italo
Sylvia Beach - unidentified names
Sylvia Beach.  Minor problems/Lewis mss problem
Sylvia Beach.  English edition of Ulysses # of copies printed # of
Copies confiscated
Wyndham and Schill - James Joyce letters
Photocopies of Gisele Freund's photos of James Joyce
67 Chamber Music - Collation from Ellmann
Pomes Pennyeach - text, variants, notes
Ellmann notes to James Joyce poems
James Joyce poems: not in order, no established text
James Joyce poems and notes
Miscellaneous poems: Complete and in chronological order. Text has been established and variants noted.
Miscellaneous James Joyce poems - fragments
Mss - Slocum 1 and 2
Chamber Music - Variants found in Cornell mss by Ellmann
Chamber Music.   Ellmann notes
Chamber Music. Periodicals
Chamber Music. Thompson mss
James Joyce poems - Curran (UCO) mss cm
Chamber Music 1907
James Joyce fragments and juvenilia
James Joyce miscellaneous poems (mss and tss)
Epiphanies and related materials
Poems Pennyeach and related materials
Chamber Music, Poems Pennyeach from the Huntington Library
68 James Joyce miscellaneous
James Joyce. Clippings
James Joyce Letters - newspaper clippings and reviews
James Joyce notes
James Joyce poems
James Joyce publications, proposals etc
James Joyce Society (New York)
James Joyce interpretations, opinions, etc (about James Joyce's works)
James Joyce (Ellmann's wrting about)
James Joyce pamphlets, clippings, etc
Miscellaneous Ellmann letters about James Joyce
Articles on Ellmann bio of James Joyce
69 The ending of Ulysses or What Really Happened on June 17?
Ulysses  materials
The anatomy ofUlysses
Photocopy of Ellmann's Ulysses  notesheets
Ulysses.  Episodes X, XI, XII
Ulysses. Last three episodes
Ulysses. Episodes XIII, XIV, XV
Ulysses. VII, VIII, IX
Ulysses. First three episodes
Various articles on James Joyce
Writing James Joyce's biography by Ellmann
James Joyce - typescript of poems
James Joyce poems variants
James Joyce - "Four Old Men"
James Joyce - poems, dittos of Doyle list, published ed, periodicals
James Joyce juvenilia
James Joyce poems
James Joyce - fragments of early poems, typescript, carbons, photostats
70 Letters from Jolas collection (now with George Joyce)
Gorman papers - James Joyce letters
Stuart Gilbert's journal - James Joyce source
Letters of James Joyce, some of Ellmann
Miscellaneous Ellmann letters/articles about James Joyce
71 James Joyce - musical settings of poems
Poems in letters
Poems, Latin poem
Dittos of jingles in [scribbledhobble]
New York Public Library - Berg Collection
Cornell - Pomes Pennyeach
Lyrical Poems of James Joyce by max Wildi
James Joyce poems - odds and ends
James Joyce.  Lyrics.
Chamber Music
Pomes Pennyeach
mss from Buffalo, Weiss, periodical
Poems probably to be excluded
Chamber Music - text variants, notes
Chamber Music.  indall, mss Yale 1, 2
Weaver letter to Wm Tindall
72 Copy of Italian newspaper articles on James Joyce
2 Ellmann notebooks of James Joyce contacts
Ellmann James Joyce notes from interview
Giacomo Joyce Traduzione Francesco Binni - Mondadori
German translation of Odysseus
James Joyce's personal library
Miscellaneous articles on James Joyce
Miscellaneous James Joyce material from Ellmann
Miscellaneous modern literature
Mayoux, Jean-Jacques
73 Joyce family letters
James Joyce biography [re-actions]
James Joyce letters: transcript dictated from Miss Weaver's house.
James Joyce. Book.
James Joyce. Notes.
James Joyce. Requests for information.
"Joyce Tower"
74 [unlabeled folder]
Harriet Weaver letters to James Joyce
Article on James Joyce and Miss Weaver
75 James Joyce: Early life
Trieste 1904-195
Zurich 1916-1920
Paris 1920-1939
Zurich 1939-1941
Re-burial in Zurich
[unlabeled folder]
Jews in Ireland (history)
76 Articles on 1982 edition of Ellmann's Joyce bio
Becoming Exiles
Class papers from Ulysses
Ellmann articles on James Joyce
James Joyce
Ellmann literary parts and pieces
James Joyce: Irish European
77 Pieces of Joyce from Ellmann
Copies of unpublished letters from Stanislaus Joyce
Miscellaneous - Univ of Buffalo
James Joyce to Brauchbar
Info on James Joyce's death, miscellaneous
Letters of James Joyce
Martello - Joyce Tower
Joyce: The Book Review
78 Joyce, Jimmy
Joyce, John S. (Joyce's father)
Joyce, Kelly
Joyce, Lucia
Joyce, Margaret/Joyce, Mary Gertrude (sister)
Joyce, Margaret/Joyce, Mary Gertrude (sister) - transcribed tapes
Joyce, Michael
Joyce, Nelly (Stanislaus Joyce's wife) (See also Ellsworth Mason Papers)
Joyce, Nora Barnacle
Joyce, Stanislaus
Joyce, Stanislaus.  My Brother's Keeper
Joyce, Stephen
79 Chamber Music; Ellmann copy of Gilvarry mss.
[unlabeled folder]
Battaglia Di Farfalle - signed by James Joyce
Copies of Irish death certificates
Ellmann articles on James Joyce
Flyer on Chamber Music and Epiphanies
James Joyce the Myth Maker
James Joyce's political development and the aesthetic of Dubliners
James Joyce's material from University College, Dublin
James Joyce's use of Norwegian writers
Various James Joyce articles
Letters to Constantine Curran in re James Joyce
Banca Nast-Kolb & Schumacher (Roman bank)
80 Letters to/from Ellmann in re James Joyce (5 folders). One folder includes file memorandum by "PduS." [Peter du Sautoy] with notes on a meeting with Maria Jolas, age 84, and her concerns for a trunk of correspondence from Harriet Shaw Weaver, Sylvia Beach, and others, which she had gathered and given to George Joyce.

Magazine article on James Joyce, photos from Ireland "Mirrors" a stage play by Tom Covel Miscellaneous catalogues and articles Paresis and the Priest - James Joyce's symbolic use of syphilis typescript of play about James Joyce
81 Photocopies of articles, correspondence, in re Ulysses.  Recording discs.
"Periodical References About James Joyce and His Works -- the Property of John J. Slocum & Herbert Slocum, filmed by the Pierpont Morgan Libary, April 1955."   [Found as a rolled copyflo Xerox, the roll was cut in August 1996 to individual "sheets" of twelve 3x5" cards (as filmed). Many individual "cards" had been removed from the roll before it was accessioned with the Ellmann papers.]
82 James Joyce's addresses
James Joyce the Myth Maker
Joyce and the Jews
James Joyce biography lecture
James Joyce's life for The Encyclopedia Americanana
James Joyce's 1th birthday by Ellmann
James Joyce's library - partial list
James Joyce's personal library
Lecture notes and materials (3 folders)
Lecture notes and materials . Finnegans Wake
Lecture notes and materials . Ulysses
83 Miscellaneous James Joyce - Finnegans Wake, list of James Joyce's personal library
Parts of Modern Biography
Penguin's Ulysses essay
The Vico Road to Dublin
The World of James Joyce - English version
Various articles on James Joyce by Ellmann and others
Becoming Exiles
Ellmann articles on biography - James Joyce, Wilde - partial
Ellmann letters
84 Gabler edition
James Joyce's Ulysses
James Joyce/Ellmann miscellaneous
Joyce and Homer
James Joyce lectures. introduction
85 James Joyce lectures:  Finnegans Wake
A Portrait
Oxen of the Sun
Wandering Rocks
Scylla and Charybdis
Ulysses [Am main] by Ellmann
Various writers: partial literary bios
86-87 James Joyce photos  
88 Stephen Hero
James Joyce articles: Mary Reynolds; Ellmann "James Joyces' 'Hundreth
The Background of The Dead
Shaw, Bernard
Letters of James Joyce
Volta Cinema
Sheridan papers (Niall)
di Svevo, Ricordi
Swiss banks
Ulysses. Publication/response
Ulysses.  Proofs
Ulysses.  Notes/background
Ulysses.  Film version
Treasury grant (British)
89 Letters
90 1906
91 1910
92 1900-1913
93 1920
94 1924
95 1929
96 1933
97 1935
1934-1936 corrections
98 1937
99 1914-1915
100 1920
101 1925
1940-1941 James Joyce to Weaver
102 1927
103 1930
104 1932
105 Letters of James Joyce - Proofs, miscellaneous typescript, etc  
106 Letters of James Joyce. Proofs.  
107 Press cuttings of various Ellmann James Joyce writings  
108 Galleys for Letters of James Joyce  
109-111 Typescript of Letters of James Joyce  
112 Photocopy of [?]
Galleys for Selected Letters of James Joyce
113 Galley proof of Letters of James Joyce, Vol. III  
114 Letters of James Joyce Vol. II. Cancelled page proofs
Letters of James Joyce Vol. II.  Page proofs
Letters of James Joyce Vol. II.  Galley proof with annotations
Letters of James Joyce Vol. II. Correspondence to/from Ellmann in re galley proof "Ulysses: A Monologue"
Material from paperback James Joyce
James Joyce: a [postal] inquiry
115-116 Galley proof ofLetters of James Joyce Vol. III
The Consciousness of Joyce
The Consciousness of Joyce.  Partial annotated copy
The Consciousness of Joyce.  Material from
117 Carbon copy typed fragments, handwritten notes, etc marked "The Hawklike Man. A Biography of James Joyce" by Ellmann; photocopy of same.  
119 Renamed "James Joyce"  
120-121 [Another version???]  
  Description of the contents of boxes 123-126 compliments of Michael Groden Jan 2006  
122 James Joyce
Folder marked Cht IV, page 1 says 1903-07
Chpt 8 beginning of Chpt 9
Chpt V (according to folder) = Chpt 10
Chpt VII Trieste 1905 = Chpt 12
Chpt VIII 1905-06= Chpt 13
123 Chpt IX 1905-07 = Chpt 13-14
Chpt X 1907-09 = Chpt 16
Chpt XI Dublin 1909 = Chpt 17
Chpt XII 1909-11 = Chpt 19
Chpt XIII 1912 = Chpt 20
Chpt XV = Chpt 29 Paris
Chpt XVI 1907-09 = Chpt 16
Chpt XVII 1909 = Chpt 17
Chpt XVIII 1909-11 = Chpt 19
Chpt XVIII 1912 = Chpt 20
124 Chpt XIX 1924 = part of Chpt 32
Chpt XIX 1912-15 = Chpt 21
Chpt XVIII 1923 = Chpt 32
Chpt XX = Chpt 32 and pages from Chpt 20
Chpt XXI [Chpt 22]
Chpt XXII 1914-15 = Chpt 23
Chpt XXIII 1915-16 = Chpt 24
Chpt XXIII 1929 = part of Chpt 34 and part of Chpt 27
Chpt XXIV 1916-18  = Chpt 25
Chpt XXV 1931 = part of Chpt 34 and 1918 = Chpt 26
Chpt XXVI 1918-19 = Chpt 27
Chpt XXVII 1919-20 = Chpt 28
Chpt XXVII 1933-34 = Chpt 35, 1920 Chpt 29
Chpt XXIX 1921-22 = Chpt 30
Chpt XXX 1936 = part of Chpt 36, 1922-23 = Chpt 31
Chpt XXXII 1939 = part of Chpt 37, Chpt 30-31
125 Typescript and carbon copy typescript fragments, notes
Chpt XXXIII 1929-1932 = Chpt 34
Chpt XXXIV 1932-36 = Chpt 35
Chpt XXXV 1936-1939 = Chpt 36
Chpt XXXVI 1939-1941 = Chpt 37
Chpt XVIII = Chpt 18

126 Revisions of James Joyce  
127-129 Galleys for James Joyce  
130 [Typescript for Letters of James Joyce]  
131 Page proofs for [James Joyce]  
132 Photocopied page proofs  
133 Joyce bio 1982 edition Part I, edited by C Carver  
134 Joyce bio 1982 edition Part I, edited by C Carver
Correspondence with Oxford Press in re 1982 edition of bio
Index to 1982 edition of bio
Changes/insertions for 1982 edition of bio
1982 edition of bio "front matter"
135 1982 edition of bio page proofs with annotations  
136 James Joyce  Chpt V
Chpt IX
Chpt XV
Sheridan papers
Editorial changes for Critical Writings of James Joyce
Discards for Critical Writings of James Joyce
Various related typescript [?]
137 Discards from Ellsworth Mason book
[unlabeled folders]
138 Critical Writings of James Joyce galleys
carbon copy typescript
Joyce in Love galleys
My Brother's Keeper page proofs
Photocopy of the page proofs of Four Dubliners
139 Lectures
Ulysses 1st - 12th
Introduction to Ulysses on the Liffey
Miscellaneous James Joyce the Myth Maker
140 Ulysses on the Liffey galleys  
141 Typescript and carbon copy typescript [?]  
142-143 Stanislaus Joyce diary.  Jan - Sept 1907.  385p.
Sept - Dec 1907
Jan - Dec 1908
Jan 1909
Notes by Ellmann
144 Miscellaneous [?]
Photos of James Joyce letters and Ellmann notes for corrections
List of corrections to be made in James Joyce
Ellmann note to the new edition of Joyce bio
Mixed annotations from Selected Letters
145 James Joyce miscellaneous
Typescript of James Joyce [?]
James Joyce examinations
James Joyce - Russian language
146-148 Typescript of James Joyce [?]  
149 Correspondence in re James Joyce, notes, Yale papers on James Joyce, etc  

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