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Richard Ellmann papers

Series 1: Research files: Thomas Stearns Eliot

Collection 1988-012

Box 13  Inventory of the Eliot material compiled by University of Tulsa graduate students Hetty Keaton and Angela Ellis (Dr. Robert Spoo, professor Fall 1991)  
Item 1 Ellmann to Eliot.  Evanston, Illinois. 16 February 1959. Typed and signed letter, 1p.  Ellmann asks Eliot's permission to use two of his quotes about James Joyce in a biography he is publishing on Joyce. The first quote deals with an invitation for Joyce to have dinner with Eliot. The second is regarding Ulysses.  
Item 2 Eliot to Ellmann. London. 8 May 1962. Typed and signed letter, 1p.  Eliot politely denies  Ellmann's request to aid Ellmann in a possible biography of Eliot's early life because he does not want such a study to occur during his lifetime.  
Item 3 Ellmann to Eliot. Evanston, Illinois. 13 May 1962. Typed letter, 1p.  Ellmann thanks Eliot for his polite refusal, indicates his regret.  
Item 4 Eliot to Ellmann. London. 1964. Typed and signed letter, 1p. Eliot declines Ellmann's offer to speak at Northwestern University on W.B. Yeat's anniversary on 24 April 1964. He will not be near the area during that time.  
item 5 Mercury Theatre. London. [1940-1965?]. Printed program, 5p. Program for Eliot's "The Family Reunion" in a "second season of new plays by poets." It lists the cast and gives a brief account of this play, referring to its first production in 1939.  
item 6 Eliot. 4 July 1919.  Photocopy, 1p. Eliot compares William Butler Yeats' personality with James Joyce's, based on their Irish heritage and their egoism.  
Item 7 "The Advocate poets' series."  Cambridge, Massachusetts. 29 May 1955.  Printed program, 12p.  First program of this series. Indicates that Eliot will read from his own works during the evening.  An excerpt from an esssay by W.G. Tinckom-Fernandez regarding Eliot ("T.S. Eliot, '10, and Advocate Friendship")
is included.  It discusses Eliot as a young man.
Item 8 Anthony Lewis. New York. 5 February 1965. Newspaper article, 2p. Article entitled "Eliot is London Service," from The New York Times, describes Eliot's funeral, which took place on 4 February.  
Item 9  Eliot. 23 January 1954. Dictaphone recording, 1 disc. Not transcribed.  
Item 10 Longman Group Limited. London. Photocopy of a signed document, 2p.  Entitled "Longman's Honesty" reports allegations by Faber & Faber toward Longman Group Ltd on the "honesty of Longmans as a firm" and a controversy about "the late T.S. Eliot" as Mr. Hotheith's lover.  
Item 11 Ellmann. Evanston, Illinois. Typed note, 1p. Refers to dictaphone recording. Refers to Eliot having read Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses. Mentions Ezra Pound and Finnegans Wake.  
Item 12 Ellmann. Evanston, Illinois.  Handwritten note, 2p.  Mentions James Joyce.  
Item 13 Robin Bryans. Brighton. Photocopy, 1p.  Charles Monteith refutes claim that Eliot was homosexual.  
Item 14 [Robert]  to Ellmann.  Balliol College. 18 May 1984. Photocpy of a typed and signed letter, 2p. Regarding Ackroyd's book on Eliot. Clearest picture of Eliot's first marriage but needs a lot of work.  
Item 15  Peter Du Sautoy to Ellmann. London. Typed and signed letter, 1p. Asks for a copy of Ulysses:  Order and Myth so Eliot can look at it.  
Item 16 "T.S. Eliot Denies He is Anti-Semitic; Says His Poetry Has Been Misinterpreted."  London. Newspaper article, 2p.  Emanuel Lituinoff in his poem, "To T.S. Eliot," accuses Eliot of anti-semitism, but the article states Eliot denies the charge.  
Item 17 Ellmann to Eliot. Evanston, Illinois. 28 May 1954.  Carbon copy typed letter, 1p. Ellmann wants to interview Eliot for possbile use in a biography of James Joyce he is writing.  
Item 18 Ellmann to Eliot. Evanston, Illinois. 11 July 1954. Paris. Carbon copy typed letter, 1p. Ellmann thanks Eliot for interview. Mentions Ulysses.  
Item 19 Ellmann's transcription of letter from Ben Huebsch to Eliot. 14 August 1956. Typed letter, 2p. Mentions James Joyce, his Chamber Music, Stanislaus Joyce, Ellmann, Maud Gonne, and W.B. Yeats. Huebschthinks Stanislaus Joyce's manuscript about James Joyce is good although it needs editing before publication.  
Item 20 Peter du Sautoy to Ellmann. 26 October 1956. Typed and signed letter, 2p. Stanislaus Joyce's manuscript is good but needs to be "toned down a little." He expresses interest in another book being edited by Ellmann and Ellsworth Mason on the critical writings of Joyce.  
Item 21  Ellmann to Eliot.  Evanston, Illinois.  27 April 1962. Carbon copy of a  typed letter, 1p. Ellmann asks Eliot if he could have his help in writing a book about Eliot's early life.  
Item 22  Ellmann to Eliot. London. 1964. Carbon copy of a  typed letter, 1p. Ellmann asks Eliot to give a lecture at North Western University on W.B. Yeats for the 100th anniversary of Yeat's birth. Offers $5,000.  
Item 23 George R. Allen to T.S. Eliot. 24 September 1964. ccTL, 1p.  Ellmann's essay on Ulysses will be published next year in The Modern Tradition:  Backgrounds of Modern Literature.  
Item 24 Ellmann. Typed and handwritten note.  Mentions The Importance of Being Ernest, Eliot, W.B. Yeats, and James Joyce.  
Item 25 Horace Gregory. New York. 16 May 1945. Newspaper article, 2p.  Article entitled "Four Quartets  by T.S. Eliot" in The New York Times Book Review  praises Eliot as a brilliant war poet  

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