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Richard Ellmann papers

Series 1: Research files: Serge Eisenstein

Collection 1988-012


Box 13 Inventory of the Eisenstein material compiled by University of Tulsa graduate students Hetty Keaton and Angela Ellis (Dr. Robert Spoo, professor Fall 1991)  
Item 1 Leyda, Jay to Ellmann.  Berlin. 18 May 1966. Typed and signed letter, 1p, with envelope.  Leyda requests permission to use quotes from Ellmann's biography of Joyce and asks his advice about incorporating some of Joyce's poetry into a play. Mentions Harry Hayford.  
Item 2 Richter, Hans to Ellmann.  New York. 23 February 1955. Typed and signed letter, 1p, with envelope.  Richter responds to letter from Ellmann expressing willingness to relate Eisenstein's reactions to meeting Joyce in Paris in 1929. Mentions Theodore Daubler.  
Item 3 Ellmann to Hans Richter.  Evanston, Illinois. 27 February 1955. arbon copy of a typed letter, 1p.  Response to Item #2 above, requesting what he remembers of Eisenstein's (and perhaps Daubler's) relationship with Joyce.  
Item 4 Richter, Hans to Ellmann.  Southbury, Connecticut. 20 June 1958. Handwritten and signed letter, 2p, with envelope.  Response to Item #3 above on 11 June 1958. Richter quotes from his memoirs regarding Eisenstein's comments on Joyce after a meeting with him. This account appears as a footnote in Ellmann's James Joyce.  
Item 5 [Ellmann].  26 December 1955.  Hanndwritten note, 2p. Haphazard notes consisting mainly of sources (names, addresses, phone numbers) to check to learn more about Daubler's relationship to Joyce. Hans Richter and Jay Leyda are both mentioned.  

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