•The Professor

Dr. Ben Henneke joined the TU faculty in 1936 as Assistant Professor of Speech and Director of Theatre.  He taught until 1952, when he was named Academic Vice President.

During those early teaching years, he went on to earn a Master of Arts degree in theatre from the University of Iowa and a doctorate in speech from the University of Illinois.

Dr. Ben Henneke became President of the University of Tulsa on June 1, 1958.  In 1967, after serving nearly a decade as President, Henneke returned to the classroom as a  Trustees Professor of Humanities.  His classes on Greek, Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance culture were famous among students.  Many of his students traveled to Italy with him to experience firsthand what he illuminated in the classroom.

Henneke retired from teaching in 1979, and was named President Emeritus of the University of Tulsa in 1982.


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