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Ramsay, James Ross. to Ann Eliza Worcester Robertson. 1868-1905. [268, 569, 739, 1027, 771, 1032, 1039, 1045, 1083, 1086, 1137, 1228]

Wewoka Sem. Na
July 9th, 1868

Dear Mrs. Robertson & Thompson.

As the mail is made up this evening I hasten to write you a notice.

Have you had very warm weather, it seems particularly so to me the last few days. We had a nice rain on Saturday & Sunday Mr. Ramsey was out in the last and got a good soaking. He had been to Little River to preach I suppose you are resting now from your school labors. I should have liked to have been at the examination, but it was impossible as Mr Ramsay's school has not closed yet

Maynie wanted to come but as she will have a chance to go and spend her vacation at home she could not bear to lose a day. She is well and has a nice school.

I think it will be so pleasant for you to have your brother associated with you. I hope you will have pleasant associates for the various departments of your school.

My great trouble now is the want of good help the girl I had when I was at T. has left me and the one I have does not aid me very well you do not know of any one that would do, do you?

We are all as well as could be expected but I am dreading the hot weather again.

Have you plenty of fruit we have plenty of berries. Mr. Anil [?] brought us over some green apples last week I suppose you have plenty of those.

Have you got all your supplies yet? Ours will be here the last or first of next week. Mr. Brown found them stored away in Fort Smith and put them in a wagon to be brought here.

We have not heard from home for sometime but they were well the last we heard.

We heard this week, that Maryetta was married married a real black man son of Willis fathers old interpreter We have not heard any particulars.

Give my love to the children and Mr. Robertson & accept the same for yourselves. you are to come and see us this vacation with much love

E. J. G. Ramsay

Wewoka I. T. Nov 6th 1882

Mrs A E W Robertson

Dear Friend

Yours of the [blank] was rec'd by last mail & I thank you for your kind offer to send 10 copies without Romans free of charge. We shall wait for Corrinthians & then hope to get 10 copies with Cor. included. In regard to your remarks concerning disappointment & ingratitude received from those whom we have spent our lives in trying to benefit, I fully sympathize with you having experienced a full share of that kind of return. But I have been enabled to bear it with tolerable patience by remembering the words of our dear Sainted co-laborer Miss Thompson. "Never expect any gratitude from Indians for favors you have done them" We expect a much greater reward from Him whose command we are trying to obey "Go & teach all nations" If you feel distressed & uncared for, how must some of the rest of us feel, who are altogether ignored, & our work, life work too, made to appear as nothing? If you had been at our Presbytery which met at Garnett & heard Dr Hill's Report of the Home Board's Indian Missions & his Speech on Home Missions, you would have heard Home Missions lauded & represented as the entire fountain from which has sprung all the great & good things in Kansas & Ind. Territory & every where, while Foreign Missions were left out in the cold & barely mentioned without any mention of any thing good done by them and all the mention made of any good done by any one of the laborors under that board was that "we have a woman in the Indian Territory who has translated the New Testament" This was just tribute to you & I mention it only for the purpose of helping you to take a little comfort in the fact that if you do not receive the honor which you think is due from the Indians you are not forgotten by men standing high in the church who award you honors for surpassing any of your co-laborers in the Indian work. I also hope that you are mistaken about Mr Loughridge aiming to distress or triumph over you He told me long before the new Mission was built that he had no desire to interfere in his work either with Bro Robertson or me & gave that as his reason for locating at Broken Arrow And after the Superintendency of the new Mission was offered him he told me that he would much rather spend the remainder of his life in Itinerating preaching.

I am very glad to hear that Mrs Craig is to have a School near New York town. & wish her great success. Addie is well & Maggie was when she last wrote

Our School is going on nicely with 56 pupils boarders thus far. It is to number 61. We very much regret the loss of Miss McCay & have not got her place filled yet

Mrs Powell is not Lizzie Diamint it was but another Sister named Hannah. She is a widow & has left a nice home in Illinois to come without pay to help in our work here.

Our Sons, Robbie & Charley, are happily engaged in study at Wooster

All join in kind Regard Your friend & brother J R Ramsay

Wewoka I.T. Nov 19th 1884

Mrs A.E.W. Robertson

Dear Sister.

At the meeting of Presbytery at Tahlequah last Aug. a committee of Translators of the Scriptures into Muskoke was appointed consisting of Rev R. M. Loughridge, Yourself, D M Hodge & me. It was for the purpose of translating the Old Testament as you have already finished the New. In view of doing my share of the work assigned us I have procured Hebrew books as mine that I used to have were burnt with the rest of my Library at Oak Ridge Mission when Mr Lilley left it. As you & Bro Loughridge may have commenced translating some particular Book. I would like you to be so kind as to let me know what Book you are working on. I make the same inquiry by this mail of Bro L. so that I may be able when I hear from each of you to select some book that has not yet been undertaken I have been reading some in the Book of Daniel, but have not translated any yet. I rec'd a letter from Bro L. to day. He & his wife have just returned from a visit to their children in Texas & Mexico. Waksuce & his father accompanying him as guied starts to day for the Caddo country He preached at the Mission on last Sab. night & we all bade him fare well & God speed in his noble undertaking. He seems quite brave & determined to carry out the work assigned him by Presbytery. He leaves his wife & little daughter at their home 4 miles from the mission with a man to see that they are supplied with wood & provisions & his little son. Nina is with us in the Mission School & is a bright promising boy. Our Little River Church is nearly finished & I preached & administered the ordinances of Baptism & Lord's Supper in it for the first time Sabbath before last. Dorsey Fife was there & interpreted for me. He is building a house near to the church there where he expects to live with his family One woman was recd into the church & I baptized her on the Sab. I was there. Our School is full & doing well. Mrs Powel left us at the beginning of this term & her neice Miss Lizzie Davis is appointed to take her place & we expect her to arrive on next Friday. Our absent children were all well at last writing. Our two Sons Robbie & Charley are still attending College in Wooster & doing well we hope both in study & Religion. Maggie & her husband both write that they are well & happy & encouraged in their missionary work. Addie enjoys good health & renders good assistance at this mission. The Presidential Election is still in doubt according to the Republican & Neutral papers while the Democrats claim Cleveland's election. I hope all will settle down calmly after it is decided who is elected. although I would much prefer that Blaine should be President But God moves in a mysterious way his purposes to accomplish. The breaking up of the Whig party resulted finally in the Abolition of Slavery & it may be now that the Republican party is to be broken up to result in the Prohibition of Whiskey by a large portion of the present Republican party & all others who fear God & regard the welfare of mankind joining together to overthrow the whisky curse which is openly espoused by the present Democratic party All join in sending kind regards

Your brother in Christ J. R. Ramsay

Wewoka I.T. March 1st/86

AEW Robertson

Dear Friend

Your kind letter is rec'd. thank you for your encouraging words about the Translation of Genesis. We are still going on slowly but surely I think. have reviewed 27 Chapters & I expect Dorsey to came & help me with more of it this week. We wanted to have it all finished against the meeting of Presbytery, but it will hurry us now.

I shall see to paying for the Books which you sent Thank you for sending them I have good news to tell you. God has heard our prayers & blessed our dear pupils with a baptism of the Holy Spirit & many of them have found the Saviour & others are still seeking him. Nine of them united with our church on last sabbath week, which was our Communion Sabbath also two Seminole men who have been inquiring the way for some time. It was a happy day to us all. The day was fine & there was a large turn out so that the church was filled to its utmost capacity. Six of the converts were baptized. Mr Candor preached an excellent sermon. The converts & restored, in all 16 persons, stood up & were welcomed into the fold by giving them the right hand of fellowship. Then the Lords Supper was administered & the Services closed, by taking up a collection for the Board of Aid for Colleges. Three of our Boys who had grown cold were restored at that time Every body is happy. The native brethren are greatly encouraged & are working with renewed vigor. Robt. Johnson is working zealously & has got our Seminole Sisters organized into a Women's Prayer Meeting which increases in interest.

We have been happy indeed with the visit & help of Mr & Mrs Candor & their little Son. Maggie is the same dear christian girl, full of love & zeal for Christ & Mr Candor is an excellent minister of the Gospel & zealous to win Souls for Christ. God has blessed his labors among us & we shall miss him greatly as he leaves us to day for Alton Ills where he has been invited to preach & may perhaps stay & labor the way is open for him to return to his chosen field among the Spanish speaking people. Maggie will stay with us a while longer All well & join in kind regards

Your brother in Christ
J R Ramsay

Wewoka I.T. April 7th 1886

Mrs A E W Robertson

Dear Friend

I write to ask you to do me the kindness of giving me the exact address of the publisher of the Bible Society We have reviewed some of Genesis & the Committee order me to send 21 chapters which we have reviewed on for publication I think it is Draper but have not his full name or number of his P. O. Box. As soon as I hear from you I will send on the 21 chapters & get the proof sheets struck for correction David Hodge took the remaining 29 chapters home with him after looking over them & righting up the Creek he will bring it here & we shall go over it again comparing it with the Hebrew

I send you a Draft for $5 for Books will send the balance when the rest are sold. All well & hope you are similarly blessed Maggie is with us yet but will soon be leaving for Farmington Ills where her husband is preaching at present Your brother in Christ

J. R. Ramsay

Delta Pa Sep 24th 1900

Dear Friend Yours of recent date was duly rec'd & read with interest. I should have answered more promptly, but have failed to respond until now. I am glad to hear of your continued health & work. I was much interested in your reference to James Davis one of our former Wewoka Seminole pupils I suppose. We called him Jimmie Davy. He was a bright boy, but inclined to be wild which was the cause, no doubt, of his getting into bad company & into stealing which landed him in prison where he sickened & died. I was glad that he inclined to read the Testament & hope he may have found the Saviour about whom we used to teach him. It seems that his brother was also with him in the prison. Their poor mother must be sad indeed. She is a widow & a member of the Achena Presbyterian Church. She had three sons. The youngest is probably still with her. Her husband also named Jim Davy accidently shot and killed himself some years ago You asked when Dr Loughridge left the Indian Territory I think it was about the same time when I left the time before the last in 1891. Mrs Ramsay has recd a letter from her niece, Minnie Diament, telling us of the change of Supt of Mekesukey School. But she expresses herself as well pleased with him. that although a Baptist he is very liberal in his views towards other denominations is a devoted christian & has ordered S School Literature from the Presbyterian Board as was done by the former Superintendents She told of attending the camp meeting at Wewoka where she went by Special invitation from Silas Johnson & was very much pleased with the meeting at which not less than 500 people were in attendance We are glad that your daughter Allice has got so important position in the Creek Nation & Pleasant Porter being Chief will do every thing to make it pleasant for her.

Our Grandson, Edward R Candor, has gone back to his School His parents were well when we last heard from them & pursuing their missionary work withot interruption. Mrs R & Son Rob join in love to you

Your friend & brother
J. R. Ramsay

Delta Pa Jan 3d 1901

Mrs AEW Robertson

Dear Friend

At this the beginning of a New Year & also at the beginning of a new century I sit down to write you. Great has been the mercy of God in sparing our lives through all the changing scenes of the part of the last century in which we have lived I love to recount his mercies & thank him for his protecting care & abounding goodness. How many opportunities for doing good! but how poorly improved. I often wonder why he continued me so long in the work which might have been performed so much better by more faithful & efficient servants And yet I seem to have been trying to do my best in the places & circumstances in which I was placed Now I can only pray that the work which I so indifferently performed may by his almighty power operating through his chosen instruments be carried on to a successful issue. Time rolls on. Wonderful events are transpiring. From small beginnings tremendous enterprises are developing. Whether all will ultimately result beneficially time alone will prove. I think of one illustration The Seminole School that was begun by Mr & Mrs Lilley at old Oak Ridge Mission in 1850 with a dozen pupils & taught in a log cabin & after the War continued in Wewoka in a somewhat better building commencing with a dozen pupils & gradually increasing the number to 65, then merged in 1890 into two huge edifices one at Mekesukey & the other a Emvhakv with over 100 pupils in each fed lodged & taught at the nations' expense By teachers chosen to suit the fancy of the nations' rulers If all this splendid equipment shall be so utilized as to work out an ultimate good what cause for rejoicing it will be! For this the good will pray & hope But if, as I have reason to fear, the Spirit of consecration to & reliance on God which characterized the original founders, should be wanting what shall be the outcome of all this gaudy display? Absolutely nothing else than secularizing & perverting to pride & worldliness what was begun in pious devotion & consecration to God Let us pray that the work so auspiciously begun may, with the outward acquisition which it now displays, be so overruled by God that the future shall witness the accomplishment of a truly Christian education, thus cooperating with true religion to qualify its beneficiaries for taking their place as burning & shining lights in the kingdom of God

I recd your letter some time ago Thank you for what it contained Hope you are still happily pursuing your work of Translating. We are all well, Candors were well at last writing Monroe Diament is still at Mekesukey. The Seminoles still write kind letters Silas Johnson asked me to come & preach to them in Indian one year, but old age forces me to decline Give my love to all Mrs R joins in love to you

As ever yours
J R Ramsay

Delta Pa Feb 28th 1901

Mrs AEW Robertson

Dear Friend

Your letter was recd & read with interest We are glad to hear of your continued health but sorry to hear of the failure of the health of Rev Williams so young so promising in the work for the master I sympathize with him & his parents

Recently I have heard with sorrow of the arrest & imprisonment of Rev Gilbert Johnson It seems that he was opposed to the Dawes Commission treaty & had rebelled against it so as to attempt to set up a government of his own had appointed officers & held councils And I hear that all the Wewoka church have followed him This is truly sad news. But are they to blame so much for opposing that treaty? If I remember rightly when I was last in the Indian Territory nearly every Indian was opposed to it & it was a surprise to me to hear that any of the Indian tribes had agreed to it. But I suppose it was simply a yielding to the inevitable & Gilbert & others were loathe to submit to it.

Now as you are so near to Gilbert as he is said to be in the Jail at Muskogee, I would be glad to hear from you what you think about his case & whether there is any way of helping him to get out of his unhappy condition. I dont know whether it is permitted to write letters to persons in prison, but I have written a letter to Gilbert advising him to ask forgiveness of the court & to promise obedience to the law if released & permitted to return to his home & family who I know must be greatly distressed & suffering by his absence I also wrote a letter to U S Marshal Leo Bennet who arrested Gilbert telling him of his work as pastor of the Wewoka church & asking him to use his influence to have him discharged & returned home as soon as possible. I dont yet know how Gilbert feels whether he is willing to obey the law or not It might be that you can exert some influence in his favor with officers with whom you are acquainted We are all well & hope you are enjoying the same blessing. We learn by recent letters from Candors that they have not been much disturbed by the war & have been permitted to carry on their work without interruption Mrs R & son join in kind regards to you

As ever your friend
J. R. Ramsay

Delta Pa April 15th 1901

Dear Mrs Robertson

Your letter informing us of the prospect of Lizzie Browning going on Missionary work to the Seminoles in Florida is recd. It is quite an undertaking for her if she goes to those heathen people, For from what you tell me about them they are in a very unfavorable condition to be benefitted, not only on account of their heathenish opposition to receiving Christian instruction but still worse their addictedness to drunkenness under the influence of the saloon men But I am glad to see with what spirit of resignation & zeal the dear girl expresses her willingness to leave all her friends to go at the Savior's command to teach the people now sitting in darkness. If she goes our prayers will follow her asking the protection & guidance of him in whose service she so willingly enlists. For it does seem to me that her mission will be about as primitive among those Seminoles as was Mr & Mrs Lilleys' when they went to those in the Indian Territory I understand from your letter that Lizzie will live in the family & be an assistant of a Methodist Missionary to the Florida Indians & that he will see that she is properly supported there with means of living, That she will Interpret for him & do what she can to teach the Seminoles there to read the Scriptures & other religious books. Please tell me when Lizzie is to start for her field of labor also tell me her Post Office address both at home & at her new home in Florida

I read your letter in reply to my inquiries about Gilbert Johnson for which many thanks. Also the letters from Silas Johnson & W. Tanyan which you inclosed. If you wish me to return them to you I will do so. I was very glad to hear so soon that Gilbert has been liberated & permitted to return to his home I have advised him hereafter to let politics alone & attend entirely to his preaching & caring for his family by occupying his spare time in cultivating his farm. I have advised him & Dorsey Fife & W. Tanyan all to try to cultivate a brotherly spirit toward each other I also recd a full & friendly letter from U. S. Marshall, Mr Leo Bennett telling how he exerted himself in persuading the Insurgent prisoners to acknowledge what they had done & ask for mercy & promise further obedience to law & how glad he was that every thing was settled without shedding one drop of blood. I am glad to hear that Rev Harry Williams is improving & expects soon to resume his pastoral work. We hear from Candors that they were all safe & well March 10th

As ever yours in Christian bonds
J. R. Ramsey

Delta Pa April 9th 1902

Mrs A E W Robertson

Dear Friend It has been some time since your last letter was rec'd. It contained Betsy's letter giving an account of her sister Phemy's death since then I have rec'd a letter from Phemy's husband Rev John Yarbrough telling me of his sad loss but expressing his assured hope that she has gone to her home in Heaven He seems to be a zealous preacher & told me of quite an ingathering into his Church called Davis in the Creek Nation He asked me to write & give him an explanation of a Text of Scripture. "A bruised reed he will not break & smoking flax he will not quench" He & Rev W. Tanyan both like to have passages of Scripture explained & I am glad to do it for them They write in Muskokee, but Rev D Fife writes writes in English Tanyan had been very sick for a long time but was better when he wrote. Fife had gone back to live with his wife I am glad he has done so They had parted for some time. But the saddest case is that of Rev G. Johnson The last letter I had from him stated that he was a fugitive not being able to stay in his home for fear of being slain He told me to address him under an assumed name & at a different Post Office I wrote him one letter, but have not rec'd an answer And soon heard that he with others had been arrested tried & condemned as traitors & sent to the Penitentiary for two years. Poor fellow! I pity him. He has brought great sorrow on himself & has left his work of preaching the Gospel. & I am afraid that the Wewoka church is suffering by his desertion. though I suppose he thinks he is suffering only for his patriotism I pray God not to let him perish

Yes Mrs Brown's death was very sudden & unexpected We all loved her & mourn her loss. Mr Brown informed us that she had not been well for some time but was still able to go about her household duties But her last work of kindness was done to her younger daughter who was married & living at Keokuk Falls She went & waited on her in her confinement & when she could not nurse or attend to her babe her mother took it home to try to raise it, but soon after her arrival she was severely attacked with Pneumonia which terminated fatally in a few hours. But her departure was peaceful & we believe she is with her Saviour. Mrs Washbourne is still there & I suppose she takes care of the house I was sorry to hear the Lizzie Browning was failing to go on her mission. But perhaps you & the Bishop have prevailed on her to go

We hope that Candors will be able to travel through that warlike country & reach us in safety We have recent letters from them in which they say that they have made preparation to leave Bogota if it is deemed safe to travel, about April 1st, so that they may now be on their way & if so they will probably arrive here about the last of the month We are anxious for their safety & pray that they may be protected The war still prevails in that country which makes it dangerous to travel. I am to day 80 years old Mrs & son Rob. Join in sending love As ever your fellow laborer

J R Ramsay

Delta Pa June 10th 1902

Mrs A.E.W. Robertson

Dear Friend. It is some time since your last letter was recd. In it you mentioned Silas Johnson having asked you to tell him what law Gilbert Johnson had broken for which he is now in prison. & you suggested that I should write & explain what was Gilberts offence But I have not written, as I dont think he would be satisfied with any explanation I could make. I think that Silas & all that sided with Gilbert think that they are doing right in trying to hold on to the country which was given them as they supposed to possess exclusively forever. I think this was the almost universal sentiment prevailing among them when I was last among them. But now the ruling power seems to have adopted the sentiment that the land does not belong exclusively to the Indians but only allotments of land amounting in value to $300. for each individual to be selected from three grades of $5. $2.50 & $1.25 pr acre & the balance to be sold to other citizens of the U. States. Thus giving the White people the privilege of coming & owning land among the Indians We all know as well as the Indians do, that this means that in the course of time not far distant that all the Indian Territory will become settled by the Whites & the Indians will then have no country. This is no doubt a bitter pill for the Indians to swallow & while many submit to the inevitable & ostensibly at least agree to this intrusion some continue to oppose it & the leaders of this party have been arrested tried & condemned as traitors & are now confined in prison. They might have known that they were not able to cope with the power that had signed the Dawes' Commission treaty & I advised Gilbert not to attempt it but to give his while attention to his ministerial work & to provide for his family by cultivating his farm. But he could not cease from his effort to hold on to the whole of the land & in consequence is now serving his time of 2 years at labor in the Penitentiary in Leavenworth. I know he is willful & has brought all this trouble on himself but still I love him & wish to encourag him to remain faithful to Christ even in prison But as I don't know how to address an inmate of the State prison & as I suppose you know how to do it, I ask you to do me the favor of informing me how to address a letter to Gilbert

The Candors are now with us. They arrived the latter part of April. They were fortunate to get away at the proper time. They are well & enjoying their visit among us They go tomorrow to see the closing exercises of the West Nottingham Academy where their son Edward is attending school. They expect to visit Mr Candor's friends in Illinois in July They have a vacation of one year & before its close will decide as to their future course. I see by the "Seminole Capital" that in the Seminole Election for Chief & Second Chief J F Brown is defeated & Hvlpvtv is elected 1st chief & Thomas Little for 2d chief

While your country is being flooded we are suffering from drought We are all well & all join in love to you

Your brother in Christ
J. R. Ramsay

Delta Pa. Aug 15th 1903

Dear Mrs Robertson. Your letter of Aug 9th is recd & read with interest. I think you were mistaken in supposing that you had answered my last letter to you. But I am glad to get your letter even if late. I suppose you do miss Rev T. W. Perryman much. He was a very useful man in all your work. But he has finished his work here & gone to his eternal home in heaven, with so many others of our coworkers among his people. His wife & children will, no doubt, greatly miss him Presbyterian native preachers among the Creeks are decreasing in number I fear. Land & Pvsvtte Fife have gone back into the Baptist church I heard. John Yarbrough is a Creek & also Dorsey Fife, but they labor mostly with the Seminoles. At present my most punctual correspondent of the native preachers is Waxuce Tanyan & Gilbert Johnson also often writes. I have not heard from Dorsey Fife lately. It seems that Nina Tanyan, one of our Wewoka pupils is devoting his time & talents to aid in propigating Religion among his people, both as an Interpreter & Preacher. His father informs me that they have formed themselves Into a Theological class, of all the native preachers & Elders under the instruction of Rev John Nelson the Presbyterian minister who is stationed at Wewoka with his son, Nina, as Interpreter. I am much interested in this new move & hope & pray that it may prove to be a success. I am trying to cultivate unity & love among them which was suffering on account of the "Snake Rebellion" which was injurious to Gilbert Johnson & the Wewoka church I am glad that you are still enabled to carry on, your work of translating, but I am retired & do not preach any more. I occupy the pew & assist in any part of the service our minister asks me. I teach a class in the Sunday School & attend & take part in the weekly prayer meeting & am a member & secretary of the Ministers' Association of Delta My health is mostly good, but that of Mrs. R is not very good, has attacks of malaria yet, but still able to do our house keeping. We two live in town by ourselves. Son J. Robinson, is married with his wife live in another house The Candors have returned to their missionary work at Bogota where they arrive early in June. They placed all three of their children in school in Wooster, Ohio who we think are doing very well. Their names are Edward, Elisa & Robert. They have all spent their summer vacation in study. Wife joins me in sending love

Your brother in Christ
J. R. Ramsay

Bridgeton, New Jersey
Aug 11th, 1905

Mrs A E W Robertson

Dear Friend, Your letter of 2nd Inst is received also yours of former date came to hand before we left Delta, But preparation to move so occupied us that every thing else was in a manner neglected. We arrived here June 17th. Son Rob. going away from Delta & we growing old led us to move here where we would be near my wife's relatives with one of whom we live. She is a good nurs wife's niece, a devoted Christian & will tenderly care for us if sickness should overtake either of us. And this is a nice place to live, a city of 13000 inhabitants containing many Christian people & we enjoy meeting with them to worship. Wife's health is also better since coming here & I am enjoying usual health tho conscious of the infirmities of old age I read with interest what you have written concerning a new Edition of the Creek New Testament & am sorry the supply of the former editions is exhausted But it seems to me to be a very large undertaking to raise $3,000 in order to get it done. Why even the plates destroyed? It seems to me to be a wanton waste to destroy instead of preserving them after all the work & expense of preparing them. Again does it seem necessary at this late day after the 50 years of teaching them & their children the English language & now just as they are about to become full citizens of the U. S. to publish another Edition in Muscogee? I still feel a deep interest in those people among whom so much of my life & effort to do them good was spent I pray for them & correspond with many of them trying to encourage them in their efforts to follow Christ, but I feel that it would be a very difficult if not impossible undertaking now to try to collect funds for that object. Christian friends here with whom I have consulted about it think it could not be done They are earnest friends of Missions. But they rather prefer to aid in sending the Gospel to the Millions who are groping in still greater darkness than our Indians who have enjoyed its blessings so long. If the Indians feel the necessity of having another Edition of the Testament why cannot they appropriate enough of their public funds to procure it? Eloquent speaking will be required in order to induce people to contribute to that cause, but my voice has greatly failed of late So that I could not successfully address an audience I have not attempted to preach for several years although I have taught Sunday School & Spoken in the meetings of the Minister's Association of which latter I was the Secretary until I left Delta. Repeated attacks of Grippe have left my throat so cloged with mucus that it is very difficult for me to speak so as to be heard distinctly I am sorry to hear that you have been so sorely afflicted of late. As you as well as I are living on what is called borrowed time, it may be that we are nearing the crossing & so shall have to give up our work here & go to enter upon higher work in Heaven. Every attack is an admonition that the Master will soon call us home When you write direct to me at #93 Bank Street, Bridgeton N. Jersey. Wife joins with me in sending love

Your fellow servant of Christ
J. Ross Ramsey

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