McFarlin Library

McFarlin Library is the academic heart of the university. We actively promote scholarship, critical thinking and responsible citizenship through information literacy, and provide a welcoming place for self-education and life-long discovery.

We know Digsby is not currently working. We are working on it. Please use another method of contacting the reference desk.

A librarian should be available to chat from 9-5 Monday through Friday when the library is open. The librarian may be away from the desk helping other people, so please be patient if you do not receive an immediate response. If chat indicates TULibrarian is offline during normal operating hours, try refreshing the page.

Please keep in mind that instant messaging reference is best used to answer quick questions and/or questions with easily accessible answers. We may not be able to answer all questions through IM; some questions may require an alternate form of contact to be answered.

Please note that you may experience a delay in receiving your response due to the nature of the chat software; however, if the delay is longer than a couple of minutes try reloading the page or call the reference desk at 631-2880 to report the problem. Additionally, service may not be available during shift changes (especially at the beginning of each hour), so please wait a few minutes and try again.