You are participating in a pre/post-test assessment of Library skills.  Your responses will help us further develop our instruction program.  Questions/Comments?  Call Rita Howell, Instruction Librarian at (918) 631-2876.

Questions about you:

1)  Are you a. . .

   Full-time student    Part-time student

2)  Are you. . .

   Male                        Female

3)  What College are you enrolled in?


4)  What is your class level?


5)  What was your status when you enrolled this semester?


6)  What is your first language?

   English    Non-English


Test Questions:

1)  Library books can be renewed online.

              True                      False

2)  The library's catalog can be used to find information on: (select one)

All books published in Oklahoma   
Books for sale    
Book and journal titles owned by the library    
Don't know

3)  Journal articles can be found in a variety of formats including paper, microfilm, and microfiche.

                True                      False

4)  Interlibrary loans allow students to borrow materials from other libraries that are not available at TU.

                True                      False

5)  The library catalog does not include a list of journal titles subscribed to by McFarlin.

                True                      False

6)  The full text of an article is always available when searching in an online article database.

                True                      False

7)  Online article databases are used to identify articles published in literature on a variety of topics.

                True                      False

8)  Journal abstracts are a summary of the article.

                True                      False

9)  A citation does not always show the source of the article.

                True                      False

10)  Boolean searching is used as a search strategy to narrow a search.

                True                      False

11) The following citation is from an index.  Please identify the numbered items (e.g., author, title, etc.):

            (1)                                            (2)                                (3)              (4)      (5)       (6)

Teaching students to use computers.   R.C. Williams.  The Education Journal  94:  29-36  May '96.








12)  In an online database, which search would retrieve the greatest number of records?

    health and fitness    health or fitness    health not fitness   


13)  McFarlin Library uses which type of call number classification system?

Library of Congress (LC)   
Dewey Decimal System 
Both Library of congress and Dewey Decimal System  
          Neither; it has its own call number system

   Thank you!