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Rebecca West papers
Series 2: Writings: Manuscript Notebooks

Collection 1986-002


Rebecca West's notebooks contain drafts -- mostly incomplete – and fragments of novels, articles, book reviews, and letters, as well as personal notes. These fragmentary contents have been described as fully as has been possible. Identified fragments have been listed alphabetically by name or title in the index that precedes the inventory of the notebooks themselves; note, however, that they have not been systematically cross-referenced with other sections of this guide (e.g., correspondence or writings). 

Research and reference materials include personal notes; notes transcribed from other sources; and newspaper and magazine articles we assume Rebecca West used in her writing. They have been arranged alphabetically by subject. Photographs and postcards we assume Rebecca West used in similar fashion are arranged alphabetically by location or subject.


Manuscript Notebooks:  Name, Title, and Subject Index

  Albaret, Celeste (Proust's cook) 91:7    
  America 89:1, 96:1    
  Andrews, Henry 90:3, 94:2, 95:5, 99:4    
  Andrews, Henry, H.G. Wells, and Anthony West 91:3    
  Andrews, Louis 99:4    
  Anna Karenina 94:10    
  Annalise and Marvyn 89:5    
  Arabian Nights 97:1    
  Arms of Time, The 92:1    
  Art work 97:5    
  Art work valuation 93:5    
  Autobiographical notes 100:10, 101:3    
  Bath, Lord 98:4    
  Beardmore and Bennett 89:10    
  Belcher Inquiry, The 6:1    
  Beneficiaries of works of art 89:10, 93:3    
  Bennett and Beardmore 89:10    
  Bernard Berenson:  The Making of a Connoisseur 89:2, 89:3    
  Birds Fall Down, The 89:3, 89:6, 90:9, 94:2, 99:8    
  Black and White 90:6    
  Blunt, Anthony 94:2    
  Blunt, Wilfred 92:2    
  Bolshevik Feminists:  The Life of Alex Kollontai 90:6    
  Britain Observed 93:6    
  British Connection, The:  Russian Manipulation 100:8    
  British politics 100:8    
  Brothers Mann, The 90:4, 92:7    
  Bruno’s Dream 100:5    
  Budd, Charles Harry Bentink 98:1    
  Burgess and Maclean 96:1    
  C. Day Lewis:  An English Literary Life 93:2    
  Carlton, Francesca 95:4    
  Carver, David    
  Challenge 96:2    
  Chambers, Whittaker 96:1    
  Charles Dickens:  A Life 89:2    
  Charles Stewart Parnell 90:5    
  Christmas Book/Film about Blsd. Matthew Porre 97:5    
  Christopher and His Kind 92:4, 96:4    
  Cobbitt, William 94:2    
  Commonplace Book 97:1    
  Constable and His World 93:4    
  Conundrum 90:3, 91:8, 96:2    
  Coulton, Guy 97:1    
  Cousin Rosamund 96:3, 96:4, 100:1, 100:4, 100:6, 100:9, 100:10, 100:11, 101:1, 101:2, 101:3, 101:4, 101:5    
  Coward, Noel 100:6    
  Critical Heritage 89:7    
  D'Annunzio 89:10    
  Daughters of Karl Marx, The 99:4    
  Dear Alexandra and Arthur 90:8    
  Dear Barbara 95:4    
  Dear Bertram Wolfe 96:5    
  Dear David 92:5    
  Dear Eugene Weintraub 93:9    
  Dear Gordon 94:10    
  Dear Irene 91:6    
  Dear Lady E 95:7    
  Dear Leo 99:12    
  Dear Lord Goodman 93:1, 96:5    
  Dear Martha 91:3    
  Dear Micky 91:3    
  Dear Miss Bunting 91:2    
  Dear Mr. Allentuck 92:5    
  Dear Mr. B 96:5    
  Dear Mr. Boyle 95:7    
  Dear Mr. Calder 93:5    
  Dear Mr. Chancellor 96:2    
  Dear Mr. de Kane-Silver 95:5    
  Dear Mr. Dowd 90:8    
  Dear Mr. E Smith 95:10    
  Dear Mr. Gillson 94:10    
  Dear Mr. Hepworth 99:3    
  Dear Mr. Jenkins 91:7    
  Dear Mr. Lehman 91:8    
  Dear Mr. Peddle 92:5    
  Dear Mr. Reynolds 91:6    
  Dear Mr. Russell 91:2    
  Dear Mr. Scanlon 99:3    
  Dear Mr. Smith 91:7    
  Dear Mr. Swallow 91:3    
  Dear Mr. Sykes 90:2, 91:6, 91:7, 92:5, 93:1, 95:7, 95:10, 96:5    
  Dear Mr. Tugental 91:6    
  Dear Mr. West 89:6, 89:10, 90:8, 92:10, 96:2    
  Dear Mr. Williams 95:2    
  Dear Mr. Winston 90:8    
  Dear Mr. Woodrow Wyatt 91:5    
  Dear Mr. Wright 91:5    
  Dear Mr. Z 92:10    
  Dear Mrs. O'Neill 90:8    
  Dear Mrs. Partridge 93:9    
  Dear Ms. Greenlaugh 99:4    
  Dear Richard 93:2, 94:1, 95:2    
  Dear Sally and Ian 92:6    
  Dear Ursula 91:3, 94:2    
  Death Comes to the Archbishop 89:1    
  Death of Rebecca West, people to be notified of 89:6    
  Dent, Alan 100:4, 101:4    
  Douglas, Norman 95:8    
  Drawings (by Rebecca West): 96:4, 91:8, 97:8, 99:2, 89:6, 89:10, 90:1, 91:1, 91:6, 91:8, 92:2, 93:3, 93:5, 94:4, 94:3, 95:2, 95:4, 95:4, 95:6, 95:8, 95:10, 96:2, 96:2, 96:5, 97:4, 97:9, 90:8, 91:1, 101:3    
  E.M. Forster:  A Life Vol. II 90:4    
  Eastern Europe 97:2    
  Edith Sitwell:  A Unicorn among Lions 92:8    
  Edwardians, The 89:2    
  Electrical Trade Union and trial 98:6    
  Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers 89:9    
  Elms Hotel, The 99:2    
  England’s Michelangelo 100:16    
  Estate 93:3, 94:10, 99:3    
  Europa or The Future of the Sex 97:8    
  Evening Standard, The 100:10    
  Exiles 89:7    
  Experiences 92:10    
  Exposure of Luxury:  Radical Themes in Thackeray 91:8    
  Faces of a Jew, The 93:2    
  Fairfield genealogy 90:7, 97:4    
  Fairfield, Lettie 100:15    
  Fellow Travellers of the Right 90:7    
  File on the Tsar, The 90:9, 90:2    
  Financial situation 90:4, 90:8, 94:2, 99:12    
  Follies 100:4    
  For Dead Aunts. Unfinished 97:7    
  Frank Harris 92:2, 96:4    
  G.P. Wells 96:2    
  Gallion’s Reach 89:1    
  Gavrilovitch 91:6    
  General Election in Great Britain, The 89:3    
  George and John 96:1    
  George Sand and the Victorians 90:4, 91:1    
  Goethe 94:4    
  Golden Codgers 100:10    
  Good Me 99:11    
  Graham, Sophie 98:8    
  Greene, Graham 89:4    
  Growing 89:5    
  Guedalla, Philip 92:9    
  Hamm, Jeffrey 98:3    
  Health 95:5    
  Heiress, The 99:13    
  Henry James:  Letter 91:8, 100:16, 91:3    
  Heritage 90:3    
  Hidden Life, A:  The Enigma of Sir Ed. Backhouse 92:4, 91:7    
  Hijacker, The 92:2    
  History of the British Secret Service, The 90:7    
  Hitler 100:14    
  Hitler’s Children 92:9    
  Houghton-Bennett, Olive and Angelo 100:12    
  Housekeeper (Miss Divine) 92:9    
  Hungarians 98:4    
  Husband and Love Keep Vigil In A Haunted House 100:3    
  Hutchinson, Evelyn 89:9, 89:7    
  I Said To Me....(April 27) 97:2    
  If you asked me what I had done today 97:2    
  In Defense of the Imagination 90:6    
  Indissoluble Matrimony 99:5    
  Individuals-Were They Better Than Ideologies? 99:10    
  Insurance for Miss Leyson and Miss Divine 91:5    
  Isherwood, Christopher 94:10, 100:14    
  James, Henry 92:2    
  Jews and the Food Supply, The 97:9    
  John Constable 93:4    
  Journal of a Trip to Jugo Slavia 96:4    
  Journey into Television 99:6, 99:7    
  Joyce, William 96:2    
  Judge, The 99:5    
  Kingston House 90:2    
  Lasting Joy, A 93:1, 96:4, 100:11    
  Lebanon 89:9    
  Lessing, Doris 101:2    
  Letters of Raymond Chandler, The 94:2    
  Letters to W.B. Yeats.  Vol. I, II 91:2, 96:4, 100:11    
  Life after Marriage:  Scenes from Divorce 99:4    
  Life Apart, A:  The English Working Class 92:9    
  Linguistic Virtuosity 89:7    
  Lockhart, Bruce 100:10    
  London 100:5    
  Londoner, The 89:5, 93:4    
  Looking Glass Library:  A Personal Anthology 91:6, 93:1    
  Love Letters:  An Anthology 96:5    
  Malcolm Lowry:  A Biography 91:8    
  Mary 89:7    
  Matthews, Denis 94:10    
  Maughm, Somerset 95:8    
  Memoirs of Richard Nixon, The 92:7, 93:2    
  Merry Pranksters, The 92:10    
  Mexico and the Aztecs 95:8    
  Middle East 96:2    
  Mihailovich:  Patriot of Traitor 91:9    
  Mihailovitch, Drazha 96:2    
  Monsieur Proust 92:8    
  Moonlight and Footlights 96:2    
  Mosely, Lady 94:1    
  Mosley trial 98:1    
  Mrs.Harris:  The Death of the Scarsdale Diet Dr. 91:3    
  Mrs. Humphrey Ward  89:10    
  Mrs. Pybus 91:6    
  My Dear Anthony 91:8    
  My Dear Arthur 92:2    
  My Dear Barbara 93:9    
  My Dear Bertrand Russell 99:1    
  My Dear Dachine 96:5    
  My Dear Duff 94:10    
  My Dear Elizabeth 95:7    
  My Dear Geoffrey 95:4    
  My Dear Gip 89:6    
  My Dear Gordon 96:2, 92:2    
  My Dear Gwenda 91:3    
  My Dear Irene 90:2, 99:4    
  My Dear Jill 94:2    
  My Dear Jilly 90:8, 91:6, 93:5    
  My Dear K. 90:8    
  My Dear Kit 93:5    
  My Dear Kitty 91:3    
  My Dear Mr. Nicholas 99:3    
  My Dear Mr. Sykes 94:2    
  My Dear Nicholas 91:3    
  My Dear Nicky 99:3    
  My Dear Norman 91:3    
  My Dear Pat 93:4, 95:8    
  My Dear Peter 93:5    
  My Dear Richard 99:4    
  My Dear Salsian 99:4    
  My Dear Stanley 94:2    
  My Dear Ursula 93:9    
  My Dear Victor 93:9    
  My Dear Vita 95:7, 95:9    
  Nabokov, Vladimir 89:7    
  Nancy Mitford:  A Memoir 93:1    
  Nancy:  The Life of Lady Astor 89:10    
  Napoleon 89:4    
  Nether World, The 89:6, 90:3    
  Nicholson, Harold 94:1    
  Ninety Not Out 93:7, 93:8, 93:10, 4:1    
  Notes of a Conspirator 99:12    
  Nuremberg 96:2, 98:4, 91:5    
  Old Bailey, The 96:1    
  On Not Telling All One Knows 96:3    
  On Seeing a Statue of a Godess in Roses 92:10    
  On the Spot Journalistic Notes (Yugoslavia) 97:9    
  Only Poet, The 98:5, 100:3, 100:6    
  Ottoline:  The Life of Lady Ottoline Morrell 91:7, 92:8, 95:4, 100:9    
  Parental Memoirs 89:4, 89:6, 90:7, 99:3, 100:2, 100:3, 100:5, 100:7    
  Past Forgetting:  My Love Affair with D.E. 96:5    
  Philby 95:2    
  Pictures and Carpets 97:2    
  Plato 97:1    
  Poems 100:8    

Polish Rider, The 90:2

  Pomes Pennyeach 89:1    
  Portrait of a Marriage 91:1, 100:4    
  Portrait of Traitor:  The Case of G. Mihailovitch. 100:8    
  Prince of Wales, Marriage of 95:5    
  Proust 89:6, 89:9    
  Queen Elizabeth 95:4, 98:4, 89:8, 91:4, 92:6    
  Queen Victoria 96:5    
  R.A.D.A. affair 91:8Radcliffe Hall and the Well of Lonliness 93:6    
  Ray, Gordon 95:4    
  Recipes 98:5 97:2    
  Reportage on Reportage 96:2    
  Reporter At Large: Joyce and Amery 98:2    
  Revolutionaries without Revolution 91:7, 100:9    
  Rules of the Game 93:7    
  Russell:  The Life of Bertrand Russell 96:3    
  Russian Thinkers 90:1    
  Saddest Story, The:  A Bio of Ford Maddox Ford  93:3    
  Scenes from America 97:3    
  School Days 93:2    
  Second Prettiest Town In the World, The 96:4    
  Selective Ego, The:  The Diaries of James Agate 93:4, 100:14, 100:9    
  Seton Watson 97:1Shadow of the Winter Palace, The 92:10    
  Sitwell, Edith 95:5    
  Smithsonian, The 99:13    
  Speer, Albert 97:2    
  St. Malachi, Prophecies of 97:1    
  Stalin 92:10    
  Stalin, Trotsky, and H.G. Wells 89:10    
  Staying on Alone:  The Letter of Alice B. Toklas 96:2, 100:7    
  Stead, Christina 99:13    
  Stein, Gertrude 99:9    
  Stephens, Clare 90:7    
  Stoker Rose trial 97:9    
  Strachey, John 94:1    
  Strachey, John (wife of) 99:1    
  Style in History 92:2    
  Subversive Family, The 91:3, 95:9    
  Sylvia Pankhurst:  Artist and Crusader 92:1, 100:13    
  Tamarisk Tree, The 91:6    
  Tampering With Time 93:2    
  Taxes 95:10    
  Telephone defects 90:8    
  Thatcher, Margaret 90:6    
  There are some new arrivals in town 97:2    
  This Real Night  90:8, 93:4, 97:5    
  Time Traveller, The 91:1    
  To the Editor 94:7    
  To the Times Literary Supplement  Editor 92:4, 92:5, 92:10, 96:4    
  Tolstoy’s Letters Vol. I, II 92:3, 92:7    
  Toto 96:3    
  Treason in the Twentieth Century 89:5    
  Trotsky, Stalin, and H. G. Wells 89:10    
  Truth to Life 96:2    
  Truth to Life:  Biography in the Nineteenth Century 90:3    
  Under the Volcano 99:1    
  Venice 89:10, 91:8    
  Victims of Yalta 91:5, 99:12    
  Violet Trefusis:  Life and Letters 91:1, 93:5    
  Ward, Stephen (trial of) 98:5    
  Watergate 91:8, 95:4, 96:2    
  Watts, George Frederick 92:2    
  Waugh, Evelyn 95:8    
  Wealth and Inflation 99:1    
  Wells, H.G. 98:8, 91:1    
  Wells, H.G., Henry Andrews, and Anthony West 91:3    
  Wells, H.G., Stalin and Trotsky 89:10    
  West, Anthony 90:8, 93:3, 93:4, 94:2, 94:10, 95:8, 96:2, 100:11    
  West, Anthony, H.G. Wells, and Henry Andrews 91:3    
  West, Kitty 94:2, 94:10    
  Windsor Story, The  113 Women in Literature 99:9    
  World of His Own, A  95:8    
  World of the Public School, The 90:5    
  World War I 95:4    
  Yawning Heights 90:6    
  Yeats 93:5    
  Yogi and the Commissar, The 96:1    

You’re a Brick Angela! 93:4, 91:7


Manuscript Notebooks

89:1 Review:  Gallion's Reach.  H.M. Tomlinson.    
  Review:  Death Comes to the Archbishop. Willa Cather.    
  Review:   America.  Hendrik van Loon.    
  "A Hypothesis" [Pomes Pennyeach.] James Joyce.    
89:2 Charles Dickens:  A Life. Norman and Jean MacKenzie.    
  Article: "The Edwardians."    
  Review: [Berenson Biography,].    
89:3 The Birds Fall Down. Rebecca West writes about Ken Taylor's dramatization, Felicity Dean in leading role, etc.    
  Article: "The General Elections in Great Britain.   Insouciance."    
  Review: Bernard Berenson:  The Making of a Connoisseur.   Ernest Samuels.    
89:4 [Graham Greene]    
  ["Parental Memoirs"]    
89:5 Article: "The Londoner."    
  Review: Growing. Leonard Woolf.    
  Review:  Treason in the Twentieth Century. Margaret Boveri.    
  "Annalise and Marvyn." Outline notes and genealogical diagram.    
89:6 Article: "Proust."    
  ["Parental Memoirs"] Page notes.    
  The Birds Fall Down.    
  Review: The Nether World. George Gissing.    
  "My Dear Gip."  Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "Dear Mr. West." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "When you hear...." List of names of people to notify.    
  Notes and ink sketches.    
89:7 Article: ["Linguistic Virtuosity."]    
  Article: ["Vladimir Nabokov."]    
  Review: Mary.  Vladimir Nabakov.    
  [The Hutchinsons.] Rebecca West writes about Evelyn and Margaret Hutchinson.    
  Review: Exiles. Michael Arlen.    
  ["Critical Heritage."] On verso: Unidentified notes.    
89:8 Article: ["Queen Elizabeth."] On verso: Note on back cover reads: "Thank you for p/c....Mrs. Sutton."    
89:9 Article: "Evelyn Hutchinson."    
  Article: "Proust."    
  ["Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers."] Rebecca West comments on historical parallels, ramifications of publication, etc.    
89:10 Lists of names of people and the specific pieces of art work they are to be given.    
  [Unidentified.] Rebecca West writes about Mr. Beardmore and Bennett.    
  Review: D'Annunzio. Philippe Jullian.    
  "Dear Mr. West." Rebecca West writes about the "blunder" Spicer & Pegler made in the handling of her accounts.    
  [Unidentified.] Notes and letter fragment: H.G. Wells, Stalin, and Trotsky are mentioned.    
  Review: Mrs. Humphrey Ward. Edith Jones.    
   Review: Nancy:  The Life of Lady Astor. Christopher Sykes.    
  Article: "Venice."  On verso: "Dear Mr. West." Handwritten letter regarding Spicer & Pegler.    
  Captioned ink sketches.    
90:1  Review: Russian Thinkers. Isaiah Berlin.    
  Ink sketches.    
90:2 Review: The File on the Tsar. Anthony Summers, et al.    
  "Dear Mr. Tripp." Handwritten letter: an incident Rebecca West was involved with is referred to in I. Payne's memoirs (crossed out).    
  "Dear Mr. Tripp." Another version, crossed out.    
  Fragment about railway trains, crossed out.    
  "Dear Mr. Sykes." Handwritten letter relating to interview with Ludovic Kennedy.    
  ["The Polish Rider."]    
  "Dear Mr...". Handwritten letter regarding Rebecca West’s ownership of the lease of 48 Kingston House    
  "My Dear Irene." Marked "Garthwaite (not sent)."    
90;3 Review: The Nether World. George Gissing.    
  Review: Truth to Life:  Biography in the Nineteenth Century. A.O.J. Cockshut.    
  Review: Conundrum. Jan Morris.    
  [Unidentified.] Fragments pertaining to Rebecca West’s insistence on seeing the typescript of [Heritage] before being sent to print.    
  "My Dear G". Handwritten letter; Rebecca West mentions Henry's alleged attempt to defraud the Einstein’s.    
90:4 Review: George Sand and the Victorians. Patricia Thompson.    
  [Unidentified.] Handwritten letter; Rebecca West’s concerns over her financial situation.    
  Review: The Brothers Mann. Nigel Hamilton; tipped in.    
  Review: E.M. Forster:  A Life Vol. II. P.N. Furbank.    
90:5 Review: Charles Stewart Parnell. F.S. Lyons.    
  Review: The World of the Public School. George Macdonald.    
90:6 ["The Stranger IV."]    
  Review: Bolshevik Feminists:  The Life of Alexandra Kollontai. Barbara Evans Clement.    
  Review: Yawning Heights. Alexander Zinoviev.    
  [Margaret Thatcher.]    
  Review: Black and White. Shiva Naipaul.    
  Review:  In Defense of the Imagination. Helen Gardner.    
  Review: Fellow Travellers of the Right. Michael Griffiths.    
90:7 Review: A History of the British Secret Service. Michael Deacon.    
  Fairfield genealogy.    
  [Clare Stephens.]    
  ["Parental Memoirs".]    
Note: The following notebooks include drafts of letters (many in shorthand) assumed to have been dictated by Rebecca West to her secretary; exceptions are noted.
90:8 [Unidentified.] Rebecca West letter: "...I have no patch up my grandson's marriage..."    
  [Unidentified.] Fragment: mentions Lady Ottoline Morell, " brother and Rosamund..."    
  "Dear Mrs. O'Neill." Letter fragment in answer to an enquiry made about G.B. Stern.    
  "Dear Mr. West." Letter fragment concerning Spicer & Pegler.    
  [This Real Night.]    
  "Dear Mr. West."    
  "Dear Mr. M." Letter concerning financial questions.    
  Ink sketch.    
  "My Dear Jilly." Letter thanking Jilly for her article.    
  "Dear Alexandra and Arthur." Letter fragment concerning false rumor about Henry being a wealthy man.    
  "Dear Mr. Dowd." Letter concerning The Rake’s Progress.     
  "My Dear K." Letter fragment. On verso:  "Dear Mr. Winston."  Letter.    
  "Dear Sir." Letter fragment: Rebecca West complains about telephone defects in her flat.    
90:9 Review: The File on the Tsar. Anthony Summers, et al.    
  "Dear Mrs. N." Letter concerning settlement about rights to The Birds Fall Down.    
91:1 Review: The Time Traveller. Norman and Jean MacKenzie.    
  Ink sketches with captions.    
  Review: Portrait of a Marriage. Nigel Nicolson.    
  Ink sketch.    
  Fragment about H.G. Wells.    
  Review: Violet Trefusis:  Life and Letters. Philippe Jullian, et al. On verso: Additional fragments.    
  Review: George Sand and the Victorians. Patricia Thompson.    
91:2 "Dear Mr. Russell." Dictated letter.    
  "Dear Miss Bunting." Dictated letter.    
  Review: Letters to W.B. Yeats Vols. I-II. Richard J. Finneran, ed, et al.    
91:3 "Dear Ursula." Dictated letter.    
  "Dear Mr. Swallow." Dictated letter.    
  "Dear Miss H." Dictated letter.    
  "My Dear Nicholas." Dictated letter.    
  Review: Henry James:  Letters Vols. I-II. Leon Edel, et. al.    
  Review: Mrs. Harris:  The Death of the Scarsdale Diet Doctor. Diana Trilling. On verso: "My Dear Gwenda." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "My Dear S." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  Fragment: H.G. Wells, Henry, and Anthony are mentioned.    
  "My Dear Kitty." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "My Dear Norman." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "Dear Martha." Dictated letter.    
  "Dear Micky." Dictated letter.    
  "Dear Miss V." Dictated letter.    
  "Dear Mr. Greene." Dictated letter.    
  Review: The Subversive Family:  An Alternative History of Love and Marriage.   Ferdinand Mount.    
91:4 Article: ["Queen Elizabeth."]    
91:5 Review: Victims of Yalta. Nikolai Tolstoy.    
  "Dear Mr. Woodrow Wyatt." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "Dear Mr. Wright." Handwritten letter concerning Henry Andrew's estate.    
  "Dear Sir." Handwritten letter concerning insurance for Miss Leyson and Miss Divine.    
  [Nuremberg Trials.] Page notes. On verso:   [Unidentified.] Fragments.    
91:6 "Mrs. Pybus." List of characters for a play; fragment of the last act, "The Churchyard...."    
  Review: The Tamarisk Tree. Derk Russell.    
  Review: Looking Glass Library:  A Personal Anthology. Lord David Cecil.    
  "Dear Mr. Sykes." Dictated letter.    
  "Dr. Mr. Reynolds." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "Dear Irene." Dictated letter.    
  "My Dear Jilly." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  Anthony's living expenses, fragment.    
   "Gavrilovitch." [Handwritten letter fragment.] On verso: "Dear Mr. Tugental." Handwritten letter fragment concerning Rebecca West’s flat at Kingston House.    
91:7 Review: You’re a Brick, Angela! Mary Cadogan, et al.    
  "Dear Mr. Sykes."  Letter fragment concerning G.P. Wells, Anthony and Heritage    
  "Dear Mr. Jenkins." Handwritten letter fragment: Rebecca West comments on [Jenkin's] biography of Sir Charles Drake.    
  Review: Revolutionaries without Revolutions. Andrew Thirion.    
  Outline & fragment about Proust's cook Celeste Albaret.    
  Review: Ottoline:  The Life of Lady Ottoline Morrell.  Sandra Jacobson Darrock.    
  "Dear Mr. Smith." Handwritten letter fragment concerning management of her accounts.    
  Review: The Hidden Life. Hugh Trevor-Roper.     
91:8 Review: Henry James:  Letters. Leon Edel.    
  Review: Malcolm Lowry:  A Biography. Douglas Day.    
  Review: Exposure of Luxury:  Radical Themes in Thackeray. Barbara Hardy.    
  Page notes: Rebecca West writes about the R.A.D.A., H.G. Wells’ affairs, etc.    
  "My Dear Anthony."  Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "Dear Professor D". Handwritten letter fragment.    
  Pencil & ink sketches.    
  "Dear Mr. Lehman." Handwritten letter fragment concerning Dr. Henig and her difficulties with History of the Hogarth Press.    
  Article: ["Venice"]. On verso: Unidentified fragment.    
  Ink sketch.    
  Review: Conundrum. Jan Morris.    
  Article: ["Watergate"]    
91:9 Review: Mihailovich:  Patriot or Traitor. David Martin.    
92:1 Review: Sylvia Pankhurst:  Artist and Crusader. Richard Pankhurst.    
  Review: The Arms of Time. Rupert Hart Davis.    
92:2 "My Dear Arthur." Handwritten letter fragments: Rebecca West expresses anger about Anthony's review of Gordon Ray's book.    
  "My Dear Gordon." Handwritten letter fragment. Plus pencil sketch.    
  Review: Style in History. Peter Gay.    
  Short story, "The Hijacker."    
  Fragment relating to Henry James.    
  Review: Frank Harris. Philippe Pullar.    
  Ink sketch.    
  "My Dear Arthur & Alexandre."  Handwritten letter fragment: Rebecca West writes about Anthony and Lilly, etc.    
  Rebecca West writes about a village near Guildford, George Frederick Watts, and Wilfred Blunt. On verso: Other versions.    
92:3 Review: Tolstoy’s Letters Vol. I 1828-1876; Vol. I-II 1880-1910. R.F. Christian, ed. Notes and outline.    
92:4 Review: A Hidden Life:  The Enigma of Sir Edward Backhouse. Hugh Trevor-Roper.    
  "To the Editor."  Handwritten letter to the editor of Times Literary Supplement concerning Valerie Shaw's review of Sisterly Sensibilities and her allusion to Rebecca West.    
   Review: Christopher and His Kind 1929-1939.  Christopher Isherwood.    
92:5 "Dear Mr. Peddle." Dictated letter.    
  "Dear David." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "Dear Mr. Allentuck." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "Dear A-." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "To the Editor." Handwritten letter to the editor of Times Literary Supplement concerning Stephen Koss's review of Victor Cazalet:  A Portrait.  Robert Rhodes [James].    
  "Dear Mr. Sykes."  Handwritten letter: Rebecca West asks Sykes to get an apology from The Evening Standard or refer the matter to the Press Council.    
  "Dear Mrs. D" Handwritten letter: concerns a diary in which Rebecca West is mentioned.    
  "Dear Carmen C & Ursula."  Handwritten letter fragment and another version    
92:6 Article: ["Queen Elizabeth"]    
  "My Dear Sally and Ian."  Handwritten letter: Rebecca West writes about Kitty.    
92:7 Review: The Brothers Mann. Nigel Hamilton.    
  Review: Tolstoy’s Letters Vols. I-II. R.J. Christan.  On verso: [The Memoirs of Richard Nixon.] Outline notes.    
92:8 Review: Monsieur Proust. Celeste Albaret.    
  Review: Ottoline:  The Life of Lady Ottoline Morrell. Sandra Johnson Darrock.    
  Review: Edith Sitwell:  A Unicorn among Lions. Victoria Glendinning.    
92:9 [Article:] "Philip Guedalla." Page notes.    
  Review: [A Life Apart:  The English Working Class.]  Standish Meacham.    
  ["The C of Violence."]  Fragment and outline notes.    
  Review: Hitler’s Children. Jillian Becker.    
  "Dear Sir."  Handwritten letter in reference to Miss Divine, Rebecca West’s discharged housekeeper.    
92:10 Review: [Experiences.] Arnold Toynbee.    
  "On Seeing a Statue of a Goddess in Roses, in a B Garden." Poem.    
  Unidentified notes and diagram    
  "Dear Mr. West."  Handwritten letter: household accounts.    
  ["The Merry Pranksters."]    
  Review: The Shadow of the Winter Palace. Edward Crankshaw.    
  Article: ["Stalin."]    
  "To the Editor."] Handwritten letter to the editor of Times Literary Supplement concerning Stephen Koss's review of Victor Cazalet:  A Portrait.  Robert Rhodes [James.]    
  "Dear Mr. Z."  Handwritten letter fragment: Rebecca West relates meeting "Mrs. Rogerson", how her mother and father were great friends of Harold Stevens, etc.    
93:1 Review: Nancy Mitford:  A Memoir. Harold Acton.    
  Review: A Lasting Joy. C. Day Lewis    
  Review: Library Looking Glass:  A Personal Anthology. Lord David Cecil.    
  "Dear Lord Goodman."  Handwritten letter concerning Rebecca West’s apprehension regarding the upcoming publication of an article byAnthony entitled "My Troubled Childhood."    
  "Dear Mr. Sykes."  Handwritten letter concerning Anthony West's article in The Sunday Telegraph.     
93:2 Review: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon.    
  Article: ["School Days."]    
  "Dear Richard."  Handwritten letter: Rebecca West objects to the way Private Eye reported an incident involving Sir Laurence and Lady Olivier at a party.    
  Review: [The Faces of a Jew.] Anthony Powell.    
  Review: C. Day Lewis:  An English Literary Life. Sean Day-Lewis. On verso: ["Tampering With Time."] Outline.    
93:3 Review: The Saddest Story:  A Biography of Ford Madox Ford. Arthur Mizener.    
  Fragment concerning estate.    
  Fragment concerning Anthony, plus fragments of [a story] and a journal-like entry.    
  Lists of family members and the art work Rebecca West wished to give them.    
  Ink sketches. On verso: Ink sketches.    
93:4 Handwritten letter fragment with regards to Anthony going to America.    
  "Dear Sir." Handwritten letter: Rebecca West writes about cancelling a commissioned article on "The Londoner."    
  "My Dear Pat." Handwritten letter concerning the commissioned article on "The Londoner."    
  [Review:] [A Matter of Time.]    
  Review: John Constable. John Lloyd Laser.    
  Review: Constable and His World. Reg Gadney.    
  [This Real Night.]    
  Review: You’re a Brick, Angela!  Mary Cadogan, et al.    
  Review: The Selective Ego:  The Diaries of James Agate. Tim Beaumont. On verso: The Selective Ego:  The Diaries of James Agate.    
  Fragment: Rebecca West writes about people and the books they read.    
  [This Real Night.]    
93:5 "My Dear Peter." Handwritten letter: Rebecca West writes about the breakup of Kit and Thew.    
  "My Dear Kit." Handwritten letter fragment and complete version regarding her breakup with Thew.    
  "My Dear Jilly." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  List of art works and their values.    
  Review: Violet Trefusis:  Life and Letters. Philippe Jullian, et al. On verso: Unidentified fragments.    
  "Dear Mr. Calder."    
  Review: Yeats. Frank Tuohy.    
93:6 Review: Radcliffe Hall and the Well of Loneliness. Lovat Dickson.    
  Review: Britain Observed. Geoffrey Grigson.    
93:7 Article: "Ninety Not Out."  On verso: Review: Rules of the Game. Nicholas Mosley.    
93:8 "Ninety Not Out." On verso: unidentified fragments.    
93:9 "Dear Eugene Weintraub." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "Dear S-."  Handwritten letter "regarding suggestions on your proof."    
  "My Dear Victor." Handwritten letter: Rebecca West grateful for [Victor's] generous review.    
  "Dear Victor." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "Dear Mrs. Partridge."  Handwritten letter fragment: Rebecca West points out an untruth in an article about her in the New York Times and Woman’s Journal.    
  "My Dear Ursula."  Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "My Dear- and Nuby." Letter concerning Anthony.    
  "Ninety Not Out."    
  "My Dear Barbara." Handwritten letter concerning distribution of assets after Rebecca West’s death. On verso: Unidentified fragments.    
94:1 "Dear Richard." Handwritten letter regarding Anthony's Kitty.    
  "Ninety Not Out."  On verso: fragments; HaroldNicholson, John [Strachey], and Lady Mosely are mentioned.    
94:2 "Dear Ursula." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  Fragment which begins: "This brings us to the case of Anthony Blunt..."    
  Fragment which begins: "I wish to explain my financial situation in order that nobody [need feel] aggrieved about my will..."    
  "My Dear Jill." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "Dear Mr. S-." Handwritten letter referring to money received for entertainment rights for The Birds Fall Down.    
  "Dear Mr. -." Handwritten letter fragment which begins: "I am in a difficulty about my records..."    
  ["William Cobbitt."] Text begins: "...The Future of William Cobbett was largely preserved by generations of young people..."  On verso: "My Dear Mr. Sykes." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  ["William Cobbitt."] Continued.    
  "Kitty and Anthony."  Notes about Rebecca West’s money and Kitty's want of it.    
  Fragment, possibly a letter drafted for someone else's signature, which begins: "Our client is particularly puzzled by a paragraph on page... [that] Henry Andrews and his uncle were descended from a Scot family.    
  Handwritten letter which begins: "I want to supplement the letters...being sent to you by my trusted and kind lawyer Mr. Richard Sykes..."    
  "My Dear Stanley." Handwritten letter: Rebecca West refers to a New York Times  article which alleged that Henry Andrews was wealthy.    
  [List of Relatives.] List of relatives to whom money was given after Henry's death.    
  Review: [The Letters of Raymond Chandler.] Frank McShane.    
94:3 Unidentified fragments.    
  Ink sketches.    
94:4 Ink sketches.    
  Fragment pertaining to Goethe.    
Please note: Most of the following notebooks are Rebecca West’s secretaries' notebooks; they contain lists, notes, and dictated letters, largely in shorthand. Some notebooks also contain notes and drafts of letters written in Rebecca West’s hand. Only those pages written in Rebecca West’s hand are described here.
94:7 "Letter to the Editor." Handwritten letter fragment, 3 versions: Rebecca West disagrees with those who disapprove of repatriations.    
94:10 "Dear Mr. Gillson." Handwritten letter pertaining to Yugoslavia.    
  "Dear R--." Handwritten letter fragment pertaining to Hertha Andrews.    
  "Dear Mrs. S-." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "Dear R-." Additional letter fragment.    
  "My Dear Duff."  Handwritten letter which begins: "Thank you for the gossip about the Mosleys..."    
  Fragment about Tolstoy's Anna Karenina.    
  Fragment about T.V. film by Denis Matthews.    
  "Dear Father D-." Handwritten letter crossed out.    
  "Dear Sir." Handwritten letter fragment regarding a letter in the Sunday Telegraph.    
  "My Dear R-." Handwritten letter pertaining to alterations to Rebecca West's  will.    
  Letter fragment pertaining to Isherwood. On verso: "Dear Mr." Handwritten letter fragment concerning maintenance costs.    
  "Dear Gordon." Handwritten letter about Kitty and Anthony.    
95:2 Unidentified fragments.    
  "Dear Richard." Handwritten letter fragment.  On verso: Fragment about Philby.    
  Lists of names and notes about them.    
  "Dear Mr. V." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "Dear Mr. Williams." Letter to Barclay's Bank.    
95:3 Unidentified fragments scattered throughout.    
95:4 "My Dear Geoffrey." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  Fragment about [World War I].    
  Fragment about H. Green.    
  Fragment about Francesca Carlton.    
  Sketches. On verso: [Lady Ottoline Morrell.] Outline notes.    
  "Dear Barbara." Handwritten letter fragment: Rebecca West begins by writing about the money for the curtains.    
  Fragment, possibly of a letter, about interview with Gordon Ray.    
  Letter fragment which begins: "I am no relative of yours..."    
  Article: ["Watergate."] Fragment and ink sketch.    
  Article: ["Queen Elizabeth."]    
95:5 "Dear Mr. de Kane-Silver." Handwritten letter: Rebecca West declines an invitation to lecture.    
  Handwritten letter which begins: "It is indeed improbable that we shall see one another again in this world, if I can help it..."    
  Article: ["Marriage of the Prince of Wales."]    
  Article: ["Edith Sitwell."]    
  Handwritten letter fragment regarding Henry's illness and Rebecca West’s relief that [this person] will be her doctor.    
95:6 List of clothing items.    
  "Dear S." Handwritten letter fragment acceptance to party invitation, etc.    
95:7 "Dear Lady E." Handwritten letter fragment about a book written by [Gerald] McKnight.    
  "Dear Mr. Sykes." Handwritten letter pertaining to Anthony, his prostate cancer, and expense of treatment.    
  "Dear Mr. Boyl." Handwritten letter marked "confidential": Rebecca West does not want to involve herself with Anthony, H.G. Wells and family, and Mr. Budberg.    
  "My Dear Elizabeth." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "My Dear Vita." Handwritten letter fragment.    
95:8 Handwritten letter: Rebecca West is able to shed light on the matter of Somerset Maugham’s benevolence towards Norman Douglas.    
  "My Dear Pat." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  Fragment: Rebecca West writes about Waugh and his case against the Daily Express.    
  Unidentified notes in English and Aztec.    
  Fragments pertaining to [Mexico and the Aztecs.]    
  Fragments about Anthony.    
  Ink sketch. On verso: Fragments about Anthony.    
  Review: [A World of His Own.] David Williams.    
95:9 "My Dear Vita."    
  Review: The Subversive Family. Ferdinand Mount.    
95:10 Unidentified fragments.    
  "Dear Mr. E Smith." Handwritten letter fragment about Hugh Davis's piece on Hume.    
  "Dear Sir." Handwritten letter fragment about the return of [Duncan Howe] to England.    
  "Dear Mr. Thompson." Handwritten letter fragment, crossed out.    
  "Dear Sir." Handwritten letter about [taxes.]    
  List of clothing items.    
  Ink sketch with notes.    
96:1 Article: ["The Belcher Enquiry."]    
  Review: ["The Whittaker Chambers Book."]    
  Article: ["Burgess and Maclean."]    
  Short story about two gay men.  ["George and John,"]      
  Article: ["The Old Bailey."]    
  Review: The Yogi and the Commissar. Arthur Koestler.    
  ["America."] Outline fragment.    
96:2 Review: Challenge. Nigel Nicolson.    
  "Dear Mr. West." Handwritten letter in reference to Inland Revenue.     
  Review: Conundrum. Jan Morris.    
  Ink sketches.    
  Review: Truth to Life. A.O.J. Cockshut. On verso: List of clothing and toiletries.    
  "Moonlight and Footlights."    
  Unidentified "Introduction."    
  Article: ["William Joyce."]    
  ["Drazha Mihailovitch."]    
  ["Middle East."]    
  "Reportage on Reportage." Outline fragment.    
  "My Dear Gordon." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "Appendix A." Notes [for Parental Memoirs]    
  "More About Anthony."    
  Ink sketches.    
  "Dear Gordon." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  Ink sketch.    
  Truth to Life. A.O.J. Cockshut.    
  Staying on Alone:  The Letters of Alice B. Toklas.  Edward Burns.    
  Ink sketch.    
  Conundrum. Jan Morris.     
  Review: [G.P. Wells.] Chesterlin.     
  "Dear Mr. Chancellor." Handwritten letter concerning Rebecca West possibly writing notebook piece.    
96:3 [Article:] "On Not Telling All One Knows."    
  Review: Russell:  The Life of Bertrand Russell. Ronald  W. Clark.    
  "Toto." Fragment of a play.    
  [Cousin Rosamund.]    
96;4 "A Journal of a Trip to Jugo-Slavia."    
  [Article:] "The Second Prettiest Town in the World."    
  [Cousin Rosamund.]    
  Review: Frank Harris. Philippe Pullar.    
  Review: Library Looking Glass:  A Personal Anthology.  Lord David Cecil.    
  Review: A Lasting Joy.   C. Day Lewis.    
  ["H.G. Wells & Anthony."]    
  Ink sketch.    
  "Sir." Handwritten letter to the editor of the Times Literary Supplement.    
  [Christopher and His Kind.]    
96:5 "Dear Lord Goodman." Handwritten letter to the chairman of the Observer Newspaper Co.    
  "Dear Mr. Sykes."    
  Ink sketches.    
  Review: Love Letters:  An Anthology. Lady Antonia Fraser, ed.     
  Review: Past Forgetting:  My Love Affair with Dwight Eisenhower.   Kay Summersby.    
  "My Dear Dachine."    
  "Dear Sir." Handwritten letter pertaining to the trial of Donald Hume.    
  "Dear Bertram Wolfe."    
  Article for Vogue, ["Queen Victoria."]    
  "Dear Mr. B."    
97:1 ["Commonplace Book".]    
  [Textbook of Psychiatry.] Transcription from pages of textbook used as packing material.    
  [Arabian Nights.]    
  [Demidoff.] Notes on Seton Watson.    
  "Dear Count Dimitri Andreavitch."] Transcription of letter from [Pobiedonostev] to the Minister of the Interior; p357 Memoirs.    
  Transcription of epitaph of [Guy Coulton.]    
  [Prophecies of St. Malachy.]    
  Transcription of song sung by [Cabaieu.]     
97:2 Article: "I said to me...", April 27th."    
  "Pictures and Carpets."    
  "There are some new arrivals in town..."    
  "If you asked me what I had done today, I should tell you..."    
  [Eastern Europe.]    
  [Albert Speer.]    
  Transcription of recipe for Boston Rice Bake.    
97:3 ["Scenes from America."] Notes about a visit to America including topics such as "Fanny Brice," "Herbert Swope," "Buffalo," "Chicago," "Salt Lake City," and "Hollywood."    
97:4 Notes on Russian alphabet and tenses.     
  Ink sketches.    
  Diagrammed pedigrees of Fairfield family.    
97:5 "A Christmas Book and Film about Blessed Matthew Porre."    
  This Real Night. Outlines, notes, and fragments.    
  List of works of art & the names of artists who did them.    
97:6 [No contents.]    
97:7 [Short story,] "For Dead Aunts. Unifinished." Contents appear to have been removed.    
97:8 "Europa or the Future of the Sex." Contents appear to have been removed.    
  Ink sketch captioned "Reading the Election Results"  tipped in.    
97:9 "On the Spot Journalistic Notes." Notes of first British Council sponsored trip to Yugoslavia.    
97:10 [Stoker Rose trial].    
  "My Dear Kingsley Martin." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  Ink Sketch.    
  Article: ["The Jews & the Food Supply."]    
  Notes on learning Spanish.    
  Notes and pound (money) figures.    
98:1 Notes on trial of Mosley and Charles Harry Bentink Budd.    
98:2 Article: [Reporter At Large: Joyce & Amery.] Notes on Joyce and Amery Trials.    
98:3 Article and interview, ["Jeffrey Hamm."]    
98:4 Article: ["Queen Elizabeth."]    
  ["Lord Bath."]    
  Notes about Hungarians.    
98:5 Recipes.    
  "The Only Poet."    
  "On the Spot Notes" for the Stephen Ward trial.    
98:6 "On the Spot Notes" pertaining to the electrical trade  unions and the E.T.C. trial. On verso: Unidentified fragments and notes.    
98:7 Unidentified fragments.     
98:8 [Sophie Graham.]    
  [Secretary's notes.]    
  [H.G. Wells.] On verso: [Secretary's notes.]    
  [Spicer & Pegler.]    
98:9 Notes on flowers with diagrams.    
99:1 Algebra notes and figures.    
  ["John Strachey."] Notes on Strachey's wife.    
  ["Wealth & Inflation."]    
  "My Dear Bertrand Russell." Handwritten letter fragment. On verso: Inventory of Rebecca West's flat.    
  Algebra notes and figures.    
  Notes on Slav language.    
  Review: Under the Volcano. Malcolm Lowry.    
99:2 Short story, ["The Elms Hotel."] Fragment of story about Elms Hotel.    
  Ink sketch.    
99:3 "Dear Mr. Hepworth." Handwritten letter fragment.     
  "My Dear Nicky." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  Dear Mr. C." Dictated letter.    
  Notes about Rebecca West’s will and handling of her literary estate.    
  "Dear Mr. Scanlon." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  "My Dear Nicholas." Handwritten letter fragment.     
  "Dear Dr. ." Handwritten letter fragment.    
  ["Parental Memoirs."]    
99:4 Review: The Daughters of Karl Marx. Yvonne Kapp.    
  Review: Life After Marriage:  Scenes from Divorce. A. Alvarez.    
  "My Dear Richard." Handwritten letter to Richard [Sykes?] [Slaughter & May?] about Anthony and the family's money. On verso: "My Dear Irene." Handwritten letter fragment about Barbara and her unhappy marital circumstances.    
  "Dear Mr. or Mrs. or Miss Greenlaugh." Handwritten letter regarding Phyllis Paul.    
  Notes about the Louis Andrews family.    
  List of the relatives supported by H. M. Andrews to some extent as a result of the Hitler regime.    
  "My Dear Salsian." Handwritten letter fragment about Garis article.    
99:5 The Judge.    
  Short story, "Indissoluble Matrimony."    
99:6 Article: "Journey into Television."    
99:7 "Journey into Television."    
99:8 The Birds Fall Down. Notes for Sunday Telegraph article on television production.    
99:9 Article: "Women in Literature."  On verso: ["Gertrude Stein."]    
99:10 [Article:] "The Individuals - Were They Better Than Ideologies?"    
99:11 "Good Me." Drawings and some designs used as illustrations to a book on [H?] [never] to be  published.    
  "Good Me." Color sketches and captions.    
99:12 Review: Letters to W.B. Yeats.    
  Review:  Notes of a Conspirator. Efrim Etkins.    
  Review:  Vultures of Yalta. Nikolai Tolstoy.     
  "Spicer & Pegler." Possible letter fragment concerning previous financial arrangements.     
99:13 "Dear Leo." Handwritten and signed letter.    
  "Dear ." Handwritten letter concerning Rebecca West’s acceptance to act as honourary chairman of the Smithsonian.    
  "Dear Mr. B."    
  ["Works by Christina Stead."]    
  "The Heiress."    
100:1 Cousin Rosamund.    
100:2 "The White Fox. A Fairy Drama in Three Acts," written for music by Okakura-Kakuzo. Not in Rebecca West’s hand.    
  "Parental Memoirs." (Arrival in Australia.)    
100:3 "The Only Poet."    
  "Parental Memoirs."    
  [June Wells.]    
  "Husband and Love Keep Vigil In A Haunted House." Poem.     
100:4 "Follies."    
  [Alan Dent.]    
  Review: Portrait of a Marriage. Nigel Nicolson.    
  Cousin Rosamund.    
100:5 Review: Bruno’s Dream. Iris Murdoch. On verso: "Parental Memoirs."    
100:6 "The Only Poet."    
  [Noel Coward.]    
  Cousin Rosamund. On verso: Book reviews on a trilogy by Alan [Ayckb---] and a book by Iris Murdoch.    
  Cousin Rosamund.    
100:7 Review: Staying on Alone:  The Letters of Alice B. Toklas.    
  "Parental Memoirs." (Pybus.)    
  [David Carver.]    
100:8 Poems.    
  [British politics.]    
  Review: Portrait or Traitor:  The Case of General Mihailovitch. David Martin.    
  Poem on a card tipped in.    
  Review: The British Connection:  Russian Manipulation of British Leadership and Institutions. Nicholas Deacon.   Tipped in.    
100:9 Review: The Selective Eye:  The Diaries of James Agate.    
  Review: Revolutionaries without Revolutions. Andre Thirion.    
  Review: Ottoline:  The Life of Lady Ottoline Murrell.  Sandra Johnson Darrock.    
  Cousin Rosamund.    
100:10 Review: Golden Codgers. Richard Ellmann.    
  Autobiographical notes written in third person by Rebecca West.    
  [Bruce Lockhart and The Evening Standard.]    
  Cousin Rosamund. (Approach to 1914.) On verso: Cousin Rosamund.     
100:11 [Fullerton and Professor Lewis.]    
  Cousin Rosamund.    
  Review: Library Looking Glass:  A Personal Anthology.  Lord David Cecil.    
  Review: A Lasting Joy. C. Day Lewis.    
101:1 [Anthony West.]    
  Book reviews of trilogy by Alan [Aychb---] and a book by Iris Murdoch.    
  [Olive and Angelo Houghton-Bennett.]    
  Cousin Rosamund.    
101:2 Cousin Rosamund.    
  Review: Sylvia Pankhurst:  Artist and Crusader. Richard Pankhurst.    
  Review: The Windsor Story. J. Bryan, III. On verso: Book reviews on trilogy by Alan [Aychb---] and a book by Iris Murdoch.    
  Muriel Spark.    
  Doris Lessing.    
101:3 Outline of interview by Brian C.    
  Cousin Rosamund.    
  The Selective Ego:  The Diaries of James Agate. On verso: Autobiographical notes    
  [Christopher Isherwood.]    
101:4 Review: [The Life of a Revolution] Fran  [Irvine.]    
  [Alan Dent.]    
  [Lettie Fairfield.]    
  Cousin Rosamund.    
101:5 Review: Henry James:  Letters. Leon Edel.    
  Review: England’s Michaelangelo. Wilfred Blunt.    
  Cousin Rosamund.    

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