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Cyril Vernon Connolly papers
Series 2:  Writings: 
Notebooks and Journals

Collection 1976-002

11:1 Early notebook inscribed by Cyril Connolly: “Note book containing attempts at wit on the part of Tim Connolly....”    
11:2 Early exercise notebook inscribed by Cyril Connolly: “This and That by Mrs. and Master Connolly.”    
  Comical prose, rhyme, caricatures, and lists.  [Does not appear to be Cyril Connolly's handwriting.]    
11:3 Comical prose and rhymes.    
  Satirical piece not by Cyril Connolly.    
11:4 Early poetry with 2 pages laid in.    
St.  Cyprian's exercise book
11:5 Miscellaneous notes.    
  Reports on Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir James Outran, James I and James VI.    
  Lists of trees by species and location.    
  On verso    
  Sports scores and records.    
St.  Cyprian's exercise notebook
11:6 History notes and sports scores.    
  Lists of trees by species and location.    
  Notes about railway routes, junctions, gates, etc., with diagrams.    
  Miscellaneous notes and sketches.    
11:7 League tournament scores, records, and lists of team members.    
  On verso    
  “Book of the Lock House Railways.” Lists of railways, their main lines, branch lines, junctions, etc., with diagrams.    
11:8 History notes.    
  On verso    
  History notes.    
  Miscellaneous notes.    
  Poem fragment.    
12:1 History notes.    
Balliol College manuscript notebook
12:2 “Otto the Great as Holy Roman Emperor.”  Report.    
  “Papacy and Reform Movement Prior to Hildebrand's Accession.”  Report.    
  “Toleration.”  Report.    
  “Difficulties of Henry, Pontificate from a German Point of View.”  Report.    
  “The origin of the crusades....”  Report.    
  “Isaiah's Mysticism.”  Report.    
  “Shire and Sheriff.”  Report.    
  “The Manor.”  Report.    
  “Discuss functions and composition of [---] and in what way did the Norman Conquest affect it?”  Report.    

3 pages laid in.

12:3 Miscellaneous notes on history, religion, and science; some notes in Greek.    
  Poetry fragments.    
  On verso    
  Untitled short story.    
  History notes.    
12:4 Notes on British politics, the church, and various historical topics.    
  “There are five groups of people who matter to a reviewer....”  Article.    
  Biographical account, not in Cyril Connolly's hand.    
12:5 Manuscript notebook inscribed by Cyril Connolly: “This book ultimately the property of R.P.  Longden Esq., Magdalen College, Oxford....1927.”    
  Poetry fragments.    
  Daily journal entries for July-Nov 1927.    
12:6 “The Founder's Room.  A Comedy.”  Outline for a play.    
  “Crooked Neighbours.”  Play.    
  4 pages unidentified notes in shorthand.    
  Fragment in reference to Lord Carrington.    
12:7 “Happy Deathbeds.”  Short story, with 6 pages laid in.    
  Miscellaneous notes.    
12:8 Philosophical commentaries on the church, the human condition, knowledge/wisdom, etc.    
  Miscellaneous notes in foreign languages and in English.    
13:1 Poetry in English and Greek, circa Mar-Nov 1923, Oxford.    
13:2  “Leaving is Believing.”  Play with outline, alternative titles and diagrams of character relationships.    
13:3 “The Traveler.   Title only.    
  “Narcissa's Flowers.   Title only.    
  Miscellaneous history notes.    
  “Married Love.”   Poem, not in Cyril Connolly's hand.    
  “The Renunciation (letter to Bobbie).”  Poem.    
  Historical time line.    
13:4 “Humane Killer.” Short story with 1p laid in.    
  On verso    
  Ink and pencil sketches.    
  “The land of Nonsuch had long been in the possession of the family....”  Short story fragment.    
  “Comment.  Poetry.  What crimes are committed in thy name....” [possibly for Horizon]    
  “Comment.  The offensive against art is developing according to plan....” [possibly for Horizon]    
13:5 “A walk in the Maures.”  Travel article.    
  “In your heart my death is sleeping....”  Poem fragment in several versions.    
  On verso    
  “Healthiest on plateaux, though seldom found there; happiest? Happiest on N7....”  Fragment.    
  “In every artist, however limited, there hides a god....”  Article.    
  Poetry fragments.    
  “The Graves of the Lemurs.”  Fragment.    
  “The Innocent and the Beautiful.”  Fragment.    
13:6 “In the dark theatre the curtain was just going up.  It was the ballet called Cotillon....”  Short story fragment.    
  On verso    
  Unidentified fragments.    
  “A man of feeling.”  Poem.    
13:7 “The Crucial Generation.  A Study of the Emergence of Modern Sensitivity in French Literature, 1840-90.”    
  Outline and introduction.    
  On verso    
  “Shade Those Laurels.”  Fragment.    
13:8 “Shade Those Laurels.  Part 3."    
  Notes on murder by poisons and their effects, 4 pages laid in in.  [not in Cyril Connolly's hand]    
14:1 “The Anonymous Voyage.”  Cyril Connolly's note: “This became m.s.s. of 'Travel [---] the New Keepsake' 1930.”    
  Fragment about hedonism.    
  Handwritten draft chart of geographical locations rated according to amusements, society, chances of nice house, walks, etc.    
14:2 “Brinkley dreamt of a dew-sprinkled blackberry as large as his head....” Short story [?].    
  Miscellaneous notes, 1 page laid in.    
  On verso    
  Article about William Somerset Maugham.    
  “Comment.  One doubt is ruining Christmas for intending visitors to the moon....” [possibly for Horizon.]    
  Outline and notes for Horizon issue(s).    
  Journal entries for Mar 28, 1953 and Jun 3 1963.    
14:3 “The Spring Assignment.”  Fragment.  Cyril Connolly's note: “written circa 1943--6 years before 1984--[---] Gerald Berners.”    
14:4-5 [“Alpdodger.”]  Short story which includes a fictional correspondence between the characters Mara, Michonze, Ivan, and Ann.    
14:6 “Materials for a Complex.”  Prose poem.    
  “The Lucid Internal.” Fragment.    
  Enemies of Promise.  Cyril Connolly's account of the details surrounding its publication.    
  Account of Cyril Connolly's last wishes for the distribution of certain possessions.    
  On verso    
  Travel journal entries.    
  “Voyage.”  Poem fragment in several versions.    
14:7 Travel journal, circa 1922-1923.    
14:8 Spain travel journal, circa Apr 5-23, 1924.    
14:9 3 Africa travel journals, circa 1968, with total of 5 pages and small card tipped in.    
15:1  Miscellaneous notes, lists, and poem fragments.    
15:2 “Seven Lean Summers.”  Notes.    
  Photocopy of a press cutting of Cyril Connolly, age 70, at Charleston Manor.    
15:3  Travel journal for Switzerland, France, Algiers....undated.    
15:4 Unidentified prose and poetry fragments.    
  Memorandum of agreement concerning Horizon, found stapled in.  (See Series 2: Writings: Major works:  Horizon)    
  On verso    
  Handwritten letter to Diana [?], with Diana's handwritten responses.    
15:5 Notes and observations concerning the John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassination.    
  Journal entries for five days, undated.    
15:6 Brief journal-like entries, undated.    
  Notes, commentaries, and criticisms about individuals identified by first name/surname including: Grace, Raymond, Peter, Jake, William, Charles, John Maud, Harmer, R.P.  Longden, Miles, and others listed by initials only or indecipherable.    
15:7 Daily engagement diary for 1936.  Includes miscellaneous notes, lists of book/authors.    
15:8 Journal entries for Nov 11-Dec 27, [?].    
15:9 Miscellaneous notes and lists of French authors.    
15:10 Check lists of French books in Cyril Connolly's collection in two notebooks.    
15:11 Lists of names, book titles, dates.    
  Travel notes.    
  Journal-like entries, undated.    

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