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Cyril Vernon Connolly papers
Series 3:  Photographs

Collection 1976-002

Aldington, Richard
  Scrapbook of 38 images, some laid in, featuring Richard Aldington and/or the following individuals:    
  Michael Arlen    
  Nancy Cunard    
  Norman Douglas    
  Al Frere-Reeves    
  Harold Glover    
  Malcolm Hillary [?]    
  Eskell & Greta Kemble-Cooper    
  Thomas McGreevey    
  Pino Orioli    
  Brigit & Derek Patmore    
  Charles Prentice    
  Countess Russell    
  Osbert Sitwell    
  H. G. Wells    
  William Welton    
  Pictured with W. S. Blunt, [?] Flint, Sturge Moore, Ezra Pound, P. Yarr, and W. B. Yeats, taken during the poet's visit to Newbuildings, 18 Jan, 1914.  1 photograph, 1 photographic reproduction.    
Auden, Wystan Hugh
  In New York, 1940.  1 photograph.    
  At Fire Island, 1946.  2 photographs.    
  In his later years, 2 photographs.    
  Pictured with Christopher Isherwood and Stephen Spender, circa 1930.  1 photograph, 1 photographic reproduction, and 6 photo-negatives.  (See also: Isherwood, Christopher)    
Bagenal, Barbara
  (See Series 3: Photographs: Carrington, C.E.)    
Beach, Sylvia
  Pictured in an interview with Malcolm Muggeridge, no date.    Removed from Cyril Connolly's copy of Shakespeare and Company.  1 photograph.  (See also Series 3: Photographs: Joyce, James)    
Bell, Clive
  Clive Bell and/or Frances Marshall Partridge pictured with Stephen Tomlin, Lytton Strachey [?] and Angelica [?] at Charleston.  Removed from an envelope addressed to Mrs. A. Binnie.  3 photographs.    
  Pictured at Cyril Connolly's flat at 18 Perry Street.  1 photograph.    
Berendson, John C.
  Gravesite.  1 photograph.    
Blair, Eric A.
  (See Series 3: Photographs: Orwell, George)    
Blakiston, Noel
  Group photo of unidentified men, women, and children.  Inscribed on verso: “dear Jean I am afraid this is the best I can do for you/love/Noel.”  1 photograph.    
Blixen, Karen
  Pictured with Mrs. Isak Dineson and Thomas Dineson; includes scenes of their farm in Africa.  30 photographs.    
Brenan, Gerald
  Pictured with C.E. Carrington; includes handwritten note and envelope, 3 Jul 1972, to Cyril Connolly:   “Dear Cyril I forgot to enclose this.” 1 photograph.    
Carrington, C.E.
  Pictured with Barbara Bagenal Hiles, 1 photographic reproduction.  Includes 1 photographic reproduction of a detail of same.    
Carter, Johnand Anita
  Inscribed: “to Cyril and Deidre with love from Jake and Anita Las Palmas 23 March 1966.” 1 photograph.    
Cavafy, C. P.
  1 photograph.    
 Connolly, Cyril Vernon
  Fragment of a photo featuring Cyril Connolly as a toddler with Grandmother Kemble and Cyril Connolly's father.    
  Studio portrait of Cyril Connolly as a young boy.  1 photograph.    
  At Limply Stove [?], circa 1910.  2 photographs, 2 views.    
  At St.  Cyprian's, wearing fur gloves, circa 1911.  1 photograph.     
  As a young man, dressed in a house maid's costume.  1 photo-postcard.    
  As a young man, pictured with Basil Murray and Richard Pares, circa 1920s.  1 photograph.    
  As a young man, pictured with 3 unidentified young men.  2 photographs, 2 views.    
  Dressed as a woman, pictured on stage in an unidentified theatre production.  2 photographs, 2 views.    
  Pictured with his class at Eton.  1 photographic reproduction.    
  Streets, inhabitants and surrounding countryside of Livia, Spain. 2 photographs.    
  As a middle-aged man, pictured with touring car and driver in Tanzania, Africa and an unidentified man.  3 photographs, 2 views.    
  As a middle-aged man, pictured in the office of the Sunday Times, no date.  1 photograph.    
  As a middle-aged man, pictured standing in the doorway of an unidentified church.  1 photograph.    
  As a middle-aged man, pictured with an unidentified woman.  2 photograph, 2 views.    
  As a middle-aged man.  Removed from Series 1: Correspondence: Davis, Annie and William.    
  (See also Series 3: Photographs: Blakiston, Noel)    
Connolly, Frances Jean Bakewell
  Pictured at Stone House, Baltimore, Maryland, circa 1929, 1 photograph; exterior view of Stone House, 1 photograph.    
  Skiing trip.  Inscribed: “It only hurts when I laugh.” 1 photograph.    
  Pictured with 2 unidentified men and 2 unidentified boys, circa Christmas 1950.  1 photograph.    
  Frances Jean Bakewell Connolly, no date.  1 photograph.    
Connolly, Matthew William Kemble
  Pictured as a 4 1/2 year old boy, Jul 1876.  1 photograph.    
  Pictured with Muriel Maud Connolly, seated in a horse-drawn carriage.  1 photograph.    
  Pictured feeding ducks.  1 photograph.    
  Pictured in Ireland.  1 photograph.    
  Pictured on horseback in South Africa.  1 photograph.    
  Pictured with 3 unidentified friends.  1 photograph.    
  In military uniform, pictured with 6 unidentified men and 3 dogs.  1 photograph.    
Connolly, Muriel Maud
  Studio portrait as a young woman.  1 photograph.    
  Pictured with a dog.  1 photograph.    
  At Corsica, 1919.  1 photograph.    
  Studio portrait, no date.  1 photograph.    
  Pictured strolling down the walkway at an unidentified location.  2 photographs, same image.    
  On horseback, accompanied by an unidentified man; includes related photos.  9 photographs, 9 views.    
  In the Al-Barini Wilderness [?], 1953.  1 photographs.    
  Views of Muriel Maud Connolly's gravesite in South Africa.  2 photographs, 2 slides.  Removed from Series 1: Correspondence: Vincent, St. John and Gwyn.     
Crosby, Caresse
  (See Series 3: Photographs: Pound, Ezra)    
Crosby, Harry
  Inscribed: “To my loved Caresse....” 13 Dec 1929.  1 photographic reproduction.    
Davis, Annie and William
  Features both as well as unidentified men, women and children.  8 photographs, 2 photo-postcards.  (See also Series 3: Photographs: Hemingway, Ernest)    
D'Arcy, Martin Cyril
  1 photograph.    
Doolittle, Hilda
  Portrait inscribed: “To Brigit from H.D.“  1 photograph.    
Edward VII, King
  Removed from the king's personal copy of the ABC Railway Guide in the Cyril Connolly library.  1 photo-postcard.    
Eliot, Thomas Stearns
  Portrait of Eliot.  1 photograph.    
Hartley, Leslie Poles
   Portrait of Poles inscribed to H.H. Rappaport.  1 photographic reproduction.    
Hawkin, E---
  Photo of a woman and her dog.  1 photograph.    
Hemingway, Ernest
  Pictured with Annie Davis and unidentified men and women at La Consula, circa 1959.  3 photographs.    
  Pictured with his car at La Consula, circa 1960.  1 photograph.    
  Pictured with unidentified men at Pamplona, circa 1959. 1 photograph.    
  Pictured with Mr. Ordonez and Mr. Gorcedo[?].  1 photograph.    
Isherwood, Christopher
  Pictured in London, no date.  1 photograph.    
  Pictured with fellow poet volunteer, W. H. Auden, before departure to China, circa Jan 1938.  1 photograph.    
John, Augustus
  Pictured as an elderly man.  1 photograph.    
Joyce, James
  Pictured with Sylvia Beach, Paris, 1923.  1 photograph.  (See also: Series 2: Writings: James Joyce in Paris)    
Jung, Carl Gustav
  Publicity photo.  1 photograph.    
Kemble, Dorothy (Aunt Tot?)
  Pictured with 2 unidentified women.  1 photograph.    
Kirkpatrick, Nigel
  As a school boy.  1 photograph.    
Lawrence, David Herbert and Frieda
  David Herbert pictured with a horse.  1 photographic reproduction.    
  Frieda as a middle-aged woman.  1 photograph.    
  Pictured with Angelo Ravaghi.  1 photograph.    
  Pictured with Mabel Luhan.  1 photograph.    
 Longden, Robert P.
  Taken during his Eton days.  4 photographic reproductions.    
  Pictured with 3 unidentified boys.  1 photographic reproduction.    
Luhan, Mabel
  (See: Series 3: Photographs: Lawrence, David Herbert and Frieda)    
MacCarthy, Desmond
  Removed from Cyril Connolly's copy of Portrait 1.  1 photograph.    
Mandeka, Georgeand Jenny
  4 photographs, 4 views.    
Orwell, George
  Pictured as a young man.  Signed.  1 photograph.    
Patmore, Brigit
  Removed from Cyril Connolly's copy of Poems 1918-1921 by Ezra Pound.  Cyril Connolly's handwritten note on verso reads: “   signed for me in Brighton just before she died--1965...” 1 photograph.    
Pound, Ezra
  Pictured as a young man with 6 unidentified men.  Removed from Series 1: Correspondence: Hone, Joseph.  1 photograph.    
  Pictured with Olga Rudge and/or Caresse Crosby in the garden at Roccasinibalda, reading Torch Bearer by Harry Crosby, Jun 1965.  5 photographs, 5 views.     
  Pictured with sculptor and bust of Ezra Pound, including related images on a proof sheet.  2 photographs, 8 views.    
  Pictured with unidentified woman at Hamilton graduation, 1969.  1 photograph.    
  Exterior view of the house at Saint A--- [?] “before it was repainted and before road was finished.” 1 photograph.    
Read, Herbert
  Removed from Cyril Connolly' scope of To Hell with Culture.  1 photograph.    
Rudge, Olga
  (See: Series 3: Photographs: Pound, Ezra)    
Sackville-West, Vita
  Portrait.  1 photograph.    
Spender, Stephen
  As a young man, circa 1940.  1 photograph.    
Symonds, Arthur
  Removed from Cyril Connolly's copy of Confessions.  1 photograph.    
Thomas, Dylan
  Pictured as a young man, pictured with Oscar Williams, circa 1953.  1 photo-postcard.    
Tomlin, Stephen
  1 photograph.    
Warner, Rex
  1 photograph.    
Waugh, Evelyn

Group photo of several Waugh family members.  1 photograph.

  Mrs. Evelyn Waugh [?]; found with handwritten note: “On instructions of E. Waugh Esq.” 1 photograph.    
Woolf, Virginia
  Pictured in her later years.  4 photographs, 4 views.    
Zerbe, Jerome
  Pictured as a middle-aged man.  1 photograph.    
Unidentified People
  Scenes and boys from Cyril Connolly's Eton days.  8 photographs, 8 views.    
  Young girl seated outside a residence.  Removed from St. Christopher's School summer term roster, 1912.  1 photograph.    
  9 men in rain gear posed outside an unidentified building.  1 photograph.    
  Group of men, in dress suits and leis posed outside an unidentified building.  1 photograph.    
  Group of men, gathered at the steps of an unidentified building.  1 photograph.    
  2 men posed alongside railway tracks.  1 photograph.    
  Portrait of a man [S.T.?], readied for publication.  1 photographic reproduction.    
  Man and woman with 2 large dogs, posed at outside the entrance of an unidentified residence.  1 photograph.    
  Nurse, infant and sleeping dog.  Inscription on verso reads: “The Maharajah of Rogers/aged six weeks/weight 9 lbs.  6oz.” Removed from Series 1: Correspondence: Davis, Annie and William.  1 photograph.    
  Middle-aged man posed in front of monument marked “Luther.” 1 photograph.    
  Photo-reproduction of an original portrait of a man.  1 photo-negative.    
  Photo-negatives of individuals in a variety of locations; found in an envelope addressed to Cyril Connolly and postmarked from South Kensington, 21 Sept 1942.  7 photo-negatives.    
  Views of Cyril Connolly's personal library at Bushey Lodge, copyright The Sunday Times.  6 photographs, 6 views.    
  A sample of books from Cyril Connolly's library.  1 photographs.    
1:13 Views of a residence at Heatherlands.  5 photographs, 5 views.    
  Another view.  Inscription on verso: “House at Heatherlands, where your mom lived with Gen. Brooke.”  1 photograph.    
  View of a residence at Crowsnest, with the Ashdown Forest in the background.  Removed from Cyril Connolly's copy of Pioneers of Modern Design by Nikolaus Pevsner.  1 photograph.    
  Views of a residence at Victoria Bay.  8 photographs, 7 views.    
  Views of Lorn House, Deepcut.  3 photographs, 3 views.    
1:14 General view of Calcatoggia.  1 photograph.    
  Exterior view of the Parador de San Ramon.  1 photo-postcard.    
  Exterior view of Cyril Connolly's father's office following an air raid, 1914.  1 photograph.    
  View of a military parade in celebration of Minden Day, Gibraltar, 1935.  1 photograph.    
  View of Lake Bunyonyi located in western Uganda.  1 photograph.    
  View of Crater Lake and the R---soni mountain range, as seen from Bunembo Hill.  1 photograph.    

Interior view of a bedroom in a Cape Cod residence.  Photographed by Walker Evans.  1 photograph.

  Exterior view of the Birmingham Steel Mill and workers' houses, Alabama, circa 1936.  Photographed by Walker Evans.  1 photograph.    
Unidentified locations
  View of a canal.  1 photograph.    
  Exterior views of a residence, one view inscribed on verso: from Jean Henrikson [?] to Mrs. Connolly.  2 photograph, 2 views.    
  Exterior view of a residence.   1 photograph.    
  Interior view of framed artwork, table and bric-a-brac.  1 photograph.    
  Exterior views of a residence along a rocky shoreline.  J. Farrar, photographer.  4 photograph, 3 views.    
  Exterior view of a residence and mausoleum [?].  2 photographs.    
1:16 Champion racehorse.  1933.  1 photographs.    
  Family dog in South Africa.  1 photographs.    
  Unidentified dog.  1 photographs.    
  Cyril Connolly's companion lemur.  4 photographs, 4 views.    
  Infant gorilla.  2 photographs, 2 views.    


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