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Cyril Vernon Connolly papers
Series 4:  Personal

Collection 1976-002

Family histories
1:1 Connolly surname and ancestry.    
  Notes concerning the Connolly mascot, the sea lion [or fur seal?].    
  Notes concerning Connolly ancestry, including Cyril Connolly's paternal grandfather, Matthew and Cyril Connolly's father, Matthew William Kemble Connolly.  (See also: Series 1: Correspondence: Connolly, Arthur)    
  Obituaries for Cyril Connolly's paternal grandmother, Harriet Kemble Connolly; Cyril Connolly's paternal grandfather, Matthew; Cyril Connolly's great paternal grandfather, General William Connolly.    
  Bookplate of Charles John Thomas Connolly of Midford Castle, bearing the Connolly crest.    
  Photograph of memorial grave marker of William Hallett Connolly; photo of memorial tablet erected in honor of William Hallett and Sarah Connolly, with Cyril Connolly's handwritten note regarding ancestry written on verso.    
1:2 Kemble family history.    
  Typed draft account of a family ghost, written by Rachel Kemble.    
1:3 Vernon ancestry.  (Muriel Maud Vernon).    
Cyril Vernon Connolly
1:4 St.  Cyprian's and Eton College school records and memorabilia including grade reports, autograph letters from teachers and headmasters to Matthew William Kemble Connolly informing him of Cyril Connolly's progress; copies of the Eton College Chronicle; programs from school events; and handwritten draft class essays by Cyril Connolly.  1912-1919.    
1:5 1920-1921.    
1:6 1922-1923.    
1:7 No date.    
  (See also: Series 3: Photographs: Connolly, Cyril Vernon)    
1:8 Court summons and divorce decree in the case of Frances Jean Bakewell Connolly and Cyril Vernon Connolly.  Nov 1945.  2 copies.    
  Carbon copy typed draft statement concerning Cyril Connolly's marriage to Frances Jean Bakewell Connolly.  Oct 1947.  2 copies.    
  Photostatic copy of divorce certificate.  Jun 1948.    
  Certified copy of certificate of marriage between Cyril Connolly and Barbara Olive Skelton.  Oct 1950.    
  Photostatic typed draft statement concerning the marriage and divorce of Cyril Connolly and Barbara Olive Skelton.  Feb 1960.    
  Supplemental inventory and appraisement of the estate of William M.  Bakewell.  Undated.    
1:9 Photostat of a typed draft Last Will and Testament of Muriel Maud Vernon Connolly.    
  Certificate of Special Power of Attorney appointing Noel Xavier Hartnady and/or Jack Norris Raubenheimer, of George, Cape Province, South Africa.  [1951.]    
  Handwritten and signed draft Last Will and Testament of Cyril Connolly.  Oct 1942.    
  Handwritten and signed draft, Sept 1950 version    
  Handwritten and signed draft, Feb 1959 version.    
  Handwritten list of possessions to be given to Cressida, Matthew, etc.    
  handwritten draft of Cyril Connolly's last requests, intended for Deirdre Connolly.     
1:10 3 British passports; travel pass for Spain.    
1:11 Address book.    
Travel ephemera
2:1 Africa.  Includes maps, brochures, railway/airline schedules, etc.    
2:2 Antarctica.    
2:3 Ceylon.    
2:4 Cyprus.    
2:5  England.    
2:6-7 France.    
2:8 Gambia, Holland, Italy.    
2:9 Ireland.    
2:10 Portugal.    
3:1 Senegal.    
3:2-3 Spain.    
3:4 Venice.    
3:5 Miscellaneous.    
3:6 Gallery exhibition announcements/invitations.    
3:7 Programs: opera, theatre, dinners, dance and musical performances; menu of a dinner held in honor of Cyril Connolly's 70th birthday; signed by guests, 1973.    
4:1 Animals: Excised articles pertaining to environmental concerns in Kruger National Park in Africa; pc of article about lemurs; engraving depicting lemurs; photo-reproduction of a Japanese painting depicting lemurs.    
4:2 Excised newspaper and magazine articles concerning the assassination of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy surrounding controversy.  (See also: Series 2: Writings: Notebooks and Journals)    
4:3 Miscellaneous press cuttings and excised pages from magazines; Sotheby's sale catalogue.    
4:4-5 Handwritten notes and lists.  144 pieces.    
Miscellaneous materials including:
4:6 Mimeograph typed running order and stage direction for “An Evening with Cyril Connolly--with Robert Hardy.”  2p.    
  Cross-stitched band bearing the initials SAAC, sewn to a red ribbon.    
  Unused souvenir postcards.    
  Pencil and ink sketches/caricatures, 3 pieces.    
  Etching by unidentified artist; photo-reproductions of works of art.    
  Photocopied samples of drawings used to illustrate “Kamante's Tales” from Out of Africa.    
  Bookmarks and paper scraps used as page markers.     
4:7 S.S.  Patuca breakfast menu, 17 Nov 1925, autographed on verso by several individuals.    
  Liguanea Club Resident Bachelors' Ball dance card, 7 Jan 1926.    
  Holderness Hunt Ball dance card, 10 Jan 1929.    
  Notes, lists, and poetry, not Cyril Connolly's.    

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