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Cyril Vernon Connolly papers
Series 1:  Correspondence (S-Z, unidentified)

Collection 1976-002

17:3 Sackville-West [?], Edward.  1964.    
  Sackville-West, Vita.  (See Series 3: Photographs)    
  Sade, Marquis de [?].  1774.    
  Saintsbury Club.  Program and seating chart for the 1940 meeting.    
  Saillet, Maurice.  1955-1963.    
  Sala, Jules Griez.  1968.    
  Salisbury, Fifth Marquess of.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Cecil, Robert Arthur James)    
  Sands, Ethel.  1921-1938, no date.    
  Sansom, William.  1973-1974, no date.    
  Santayana, George.  Incomplete date.    
  Sassoon, Siegfried.  Photocopied press cuttings about Siegfried Sassoon.    
  Saturday Evening Post, The.  1960-1961.    
  Savage, Robert and Elizabeth.  Change of address.  1970.    
  Savner, Fred.  No date.    
  Scales, S.H.  (chartered quantity surveyor).  1968.    
  Scarfe, Francis.  1953.    
  Schrijver, Herman.  1967.    
17:4 Schwartz, Jacques to and from Cyril Connolly.  1955-1973, incomplete date, no date.    
17:5 Scorer, Daphne.  Incomplete date.  In reference to Hannah Harper.     
  Scorpion Press.  1963.    
  Scott, Cecil from Cyril Connolly.  Incomplete date.    
  Scott, Edelia.  1945.    
  Scott, Foresman and Company.  1969.    
  Scott, Peter.  1967.    
  Scott-Clark, Joseph.  1966.    
  Scottish Widow's Fund, The.  Bookmark advertisement and pressed flowers found tipped into Adonis, Attis, Osiris by James G.  Frazer.    
  Scrivener Press, The.  1950.  In reference to Francis Bacon bibliography.    
  Searle, Alan.  1949.    
  Secker Publishers, Martin.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Senhouse, Roger H.P.)    
  Seebohm, Caroline.  1967.  Fan letter.    
  Seeman, W.M.  1968.    
  Seltzer Inc.  Publishers, Thomas.   1921.    
  Senhouse, Roger H.P.   1945-1947.  Includes handwritten and signed letter to Desmond [?].    
  Sharp, [?] from Cyril Connolly.  Incomplete date.  In reference to Rose Macauley.    
  Shayer, Michael.  No date.    
  Shaw, George Bernard.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Somerville, Monica)    
  Sheepshanks, [?].  1944.    
  Sheila [?].    
  Shepard, Betty.  1967.    
  Shephard, Nicolette.  Incomplete date.    
  Shine [?], Diana.  1958.    
  Sidney [?].    
  Simmons, James.  1967.  Includes typed and carbon copy typed poems by James Simmons.    
  Simon [?].  1973.    
  Simon and Schuster.  1971.    
  Simon, Andre L.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Simon, Oliver)    
  Simon, Oliver.  1945.  Includes dinner invitation, guest list and menu, signed by Rene Avord, Cyril Connolly, Andre Labarthe, Andre L. Simon, and Peter Watson.    
  Simon, Timothy.  1962.    
  Simper, Deloy.  1974.    
  Simpson, Joan Murray.  1973.    
  Sims (Rare Books), G.F.  1960-1973.    
  Sinclair, Andrew.  1963.    
  Sinclair [?], Kenneth and Janetta [?].  No date.    
  Sinclair, Iain.  1968.    
  Sinclair, Gillian [?].  No date.    
  Singer, Louis.  1970.  In reference to Theon of Alerandra.    
  Sippel, Lisbeth.  No date.  Christmas card.    
17:6 Sitwell, Edith.  1947-1962, no date.  Includes handwritten and signed poem, “Two Songs for Cyril Connolly,” 1p.    
  Sitwell, Francis T.S.  1966.    
  Sitwell, Georgia.  1957-1973.    
  Sitwell, Nigel.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Animals)    
  Sitwell, Osbert.  1939-1963, no date.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Child & Child (Solicitors))    
18:1 Sitwell, Sacheverell to and from Cyril Connolly.  1945-1974.    
  Skelton, Barbara Olive.  (See Series 1: Correspondence; Connolly, Barbara Olive Skelton)    
  Skelton, Eveline.  1964, incomplete date.    
  Smart [?], Amy.  No date.    
  Smart, Walter.  1955.    
  Smith, A.L.  1923.    
  Smith, Charles to and from Cyril Connolly.    
  Smith, Georgina Earnshaw.  1966.    
18:2 Smith, Logan Pearsall to and from Cyril Connolly.  1926-1929.    
18:3 Smith, Logan Pearsall to and from Cyril Connolly.  1930-1941.    
18:4 Smith, Logan Pearsall to and from Cyril Connolly.  1942-1946, no date. Includes handwritten “Notes for Jeremy Taylor,” 6p; carbon copy typed list of old coins from Logan Pearsall Smith's coin collection.     
18:5  Smith, Terrence.  Fan letter.  1968.    
  Smith, Timothy d'Arch.  Publication announcement for Love in Earnest.    
  Snow, Charles and Pamela.  1959, no date.    
  Snowdon, Anthony Armstrong Jones from Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Societe de l'Abbaye de Pontigny.  1929.  Programme.    
  Society of Authors, The.  1967.    
  Somerberg, Benjamin.  1962.    
  Somerville, Monica.  1969.  In reference to George Bernard Shaw.    
  Sormani, Egbert J.  Request for autograph.  1970.    
  Sotheby & Co.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Carter, John Jake and Anita; Hobson, Anthony R.A. and Tanya; and Series 4: Personal: Sotheby's sale catalogue)    
  South East Arts Association.  1974.    
  Spain (Minister of War).  1937.    
  Spain (Commissioner of Propaganda).  1937.    
  Sparrow, John.  1954-1974.    
  Spaun, John.  1954-1974.    
  Spears, Mary Borden.  1931-1969, incomplete date.    
  Spencer, Phillip.  “New Light on Flaubert's Youth,” excised from French Studies, 1954.    
  Spender, Lizzie.  Invitation.  Incomplete date.    
  Spender, Natasha.  1961-1964.    
18:6 Spender, Stephen to and from Cyril Connolly.  1937-1974, incomplete date, no date.  Includes TLS >Sonia Brownell Orwell.    
  Spender, Stephen to Faber & Faber in reference to Louis MacNeice.    
  Spender, Stephen to Christopher [?] in reference to W.H. Auden's funeral.    
  Spender, Stephen.  Handwritten and signed poem, “Fifteen Line Sonnet in Five Parts,” 1p; Typed and signed draft with handwritten revisions, relating to the life and death of Peter Watson, 27p.    
  Spender, Stephen.  Typed poem, “Auden At Milwaukee,” with handwritten revisions, 1p; carbon copy typed revised draft with further handwritten revisions, 1p.    
  Spender, Stephen to and from Cyril Connolly.  Typed and signed drafts of the poems, “Epithalmion,” 1p, and “Voice from a Tomb,” 1p.    
  Spender, Stephen.   Colour pencil sketch found tipped in Fourteen Poems by C.P. Cavafy, with twelve plates by David Hockney and translated by Nikos Stangos and Stephen Spender.  1966.    
  Spender, Stephen.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    

Sprigge, Elizabeth.  1968.

  St.  James Press.  1970.    
  Stacey Ltd.  (Publishers), Tom.  1972.    
  Stagg, A.J.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Catton, A.)    
  Stand.  1963.    
  Stangos, Nikos.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Cavafy, C.P.)    
  Stanley, Gorrie, Whitson, & Co.  1957.    
  Stansky, Peter (Department of History, Harvard University).  1963.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Abrahams, William)    
  Starkie, Enid.  1944.    
  Starky, Mrs.  W.B.  1970.  Fan letter.    
  Statlinder, Allanah Harper.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Harper, Allanah)    
  Steegmuller, Francis.  1966-1972.    
  Steinhoff, William R.  1965.    
  Stekel, Frieda.  1946.    
  Steloff, Frances.   Reprint from Newsweek in reference to Gotham Book Mart.    
  Stephen [?].  1974.    
  Stern, James.  1946-1973.    
  Stevens (Booksellers), Eric and Joan.  1967-1970.    
  Stevens, Maybell (Aunt Mab) to and from Cyril Connolly.  1966, incomplete date.    
  Stevens, Victoria.  1973.  Includes typed poems by Victoria Stevens, 6p.    
  Stevens, Wallace.  Bookseller information on Others, an anthology of new verse, edited by Alfred Kreymborg.  1916.    
  Stock, Noel.  1964.  In reference to a book of essays and memories about Ezra Pound for Pound's eightieth birthday.    
  Stoke, Muriel.  Invitation.  No date.    
  Stone, Janet (Photographer) and Reynold S.  1966-1973, no date.    
  Stonier [?], George.  No date.    
  Stopes, Charlotte Carmichael.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Kankos, Bernard)    
  Strachey, C.  No date.    
  Strachey, Julia Jean C.  (Mrs.  Stephen Tomlin) (See Series 1: Correspondence: Gowling, Julia Strachey)    
  Strachey, Lytton to John Lehmann, 1931.    
  Strauss, Eric to and from Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Strong, L.A.G.  Photocopied  press cutting of the poem “At Winchester.”    
  Stuart [?].    
  Studio, The.  1929.    
  Summers, M.  1926.  In reference to a secretarial position.    
19:1 Sunday Times, The.  1937-1989, incomplete date.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Fox, James; Lambert, Jack)    
19:2 Sussex, University of.  1967-1972.    
  Sutherland, Elizabeth.  Incomplete date.    
  Sutherland, James R.  1961.    
  Sutro, John.  1966.    
  Swinnerton [?], Frank.  1942.    
  Swiss Air Transport Co.  Ltd.  1968.    
  Syfret's Trust Co.  Ltd.  1966.    
  Sykes, Christopher to Cyril Connolly. 1928-1974, inc.d, no date.    
19:3 Sykes, Gerald.  1964.  In reference to “Unamuno's Last Lecture,” by Louis Portillo.    
  Sykes, Richard.  1938-1942.    
  Sylvester, David.  No date.    
  Sylvia [?].    
  Symons, Arthur J.A.  (Poet).  1935-1941, no date.  Includes handwritten and signed letter and typed and signed letter to Tom Driberg.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
  Synott, Jasper.  No date.    
  Synott, Piers to and from Cyril Connolly.  1925-1933, no date.    
19:4 Tabaroni, Maria Grazia.  1974.    
  Taitt, Helen.  1957.    
  Talbot [?].  1961.    
  Talksdorf, Birgitta.  1973.    
  Tambimuttu [?].  1964.    
  Tangye [?], Derek T.  1968.    
  Tanzania National Parks.  1968.    
  Taylor, G.  Rattray.  1958.  In reference to The Angel Makers by G. Rattray Taylor.    
  Taylor, Margaret.  No date.    
  Taylor, Ronald and Rex.  No date.    
  Taylor, Simon Watson.  1962-1968, incomplete date.    
  Templeton, Edith and Ronald.  1968.  In reference to Bertie Landsberg.    
  Tennant, Stephen.  1937-1974, no date.    
19:5 Tennis Club (Berlin).  Membership card.  1929.    
  Tergit, Gabriele.  1966.    
  Texas, University of (at Austin).  1962-1973, no date.    
  Thai, Doan Vinh.  No date.    
  Thoma, Richard.  1970.    
  Thomas, D.  Irene.  1974.    
  Thomas, Dylan.  1945.  Includes photocopy of a memorial by Cyril Connolly, 1953; Dylan Thomas ephemera.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
  Thomas, Hugh.  1961-1963.    
  Thomson, R.H.  1964.    
  Thornton, Kelsey.  1971.  In reference to Cyril Connolly's review of Poetry of the Nineties by Kelsey Thornton.    
  Tim [?].  1970.    
  Time Incorporated.  1948.    
  Times The.  Handwritten letter and carbon copy typed and signed letter to the editor, signed by Cyril Connolly and others, 2 copies.  1946.    
  Times Bookshop, The.  1965.    
  Times Literary Supplement, The.  1962    
  Tischler, M.A.  1959.    
  Titherly, A.W.  1950.    
  Tobias, David E.  1970.    
  Tom [?].  1972.  In reference to Cyril Connolly's C.B.E.    
  Tomlin, Stephen.  1929.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
  Tomlinson, Charles.  Incomplete date.    
  Tomlinson, Dorothy.  1972.    
  Tonks, Rosemary.  1964-1973.    
  Tony [?].    
  Topolski, Feliks.  1941.   Includes photographic reproduction of Feliks Topolski's portrait of Cyril Connolly.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Literary Properties Limited)    
  Towers Hotel.  1968.    
19:6 Toynbee, Philip.  1944-1974, incomplete date, no date.  Includes handwritten poems and unidentified text.    
19:7 Trajan, Leo.  1963.    
  Travel House (Kenya).  No date.    
  Trefusis, Violet.  No date.  Includes typed and signed article, “St.  Loup Reclaimed,” 4p.    

Trevelyan, Hilda [?].  Incomplete date.

  Trevelyan [?], Julian.  No date.    
  Trevelyan, R.C.  1928.    
  Trevor, Herbert from Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Trevor-Roper, Hugh.  1949-1974, no date.    
  Trevor-Roper, P.D.  1973-1974.  In reference to Cyril Connolly's eyesight.    
  Trilling, Lionel.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Oxford University Press)    
  Trites, W.B.  1923.    
  Trinity College (Oxford).  1922-1964.    
  Trout, R.  Ridgill (University and general bookseller).  1948.    
  Tudor & Company (Insurance) Ltd.  1967.    
  Tunney, Kieran.  1972.    
  Turner [?], Comfort.  1927-1930.    
  Turner, Joyce.  No date.    
  Turner, M.  No date.    
  Turner, Paul.  1968.  In reference to Paul Turner's translation of The Technique of Love.    
  Turney, Martin.  1942.    
  Turvey & Perrin (Cemetery stone workers).  1949.    
  Tynan, Elaine Dundy.  1957-1958, no date.    
  Tynan, Kathleen.  1969.  In reference to her article in Evening Standard.    
  Tynan, Kenneth.  1957, no date.    
  Tyszkiewicz, Benoit.  No date.    
  Uhlman, Fred.  1971.    
  United States, Embassy of.  1974.    
  United States, Office of War Information.  1944.    
  United Touring International Ltd.  1968.    
  University College London.  1961-1971.    
  University Philosophical Society.  1969.    
  Untermeyer, Louis to Mrs.  Hartman.  1966.    
20:1 Urquhart, Francis F.  (Sligger) to and from Cyril Connolly.  1923-1931.  Includes printed brief history of and current status of the Urquhart Chalet in Haute Savoie.    
20:2 Valoritis, Nanos.  1942-1962.    
  Valentine, Max.  1967.    
  Valery, Paul.  Handwritten draft of “Invocation a la Fontaine,” with handwritten revisions; pen and ink illustrations on verso, 1p.    
  Van Druten, John.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: New Theatre, The)    
  van Leyden, Ernst and Karin.    
  Vaugan-Wilkes, Cicely Ellen Philadelphia.  1938-1967.  (See also Series 4: Personal: Cyril Vernon Connolly school records and memoribilia)    
  Vaughn, E.L.  1922.    
  Velde, Henry van de.  Excised article about Henry van de Velde appearing in The Architectural Review, 1952.    
  Vernon [?].  1963.  In reference to archaeological excavations in Sybaris.    
  Vernon, Grandmother [?] to Cyril Connolly.  1917-1927.  Includes 2 handwritten and signed letters to Matthew William Kemble Connolly, 1916, no date.; handwritten and signed letter to Walton, Johnson, Bubb & Whatton in reference to her father's estate, 1900.    
  Veronice [?].  No date.    
  Vial, Lawrence.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Connolly, Frances Jean Bakewell)    
  Victoria & Albert Museum.  1970, no date.    
  Vigne, Randolph.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: MacLeod, Iain)    
  Vijay-Tunga, J.  1964-1970.    
  Vinogradoff, Igor and Julian.  c1950-1972.    
  Vinson, James.  1970.    
20:3 Vintcent, St. John and Gwyn.  1963-1966.  In reference to CCs mother's health, death, and the handling of her estate in South Africa.  (See also Series 3: Photographs: Connolly, Muriel Maud Vernon)    
  Violet [?].    
  Vivien [?].  1941.    
  Volpi, Maria.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Cigogni, Anne-Marie)    
  von Hofmannsthal, Raimund and Elizabeth.  1962-1973, no date.    
  von Otter, Eric.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Blixen, Karen)    
  Wadham College (Oxford).  1970.    
  Waley, Arthur.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: de Lacerda, Alberto)    
  Walker, Alan.  1973.    
  Walker, Harry Rowan.  1969.    
  Walker, Kenneth.  1957.    
  Walker, W.E.  1968.    
  Wallace Collection, The.  1956-1965.    
  Wallsten, Robert.  Incomplete date.    

Walpole, Horace.  Photocopy of newspaper article in reference to Horace Walpole, appearing in the Times Literary Supplement, Oct 1917.

  Walter, Harry.  No date.  Handwritten and signed letter fragment.    
  Wanger, Walter.  1965.    
  Wansborough, George.  1970-1974.    
  Ward, Christopher.  1931.    
  Warner, Mawmee [Mother of Frances Jean Bakewell Connolly].  1941, no date.    
  Warner, Rex.  (See Series 3: Photographs)    
  Washington, University of.  1955.    
  Watkins, Vernon.  1943-1944.    
  Watkins, W.  1961.  In reference to Ernest Hemingway.    
  Watson, Adam.  Incomplete date.    
20:4  Watson, Peter.  1926-1953, incomplete date, no date.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Simon, Oliver; Spender, Stephen)    
  Watson, R.M.  (Ecological surveyor).  1968.    
  Watson, Vera.  1972.    
  Waugh, Alec.  1929-1969.    

 Waugh, Evelyn to and from Cyril Connolly. 1942-1963.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Davis, Robert Murray; Doherty, JamesJ.; and  Series 3: Photographs)

20:6 Waugh [?], Peggy.  1958-1970.    
  Waugh, Peter.  Incomplete date.    
  Weber, A.B.  1974.    
  Wedgwood, Veronica.  1946-1973.    
  Weidenfield & Nicolson Limited, George.  1952-1974, no date.  Includes signed agreements for tentative titles Horizon Anthology (1952) and Shade those Laurels (1954).    
  Weininger, Richard.  1943.    
  Welch, Denton.  1952.   Includes photocopied press cutting of Denton Welch's account of his meeting with Lord Berners.    

Wellesh [?], Jerry.  1932.

  Wells, Herbert George.  (See Series 3: Aldington, Richard)    
  Welton, William.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard)    
20:7 Wenning Rare Books, Henry W.  <>CC.  1961-1965, no date.    
21:1 Wertenbaker, Lael Tucker.  1957.    
  Wesleyan University Press.  1971.  In reference Owen Barfield.    
  West, Nathaniel [?].  Photocopy of an inscription to Cy Bartlett.    
  West, Rebecca.  1964-1973, no date.    
  Westcott, Glenway.  1946.  Includes carbon copy typed article, “A Famous Book Reviewer,” with handwritten revisions, 7p.    
  Westminster, [?].  Incomplete date.    

Westminster, Duchess of.  1970.  Invitation.

  Westminster Abbey.  1969.  Tickets to an unveiling/dedication of a memorial to Lord Byron.    
  Westminster Poetry and Literature Society.  No date.    
  White, Antonia.  1966.    
  White, D.  No date.    
  White, Terence de Vere.  1974, incomplete date.    
  Whitehead, John.  1965-1970.    
  White's Club.  1946-1968.  Includes membership list.     
  Whitman, Walt.  Poems excised from an unknown source, found tipped in The Garden of Kama by Hope Laurence.    
  Wickes, George.  1972.  In reference to Natalie Barney.     
  Wieners, John.  Publisher's announcement for Ace of Pentacles.    
  Wigram & Co., Robert (Stocks and share brokers).  1926.    
  Wilcock, Pamela Croft.  Incomplete date.    
  Wild Hawthorn Press.  Publication announcements.    
  William [?].    
  Williams, Oscar.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Thomas, Dylan)    
  Williams (Antiques), Winifred.  1966.    
  Williams-Ellis, Clugh.  1972.    
  Wilson, Angus.  1954-1973, no date.    
  Wilson, Colin.  1956.  In reference to Cyril Connolly's review of The Outsider.    
  Wilson, Edmund.  1946-1963, no date.    
21:2 Wilson, George.  No date.    
  Wilson, John.  1974.    
  Wilson, Jonathan.  1969.    
  Willson, Terry to Tim [?].  No date.    
  Wiltons (St.  James's) Ltd.  1965.    
  Winawet [?], Ruth.  1967.  In reference to Cyril Connolly's article on Louis Macneice.    
  Windsor, Duke of (Edward).  No date.     
  Wine and Food Society.  Program, 1939-1958.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Jeffs, Julian; Simon, Oliver)    
  Winkworth, William.  1948-1949.    
  Wishart & Co.  Publishers.  (See: Ricksword, Edgell)    
  Wishart, Michael.  1968-1974, no date.    
21:3 Witherby, Diana to and from Cyril Connolly.  1968-1973, incomplete date, no date.  Includes handwritten poem, “The Sleeping Dogs,” 1p.    
  Withrow, William J.   1974.    
  Wolfe Publishing Limited.  1973.    
  Woodeson, John.  1970.  In reference to Duncan Grant.    
  Wooley, Humphrey and Janet Beat to and from Cyril Connolly.  1940-1974, incomplete date.    
21:4 Woolf, Leonard.  1959-1968.    
  Woolf, Virginia.  1923.  Carbon copy typed transcription to Barbara Bagenal.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
  Woollam, D.H.M.  1963.  In reference to W.B.  Yeats.    
  Woolmer Books, J.  Howard to Thomas F.  Staley.  1977.    
  World Wildlife Fund.  1967-1970.    
  Worsley, T.  Cuthbert and Leila.  1923-1972, no date.    
  Wright Jr., Alfred.  1965.    
  Wright, Beatrix Holmes.  1966-1972.    
  Wright, David.  Typed poems, 10p.  1960.    
  Wright, John.  No date.    
21:5 Wuliger, R.  In reference to Cyril Connolly's review of The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell (1968).    
  Wyndham, Richard.  1940-1965.    
  Wyndham, Francis.  1958-1969.    
  X (A Quarterly Review).  1960.    
  Xan [?].  1965-1969.    
  Yeats, William Butler.  No date.  Includes photocopied  press cuttings and ephemera.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Kelly, John; Woollam, D.H.M.; Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard)    
  Yorkshire Television Limited.  1969.  In reference to “The Pagan's Progress.”    

Young & Sons Ltd.  (Booksellers & Publishers), Henry.  Bookmark.

  Young [?], James.  No date.    
  Young, M.T.  1973.    
  Young, Martin.  1948.  Fan letter.    
  Younger, Calton.  Publisher's announcement for Ireland's Civil War.  Incomplete date.    
  Zaehnsdorf Ltd.  (Bookbinders and booksellers).  1946.    
21:6 Zerbe, Jerome.  1963-1970, incomplete date, no date.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
  Zoe [?].  1941, no date.    
  Zoological Society of London, The.  1963.  In reference to the diet of the Capybara.    
  Zwemmer Ltd.  A.  1945-1965.    
22:1-7 Unidentified.    

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