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Cyril Vernon Connolly papers
Series 1:  Correspondence (M-Z, unidentified)

Collection 1976-002

13:4 Macaulay, Rose.  1929.  Includes galley proof of Cyril Connolly's review of Fabled Shore.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Sharp, [?])    
  MacCarthy, Desmond and Molly.  Incomplete date., no date.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
13:5 MacCarthy, Rachel to and from Cyril Connolly.  circa 1926, no date.    
  MacColl, E.M. Sheena.  1967.    
  Macdonald & Co.  (Publishers) Ltd.  1970.    
  MacGibbon & Kee.  1968.    
  MacGibbon, Jane (Mrs.  J.M.  MacGibbon).  1973.    
  MacGregor, Elsie Newton.  1973.    
  MacKenzie, Compton.  1972.    
  Maclaren, Julian.  1944-1963.    
  MacLeod, Iain.  In reference to Randolph Vigne.  1964.    
  Mackail, J.W. to George Wyndham.  1941.    
  Maclean, Fitzroy.  1972.    
  MacMillan Co., The.  1961.    
  Macmillan Co.  (Publishers).  No date.  Itinerary.    
  MacNeice, Louis to and from Sunday Wilshin (Eastern Services).  In reference to “Music, Poetry and the Visual Arts of the 20th Century.”    
  MacNeice, Louis.  Includes handwritten draft poem, “The Libertine,” 1p; handwritten and signed draft poem, “Goodbye to London,” 1p.    
  MacNeice, Louis.  Carbon copy typed and signed poem, “The Streets of Laredo,” 1p.    
  MacNeice, Louis.  Carbon copy typed and signed poem, “Alcohol,” 1p; handwritten and signed list of “Contents,” 1p.  1948.     
  MacNeice, Louis.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Richards, James; Spender, Stephen; Winawet [?], Ruth) Macpherson [?], Kenneth.  1954-1962.    

Macy Companies, George.  1968.

  Madan, Marjorie.  1948-1958.    
  Mandeka, George and Jenny.  1964-1970.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
  Manning, Hugo.  1968.  Includes TMs draft transcription, “Sleepless Palinurus,” by Silvina Ocampo, 1p.    
  Marchand, L.A.  (See: Knight, G.  Wilson)    
  Marden [?], ---.  1960.    
  Mardon, Michael.  1963, incomplete date.    
  Margaret [?].    
  Margie [?].    
  Marguerite [?] to Cyril Connolly.  Incomplete date.    
  Mariano, Nicky.  1955-1967.    
  Mark [?].    
  Mark Twain Journal.    
  Marowitz, Charles.  No date.    
  Martin, Roger J.A.  1963.    
  Mary [?].    
  Masefield, John to and from Cyril Connolly and Stephen Spender.  No date.    
  Masera, Rosalinda.  1974.  In reference to Italian translation of The Unquiet Grave.    
  Mason Bruce Film Associates.  1971-1972.  In reference to a Duncan Gant film.    
13:6 Matthews, Thomas Stanley.  1952-1971.    
  Maud [?].    
  Maud, John to and from Cyril Connolly.  1923-1924.    
  Maud, Ralph.  1966.    
  Maugham, Robin.  1968-1972, no date.    
  Maugham, William Somerset.  1948, incomplete date.    
  Maunsel & Co.  Ltd.  No date.    
  Maurice [?].    
  Maurois, Andre.  1956.    
  Maximillian Society, The.  Program for a birthday party held in honour of Max Beerbohm.  1942.    
  Maxwell, Gavin [?].  1965.    
  Mayfield, Jonn S.  1957.    
  Mayne, Peter.  1966.    
  Mayo, Gael.  Incomplete date.    
  McCarthy, Mary to and from Cyril Connolly.  1948-1954.    
  McDonald, Robert.  1972.    
  McEwen, Rory (Artist).  1948-1972.    
  McGreevey, Thomas.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard)    
13:7 McGregor & Co.  (Attorneys, conveyancers and auctioneers).  1967.    
  McLachlan [?], Donald.  1963.    
  McKinley, Hazel Guggenheim.  1967.    
  Mendelson, Edward (W.H.  Auden's executor).  1973.    
  Mercier, Vivian.  1963.    
  Mercure de France.  1963.  In reference to an homage to Sylvia Beach.    
  Meredith, A.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Levi, Peter)    

Meredith, Michael.  1968.

  Meredith Publishing Co.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Duell, Sloan, & Pearce)    
  Mermaid Theatre.  1973.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: King-Farlow, Denys & Margaret)    
  Messel, Rudolph Putnam.  No date.    
  Meynell, Francis.  1968-1969.    
  Meynell, Godfrey.  1920-1927.    
  Michael [?].    
  Michele [?].    
14:1 Michonze, Gregor.  1928-1931, no date.  Includes six pen/ink drawings on board.    
  Midland Bank.  1966.  In reference to BRITAIN'S WILDLIFE- RARITIES AND INTRODUCTIONS.    
  Miles [?].    
14;2 Miller, Henry V.  1936-1942, no date.  Includes bibliography of the works of Henry V. Miller, excised from unknown source.  (See also Series 1:   Nin, Anais).    
  Milligan W.  Charles to and from Cyril Connolly.  1922-1964, no date.    
  Millinger, Myra.  1971.    
  Millington-Drake, Eugen.  1972.    
  Milne, Alan Alexander.  Photocopy of press cutting of Alan Alexaner Milne's handwritten letter to unidentified editor.    
  Milton, Buffy.  1966.    
  Minns, Christopher E.  Incomplete date.    
  Mitchell, John.  No date.    
  Mitchell, Peter Todd (Artist).  No date.    
  Mitford, Deborah.  1958-1963.    
14:3 Mitford, Nancy.  1944-1972, no date.  Includes handwritten and signed letter from Hugh Jackson to Nancy Mitford in reference to a Louis XV.    
  Mizener, Arthur to and from Cyril Connolly.  1961-1971, no date.    
14:4 Moffat, Ivan R.  1944, no date.    
  Moli--- [?].  1960-1974, no date.    

Mollet, Jean.  1964.

  Mons Officer Cadet School.  Invitation to a commissioning parade.  1964.    
  Monsell, Graham.  1974.    
  Montague, John.  1970.    
  Montano, Lorenzo.  1945.    
  Monteith, Malcolm.  No date.  handwritten and signed letter fragment.    
  Montgomery, Robert.  1968.    
  Montgomery, Stuart.  1967-1968.    
  Monti, Rolando.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Pound, Ezra)    
  Moon, Penderel.  <>CC.  Incomplete date., no date.    
  Moore, Deny [?].  Incomplete date.    
  Moore, Harry and Beatrice.  No date.    
  Moore, Henry.  1931-1948.    
  Moore, Marianne.  Handwritten and signed note to Mrs. Herring; handwritten and signed letter to Lady Cunard.  1933-1952.    
14:5 Moore, Nicholas.  Includes typed and typed and signed drafts of a collection of poems, “For Amusement Only,” some with handwritten notes.    
  Moore, Sturge.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard)    
  Moorefield's Eye Hospital.  1974.    
  More, Jasper.  1959.    
  Moreas, Jean.  Typed draft unidentified poem with handwritten revisions, 1p.    
  Morgan, Richard.  1961.    
  Mortimer, Raymond.  1917-1974, no date.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Trefusis, Violet)    
14:6 Morton, H.V.  1964.    
  Mosher Books, Thomas B.  Book list.    
  Moss, Arthur.  1961.    
  Mostyn-Owen, Gaia Servadio.  No date.    
  Moule, Ron.  No date.    
  Moynihan [?], Rodrigo.  No date.    
  Muggeridge [?], Malcolm.  1973.    
  Muir, --- [?].  1967.    
  Muller Ltd.  Publishers, Frederick.  1968.    
  Mulligan, John Peter.  1973.    
  Mulvey, Sylvia.  1968.    
  Murdies, Joyce.  Incomplete date.    
  Murray, Basil.  1928-1930.    
  Murray (Publishers) Ltd., John G.  1970.    
  Murray, Pamela.    
  Murray, Venetia.  Incomplete date.    
  Museum of Modern Art, The.  1956.    
  Mushlin Rare Books, M.H.  1963.    
  Myhill, Henry.  No date.    
  Mynors, Roger to and from Cyril Connolly.  1923-1964, no date.    
14:7 Nancy [?].    
  Nash, Ralda [?].  Incomplete date.    
  Nathan & Co.  Ltd.  1926.    
  National Portrait Gallery.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Argent, Godfrey)    
  National Provincial Bank Ltd.  1957.    
  National Trust, The.    
  Natpark, Owen.  1967.    
  Natzler, [?] from Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Neagoe, Peter.  Christmas card.    
  Neary, David.  Incomplete date.    
  Neddie [?] to Tim [?].  1918-1920.    
  Neidorf, George.  1963.    
  Neish, Howell & Haldane (Solicitors).  1945-1966.    
  Nell [?].    
  Nemerov, Howard.  No date.    
  Nemon-Stuart, Patricia.  1970.    
  Nettleton, Denys.  1925-1944, no date.    
  Neville, Peter.  1973-1974.    
  New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature.  1974.    
  New Directions.  1961-1967.    
  Newhouse [?], Natalie.  No date.    
  Newman, Harold.  1974.  In reference to Illustrated Dictionary of Ceramics.    
  New Metropole Arts Centre.  1967.    
  New Statesman.  1928-1963.    
  New Theatre, The.  Theatre program for production of “I Am a Camera,” by John Van Druten.  No date.    
  Newton [?], Bobby.  1925.    
  New Writers' Press.  1971.    
  New York Review of Books.  1970.  1970-1973, no date.    
  New York Times.  (See: Bailey, Gilbert)    
  Nichols, Beverly.  1947-1955.    
15:1 Nicholson, Benjamin.  1940-1968.  Includes handwritten and signed letter to Stephen, 1940.    
  Nicol, Hugh.  1968.    
  Nicolson, Harold.  1929-1962.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Nicolson, Nigel)    
  Nicolson, Nigel.  1966-1973.    
  Nicolson, Vita.  No date.  Handwritten and signed letterfragment.    
  Nin, Anais.  “Preface” [to Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer], carbon copy typescrip, 4p.  .  2 handwritten notes in purple ink on first leaf: on left, “Here's a copy of the preface;” on right: “Do you think I've praised the shit out of myself? Speak up, good Gobbo!”    
  Nissen, Dosia.  No date.    
  Noailles, [?].  1963.    
  Nolan, Sioban.  1968.  In reference to Alfred Jarry.     
  Nonesuch Press, The.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Garnett, David)    
  Norton, Arthur.  1972.    
  Norton, Clifford and Lady.  Invitation.  Incomplete date.    
  Nova.  1967.  In reference to Denis Hamilton.    
  Nugent, Timothy.  1973.    
  Oakwhite, Walter.  Incomplete date.    

O'Brien, Connor Cruise.  Photocopy of article, “Some Encounters With the Culturally Free.”

  O'Brien, Edna.  Incomplete date., no date.    
  Observer, The.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Astor, David)    
  O'Campo, Silvina.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Manning, Hugo)    
  O'Connaill [?], [?].  1941.    
  O'Connor, Kewpie.  1972.    
  O'Connor, Peter.  1968.    
  O'Connor, Philip.  1962.    
  O'Connor, Timothy.  1925, no date.    
  Odette [?].    
15:2 O'Dwyer, Jackie to and from Cyril Connolly.  1922, no date.    
15:3 O'Faolain, Sean.  1941.    
  Ogburn Jr., Charles.  No date.  Typed and signed fragment.    
  Ogden, Graeme.  No date.    
  O'Grady, David and Mary.  1968.    
  O'Hara, Frederic J.  (Long Island University).  1967.    
  O'Hear, Anthony.  Incomplete date.    
  O'Higgins, Michael.  Includes excised article, “Robinson Jeffers.  An American Myth,” appearing in Isis, 1962.    
  O'Higgins, Patrick.  No date.    
  Olive [?].    
  Olympia Press, the.  1960.    
  O'Mahony, Eoin.  1964.    
  Ontario, Art Gallery of.  1933-1974.    
  Oprecht, Emil.  No date.    
  Optima.  1964.    
  Origens.  1946.    
  Origo, Iris.  No date.    
  Orioli, Pino.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard)    
15:4 Orwell, George and Sonia Brownell (Anne, Michael, Peter and Rodrigo) to and from Cyril Connolly.  1937-1973, no date.    
  Orwell, George.  Includes Orwell publicity packet; dustjacket for The Unknown Orwell by Peter Stansky and William Abrahams; carbon copy typed filming schedule for “Orwell and His Times,” circa 1965.    
  Orwell, George.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Aung, Htin; Plumb, J.H.; and  Series 3: Photographs)    
  Osborne, John.  1965, no date.    
15:6 O'Shaughnessey, Christopher.  1968.    
  O'Sullivan, Sean.  1968.    
  Oswald Hickson, Collier & Co.  (Solicitors).  1971.    
  Oulton, Desmond.  No date.    

Owen, John.  1967-1970.

  Oxford Book of Irish Verse.  1958.    
  Oxford Liberal Club.  1954.    
  Oxford University Appointments Committee.  1925-1926.    
  Oxford University Press.  1972.    
  Oxford University Railway Club.  Invitation.  1963.    
  Paalen, Wolfgang.  Exhibit announcement.    
  Packenham, Simona.  1965.    
  Paget, Celia.  1940-1956.    
  Pain, Mrs.  Belville to Alan Kemble (Twiga Chemical Industries, Nairobi).  Incomplete date.    
  Palewski, Gaston.  1974.    
  Palmer, John.  Handwritten and signed poem, 1p.    
  Panther and Mayflower Books, Ltd.  Incomplete date.  Copy of Panther News.    
  Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc.   Monthly bulletin, 1961.    
  Parker, Derek.  1972-1973.    
  Parker, Noel (Mrs.  Oliver Parker).  1970.    
  Parkinson, Thomas.  1958.    
  Parley, Anthony.  1961.  In reference to China and the Gardens of Europe of the 18th Century.    
  Parsons, Ian.  1964.    
  Partridge, Frances Marshall.  1961-1974.    
  Pataphysique, College of.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Mollet, Jean)    
  Patchen, Kenneth and Miriam.  1947.  In reference to The Journal of Albion Moonlight.    
  Patmore, Brigit.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard; Patmore, Brigit)    
  Patmore, Derek.  1948-1965.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard)    
  Patrick [?].  1923-1926.    
  Paulhan, Jean.  No date.    
  Pauline [?].  1974.    
  Peake, John.  1970.    
  Pearn, Inez.  1934.    
  Pearson, John.  1965.  In reference to Ian Fleming.    
  Pearson, C.  Marjorie.  (Eastbourne High School).  1972.    
  Pearson, Rosemary Kettlewell.  1960.    
  Peggy [?].    
  P.E.N.  Club.  1949.    
  Penelope [?].    
  Penguin Books Ltd.  1960-1974.    
  Per--- [?], Natalie.  1962.    
  Perles, Alfred.  No date.    
  Pessoa, Ferdinand.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Carcanet Press (Ltd.))    
  Peter [?].    
  Peter, John.  1972-1973.    
  Phaidon Press Limited (Publishers).  1974.    
  Phelps, Gilbert.  1970.  In reference to BBC programs on Anthony Powell.    
  Phelphs, Robert.  1968.    
  Phillimore, Claud.  1965.    
  Phillips, David.  1962.    
  Phillips, John Nova.  Calling card.    
  Phillips, Magouche.  1967-1970, no date.    
15:7 Picasso, Pablo.  Exhibition announcement.  Incomplete date.    
  Picture Post (Tom Hulton).  1941.    
  Pierce, Donald.  1968.    
  Pincher, Chapman.  1955.  In reference to Burgess and MacLean.    
  Pinter, Harold.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Hanover Terrace Preservation Society)    
  Piper, John to John Betjeman.  No date.    
  Piper, Myfanwy.  1970-1973.    
  Pipon, H.C.B.  1968.  In reference to Cyril Connolly's article “Black Tie to the Tumbrils.”    
  Pittis & Son, Francis.  (Surveyors).  1967.    
  Plomer, William.  1946-1973, no date.    
  Plumb, J.H.  (Editor, American Horizon) 1968.  In reference to George Orwell.    
  Plumb, [?].  1968.    
  Plunkett, M.O.  1970.    
  Podbielski, Rene G.  1969, no date.    
  Poetry Book Society Ltd.  1955-1956.    
  Poetry Center, The  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Brinin, John Malcolm)    
  Poetry Review, The.  Subscription form.    
  Poetry Society, The.  No date.    
  Pollard, Alfred W.  Letter to Times Literary Supplement editor in reference to the play, “Sir Thomas More.”  1923.    
  Polly, Alison.  1973.  In reference to a book aboutlemurs.    
  Pope-Hennessy, Ana and James.  1944, no date.    
  Porteous, Hugh Gordon from Cyril Connolly.  Incomplete date.    
  Portillo, Louis.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Sykes, Gerald)    
  Portisch, [?].  1974.    
  Potts, Paul.  1956, no date.    
15:8 Pound, Ezra.  Includes 3 type and signed letters, a handwritten and asigned letter to Michael Harold.  1957-1959, n.d;    
  Pound, Ezra.  Typed and signed letter from Ezra Pound to General Fuller.  1939.    
  Pound, Ezra.  Typed and signed letter from Jose Lino Grunewald to Ezra Pound, no date.    
  Pound, Ezra.  Handwritten notes by Cyril Connolly and photocopy of press cuttings in reference to Ezra Pound.    
  Pound, Ezra.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard; see also: Series 1: Correspondence: Crosby, Caresse; Stock, Noel)    
16:1 Pound, Omar.  1971.    
  Powell, Anthony and Violet.  1921-1973, no date.  (See Series 1: CorrespondencePhelps, Gilbert)    
  Powell, Dylis.  (Film critic).  1974.    
  Praz, Mario.  1951.    
  Prendas, John.  No date.    
  Prendie [?].  1956-1967, no date.    
  Prentice, Charles.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard)    
  Prentice, Lyn.  No date.    
  Press and Censorship Bureau.  Incomplete date.    
  Preston, Harry to J.B.  Booth.  1933.    
  Preston, Stuart and Anita.  1946-1957, incomplete date.    
  Prichard, J.C.  1957.    
  Priestley, J.B.  1945.    

Primitiva Gas Company of Buenos Aires, Limited.  1926.

  Prince, F.T.  No date.  Handwritten and signed letter fragment.    
  Pritchett, Victor S.  1944-1962.    
  Prokosch, Frederic.  1944, incomplete date.    
  Proust, Marcel.  Handwritten note by Cyril Connolly.    
  Pryce, Peter Ross.  1952.    
  Pullman Car Company Limited.  1962.    
  Quaritch, Ltd., Bernard.  1969-1973.    
  Queen.  1966.  In reference to Jon Bradshaw.    
16:2 Quennell, Peter.  1929-1974, incomplete date., no date.  Includes photograph of Peter Quennell with Cyril Connolly, circa 1959.    
16:3 Quirk (Oxon), J. D.  Excised article “Common Sense v. Fairyland” in The Inter-University Magazine.    
  Radford, Maitland (Medical officer).  Obituaries reprinted from their original sources.    
  Raffaella [?].  Incomplete date.    

Rahv, Philip.  1953.

  Ralph [?].    
  Randolph [?].  1964.    
  Ratazzi, Peter.  1971.    
  Rau, Leo (Medical doctor).  1964.    
  Ray, Man.  1933.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Doolittle, Hilda; Patmore, Brigit and Series 3: Photographs: Doolittle, Hilda; Patmore, Brigit)    
  Raybould, Charles H.  1970.  Includes ccTMs draft poem, “Reflections Written in Tennyson's Study at Freshwater, Isle of Wight.    
  Raymond [?].  1922.    
  Read, Herbert.  Handwritten and signed postcard to Stephen Spender, no date.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
  Realities.  1961-1973.    
  Redbridge Book Service.  1968.    
  Rediffusion Television Limited.  1967.    
  Rees, Geronwy.  1960, no date.    
  Rees, Richard.  1970.    
  Reinwald, Karl.  1968.    
  Revue de Paris, La.  1964.    
  Rexroth, Kenneth.  1947, no date.    
  Rhys, Keidrych (Editor, Wales).  Includes handwritten poem, “A Hitler,” 1p.    
  Ribblesdale, Ava.  Incomplete date.    
  Rice-Pyle, Marjorie.  1966, no date.    
  Richards, James.  Incomplete date.  In reference to Cyril Connolly's article about Louis Macneice.    
  Richards [?], Jocelyn.  1958.    
  Richards, Nigel.  1933, no date.    
  Richardson, W.  Norman.  1970.  In reference to The Reality on Monarchy.    
  Richardson, C.J.  Barry.  1969.    
  Richardson, Maurice.  1967-1974, no date.    
  Ricketts, Ralph.  1955.    

Ricks, Christopher.  1965-1967.

  Rickword, Edgell.  1928-1961, no date.    
  Ricky [?].  1939, no date.    
  Rinsler, Norma.  1966.    
  Ritchie, Kenneth.  In reference to Lytton Strachey, Vol II by Michael Holroyd.    
  Robert [?].  1943.    
  Roberto [?].  1968.    
  Roberts, [?] to Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Roberts, Cecil.  1973.    
16:4 Robin [?].  No date.  In reference to Cyril Connolly's article on South Africa.    
  Robinson, [?] to Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Roche, Paul.  1965.    
  Rodd, Mrs.  Peter.  No date.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Mitford, Nancy)    
  Roderick [?].  1964.    
  Roditi, Edouard.  1958.    

Roethke, Theodore.  1947.

  Rogan, Helen.  1974.    
  Rogers Ltd (Literary Agency), Deborah.  1967-1974.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Janson-Smith Ltd. (Literary Agency), Peter)    
  Rosa, Eve F.  1974.  Fan letter.    
  Rosalund [?].    
  Rose, Francis.  No date.    

Rose, W.K.  Incomplete date.

  Rosebery, Eva.  Incomplete date.    
16:5 Ross, Alan to and from Cyril Connolly.  1933-1974, no date.  Includes handwritten poem, “The Siba [?],” 2p.  (See also Series 2: Writings: “C.C.'s cure for the fear of death....”)    
16:6 Ross, Charles L.  1971.    
  Ross [?], Jennifer.  1938-1969, no date.    
  Rossiter, Anthony.  1970.  In reference to Cyril Connolly's review of The Golden Chain.    
  Rota Ltd., Bertram.  1963-1974.    
  Rota, Anthony and Una.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Rota Ltd., Bertram)    
  Rothenstein, John.  Photographic reproduction of a painting (1915).  (See also on line catalogue for inscribed reprint of “A Letter From Paris Shortly After the Liberation, In 1945.”)    
  Rothschild [?], Jacob.  No date.    
  Rothschild & Sons, N.M.  1965.    
  Roux-Delimal, Jean.  1979.    
16:7 Rowse, Alfred Leslie.  1964-1973, no date.    
  Royal Academy of Arts.  1966.  Invitation.    
  Royal College of Art.  1969.    
  Royal Scottish Museum.  1969.    
  Royal Shakespeare Theatre.  1963-1964.    
  Royal Society of Literature.  1972-1973.    
  Royall, Penny.  Incomplete date.    
  Rozenberg, Beatrice D.  (Artist).  Includes pencil sketch of Cyril Connolly.    
  Rubenstein, Nash & Co.(Solicitors).  1960.    
  Ruby [?].  1928.    
  Ruck, Berta.  1971-1972.    
17:1 Rudge, Olga.  1967-1973, no date.  Includes typed poem, “Pigeons,” with handwritten revisions and editor's marks.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Faber & Faber Ltd (Publishers); Pound, Ezra; and Series 3: Photographs: Pound, Ezra)    
17:2 Rudolph [?].  1927, no date.    
  Ruffisi [?], E.  1948.    
  Rugman, Roderick.  Request for autograph.  1972.    
  Rugner, John.  1974.    
  Runciman, Steven.  1965.    
  Russell, Alys.  1926-1949, no date.    
  Russell, Countess.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard)    
  Russell, John and Vera.  1942-1972, no date.  Includes typescript in reference to John Lehmann.    
17:3 Russell, Leonard.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Sunday Times, The)    
  Russell, Mary.  Incomplete date.    
  Russell, Peter.  1969.    
  Ruth [?].    
  Ryan, D.  Fan letter.  No date.    
  Ryan, Desmond.  1936.    





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