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McFarlin Library. University of Tulsa.  2933 E. 6th St.  Tulsa, OK.  74104-3123 (OKT - OkTU)

Cyril Vernon Connolly papers
Series 1:  Correspondence (G-L)

Collection 1976-002


8:6 Gabbitas, Thring, & Co.  1925-1926.    
  Gage, Anne and George to and from Cyril Connolly.  1958-1968, incomplete date.    
  Gallery Bookshop.  1961.    
  Galsworthy, Jocelyn.  1963.    
  Gant, Duncan.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Mason Bruce Film Associates)    
  Gant, Roland.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Heinemann Ltd.  Publisher)    
  Gardner, Mrs. to and from Cyril Connolly.  No date.  In reference to school for Cressida.     
  Garland, Patrick.  1965.    
  Garnett, David to and from Cyril Connolly.  1927-1968.     
8:7 Garnett, Henrietta.  1971-1974.    
  Garnstone Press.  1971-1972.    
  Gascoyne, David.  1947.  Includes carbon copy typed autobiographical blurb, 1p; photocopied handwritten draft of “Note for 'A Vagrant' C--- [?],” 2p.    
  Gathorne-Hardy, Edward to and from Cyril Connolly.  1933-1935, incomplete date.    
  Gathorne-Hardy, Robert Edward.  1933-1965.    
  Gathorne-Hardy, Jonathan.  1970-1974, no date.    
  Geismar, Max.  1964.    
  Germer, W.  (Artistic hairdresser and wig maker).  1925.    
  Gherardesca, Flavia della.  Calling card.    
  Gibbon, M--- [?].  1955-1972.    
  Gibson, H.N.  1962.    
  Gibson, Ian.  1954.    
  Gigantes, Georges.  1964.    
  Gilbert, Stuart.  1945.  Photostat removed from Ulysses, Faber & Faber, 1930.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Harmsworth, Desmond and Dorothy)    
  Gilliatt, Penelope.  1963, no date.    
  Gillson, Margaret.  1964, incomplete date.    
  Ginsberg, Allen and Louis.  Excised page in reference to Allen Ginsberg at ICA.  No date.    
  Girling, Elizabeth.  1972.    
  Girouard, Mark.  No date.    
  Glass, Deborah [?].  Incomplete date.    
9:1-2 Glenconner, Christopher and Elizabeth to and from Cyril Connolly.  1943-1974, incomplete date, no date.    
9:3 Gl--- [?], Alan.  1967.    
  Glover, C.  Gordon.  1960.    
  Glover, Edward.  1954-1960.    
  Glover, Harold.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard)    
  Go ! 1960.    
  Goacher, Denis.  1969.    
  Goad, Cyril.  1943-1944.    
  Godfrey, John H.  1966-1967.    
  Godwin, Tony.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.)    
  Goldschmidt, Anthony.  1938.  Includes ccTMs draft poem, “Reading From Left To Right or Farewell To Politics,” 1p.    
  Gollancz Ltd., Victor.  1970, no date.    
  Gordon, --- [?] to and from Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Gordon, Dadds & Co.  1970.    
  Gorer, Geoffrey.  1972.    
  Goring, Rosemary.  1966.    
  Gosse, Philip.  1951.    
  Gotham Book Mart.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Steloff, Frances)    
  Gould, Mrs., Frank Jay.  No date.  Invitation.    
  Gow, A.S.F.  1967.    
  Gowing, Julia Strachey.  1933, 1947-1968, no date.    
  Grady, James.  1967.    
  Graham [?].    
  Grandfather Club, The.  Club rule book.    
  Grant, Duncan to and from Cyril Connolly.  1933-1975.  No date.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Woodeson, John)    
  Grant, Helen.  1927.    
  Grant, Michael.  1973-1974.    
  Graves, Robert.   1963-1972.    
9:4 Gravetye Manor.  Fact sheet.    
  Gray, Cecil.  1945.    
  Gray, Val.  No date.  Fragment.    
  Grayson, Rupert.  1969.    
  Great Britain (Education and Science, Secretary of State for).  1972.    
  Great Britain (Prime Minister of).  1972.    
  Green, C.  de Veer.  (Dentist).  1968.    
  Green, Leon.  1965.    
  Greenberg, Clement.  1940-1947.    
  Greene Ltd., Elaine.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Janson-Smith Ltd., Peter)    
  Greene, Graham.  1930-1956.    
  Gregory, Horace.  1959.    
  Gregory, Lady.  Publisher's announcement for the Coole edition of Lady Gregory.    
  Grimwade, A.G.  1969-1970.    
  Grindea, Miron.  1964-1973.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Adama International Review)    
  Group Theatre, The.  Subscription form and generalinformation about the theatre.    
  Guedalla, Roger.  1969.    
  Guevara, Meraud.  1959.    
  Guggenheim, Peggy.  Calling card.    
  Guinness, Alec.  1956-1957.    
  Guinness, Bryan.  1966-1970.    
  Guinness [?], Caroline to and from Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Guinness [?], Desmond and M--- [?].  1963-1967.    
  Guinness, Jonathan.  No date.    
  Guinness [?], Oonagh to and from Cyril Connolly.  circa 1959, no date.    
  Gwen [?] to and from Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  H.D.  (See: Dolittle, Hilda)    
  Hall, Julian.  1928.    
  Halle, Kay.  1950.    
  Halpern, Barbara Strachey.  1960-1973.    
  Halpern, Daniel.  No date.    
  Hamilton, Denis.  (See Series I:  Correspondence:  Nova)    
  Hamilton, Gerald.  1939-1968.    
9:5 Hamilton Ltd., Hamish.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Hamilton, Jamie and Yvonne)    
  Hamilton, Jamie and Yvonne.  1946-1974, incomplete date.    
  Hamilton, Lady.  Invitation to Cyril Connolly and Patrick Balfour.    
  Hammersley, Violet to  Antoinette (Madame Georges Pastre).  Incomplete date.    
  Hamnett, Nina (Artist and author).  1963.    
  Hanbury, Sylvia D.  1922, no date.    
  Hanbury, Tom.  1973.    
  Hancock, E.  Winifred.  1974.    
  Hancox Fine Books, Alan.  1963.    
  Hand and Flower Press, The.  1954.    
  Hanover Terrace Preservation Society.  1973.    
  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Inc.  1943-1974, no date.    
  Hardy, Daphne.  1958.    
  Hardyman, J.T.  1964.    
  Hare, Richard.  1967.    
  Harland, Leonie.  1959.    
  Harlech Television Limited.  1968.  In reference to “Augustus John as I Knew Him.”    
9:6 Harmer, Freddy E. to and from Cyril Connolly.  1922-1965, incomplete date, no date.    
  Harmsworth, Desmond and Dorothy.  1960-1972.  Includes two photo-reproductions of drawings of Sylvia Beach and Stuart Gilbert.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Joyce, James)    
  Harold, Michael.  1960-1968, no date.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Aldington, Richard)    
9:7 Harper, Allanah.  1942-1968.    
  Harper, Hannah.   (See Series 1: Correspondence: Scorer, Daphne)    
  Harper & Row.  (See also Series 2: Writings: Previous Convictions).    
  Harpers & Queen.  1971-1973.    
  Harris, Alan.  1928.    
  Harris, John.  1967.    
  Harrison [?], Roy.  1971.    
  Harrison, Tom.  1941-1973, no date.    
  Harrison of Paris (Publishers).  circa 1930.  Advertisement.    
  Harrison, Son, Hill, & Co.  (Chartered accountants).   1958-1972.    
  Harrod, Billa.  1957.    
  Harrod, Roy F.  1924-1926.    
  Harrods Ltd.  Receipt for purchase of ringtailed lemur.  1957.    
  Hart-Davis, Duff.  1972.  In reference to Peter Fleming.    
  Hart-Davis, Rupert.  1963-1973.    
  Hart-Davis, Ltd.  Publishers, Rupert.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Garnett, David)    
  Hartley, Leslie Poles.  1943-1972.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
  Hartog, Simon R.  1974.  In reference to Fourier and the Saint-Simonists.    
  Hawkin, E--- [?].  (See Series 3: Photographs)    
  Hawkins, Desmond.  1941-1967.  In reference to James Joyce.    
  Harthoorn, A.M.  (University College, Nairobi).  1969.    
  Haylock, John.  1973.    
  Hayes, Roland.  (See Series 1: Cobden-Sanderson Limited Publishers)    
  Hayter, S. William.  Includes a signed etching by S. William Hayter.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Hugo, Ian)    
  Hayward, John.  1945-1962.    
  He--- [?], Nicholas to Jean Bakewell.  1929.    
  Head, Anthony.  1962.    
  Heber-Percy, Robert.  1973.    
  Heddy, Brian H.  (British Consul-General).  Calling card.    
  Heggate [?], John.  1966-1973.    
  Heinemann Educational Books.  Incomplete date.    
  Heinemann Ltd.  (Publishers), William.  1968-1970.    
  Heinz [?], Drue (Mrs. Henry John Heinz).  1968-1974, no date.    
  Heldt, Mrs.  W.  1966.    
9:8 Hemingway, Ernest.  1929-1959, no date.  Includes typed transcriptions of Ernest Hemingway's letters to Ernest Walsh (editor, This Quarter), 3p.  Carbon copy typescript of same    
  Hemingway, Ernest.  Photostat of a typed draft short story, “Black Ass at the Cross Roads,” with handwritten revisions, 26p.    
  Hemingway, Ernest.  Louis Henry Cohn - Ernest Hemingway book plate.    
  Hemingway, Ernest.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Watkins, W. and Series 3: Photographs)    
10;1 Hemingway, Patrick.  Photocopied proof copy of an autobiographical piece, “My Papa, Pap,” for Playboy  Magazine and related correspondence.  1966-1967.    
  Henderson, Nicko.  1955-1965.    
  Henry [?].    
  Henston, John.  1963.    
  Herbert, Michael.  1974.    
  Hergesheimer, M.  No date.    
  Herlitschka, Herberth Marly.  1972.    
  Herold, J.  Christopher.  1959.    
  Hersey, John.  1946.    
  Heseltine, Philip.  (See Series 1: Correspondence:  Naylor, J.D.)    
  Hess, T.B.  Envelope only.    
  Hess, Tom.  incomplete date.    
  Hesse, Hermann.  1953.    
  Hester [?].  1938.    
  Heuston, John.  Calling card.    
  Heygate, John.  1966-1973.    
  Heywood Hill Ltd., G.  1956.    
  Higgens, Humphrey R.A.  1922.    
  Hill [?], Derek.  incomplete date.    
  Hill, Susan.  1973.    
  Hillaby, John.  1968.    
  Hillary [?], Malcolm.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard)    
  Hillyer, Robert Silliman [?].  1971.    
  Hilton, R.  1974.    
  Hirth, Mary M.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Texas Academic Center Library, University of)    
  Hislop, Mrs.  John.  Incomplete date.    
  Hitchens, M.  Jaqueline.  1968.    
10:2 Hobson, Anthony R.A.  1954-1974, no date.  Includes handwritten draft address to the Golier Club, with handwritten revisions, 15p.    
  Hodder and Stoughton Ltd.  No date.    
  Hodgkin, Edith.  No date.    
  Hodin, J.P.  1970.  In reference to Kafka and Goethe.    
  Holden, Inez.  1941.    
  Holder, Albin Omberg.  Calling card.    
  Holiday Book Shop.  1960.    
  Holland, Vyvyan.  1959.    
  Hollis, M.  Christopher.  1920-1927, no date.    

Holloway, Mark.  1969.

  Holme, Timothy.  1971.    
  Holms, Beatrix.  Signed etching, 1966.    
  Holroyd, Michael.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Ritchie, Kenneth)    
  Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc.  1972.    
  Holton, Edward.  No date.    

Homberger, Eric.  No date.

  Hone, Joseph.  1951.  (See also Series 3: Photographs: Pound, Ezra)    
  Hoole, G.R.  1968.    
  Hooton [?], Bee.  incomplete date.    
  Hopkinson, Dorothy.  No date.    
  Hopkinson, Tom.  1964-1967, no date.    
  Hotel D'Alsace.  Business card.    
  Hotel Portmeirion, The.  1971.    
  Hotson, Leslie.  1959.    
  House, Adrian.  1967-1973.    
  House of Books, Ltd.  1963-1974.    
10:4 Howard, Brian.  1933-1956, no date.  Includes typed draft, “The Young Man of Selinunte,” 1p.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Lancaster, Marie-Jacqueline)    
  Howard, Elizabeth Jane.  1955-1956.    
  Howe, Eric.  1967.    
  Huddleston, Sisley.  Excised cuttings from various sources, removed from Bohemian Literary and Social Life in Paris.    
  Huebsch, Ben.  1943.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Harcourt, Brace and Co.)    
  Hugh [?].    
  Hughes, William H.  No date.    
  Hugo, Ian.  1947.    
  Hugo, Jean and Lauretta.  No date.  Includes a signed miniature painting.    
  Hugo [?], Ralph.  1922.    
  Hulton [?], Nika.  1949, no date.    
  Hurwitz, Stanley.  1974.    
  Hussey, Christopher.  1967.    
  Hutchins, Patricia.  1965.    
  Hutchinson, Jane and Jeremy.  1973.    
  Hutchinson, Mary.  1963-1968.    
  Hutchinson Publishing Group Ltd.  1972.    
  Hutton, Lois.  1957.    
10:5 Huxley, Aldous.  1963-1949.    
  Huxley, John.  No date.    
  Huxley, Julian.  1965-1972.    
  Huysmans, Joris Karl.  No date.    
  Hyams, Edward.  1962.  In reference to the history of New Statesman.    
  Informal Music Club.  1927.  Mimeograph copy of a concert agenda.    
  Ingrams [?], Richard.  No date.    
  International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.  1970.    
  Institute of Contemporary Arts.  Brochures.    
  Ironside, Robin.  1939-1940, incomplete date, no date.    
  Isaacs, J.  1961.    
  Isabel [?].    
  Isherwood, Christopher.  1962-1971, incomplete date, no date.  (See also Series 3: Photographs: Auden, Wystan Hugh; Isherwood, Christopher)    
  Italy, Ambassador to.  Invitation.  Incomplete date.    
  Jack [?].    
  Jackson, Henry C.  1962, no date.    
  Jackson, Hugh.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Mitford, Nancy)    
  Jaloux, Edmond.  (See Series 2: Writings: The Quiet Grave)    
  James, Archibald.  1972.    
  James, Eleanor M.  1967.    
  James Joyce Foundation, Ltd.  No date.    
  James Joyce Tower.  1962.    
  Jane [?].    
  Janson-Smith Ltd., Peter.  1965-1971, no date.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Rogers Ltd.  (Literary Agency), Deborah.    
  Jarry, Alfred.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Nolan, Sioban)    
  Jay, Peter.  1967.    
  Jebb, Julian.  1963-1971, no date.    
10:6 Jebb, Gladwyn to and from Cyril Connolly.  1931-1971, no date.    
  Jeffress (Pictures), Arthur.  1956.  In reference to Maurice Baring.    
  Jeffs, Julian.  1963-1970.    
  Jennings, Richard.  1929.    
  Jeremy Magazine.  1970.    
  Jessel, Edward H.  Incomplete date.    
  Jimmy [?].  1970.    
  Joad, C.E.M.  1943.    
  Joan [?].    
  John [?].    
  John, Augustus and Dorelia.  1941-1962, incomplete date, no date.  Includes photographic-reproduction of the painting of an Equihen fisher girl.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Harlech Television Limited and Series 3: Photographs)    
  Johnson, [?] from Cyril Connolly.  Incomplete date.    
  Johnson, Irene.  1964.  In reference to Les Pavillions.    
  Johnson, Pamela Hansford.  1938.    
  Johnston, Charles.  1974.    
  Johnstone, B.I.  1970.    
  Jolliffe, John.  1964-1972.    
  Jones, Graham.  1972.    
  Jones, Timothy and Mary.  1973.    
  Jones, Thomas.  1942-1943.    
  Jordan, Phillip.  No date.    
  Jovanovich, William.  Calling card.    
  Joy [?].  1958-1971, no date.    
10:7 Joyce, James.  Includes typed poem, “Pennipomes Twoguineasheach.”    
  Joyce, James.  Photostat copy of a memorandum from [?] from Cyril Connolly in reference to “Joyce's Chapters of Going Forty By Day,” by Frank Budgen, 3p.    
  Joyce, James.  Photocopy of handwritten letter to Hughes [?], 1932.    
  Joyce, James.  Photographic-reproduction of sketches of James Joyce by Desmond Harmsworth.    
  Joyce, James.  Ephemera.    
  Joyce, James.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Hawkins, Desmond; James Joyce Tower; Series 3: Photographs Joyden [?].  1970.    
  Jullian, Phillipe [?].  1974, no date.    
  Julius [?], John.  1966-1970.    
  Jung, Carl Gustav.  (See Series 3: Photographs)    
  Kankos, Bernard.  1963.  In reference to Charlotte Carmichael Stopes and Shakespeare.    
  Kaplan, L.  1969.    
  Kasper, Alfons.  Leaflet in German.    
  Kavan, Anna.  No date.    
  Kavanaugh, Cecelia.  1971.    
  Keatinge, Gerald.  1966.    
  Kee, Robert.  1957-1974, no date.    
  Keir, Rosie.  No date.    
  Kellett, Gwen.  1965.    
  Kelly, John.  In reference to an edition of W.G. Yeats' letters.    
11:1 Kemble, Charles.  Memorial card announcing his death and burial; addressed to Matthew William Kemble Connolly.  1874    
  Kemble, Jessie.  (Aunt Judy).  1919-1958, no date.    
  Kemble, Jessie to Matthew William Kemble Connolly.  c1940-1945.    
  Kemble, Marjorie.  Menu for a dinner held at Claridge's, signed by the guests, including Cyril Connolly, 24 Jun 1926.  Cyril Connolly's handwritten note on verso: “Mr.  Claridge opposed my cousin's marriage/it was different at [the]/Berkeley/seen through a glass/ derkeley.”    
  Kemble-Cooper, Eshell and Greta.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard)    
  Kemble-Stevens, Dorothy.  (Aunt Mab and/or Aunt Tot[?]).  1937-1974, incomplete date, no date.    
  Kemble-Stevens, Dorothy to Muriel Maud Vernon Connolly.  In reference to Grandmother Vernon's funeral.  1945.    
  Kemble-Stevens, Dorothy.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
11:2 Kemsley, Viscount.  Fan letter.  1958.    
  Kennard, Lady.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Firbank, Arthur)    
  Kent Education Committee (County School for Boys, Beckenham and Penge).  Incomplete date.    
  Kersh, Gerald.  1968.  Memorial service announcement.    
  Kershaw, Alister to Cyril Connolly.  1968-1969.    
  Kershaw, Alister to Michael [?].  1962.     
  Keynes, J.M.  1936-1938.    
  Kiley, Nicholas.  Incomplete date.    
  Kimber & Co.  Limited, William (Publishers).  In reference to The Philby Affair (1968).    
  King, Anita Leslie.  1960.    
  King, Bertie.  1963, incomplete date.    
  King, Francis (Mrs. William King).  No date.    
  King, Percy H.  1944.    
  King-Farlow, Denys and Margaret to and from Cyril Connolly.  1961-1972, no date.    
  King's College (Cambridge).  No date.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Annan, Noel and Gabriele)    

Kinross, Patrick Balfour and Angela to and from Cyril Connolly.  c1929, incomplete date.

11:3 Kirby, G.H.  1964.    
  Kirkpatrick, Colin.  1970.  In reference to Pedro the Pelican of Mykonos.    
  Kirkpatrick, Nigel.  (See Series 3: Photographs) Kitaj, Sholto R.B.  No date.    
  Knight, Frank, and Rutley.  1965.    
  Knight, G.  Wilson (University of Leeds).  1959-1967.  Includes proof copy of G. Wilson Knight's review of Byron:  A Biograhy by L.A.  Marchand, appearing in Yorkshire Post.    
  Knight, W.F. Jackson.  1944.  In reference to Virgil:  Epic and Anthropology.    
  Knittel, Robert, 1968.    
  Knowles, M.  David.  1925-1943, no date.  Handwrittebn and signed letter to Bobbie [?] Longden in reference to a manuscript by Cyril Connolly.    
  Knowles, Leonard.  No date.    
  Koestler, Arthur.  1943-1950, no date.    
  Kraus, Rita.  1971.    
  Krige, Vys.  1968.    
  Kronidova, Ludmila.  1962-1963.    
  Kurtz, Harold.  1970.  Includes carbon copy typed and signed letter in reference to Ludwig II of Bavaria.    
   L---, Judy.           
  L'Etrangere (pseudonym).  1969.    
  Labouchere, George.  1972.    
  Labarthe, Andre.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Simon, Oliver)    
  Lacan, Jacques (Director, Clinic of the Faculty of Paris).   No date.    
11:4 Ladies' Home Journal.  1963.    
  Laker, J.H.C.  1938.  Includes typed draft stage adaptation of The House with the Green Shutters by George Douglas, 79p.    
  Lambert, Johanna Hansi and Leon (son) to and from Cyril Connolly.  1955-1960.    
11:5  Lambert, Jack W. and Catherine.  1954-1974, no date.    
  Lambriotte, [?].  No date.    
  Lancaster, Marie-Jacqueline to and from Cyril Connolly.  1965-1968.  Includes galley proof of poems by Brian Howard and other related materials for Howard's memoirs.    
  Lancaster, Marie-Jacqueline.  Brian Howard Travel Diary.  Typed transcription.    
11:7 Landor, Walter Savage.  Photocopy of press cutting in reference to Walter Savage Landor in the Times Literary Supplement.  1928.    
  Landman, Alexander.  1972.  In reference to Cyril Connolly's review of Novy Mir.    
  Landsberg, Bertie.  1963.  In reference to Albert Clinton Landsberg.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Templeton, Edith and Ronald)    
  Landsberg, Albert Clinton.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Landsberg, Bertie)    
  Lane, Allen.  No date.  In reference to The Trial of Lady Chatterly edited by C.H. Rolph.    
  Lane, Phillip.  1972.    
  Langess [?], ---.  1925.    
  Lansdowne Leather Goods Inc.  1969.    
  Lars, R.  No date.    
  Lasky, Melvin.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Encounter)    
  Lauer, Evelyn G.  1968.    
  Laughlin, James.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: New Directions)    
  Law, Richard.  1974.    
  Lawrence, David Herbert and Freida.  Includes ephemera relating to the works of D.H. Lawrence.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence; Lane, Allen and Series 3: Photographs)    
  Lawlor, Pat.  In reference to Cyril Connolly's “The Missing Diplomats”.    
  Leavis, F.R.  1963.    
  Lecomte, Marcel.  1974.    
  Lees-Milne [?], James.  1965, no date.    
11:8 LeFanu, William Richard to and from Cyril Connolly.  1921-1923.    
  LeFanu, William Richard.  1924-1927, no date.    
12:1  LeFanu, William Richard.  Fragment of William Richard LeFanu's daily diary.    
12:2 Legman, Gershon.  1974.  In reference to Rationale of the Dirty Joke.    
  Lehmann, John.  1938-1959.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Russell, John; Strachey, Lytton)    
12:3 Lehmann, Rosamond.  1933-1972, no date.  Includes handwritten and signed letter from Ronald [?]  to Rosamond Lehmann in reference to Cyril Connolly and DM.    
  Lemaire, Angela.  1971.    
  Leng, Kyle [?].  1924-1944, incomplete date.    
  Lenore [?] (and Jo).    
  Leslie, Shane.  1943.  In reference to Sage of Chelsea and the Henrican-Jamesian letters.    
12:4 Levi, Peter.  Includes typed and signed draft of poems numbered XXXV-XL, 6p.    
  Levi, Peter.  Handwritten and signed draft poem “Two imitations of Catalan poems by Joseph Caiver,” 1p.    
  Levi, Peter.  Handwritten and signed draft “Small Poems in Winter,” inscribed by Cyril Connolly to Peter Levi.    
  Levi, Peter.  Photocopied handwritten draft in reference to George Seferis' [?] poetic voice, 9p.    
  Levi, Peter.  Dustjacket proofs for Death is a Pulpit.  1964-1973, no date.    
12:5 Levin, Bernard.  1972.    
  Lewis, R.  1974.    
  Lewis, Wilmarth S.  1961.    
  Lewis, Wyndham to Dick Wyndham (brother) with handwritten note by Cyril Connolly; invitation to a Vorticist exhibition, 1956.    
  Liberal Party Assembly.  Delegate's ticket.  1946.    
  Librairie du Zodiaque.  1971.    
  Lillian [?].  1972.    
  Lindstrom, Ingrid.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Blixen, Karen and Series 3: Photographs)    

Links, Mary.  incomplete date.

  Lissauer, Frank.  1972.  Includes handwritten and signed draft poem “For Ezra Pound dead All Saints' Day 1972,” 1p.    
  Literary Properties Limited.  1974.  In reference to a biography of Topolski.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Topolski, Feliks)    
  Lloyd-Jones, Hugh.  1966-1973.    
  Lockie, David.  1969.    
  Lockspeiser, Edward.  1966.    

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