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Cyril Vernon Connolly papers
Series 1: 
Correspondence (A-F)

Collection 1976-002


1:1 Abbott, H.H.  1969.    
  Abdy, Bertie.  1959.    
  Abrahams, William.  1963-1972.    
  Acton, Harold.  1956.    
  Adam International Review.  No date.  (See also  Series 1: Correspondence: Grindea, Miron)    
  Adye, Desiree.  1966.    
  Aetheneum.  Tear sheet from No.  3176, 8 Sept 1888, p317-318.    
  Afdeling Systematische Dierkunde.  1971.  In reference to M. K. Connolly.    
  Agate, James.  1940.    
  Agnew & Sons, Ltd., Thomas.  1961-1970.    
  Akaishi, Tadashi.  1971.    
  Albatross (Publishers), The.  No date.    
  Alberti, ---.  1929.    
  Alberto [?].  1957.    
  Alcon Films.  (See  Series 1: Correspondence: Conklin, Gary)    
  Aldington, Richard to Cyril Connolly.  1929.  Includes carbon copy typescript poem, “Sepads: A Modern Poem,” 1p.    
  Aldington, Richard to Michael Harold.  1958-1961.    
  Aldington, Richard.  (See also  Series 3: Photographs)    
1:2 Alexander, Frances.  No date.    
  Alexander, Sidney to Lees [?].  1949.    
  Alfred [?].    
  Allen & Co.  Ltd., W.H.  1969.    
  Allen, Louis.  1968.    
  Allen, Walter.  1973.    
  Allison, Barley.  Incomplete date.    
  Allmand, Renee.  1969.    
  American Schools of Oriental Research.  1970.    
  Anderson, Margaret (associate of Robert Graves).  No date.    
  Anderson, Margaret.  1961-1962.    
  Anderson, Peter.  (See  Series 3: Photographs: Blixen, Karen)    
  Andrew [?].    
  Andrew, Margaret.  Incomplete date.    
  Andrews, Lyman to Mr.  Lambert.  1966.    
  Andrews, P.B.S.  1963.    
  Anglo American Corporation of South Africa, Ltd.  (See  Series 1:  Correspondence:  Optima)    
  Animals.  1968-1972.    
  Annan, nel and Gabriele.  1962-1974, no date.    
  Annie [?].    
  Anrep, Helen.  No date.    
  Anthony [?].    
1:3-4  Antrim, Randolph and Angela.  1938-1974, no date.    
1:5 Ardagnashel House.  1968.    
  Argent, Godfrey (photographer).  1969-1970.    
  Argyll, Duchess.  No date.    
  Arlen, Michael.  (See  Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard)    
  Arlott, John.  1969.    
  Arnaud, Michel.  1945.    
  Arnold, Peter.  1970.  Includes color snapshots of six works of art.    
  Ashdown Forest, The Friends of.  1967.    
  Ashe, E.R.  1970.    
  Aspinall, John.  1972.    
  Astor, David.  1942-1964, no date.    
  Astor, Michael.  1942-1961.    
  Atlantic Monthly, The.  1941.    
  Atlantic Monthly Press, The.  1968.    
  Atlantida, Kremer.  1957.    
1:6 Auden, Wystan Hugh and Constance R.  1937-1972, no date.  Includes handwritten drafts and draft fragments of poems (“Glad,” “h,” “Ode to the New Year (1939)”.)    
  Auden, Wystan Hugh and Constance R.  Galley proof of “Crisis”; press cuttings of “No, Plato, n,” and “The Gobble Poem.”    
  Auden, Wystan Hugh and Constance R. (See also  Series 1: Correspondence: Driberg, Tom and Series 3: Photographs)    
1:7 Audley, June.  Incomplete date.    
  Aung, Htin.  1970.    
  Authors National Committee.  1941.    

Avord, Rene.  (See  Series 1:  Correspondence: Simon, Oliver)

  Ayrton, Michael.  1968-1969.    
  Avedon, Richard.  1963.    
  Bagenal, Barbara.  (See also  Series 1: Correspondence: Woolf, Virginia and Series 3: Photographs: Carrington, C.E.)    
  Bagnold, Enid to and from Cyril Connolly.  1924-1973.    
2:1 Bailey, Gilbert (Editor, New York Times  London).  1951.    
  Bailey, J.  1974.    
  Baines, Cecil C.  1956.    
  Baker, Bookseller, C.G.  1962-1967.    
  Baker, Carlos.  1965.    
  Bakewell, Frances Jean.  (See  Series 1: Correspondence: Connolly, Frances Jean Bakewell)    
  Balderston, John L.  1946.    
  Baldick, Robert (Pembrose College).  1955-1965.    
  Balfour, Michael.  1971.    
  Balfour, Patrick.  (See  Series 1: Correspondence: Hamilton, Lady)    
  Ball, Daphne.  Incomplete date.    

Balliol College to and from Cyril Connolly.  1962-1972.

  Balliol Annual Record.  (See  Series 1: Correspondence: Lukes, Steven)    
  Balmer, John T.  1970.    
  Balston, Thomas.  Incomplete date.    
  Banting, John.  Incomplete date.  Includes pen/ink cartoon by John Banting found laid into A Blue Book of Conversation.    
  Barbara [?].  1943.    
  Barea, Arturo [?].  1941.    
  Barea, Isla.  1965.    
  Barfield, Owen.  (See  Series 1: Correspondence: Wesleyan University Press)    
  Baring, Maurice to and from Cyril Connolly.  1927-1938, no date.  (See also  Series 1: Correspondence: Jeffress (Pictures), Arthur)    
  Barney, Natalie C.  1963-1969.  (See also  Series 1: Correspondence: Wickes, George)    
  Barnes, Djuna.  (See  Series 1: Correspondence: Jimmy [?]]    
  Barr, Alice Logan (Mrs.  Everett Sperry Barr).  1947.    
  Barter, A.R.  1974.    
  Bartlett, Cy.  (See  Series 1: Correspondence: West, Nathaniel [?])    
  Barzini, Luigi.  1964.    
  Bass Charrington Vintners Limited.  1968-1972.    
  Bath, Marquess of (Henry).  1963-1970.    
  Bathurst, [?] to Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Baudelaire, Charles.  No date.    
  Bayard, Anita.  1942.    
  Beach, Sylvia.  1929-1962, no date.  (See also  Series 1: Correspondence: Mercure de France; Joyce, James; Harmsworth, Desmond and Dorothy; and Series 3: Photographs)    
  Beagley, J.D. to Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Beakers [?].  1974.    
2:2 Beaton, Cecil.  1965-1973, no date.    
  Beaverbrook, Lord.  Invitation, menu, and seating lists for a dinner in honor of his 85th birthday.  1964.    

Beckett, Samuel.  Includes issue of Trinity News, 7 Jun 1956 featuring Samuel Beckett's article, “From An Abandoned Work.”

  Beddard, Terrence E. to and from Cyril Connolly.  1923-1931, no date.    
2:3 Bedford, Sybille.  1968-1973, no date.    
  Beefsteak Club.  1971-1972.    
  Beer, E.C.  1970.    
  Beese, Aubrey.  1968.    
  Behan, Brendan.  1961.    
  Behrendt, Erin O.  1969.    
  Bell, Clive.  1959-1962, no date.    
  Bell, Martin.  1963.    
  Bell, Quentin.  1964-1972, no date.    
  Bennet [?], Alan to and from Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Bentick, F.  Cavendish.  1968.    

Bentley, Duncan A.  No date.

  Bentley, Nicholas from Cyril Connolly.  1941.    
  Berckman, Evelyn.  1965.    

Berendson, John C.  (See  Series 3: Photographs)

  Berenson, Bernard and Vicky [?].  1931-1956.    
  Berger, John.  1971.    
  Berlin, Isaiah to and from Cyril Connolly.  1956-1972.    

Berners, Lord.  Carbon copy typedscript poem, 1p.  No date.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Lane, Philip; Welch, Denton)


Bernstein, Sidney L.  1941-1973, no date.

2:4 Betjeman, John and Penelope.  1937-1974, no date.  Includes handwritten poem, “Sheila Price and Jessica Tandy,” 4p.    
  Betjeman, John and Penelope.  Tear sheets from The Architectural Review, No. 419, Vol.  LXX, Oct 1931, of John Betjeman's s article, "Charles Francis Annesley Voysey, the Architect of Individualism."    
2:5 Betty [?].    
  Bevan, Edward V.  1964.    
  Bicknell, R.A.W.  1965.    
  Biggs, H.E.J.  No date.    
  Binyon, Laurence and Cicely.  1942, no date.  Includes AMs draft poem, “Winter Sunrise,” 1p.    
  Birch, Lionel.  (See  Series 1: Correspondence: Murray, Venetia)    
  Birkenhead, Freddy.  1964.    
  Birley, Rhoda.  1974, no date.    
  Black & Co.  (Publishers of Who's Who) to Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Blackie & Son (Publishers).  Publication announcement, no date.    
  Blackwell's.  1968.    
  Blackwood, Caroline.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Guiness, Caroline)    
  Blair, Eric.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Orwell, George)    
  Blake, ---.  Handwritten letter fragment, not by Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Blake, Mrs.  E.  (South Africa).  1964.    
2:5 Blakiston, Nel to and from Cyril Connolly.  1922-1973, no date.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
2:6 Blanchof, C.  1930.    
  Blanchy, John.  1974.    
  Blixen, Karen.  (See Series 3: Photographs)    
  Blond Ltd.  Publishers, Anthony.  1969.    
  Bloomfield, B.C.  1961-1963.    
  Blunt, W.S.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard)    
  Bluth, Karl Theodore [?] to [?].  1945.    
  Bobbie [?].    
  Bodin, Andre.  Incomplete date.    
  Bodley Head, The.  1969-1971.    
  Bold, Alan.  1970.    
  Bolton, Lord from Cyril Connolly.  Incomplete date.    
  Bondurant, Francis Guy.  1967.    
  Bone, Stephen.  (Civil Defense Camouflage Establishment).  1940.    
  Book World (Charles Monaghan, editor).  1969.    
  Boothby, Robert.  1968, no date.    
  Booton, Frank.  1972.    
  Borden, Mary [?].  1929.    
  Bordeuave, Michiele.  1962.    
  Bottomly, Gordon [?].  1902.  Includes Handwritten draft fragment of a poem.    
  Bouletin [?], Marcel to and from Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Bow Windows Book Shop.  1969.    
2:7 Bowen, Elizabeth.  1934-1972.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Dennis [?])    
  Bower, Tony.  1938-1966, no date.    
  Bowle, John.  1971.    
  Bowles, Jane Auer [?].  1964.    
  Bowles, Paul.  1949, no date.    
2:8 Bowra, Maurice to and from Cyril Connolly.  1924-1971, no date.  Includes a memorial address given by Isaiah Berlin, 17 Jul 1971; pc of a Times obituary press cutting.    
  Bradshaw, Jon.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Queen)    
  Bragg, Melvin.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: British Broadcasting Corporation)    
  Brains Trust.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: British Broadcasting Corporation)    
3:1 Branford, Jean.  Incomplete date.    
  Brandt, Willliam.  1966.    
  Braybrooke, Neville.  1956.    
  Breit, Harvey.  No date.    
  Brenan, Gerald.  1929-1974, no date.    
3:2 Brenan, Gerald.  Handwritten poem, 1p.    
  Brenan, Gerald.  Typed and carbon copy typed draft fragments with handwritten revisions, 41p.    
  Brenan, Gerald.  Carbon copy typed draft with handwritten revisions of Poems 1944-1960, 57p.    
  Brenan, Gerald.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
3:3 Brenchley, Bridget.  1969.  In reference to her husband, Walter Brenchley.    
  Bridge, nrman.  1966.    
  Bridge, Ursula (Mrs. Quintin Bridge).  1960.    
  Brinnin, John Malcolm.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: The Poetry Center)    
  British Broadcasting Corporation to and from Cyril Connolly.  1946-1970.   (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Jebb, Julian; Sykes, Christopher)    
  British Council.  1970.    
  British Medical Journal.  1973.    
  British Museum.  1963.    
  British Psycho-Analytical Society.  1963.    
  Broadhurst & Co.  Ltd, C.K.  [1930].    
  Bronlow, Dottie.   1966.  Death announcement.    
  Brooke, R.A.  Ingham.  1964.    
  Brooke-Rose, Christine and Peterkiewicz [?].  1968.    
  Brooks, John W.  1959.    
  Brough, James.  1935.    
  Brown, ---  from Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Brown & Phillips, Ltd., Ernest.  1969.  Invoice.    
  Brown, Ivor [?] (Editor, Observer).  1930.    
  Brown, Spencer Curtis.  1973.    
  Browne, Phyllis.  1968.    
  Browse, Lillian.  No date.    
  Bruce & Watson Ltd., David (Publishers).  1970-1972.    
  Bruce, David and Evangeline.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Bruce & Watson Ltd., David (Publishers))    
3:4 Buccleuch, Duchess of (Mollie).  1968.    
  Buchanan, George.  1970.    
  Buckle, Richard.  1963-1973.    
  Budberg, Moura.  No date.    
  Buddicom, Jacintha.  1971-1973.    
  Budgen, Frank.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Joyce, James)    
  Bulgaria, Embassy of.  1968.  In reference to Bulgaria Today.    
  Bull, Doris, M.  1964, incomplete date.    
  Buller, Michael.  Calling card with handwritten note.    
  Bung, Dorothy.  Incomplete date.    
  Bunting, Basil.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Guedalla, Roger)    
  Burdon-Mueller, Rosaland [?].  1949.    
  Burke, Gwen.  1925, incomplete date.    
  Burkhart, Charles.  1973.    
  Burn, Michael.  1973.    
  Burnett, Peter.  1968.    
  Burroughs, William to J.  Swartz.  1962; to Jake.  1965.  Includes paste-up of dustjacket for The Naked Lunch.    
  Bush, Morse & Welling (Surveyors) to and from Cyril Connolly.  1967, no date.    
  Bushee, Ralph.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Crosby, Caresse and Harry)    
  Bushell, Lynn.  1968.    
  Butler, ---.  1974.    
  Butler, Michael.  No date.    
  Butterworth, F.  1968.    
  Buxton, Michael.  1965.    
  Byrne, John.  1974.    
3:5 Byron, Robert.  1928-1938.    
  Caetani, Lelia.  1968.  Gallery opening announcement.    
  Calder (Publishers) Ltd., John.  1963-1964.    
  Calder-Marshall, Arthur.  1970, no date.    
  Campbell, Mary Dunn.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Campbell, Robin and Mary)    
  Campbell, Robin and Mary.  1949-1974, no date.    
  Campbell, Susan.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Campbell, Robin and Mary)    
  Canfield, Cass to The Century Club.  1946.    
  Canning, Robert Gordon.  1966.    
  Canon, Harold G.  1964.  In reference to Midford Castle.    
  Cape Ltd., Jonathan.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Plomer, William)    
  Carberry, Juanita.  1970.    
  Carcanet Press (Ltd.).  1974.  In reference to Fernando Pessoa.    
  Carew, Dudley.  1974.    
  Carey, Graham.  1965.    
  Carrington, C.E.  1970.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
  Carrington, nel.  1966.    
3:6 Carswell, Catherine.  1932.    
  Carter, John (Jake) and Anita.  1948-1973, no date.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
  Carver, David.  1962.    
  Casino de la Foret.  1963.    
  Casino de Marrakech.  No date.    
  Cassell and Company Ltd.  Publishers.  1968.    
  Cassidy, Victor M.  1972.    
  Catholic Women's League.  No date.  In reference to “Any Questions” panel.    
  Catton, A.  to Editor, Sunday Times.  1969.  In reference to “Death On An Island” by A.J.Stagg; includes fragment of article excised from a magazine.    
  Cavafy, C.P.  (See Series 3: Photographs)    
  Cavendish, Elizabeth.  Incomplete date.    
  Caxton, John.  Six pencil and/or pen and ink sketches.    
  Cecil, David.  No date.    
  Cecil, Robert Arthur James.  1964-1972.    
  Century Club, The.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Canfield, Cass)    
  Central Chancery of the Order of Knighthood.  1972.    
  Chamberlain, --- (former Connolly servant) to Madam.  No date.    
  Chandos, First Viscount.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Lyttelton, Oliver)    
  Charles [?].    
  Charleston Manor.  Festival program of events.  1974.    
  Charlie [?].  1929, incomplete date.    
  Chatto & Windus.  1964-1973.    
  Child & Child (Solicitors).  1929.  In reference to Osbert Sitwell.    
  Chretien, Pierre.  1967.    
3:7 Christie, Mason, & Woods.  1969-1972, no date.  Includes CCs notes and lists.    
  Christie, R.  Noel.  1923.    
  Christopher [?].    
  Cigogni, Anne-Marie to Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Clarendon Press, The.  1971.    
  Clark, Kenneth and Jane to and from Cyril Connolly.  1924-1974.    
3:8 Clark, William L.  (Counselor for Public Affairs, US Embassy).  No date.    
  Clarissa [?].  1945.    
  Classica Johannesburg Quarterly, The.  1964.    
  Clauson, Miles J. to Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Clayre, Alasdair.  1961-1974, no date.    
  Clements, John and Katie.  No date.    
  Clodd, Alan.  1968.    
  Cobden-Sanderson Ltd.  Publishers, R.  1934.  In reference to Lost Shepherd  by Roland Hayes.    
  Cockburn, Claud.  Incomplete date.    
  Cockerton, Eileen.  1960.    
  Cocteau, Jean.  1945.  Includes a signed menu from a dinner held at the British Empire Club, given by Cyril Connolly before leaving Paris.    
  Coffey, Brian.  1969.    
  Coghill, Ambrose.  1970.    
  Coghill, Neville.  1973.  In reference to “Dark Lady.”    
  Coghlan, Raymond to Raymond [?].  No date.    
  Cohn, Marguerite (Mrs.  Louis Henry Cohn) to and from Cyril Connolly.  1966-1973, no date.    
  Cole, Rosalind (Mrs.  Carlton Cole).  1963.    
  Cole, R.A.  (Bishop Grossetteste College).  1969.  Handwritten commentary by Cyril Connolly.    
  Colefax, Sybil.  No date.    
  Coleman, Emily.  No date.    
  Coleridge, Freddy C.  1922.    
  Colin [?].    
  Collection la Sioree du Prince.  No date.    
  College de Pataphysique.  (See Mollet, Jean)    
  Collet's London Bookshop Ltd.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Rickword, Edgell)    
  Collins, W.B.  Incomplete date.    
  Collins Publishers.  1942-1972.    
  Colnaghi & Co.  Ltd., P.  & D.  1968.    
  Colson, Percy.  1951.    
  Colum, Padraic.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: James Joyce Tower)    
3:8 Comerford, Anthony.  1969.    
  Conklin, Gary.  (Producer-dircector, Alcon Films).  1970.    
4:1 Connolly, Arthur to Matthew William Kemble Connolly.  1930.  Includes handwritten notes in reference to William Hallett Connolly and his wife, Sarah Hewett.    
  Connolly, Barbara Olive Skelton to Cyril Connolly.  1950-1951, no date.    
4:2 Connolly, Dierdre Craig [?] to Cyril Connolly.  No date.  Includes handwritten and signed letter to an unidentified relation, no date.    
4:3 Connolly, Frances Jean Bakewell to and from Cyril Connolly.  1921-Jul 1939.    
4:4 Connolly, Frances Jean Bakewell to and from Cyril Connolly.  Jul 1939-Dec 1939.    
4:5 Connolly, Frances Jean Bakewell to and from Cyril Connolly.  1940.    
4:6 Connolly, Frances Jean Bakewell to and from Cyril Connolly.  1941-1947.    
4:7-8 Connolly, Frances Jean Bakewell to and from Cyril Connolly.  Incomplete date, no date.    
4:9 Connolly, Frances Jean Bakewell to and from Cyril Connolly.  Includes spiral notebook with minimal journal entries made during her relationship with Lawrence Vial.    
4:10-11 Connolly, Frances Jean Bakewell to various individuals.    
  Connolly, Frances Jean Bakewell.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Warner, Mawmee and Series 3: Photographs)    
5:1 Connolly, Lys Dunlap to and from Cyril Connolly.  1952-1955, no date.  Includes handwritten and signed letter from Dorothy Kemble [?], 1947.    
  Connolly, M. K.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Afdeling Systematische Dierkunde)    
5:2 Connolly, Matthew William Kemble.  from [?] Duckworth. [illegible date].    
  Connolly, Matthew William Kemble to and from Cyril Connolly and Jean.  1923-1945.    
5:3 Connolly, Matthew William Kemble to and from Cyril Connolly and Jean.  1946-1947, incomplete date., no date.    
  Connolly, Matthew William Kemble.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Kemble, Charles and Series 3: Photographs)    
5:4 Connolly, Muriel Maud Vernon to and from Cyril Connolly.  1912-1939.    
5:5 Connolly, Muriel Maud Vernon to and from Cyril Connolly.  1940-1954.    
5:6 Connolly, Muriel Maud Vernon to and from Cyril Connolly.  1955-1964.    
5:7-8 Connolly, Muriel Maud Vernon to and from Cyril Connolly.  Incomplete date., no date.    
5:9 Connolly, Muriel Maud Vernon.  Includes address book; 3 watercolor paintings; 3 oil paintings; 1 pencil drawing; 1 miniature watercolor painting, possibly Muriel Maud Vernon Connolly's.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
6:1 Connolly, Richard Lock to Harriet (niece), [1866-1867].  Includes handwritten and signed letter from Harriet [?] to Richard Lock Connolly, 1875; handwritten and signed letter to Matthew, [1867].    
  Connolly, Violet to Cyril Connolly.  1959.    
  Conrad, Joseph.  Excised pages from a bookdealer's catalogue of Conrad items.    
  Constable Publishers.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Joliffe, John)    
  Contact Publications Ltd.  No date.    
  Contemporary Authors.  1968.    
  Continental Waterway Cruises.  No date.    
  Cooke, Samuel and Lady.  Invitation.  1970.    
  Cookson, William.  1963-1965.    
  Coombs, Peter.  1970.    
  Cooper, Diana.  1945-1974, no date.    
  Cooper, Duff to and from Cyril Connolly.  1942-1955.  Includes correspondence in reference to the Duff Cooper Prize.    
  Coote [?].  No date.    
  Corbett, B.O.  1966.  In reference to Cyril Connolly's review of Shell Guide to Dorset.    
  Corelli, Marie.  Publisher's announcement for The Life Everlasting (1911).    
  Coss, David.  1966.    
  Cottesbrooke Hall.  Handwritten notes, press cuttings, and souvenir postcards pertaining to the property and surrounding area.    
  Coutts & Co.  1963-1974.    
  Covent Garden Bookshop.  1970.    
  Crace, J.F. to Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Crackanthorpe, Herbert.  1973.    
  Craig, --- [?].  (Cyril Connolly's  father-in-law).  1969.    
  Craig, Dennis to and from Cyril Connolly.  1966.    
  Craig, Dierdre.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Connolly, Dierdre Craig)    
  Crane, Mrs.  Murray.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Ribblesdale, Ava)    
6:2 Crawley, Arnold, Ellis & Ellis.  1954-1963.    
  Craxton [?], John.  1944-1973, no date.    
  Croft-Cooke, Rupert.  1973.    
  Croisset, Ethel and Charles.  1944-1964, no date.    
6:3 Crosby, Caresse and Harry.  1951-1967, no date.  Includes typed transcription by Ralph Bushee of Harry Crosby's cryptograms, 1p.    
  Crosby, Caresse and Harry.  Handwritten poem, “The New World, 1p; carbon copy typed and signed poem, “Photoheliograph (For Lady Abdy),” 1p.    
  Crosby, Caresse and Harry.  Carbon copy typed bibliography of Harry Crosby's works, 2p (2 copies).    
  Crosby, Caresse and Harry.  Crosby book plate; unidentified handwritten notes.    
  Crosby, Caresse and Harry.  (See also Series 3: Photographs: Crosby, Caresse; Pound, Ezra)    
  Crosland, Anthony.  Incomplete date.    

Crowell Company (Publishers), Thomas.  1963.  In reference to “Blueprint for a Silver Age.”

  Cruso, Francis.  1923.    
  Cuala Industries Ltd.  1941.    
  Culme-Seymour, Angela.  No date.    
  Culme-Seymour, Mark.  Business card.    
  cummings, e.e. to George J.  Firmage, 1958; to Michael Harald, 1958.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Dupee, F.W.; Frankenberg, Lloyd)    
  Cunard, Emerald.  No date.    
  Cunard, Nancy.  1965.  Includes excised article, “The Hours Press.” (See also Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard)    
  Curson, Ivan.  1972.    
  Curtis, Anthony.  1974.    
  Curtis, Jean Louis.  1974.    
  Curwen Press Ltd, The.  1940-1947.    
  Curzon, Grace.  1956.    
  Curzon-Howe, Montagu.  1965.    
  Cusack, Henry V.  1968-1972.    
6:4 da C.  H--- [?], Maria Raquel.  No date.    
  Dadie [?].  1925-1972.    
  Daiches, David.  1967.    
  Daily Express.  1950-1963.    
  Daily Mail (Editor) to and from Cyril Connolly.  No date.  Includes Daily Mail luncheon menu and list of constituencies, 1950.    
  Dance, S.P.  1966.    
  Dands, Arthur.  1970.    
  Dannreuther, Denis S. to and from Cyril Connolly.  1929-1937.    
  D'Arcy, Martin Cyril.  1955.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
  Darling, Donald.  No date.    
  Dars, Celestine (Picture researcher/art designer).  1969.    
  Davenport, John.  1938-1961.    
6:5  David [?].    
  David & Charles (Holdings) Ltd.  1973.    
  Davies Ltd., Peter.  1935.    
  Davies, Stan Gebler.  1974.    
  d'Avigdor-Goldsmid, Harry and Rosemary to and from Cyril Connolly. 1936-1973, no date.    
  d'Avigdor-Goldsmid, J.A.  1972.    
6:6 Davis, Annie and William.  1930-1959.    
6:7 Davis, Annie and William.  1960-1969.    
6:8 Davis, Annie and William.  1970-1974.    
7:1 Davis, Annie and William.  Incomplete date., no date.  Includes Cyril Connolly's 70th birthday dinner menu signed by guests; Cyril Connolly's memorial service program.    
  Davis, Annie and William.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    
7:2 Davis, Robert Murray.  1971.  Includes excised article, “The Mind and Art of Evelyn Waugh” and “How Waugh Cut Merton.”    

Davis, Teo.  1967-1968, no date.

  Davison, Ken.  1973.    
  Dawkins, Richard M.  Incomplete date., no date.    
  Dawnay, Peter.  1967.    
  Dawsons of Pall Mall.  1968-1970.    
  Day-Lewis, Cecil and Jill.  1948-1973, incomplete date.    
  d'Costa, Charles (Benji).  1927-1974, no date.    
  d'Costa, David.  (See Series 1:  Correspondence: 'Costa, Charles (Benji)    
7:3 de Campos, Haroldo.  1958.    
  de Herzfeldt, Michel.  Calling card.    
  Deighton, Bell & Co.  No date.    
  de Lacerda, Alberto.  1961.  In reference to Arthur Waley.     
  de l'Troath, R.  Brian.  1968.    
  Deming, Robert H.  1967.    
  de Moheym, Sheila M.  1965.    
  de Montherlant, Henry.  1965.    
  De Morgan [?], Vanessa.  No date.    
  Den [?].  1965-1968.    
  Dendy, Mary (Mrs.  J.C.  Dendy).  1964.    
  de Nerval, Gerard.  Typed poem, “Delfica,” 1p.    
  Denman, John.  1923.    
  Dennis [?].    
  Dennis, Hally Beach (Mrs.  Frederic James Dennis).  1962-1963.    
  DeNoel, Jean.  No date.    
  Dent & Sons Ltd., J.M.  Invitation.  1966.    
  Derek [?].  1950.    
  Derwent [?].  1943.    
  de S--- [?], A.H.  1923.    
  Desmond [?].    
  Deutsch Limited, Andre.  1966-1973, no date.    
  Devenish & Company, Inc.  (Antiques).  1967.    
  Devonshire, Duke of (Andrew) to and from Cyril Connolly.  1973-1974.    
  d'Harcourt, Anne-Pierre.  1970.    
  Diana [?].  1933.    
  Dick [?].  1964.    
  di Lampedusa, Giuseppe.  Book-of-the-Month Club announcement for The Leopard.    
  Dineley, P.C.  1970.    
  Dinesen, Isak and Thomas.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Blixen, Karen)    
  Dinshaw, F--- [?] 1972-1974.    
  d'Offay Couper Galleries.  1972.    
  Doherty, James J.  1972.    
  Dolamore Ltd.  (Wine merchants).  1966.    
  Dolmen Press.  Invitiation.  1971.    
  Donnelly, Dominick.  Invitation.  1966.    
  Doolittle, Hilda (HD).  (See Series 3: Photographs)    
7:4 Doubleday & Co., Inc.  1954-1959.    
  Doughertes, Brian.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: King, Percy H.)    

Douglas, George.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Laker, J.H.C.)

  Douglas, Norman to Goldring, 1921; to Robert Herring, no date.; includes cancelled cheque signed by Norman Douglas (1929).  (See also Series 3: Photographs: Douglas, Norman).    
  Douglas-Hamilton, Iain and Oria.  1973.    
  Dowling, Allan.  1973-1974.    
  Dresser, Dorothy (Mrs.  Ivan Dresser).  1960.    
  Driberg, Tom to and from Cyril Connolly.  1941-1969.  In reference to the W.H. Auden estate.    
  Drinkwater, Derek.  Fragment, no date.    
  Driver, C.Jonathan.  1964-1969.  Includes typed poem, “Homage to an English Cathedral,” 3p; carbon copy typed draft, untitled, 3p.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Trinity College (Oxford))    
  Drogheda, Garrett and Joan.  1973.    
  Drucker (Bookseller), Leon.  1961.    
  Duckworth and Co.  Ltd., Gerald.  1972, no date.  (See also Powell, Anthony and Violet) Dublin Magazine, The.  No date.    
  Duell, Sloan & Pearce.  1964.  Includes signed agreement for A Book on Writers and Writing Around the World.    
  Duff [?].  Incomplete date.    
  Dufferin [?].  1931.    
7:5 Duffy, Anne.  Blank manuscript notebook inscribed by Anne Duffy to Cyril Connolly.    
7:6 Duncan, Ronald.  1970-1971.    
  Dunlap, Lys.  (See  Series 1: Correspondence:  Connolly, Lys Dunlap)    
  Dunlap, Michael to Mrs.  Lys Lubbock.  Postcard photograph of musical band, the “Blue Jays.”    
  Dupee, F.W.  1966.  In reference to e.e. cummings.    
  Durrell, Laurence to and from Cyril Connolly.  1960, no date.    
  DuSautoy, Peter F.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Faber & Faber Ltd.(Publishers))    
  Dusseau, Charles.  1941.  Doctor's bill.    
  Dutourd, Jean.  1949.    
  Duval, Elga.  1971.    
  Dwight [?].  1939, no date.    
  Earl, Sebastian.  1962.    
  Eastman, Max.  1947.    
  Easton, Malcolm.  1973.    
  Edel, Leon.  Excised article, “The Text of The Ambassadors,” by Leon Edel.  Editions de la Bonne Presse.  1927.    
  Editions de Minuit.  1946.    
  Editions des Trois Collines.  1945.    
  Editions Gallimard.  1963.    
  Editions Mermod.  1953.    
  Editions Robert Laffont.  1948.    
  Edlin, H.L.  1958.    
  Edward [?] from Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Edward VII, King.  (See Series 3: Photographs)    
  Edwards, Oliver.  1955.  Photocopy of a Times book review of Proteus.    
  Eglington, Charles.  1964.    
  Egypt.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Fuad, Farouk) Eldred [?].  No date.    
  Eliot, Thomas Stearns.  1945-1964.  Includes dustjacket fragment of Literature:  History and Criticism by Thomas Stearns Eliot.  (See also Series 3: Photographs)    

Elizabeth [?].

  Ellmann, Richard.  1960-1974.    
  Emons-Aldington, Jennifer.  1967.    
  Empson, William.  No date.    
  Emslie, A.G.  1973.  Doctor's medication recommendation.     
  Encounter.  1961-1973.    
  Epstein, Jason from Cyril Connolly.  1954.    
  Epton, Nina Consuelo.  1960, no date.    
  Ernst, Max.  1963.  Includes excised print from La Semaine de Bonte (1934).    
  Erskine, Aida.  1963.    
  Esquire (Editor).  1964-1974.    
  Essays and Studies (1968).  1967.    
  Essex, University of.  Incomplete date.  In reference to the Student's Literary Society.    
  Etablissement Public du Centre Beaubourg.  1973.    
  Eton College.  1923-1957, no date.    
  Evans, Walker (photographer).  Exhibition invitation.  (See also Series 3: Photographs: Locations)    

Everson, William.  1947.

  Ewart, Gavin.  1963.    
  Exeter College.  1925.    
  Eyre & Spottiswoode (Publishers) Ltd.  1962.    
  Eyres-Monsell, Graham.  1962-1969.    
  Faber & Faber Ltd.  (Publishers).  1941-1974.  (See also Series 1: Correspondence: Eliot, Thomas Stearns)    
  Fairbanks, Douglas.  1972-1973.    
  Farlow, Denys King.  1922-1968, incomplete date.    
  Faustus Bookshop, Galleries, Bibliographics, et al.  Advertisement.    
  Feibleman, Peter S.  1958.    
  Feldkamp, Phyllis.  1948.    
  Felden, Lionel.  1960-1967.    
  Fenchurch Group.  (Insurance brokers).  1970.    
  Ferguson, Marjorie.  1943.    
8:1-2 Fermor, Joan and Patrick Leigh.  1948-1974; incomplete date., no date.    
8:3  Field Roscoe & Co.  1934.    
  Fielding, Gabriel.  c1967.    
  Firbank, Arthur Ronald to Madame Albani.  No date.  Request for autograph.    
  First Edition Club, The.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Symons, Anthony J.A.)    
  Fiske, Charlotte from Cyril Connolly.  No date.    
  Fitzgerald, Zelda from Rita Swann (Baltimone News-Post).  1940, no date.    
  Fitzgibbon, Constantine.  1961.    
  Flanery, John.  1969.    
8:4 Fleming, Anne and Ian.  1953-1973, incomplete date., no date.  Includes typed draft “Project for a weekly review,” 3p.    
  Fleming, Anne and Ian.  Excised mimeograph draft in reference to Rudolf Burmester and If, 4p.    
  Fleming, Anne and Ian.  Christie's auction list of If items offered, 1973.    
  Fleming, Anne and Ian.  Publication announcement of The Life of Ian Fleming  by John Pearson.    
  Fleming, David.  1962.    
  Fleming, Peter.  (See  Series 1: Correspondence: Hart-Davis, Duff; Pearson, John)    
  Fletcher, Neil.  1972.    
  Folio.  1970.    
  Foot, Jill and Michael.  1967.    
  Forbes, Alastair.  1950-1974, no date.    
8:5 Ford, John.  Bookplate.    
  Ford, Hugh.  1965-1967.    
  Forster, Edward Morgan.  1944-1963.    
  Forster, William A.  No date.    
  Fothergill, John.  No date.    
  Fouts [?], Denham.  1938.    
  Fowler, H.W.  Photocopy of a press cutting of a letter to unidentified newspaper editor.    
  Fox, James.  1969-1974, no date.    
  Fox, Robin Lane.  No date.    
  Foyle Ltd, W. & G.  (Booksellers).  1957-1973.    
  France, Ambassador of.  Incomplete date.    
  Francis [?] from Cyril Connolly.  Incomplete date.    
  Frankenberg, Lloyd.  1963.  In reference to e.e. cummings.    
  Frankfurter, Eleanor, Alfred and David.  1965, no date.    
  Franks, Judith.  1974.    
  Franks, Stella.  1970-1974.    
  Fraser, G.S.  (See Series 1: Correspondence:  Poetry Book Society)    
  Frazer, James G.  (See Series 1: Correspondence: Scottish Widow's Fund, The)    
  Freedman, S.  Sydney.  1972.  Eye glass prescription.  Freddy [?].    
  Frere-Reeves, Al.  (See Series 3: Photographs: Aldington, Richard)    
  Frewen, Arthur.  1971.    
  Frewen, Roger.  1962.    
  Freund, Giselle.  1963-1965.  (See also Series 2: Writings: James Joyce in Paris)    
  Freund, Lucien.  1968.  Galley of an exhibition announcements.    
  Frisch, O.R.  Photocopy of book reviews excised from Scientific American, Jun 1967.    
  Friedmann, R.  1944.    
  Frost, J.  Peter.  1964.    
  Frost, Robert.  Photocopy of press cuttings in reference to Robert Frost.    
  Fuad, Farouk (Prince of Egypt) from Cyril Connolly.  Incomplete date.    
  Fulcrum Press.   No date.  Publication announcement for a biography of Tom Raworth.    
  Fulham, Lucy.  1967, incomplete date.    
  Fuller, --- (Military general).  1940.    

Fuller, Roy.  1968-1973.  Includes copy of “Confrontation Off Korea, 1968.”

8:6 Funduldian, N.  1969.    
  Fyfe, Robin D.  1944.    

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